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BIM and the Regulatory Process “ The Overlooked Element”

AGC BIM FORUM January 15, 2010 Phoenix AZ

Simply Put… •  Commercial Sector technology is well ahead of the Government Sector •  Accurate picture is somewhat elusive •  Local Government Sector is moving forward •  Motivation, education, encouragement and some success needed to move further forward •  You can help - now

“Collision Detection” •  Familiar BIM feature •  Also applies to management of projects as a whole –  Designer-Owner-Contractor interests –  Third-parties (investors, suppliers, etc.) –  Scheduling conflicts

•  Addressing/avoiding collisions is key

The Project “Huddle” Owners, Designers, Engineers, Contractors, Subs

The Project “Huddle” Who is Missing?

The Project “Huddle” The Local Jurisdiction!

Get Government Involved! •  Commercial owners control the asset, but government controls the domain •  Single biggest hurdle in advancing BIM-centric projects •  Savings of time and money •  Government can bring “big picture” value

Along the same timeline‌ Commercial

Regulatory BIM?

Process: Stark Contrast Commercial Participants

Permitting Agencies

Imagine •  Early, integrated resolution for conflicts •  Granular, executable compliance rules for BIM •  Shared-model environment •  Jurisdiction-sponsored virtual planning and development •  Public/private, managed community supermodel(s) –  Large scale virtualization, simulation, life-cycle management

Current Status: A Long Way to Go •  No shortcuts on regulatory side –  Slow migration, not “leapfrog”

•  Knowledge gaps need filling •  Talent pool in government needs to be energized and enlarged! •  No IPD/Regulatory process exists yet •  Many BIM issues to solve on the commercial side

Good News! It’s Happening Now! •  Electronic plan submission and review –  2D automation now (Clark County,NV, Salt Lake City, UT et. al.) •  ICC eCodes streamline review process

–  Use of 3D on the horizon

•  Replicable buildings project (FIATECH) •  Digital Cornerstone (FIATECH & NIST) •  Play your part! –  Invite a Building Official to lunch – start the dialogue!

Electronic Plan Review Development Services Department Salt Lake City, Utah

AGC BIM FORUM January, 2010, Salt Lake City UT

Salt Lake City, Utah What SLC Has Done With Technology and The Development Review Process Goals: • Centralize the development review process into a single database to support a true OneStop-Shop for construction and development • Provide Citizen Access to the Review Process • Provide E-Services for all payments and permits

Accomplishments: • Accela Automation, Citizens Access, Wireless Inspections • Project Dox – Electronic Plan review Submittal and Tracking • Selectron Industries IVR Currently an applicant can apply for all building permit types from our website , pay fees and submit plans for review, from any where in the world with internet access.

Salt Lake City, Utah Success Stories: • City Creek Project - $1.5 Billion Mixed-Use Project • Macy’s Tenant Improvements • Nordstrom – Tenant Improvements Feedback from a recent customer survey: “I love the electronic review process; electronic submission and project management are GREAT to be working with as a city. I am now requiring electrical contractors to provide all the submittals as Adobe PDF documents; which has been extremely helpful and streamlined the process of submittal review. The industry is definitely getting more electronic and it’s really helping us in the construction field.” Brian Hicks, RCDD Senior Associate BNA Consulting

Salt Lake City, Utah Where are we going? The Basics are Nearly Completed: • Online applications, plan review submittals, permits and payment • Electronic plan reviews • Customers familiar with the electronic process • High percentage of staff functional on the software

Changes in the process There are new tools in the toolbox that have yet to be revealed to the participants, better forms, streamlined processes (reduction in the number of clicks), development of an integrated beta site for testing workflows and tools.

Salt Lake City, Utah Where could we go? “People can cry much easier than they can change.” James Baldwin (1924-1987) African-American writer.

• We could develop a process which integrates with AIA IPD process • Develop an IPD or project management team • Educate staff and customers on BIM Technology Project Dox software provides for a project management site where all the players in the process could view the same information, communications, and progress.

Electronic Plan Review Development Services Department Clark County, Nevada

BIM is in our future, but when?

Electronic Plan Review processes


Before BIM, electronic plan review… (ePlan) • There is a lot of work to do to prepare for BIM. • Make the move from paper to electronic. • Systems must be integrated. • SunGard Public Sector + ProjectDox = ePlan Review • Residential plan submission is available now, commercial will be rolled out throughout 2010.

Business Analysis is the Key! • This is not considered an IT project, but a process improvement project. • Full time staff member dedicated to the project. • Massive change to the way we do business. • Cannot just automate the current processes, but develop new ones. Two years from conception to going live for residential. • Staff and customer participation is essential.

BIM Ready! Introducing electronic workflow into our processes prepares us for BIM. Want to see what we are working on?

Construction Services Online Click on Construction Services Online

Questions To Address: •  When – does it make sense to begin collaboration with the jurisdiction? •  What – BIM information is available and at what stage of the process? Detailed enough? •  How – best to deliver BIM data to the jurisdiction? 2D plans/shop drawings? •  What – tools can/should the jurisdiction use? •  Who – is going to drive the process?