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Availability of Quality Reference Data Globally Thore Langeland, Ph.D. Manager IO, OLF +47-90951756

Nils Sandsmark, Ph.D. General Manager PCA +47-95853220

Content  The Norwegian Oil Industry Association (OLF) and POSC Caesar Association (PCA)

   

ISO 15926 and ISO 15926 Reference data Projects developing ISO 15926 Reference data Special Interest Groups (SIGs) Summary

The Norwegian Oil Industry Association (OLF) has focus on data Availability and quality of data is the basis for: ďƒź work processes ďƒź operational decisions


IT - OLF has focus on transformation and routing (Enterprise Service Bus (ESB)) Domain - OLF has focus on terminology (ISO 15926) (3 levels of data integration - Dictionary - Taxonomy - Ontology)

History of POSC Caesar Association (PCA)  POSC Caesar started as a national Norwegian R&D project in 1993 to develop specification and standards mainly for data handover from engineering contractor to owner/operator in the Oil and Gas industry

 Continued as an international R&D project in 1994-1997 with an increased scope

 The POSC Caesar Association (PCA) was established in November 1997

 PCA is a global, not-for-profit, independent member organisation developing, enhancing, and promoting methodology, technology and solutions for data interoperability with special focus on ISO 15926

 PCA has 35 members in 11 countries on 4 continents

Vision of ISO 15926 Interoperability and Life Cycle P&ID w indow

Data sheet window ISO TC67

 Started with standards for information handover between EPCs and Owners/Operators

 The last 5-6 years have ontologies for Integrated Operations been a focus area Reservoir window

 The last 2-3 years have CAD w indow

Operation & Maintenance and integration between Engineering and Operation & Maintenance been important

ISO 15926 Original Scope

The PISTEP Model for Life Cycle Activities SET ENGINEERING STANDARDS

















Life Cycle and P2B View Business Systems

Level 3 MES/MOMS Level 2 Control Systems

Physical Assets

Level 1 Intelligent Devices Level 0 Physical









Level 4 ERP

Integrated Operations (IO) Generation 1 and Generation 2 IO is real time data onshore from offshore fields and new integrated work processes

IO Generation 1 and 2 Potential Integration across companies

Generation 2 • Integrated operation centers of operators and vendors • Heavily automated processes • 24/7 operation

Integration across onshore and offshore Generation 1 • Integrated onshore and offshore centers • Continuous onshore support Limited integration Traditional processes • Self-sustainable fields • Specialized onshore units • Periodic onshore support

Time 2005



IO G2 requires information sharing in real time!

Information Strategy for IO An efficient pipeline for real-time data transfer Smarter solutions Vendor

Field data • Health, safety, environment

Web portals Web services

• Seismic


• Drilling & Completion

Common XML schemas

• Reservoir & production


• Operation & maintenance

Semantic Web

• Logistics • Transportation

• Infrastructure for web services • Oil & Gas Ontology1) Based on ISO 15926

Smarter data 1)Ontology

= A hierarchical data structure containing concepts, relationships, properties and rules for a specific domain

ISO 15926 reference data: At its simplest Internet map

Exchange or Communicate

Company “EPC”

map Company “Supplier”


ISO 15926

Reference Data Library (RDL)


ISO 15926 Architecture Data Model & Base Classes inc Templates

<< Parts 2 & 7 Only >> P3 / P4 RDL/WIP Content

Core Classes inc Templates

Standard Classes inc Templates

Compliance of valid RDL Items constrained by needs of industrial standardization. (Content management hierarchies, Disciplines, SIGâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s, etc.)

Manufactured & ApplicationSpecific Classes inc Templates

Bottom-Up Content Development

Industrial (& non-Industrial) Use Data Model & Base Classes inc Templates

Data Model & Base Classes inc Templates

<< Parts 2 & 7 Only >> P3 / P4 RDL/WIP Content

Core Classes inc Templates

Standard Classes inc Templates

Compliance of valid RDL Items constrained by needs of industrial standardization. (Content management hierarchies, Disciplines, SIGâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s, etc.)

Manufactured & ApplicationSpecific Classes inc Templates

Simple technical compliance of any valid RDL Items.

Application-Specific Classes inc Templates


Unconstrained Evolution (Any new industry / business areas / uses)

Bottom-Up Content Development

Bottom-Up Content Development


E&P Information Management Association (EPIM) Monthly Production Report (MPR) V. 1.0.0 -Terminology

EPIM was established by and for the operators on the NCS for managing common industry solutions such as:   

LicenseWeb AuthorityWeb EnvironmentWeb

Smarter solutions

Daily Production Report (DPR) V. 1.0 -Terminology Monthly Production Data Volumes, pressures, temperatures, lifting, allocations, sales



Common XML schemas

EPIM has also the management of the content (semantic) and the format of the XML schemas used for:   

LicenceWeb Web services WITSML MPRML

Daily drilling report Daily production report Monthly production report

Daily Drilling Report (DDR) version 1.1 -Terminology

Smarter solutions LicenceWeb Web services WITSML DPRML

Daily Production and activity Data Volumes, pressures, temperatures …

Partners Semantic Web ISO 15926 PCA RDL

Partners Smarter data


Common XML schemas Partners Semantic Web ISO 15926 PCA RDL Authorities

Smarter solutions

Daily Drilling Data TVD, MD, kick data, geology, gas readings ….

LicenceWeb Web services WITSML DDRML

Smarter data Operator

Common XML schemas Partners

From July 1, 2010, EPIM will be the owner and operator of NorHub, a repository for standard equipment information.

Semantic Web ISO 15926 PCA RDL

Smarter data

Integrated Operations in the High North (IOHN)

Demonstrating a reliable digital platform for IO G2 in the High North

Business processes

Digital platform

Data capture

Operation & Maintenance

Integration platform

Production & Reservoir

Semantic model

Drilling & Completion

Safety and risk

EqHub - A common repository for equipment NOR-HUB

 EqHub will be covering at least 80% of the standard equipment in use in E&P sector

Operator Operator

Contractor Contractor

 Initiated by OLF and owned and operated by EPIM  Data sheets according to ISO 15926

Package Package Supplier Supplier

Supplier Admin Technology

Standard ISO15926


Equipment Equipment Supplier Supplier

Deployment RFID oil and gas In 2005 there were 1.3 billion RFID tags in circulation ….

Deployment of RFID in oil and gas – an OLF Guideline for:    

…. by 2010 there will be 33 billions.

Personnel Containers Drill strings Fixed and mobile equipment

The guideline is based on ISO standards

ISO 15926

Project Announced Starting March 2010 Phase E (Existing & PreAgreement)

Phase F

FIATECH & PCA Joint Operational RDS/WIP Project To establish PCA & FIATECH Reference Data resources as a scalabe, and commercially sustaining operation. Software (Systems, Tools & Services)

Business (Procedures & Processes)

Core Content (Classes & Templates)

New Content Scopes (Classes & Templates)

Ongoing RDL/RDS Operation (OPEX)

Existing PCA RDS / mdb / xls / xml / html & Existing IDS-ADI / iRING / p2/7/8/9 triple stores

Existing PCA & FIATECH membership & project activities. Outline planning agreement.

Existing PCA RDL 15926 p3/p4 content & PCA extensions & Existing proposed user content.

Existing PCA RDL

Existing PCA RDS Operational Support SLA


Establishing PM. Planning Ph1/Ph2. Funding model. Business-case(s). Creating EL9/15926 ”road-map” context.

Nil (Only as funded by existing projects)

Ongoing as existing

Ongoing as existing

Minimum maintenance development of existing mixed systems & tools.

Agree compliance methodology. Synchronization of mixed systems. Create specification for third-party RFP.

Extend Core RDL to Template Signatures Initial set consistent with methodology

New Content Projects (AEX Schema) (Proteus Schema)

Enhanced PCA SLA to support Ph1 systems, business & content.

Develop and migrate content to new third-party supported systems & services.

Place contracts for new third-party systems & services.

Nil (Separate funded projects)

(Budgetted and planned projects, but not part of Operational RDS/WIP project scope)

New SLA’s based on third-party RFP.

(Front-End Establishment)

Phase 1 (Enhancement & RFP)

Phase 2 (New Development)

Realizing Open Information Interoperability

Key joint MIMOSA – PCA Projects  Asset Globally Unique ID, Registry and RFID Tagging and Tracing  Norwegian Continental Shelf  Americas  Global

 Key Physical Asset Parameters  Global project  Critical Infrastructure Management  Initial focus on common rotating equipment and valves

 Open Information Service Bus    

IBM and Microsoft Previously called “OpenO&M Event Oriented Message Bus” Use case driven Specification for Open On-Ramps and Off-Ramps

 OpenO&M and ISO 15926 Topology Mapping  Practical bootstrapping for current projects  Basis for reverse engineering into ISO 15926

Spesial Interest Groups (SIGs) Active PCA SIGs:

 ISO 15926 Geometry SIG  In co-operation with FIATECH and the iRING User Group

 Instrumentation SIG  In co-operation with EPIM (EqHub) and others

 Operation and Maintenance SIG  In co-operation with OpenO&M/MIMOSA and IOHN

 Reporting to authorities  In co-operation with EPIM (RUF) and Energistics

Planned PCA SIGs:

   

Standard equipment SIGs in addition to instrumentation Drilling Production RFID

ISO 15926 Geometry SIG PCA & FIATECH effort for representing ISO 15926 Part 3 Geometry Reference Data using Part 7 Template Methodology and advancing the usage of Geometry Reference Data Initial deliverables are:  Geometry Template Signatures in Spreadsheet format mapped to Part 3 using Part 7 Methodology  Documentation of Geometry Reference Data to assist implementers and users  Example usages of Geometry Reference Data in the context of non-geometry  Reference Data Geometry Reference Data (Templates and Classes) as Part 8 OWL representation  Geometry Reference Data hosted in a PCA/FIATECH Sandbox exposed through a SPARQL endpoint

Chair: Manoj Dharwadkar, Bentley Systems

Harmonizing the E&P terminology Integrating the terminology from the different business domains in E&P HSSE





Operation & Maintenance


Integrating HSE dialects across E&P sector Integrating drilling dialects Integrating development dialects Integrating production dialects Integrating logistic dialects Integrating O&M dialects Integrating transportation dialects

Creating a common terminology for the E&P sector From local domain data standards to an oil and gas ontology

The oil & gas ontology (

Contains dictionaries, taxonomies and ontologies for relevant business processes in E&P sector

PCA collaborates globally on the oil and gas ontology Environment


ISO 14 040+


Reporting to authorities

Reporting to authorities

Development Projects ISO/IEC 11179 IEC 61346 ISO 13628 ISO 10303

Data integration based on ISO 15926 for creating an Oil and Gas Ontology (OGO)

Production PRODML Reporting to authorities

RDS Contains dictionaries, taxonomies and ontologies for relevant business processes in oil and gas

Operations IEC/ISO 62264 (ISA S95) IEC/ISO 61512 (ISA S88) IEC 61131 ISO 13374

Logistics ISO 15 000 ISO 9735

PCA’s RDSS contains the Oil & Gas Ontology (OGO) - maintenance and enhancement  The reference data (ontology) is

available free of charge at PCA’s Reference Data Support System (RDSS)  RDSS consists of 3 parts – ISO RDL, PCA RDL and WIP & submission area  The RDSS is linked up to Internet and batch export/import and web services are available.  Special Interest Groups (SIGs) maintain and enhance the different domains of the ontology

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