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The 2011 Florida Legislative Session has ended. Find out how used car dealers fared. Page 11 FIADA gets the ball rolling on tag and title fee rollbacks. Page 14 Making the case for a motor vehicle title and registration fee rollback. Page 16



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Last Chance for Amnesty on Inactive MVRIS Licenses


First FTC Roundtable Begins Shaping the Industry


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2011 Legislative Session FIADA Lobbyists Hon. John Grant and Jennifer Lux give the final report from the 2011 Legislative Session.



Making the Case for a Motor Vehicle Title and Registration Fee Rollback FIADA Annual Convention Your first preview, and chance to register, for the 2011 FIADA Annual Convention and Trade Show.


5 Ways to Cut Costs for Your Business Small business owners have to watch every penny they spend. We’ve got some tips on how to tighten the money belt and enjoy extra savings.


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UPCOMING EVENTS July 15-16, 2011 FIADA Board of Directors Meeting Ritz-Carlton Palm Beach Manalapan, FL

October 13-15, 2011 FIADA Annual Convention & Trade Show Gaylord Palms Resort Orlando, FL May 2011 — Independent Dealer — 3


The Power of an Association BY JEFF GA NN


recently had the honor to represent you and our Association at an NIADA meeting at the home office in Arlington, Texas. As in all things Association related I learned a great deal. It was very interesting to meet our colleagues from all corners of the country and to hear what was going on across the fruited plains, and to hear how they are facing the challenges of the marketplace. It seems everyone is having difficulty finding good inventory at a reasonable price. Some regions face unique challenges. For instance, many dealers in the mid-west must travel long distances due to the lack of auction houses in their area, and bear the increased cost of long distance transport back to their dealerships. Some of our friends in the New England region must deal with used car lemon laws and state inspections. Just as one can learn from history, we can also learn from others doing the same thing in real time. That is the power of ASSOCIATION. We can easily see from the New England experience with the “lemon law” that no matter how well intentioned the law is, in reality it has significant down side for the very people it was meant to protect. (e.g. “I’m from the government and I am here to help you.”) Our Association has successfully fought similar attempts by the Florida Legislature to pass a used car lemon law; and we remain vigilant. We are not opposed to legislation to protect the consumer, we have consistently supported such regulation when it makes sense, is practical, and truly benefit’s the consumer. But a comprehensive study we had commissioned by the

4 — Independent Dealer — May 2011

University of Florida at the time indicated this would clearly not be the case. I also came away with the belief that national is very well managed and looking out for our best interests. Long time member, Regional Vice President and past president Frank Fuzy who represents us at national level also attended (among others from Florida) and will convey the same sentiment. Frank’s long and deep experience in association matters has been invaluable to me and the FIADA alike. There was a fair amount of good news to return with. The NIADA Certified Pre-Owned program was discussed in great detail (Frank has been very involved with this). Although not for everyone, this is a very powerful program that will level the playing field for independents and should be reviewed by all members. Manheim also released their annual market report which indicates that the supply challenges being currently faced will begin to ease, albeit gradually, due to a number of market factors. Other economic indicators that affect our industry also look positive. There also seems to be some easing in the credit markets that will be helpful. As a member of FIADA, this and much other beneficial information and resources are widely available to help you position your business to successfully meet the current and future challenges of the marketplace. Take advantage of it today! Sincerely Jeff Gann President


May 2011 — Independent Dealer — 5


Last Chance For Amnesty on Inactive MVRIS Licenses December 31, 2010 was the deadline to renew your Motor Vehicle Retail Installment Seller (MVRIS) license. If you missed the deadline, be reassured in the amnesty program offered by FIADA and the Office of Financial Regulation (OFR). According to the Florida OFR nearly 70 percent of Florida dealers holding the two-year MVRIS license failed to renew it last year. In a joint effort with the Florida Auto Dealers Association (FADA), FIADA reached an amnesty deal with the Florida OFR to ensure that dealers whoÐ as an oversightÐ did not renew their MVRIS license and are still financing car deals.

6 — Independent Dealer — May 2011

Currently, a dealer who is offering financing without an active license can be fined up to $1,000 per violation (or each contract). To avoid the fine, dealers who held an active license but failed to renew it before the deadline may now reactivate their license before June 30, 2011 and avoid paying those administrative fines. To take advantage of the amnesty program, dealers can reactivate their license by accessing the Office of Financial Regulation’s REAL System on its website at www.real. and completing the renewal process. By Florida Statute, the cost to reactivate an inactive license

includes the renewal fee of $175 and the reactivation fee of $175 for a total of $350. Regulatory statutes mandate all inactive licenses expire after June 30, 2011. Any business that does not renew their license before this date and wants to obtain a new license will be required to reapply and be subject to administrative action including, but not limited to, an administrative fine for any unlicensed activity. For more information, or questions about using the REAL System to renew your license, call the Office of Financial Regulation at (850) 410-9895.


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First FTC Roundtable Begins Shaping the Industry BY K E I T H W H A NN, NIADA GENERAL COUNS EL


have just returned from the FTC roundtable entitled “The Road Ahead: Selling and Financing Motor Vehicles” held at the Wayne State University School of Law in Detroit, Michigan. Choosing a law school as the venue for the event was perfect! So many of the discussions centered around complicated fact patterns, the application of overlapping federal and state laws and variations and inconsistencies from state to state, you felt as though you were sitting in a law school classroom. The program consisted of six panel roundtable discussions on the following topics: Understanding the Motor Vehicle Sale and Credit Transaction, From Both Prime and Subprime Perspectives; Interest Rates, Dealer Reserves and Markups; Payment and Locator Devices and Consumer Privacy; Spot Delivery; Contract AddOns and Vehicle Title Problems and Dealer Bankruptcies.

8 — Independent Dealer — May 2011

The panels consisted of 5 members each (one had four) and had a mix of regulatory, industry and consumer representatives. They were moderated by six different FTC staff members, all of whom I have met previously on my trips to Capitol Hill (and have had the opportunity to discuss the issues being considered in the roundtables) and they did an excellent job facilitating discussion. While all other industry members were limited to participating on a single panel, I was asked to participate on two (I volunteered for all six). I took it as a compliment, but you decide for yourself. The goal for the day, as stated in the Notice announcing the roundtable was to “explore consumer protection issues pertaining to motor vehicle sales and leasing” and to determine “what consumer protection issues, if any, exist that could be addressed through a possible rulemaking or other initiative.” All in all, I would say the day was quite productive. However, with the individual roundtables lasting only 30 to 90 minutes, it was difficult at times to get into depth on many of the subjects. Consider the challenge in even being able to explain something as basic as what is a motor vehicle dealer and how do they operate? Franchised or independent? Big or small? Metro or rural? Three party paper financing or two party paper financing, with a little buy here – pay here thrown

in for good measure? And we are only beginning to scratch the surface! As background, The Dodd–Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act is a federal statute in the United States that was signed into law by President Barack Obama on July 21, 2010. The Act is categorized into sixteen titles and from the and, from the estimates I have seen, requires that regulators create 243 rules, conduct 67 studies, and issue 22 periodic reports. The stated aim of the legislation is: “To promote the financial stability of the United States by improving accountability and transparency in the financial system; to end “too big to fail”; to protect the American taxpayer by ending bailouts; to protect consumers from abusive financial services practices, and for other purposes.” So what exactly does the Act do? This description from Wikipedia is one of the best I have seen: “The Act changes the existing regulatory structure, such as creating a host of new agencies (while merging and removing others) in an effort to streamline the regulatory process, increasing oversight of specific institutions regarded as a systemic risk, amending the Federal Reserve Act, promoting transparency, and additional changes. The Act establishes rigorous standards and supervision to protect the economy and American consumers, investors and businesses, ends taxpayer funded bailouts of financial institutions, provides for an advanced warning system on the stability of the economy, creates rules on executive compensation and corporate governance, and eliminates the loopholes that led

to the economic recession The new agencies are either granted explicit power over a particular aspect of financial regulation, or that power is transferred from an existing agency. All of the new agencies, and some existing ones that are not currently required to do so, are also compelled to report to Congress on an annual (or biannual) basis, to present the results of current plans and to explain future goals. Important new agencies created include Financial Stability Oversight Council, the Office of Financial Research, and the Bureau of Consumer Financial Protection.”

Given the fact that there appears to exist a somewhat unbalanced and hostile view amongst some in the regulatory community towards dealerassisted financing, one of the most important tasks as an industry will be to assist the FTC and the consuming public in better understanding the mechanics of dealer-assisted financing. We must also collectively establish a facts-based record upon which the question of whether to engage in a UDAP rulemaking may be considered. Over the past 27 years (the last 16 as Outside General Counsel to NIADA) I have had the opportunity to work with federal regulatory agencies, including the FTC, to promote independent dealers’ compliance with federal statutes and regulations and to educate consumers about the car

buying and financing processes. Never in this time period has there been an issue as important to independent dealers and the future of our industry as this. It will change the landscape of how cars are sold and financed for years to come. We will continue to be actively involved in the process as things progress and I look forward to having the opportunity to discuss the issues in greater detail at the NIADA Convention in June. Until then, you can stay current with the latest developments by following me at: and Keith Whann is the general counsel for the National Independent Automobile Dealers Association. Reach him by logging on to


It should be noted that while section 1029(d) of Dodd-Frank confers on the FTC authority to prescribe rules under the Administrative Procedures Act with respect to unfair or deceptive acts or practices by motor vehicle dealers it, does not, however, expand or otherwise address the authority the FTC already possesses under the

Federal Trade Commission Act to initiate enforcement action against unlawful behavior.

May 2011 — Independent Dealer — 9

The FIADA Board of Directors recognizes that in this recovering economy, renewing your continuing education credits is just one more expense you are required to spend. To make it easier, for a limited time FIADA Members can now get their continuing education credits online for free.




*for a limited time

For Groups:

Now is the perfect time to let your whole office brush up on their skills. As a member, you can allow an unlimited amount of students to participate in the online CE course. Title Clerks, Finance Managers and other office leaders would benefit from this course. Go online to and sign up your group.


Getting credit for your Continuing Education has never been easier, or faster. DMV representatives will be on hand at the FIADA on site CE classes to accept and process your license renewal applications. Check for dates and locations.

FIADA Online Continuing Education is:

Convenient - You have up to 90 days to complete the course. Immediate - Print your continuing education certificate after completion. Accurate - Jointly developed by FIADA and the DMV.

Go Online to, or call FIADA at (888) 587-0004. 10 10— —Independent Independent Dealer Dealer— —May April May2011 2011



ast year the FIADA ramped up a government relations program unlike anything it had done in the past. Our goal Hon. John Grant Jennifer Lux was make our presence and voting strength known in state and local government and to get favorable legislation passed and unfavorable legislation defeated. With the strong support of the FIADA Board, its Legislative Committee and boots on the ground on Capitol Hill, we have made great strides.

The FIADA is not only interested in automobile and transportation legislation that directly affect our dealers, but also dealers are the poster child of small business in Florida and we are fighting to make small business more government user friendly and with less regulation and paperwork and with lower tax rates. Last year, we got into the game playing offense with our eyes glued to the passage of HB 631 outlawing curb-stoning and containing various other changes in law. On the very last day of the session and with a strong push from our lobby team, we put that ball across the goal line and our legislation became law and helped every dealer in Florida. What’s more we made our presence known and put the FIADA on the legislative map.

11 — Independent Dealer — April 2011

In between sessions we got our Association and individual members involved in legislative

May 2011 — Independent Dealer — 11

campaigns and statewide races. We invested your PAC monies in campaigns and had a ninety five percent win rate. We also focused on government and campaign involvement at our annual convention last fall, with our first ever candidate forum. We had dealers hold home town fund raisers and we used our dealer locations for candidates signage. Those who we helped elect were appreciative in the role that the FIADA played in their campaigns. Believe me those relationships we built certainly paid off in this year’s legislative session. This year we expanded our legislative team with the addition of Jennifer Lux who so ably helped me in our mission as we switched from offense (passing HB 631) to defense, as we had a list of unfriendly legislation to defeat or amend. A tire regulation bill, SB 1482, was filed by Senator Greg Evers. Under the category of Consumer Protection, the bill would have required retail tire dealers to disclose the date of manufacture and certain warnings relating to the age of tires. Potentially, this bill would have greatly increased the paper work and possibly the liability of dealers who sell tires, and even in some cases when they are already on the car. This bill was referred to the Commerce and Tourism committee, but the FIADA helped prevent it from moving on. SB 1008 was a towing bill introduced by Senator David Simmons to revise current procedures for notification to lienholders and registered owners for the recovery of certain costs for recovering, towing, or storing a vehicle or vessel. Original language would have required towing companies to notify the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles within seven days of towing the vehicle, and

FIADA’S LEGISLATIVE SCORE CARD DEFEATED Towing Bill DEFEATED Debt Purchasing Bill DEFEATED Repair Shop Deregulation DEFEATED Tire Regulation Bill

then DHSMV would have another seven days to notify the leinholder and/or registered owner by first class mail. FIADA opposed this bill with the position that lienholders need to be notified as quickly as possible when a vehicle is towed and favoring any requirements that would make it harder for a third-party to get control of a title that the lienholder’s own, as in the case of a vehicle that has been held by a towing company for more than 30 days. Given FIADA’s opposition to this bill, SB 1008 died in the Transportation Committee. SB 1116 was a debt purchasing bill, originally designed to deal with the sale of credit card portfolios, that would have redefined what a “debt buyer” is. Buy here pay here dealers in particular could have been affected by this legislation because it would have created new record-keeping and regulatory rules for all parties involved in a debt-buying situation, including a dealer selling his own deal to a related finance company. The bill, introduced by Senator Ronda Storms, died in the Banking and Insurance Committee thanks to our efforts. The legislature was fixed on professional and occupational deregulation this year and introduced two bills to address it. HB 5005 focused on around 60 different professions, from interior designers to barbers, looking for areas to “deregulate.” HB 5007 took the same approach, but named half as many

industries. One of the industries targeted was automobile repair shops. When applying for a motor vehicle repair license, there is currently a requirement to include specific wording on a form used to provide estimates to customers. If mechanical work is done without the customer’s signature, there is a provision that caps the mechanic fees at $100. If this legislation had passed, this protection would not be regulated and would give mechanic’s free-range to incur high fees. As a lienholder, a dealer would be concerned about this change because it could put them at greater risk to lose at-risk collateral. It went right down to the wire in the HouseSenate conference committee, but in the end, did not make it. Governor Scott and the legislature had a big job to balance a wide deficit in the budget, but they also wanted to cut some taxes as well, corporate income tax and automobile fees being at the top of the list. There was much discussion and interest from legislators in rolling back the title and registration fees that increased in 2009, and the FIADA fought hard to make it happen. We generated hundreds of phone calls, e-mails and faxes to key legislative decision makers urging them to vote in favor of the rollbacks. However, under the pressure of a two to three billion dollar budget deficit, legislators sided with the Governor’s push for corporate income tax relief and left the fee rollbacks on the table. Though it may not have been an

ééééééééééééééééééééééééééé 12 — Independent Dealer — May 2011

initial victory, the FIADA was able to make an impact that will no doubt be remembered well into next year’s session. We stand in good position to pick up the fight in 2012 and get some relief. In addition to encouraging members to speak out to their legislators in support of the fee rollbacks, FIADA sent support letters and background information to key legislators. We’ve included a copy of the letter drafted by Executive Director Steve Jordan on page 14 for your review. What small business owners, which includes used car dealers, will be happy about is the increase of $5,000 to $25,000 in taxable income exemption for Florida corporations. As a result, about half of the 30,000 businesses who are currently on the corporate income tax rolls will no longer have to pay. It is an estimated $30 million in exemptions, and the Governor is hoping it will give Florida businesses the incentive to hire new employees and out-of-state companies the desire to relocate to the Sunshine state.

With elections coming up and primaries a little over a year away, we need to reload our PAC and have more dealers voicing their opinions to our legislators. I also can’t think of a better way to prepare for next year’s session than by doubling our membership. Just imagine the increase in clout we would enjoy if every one of our members got one more dealer to join. The work we have accomplished helps all dealers, and I encourage you to spread the word and promote membership.



All together the budget contained over $300 million in tax cuts meaning that more Floridians will have more money left in their pockets and hopefully might be motivated to purchase a preowned vehicle with it, perhaps from one of you.

May 2011 — Independent Dealer — 13

éééééééééééééééééééééééééééé 14 — Independent Dealer — May 2011


May2011 2011 — — Independent Independent Dealer Dealer — — 15 15 May

Making the Case for a Motor Vehicle Title and Registration Fee Rollback


hen motor vehicle title and registration fees underwent astronomical increases in 2009, FIADA was the first to voice concern on behalf of all dealers. In the 2011 Legislative Session, when there was word that legislators were considering rolling the fees back, FIADA was again among the first to speak out. Though the fee rollback did not happen in this session, it is a very real possibility for 2012, and rest assured FIADA will be there ready to speak up again. FIADA drafted background information for key legislators to plea the case of a fee rollback this year. Following is a summary of what they received: Effective September 1, 2009, Florida citizens began paying 125% more for a new motor vehicle license plate and approximately 54% more for titles and other license and registration fees. The Florida Legislature increased motor vehicle license and registration fees (taxes) during the 2009 legislative session to plug the budget deficit of approximately $6 billion dollars. According to the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles, a typical renewal registration fee for a 2007 Acura 4 Door increased from $46.80 to $71.85 (almost 54%). Even more significant is the increase in the initial registration fee which grew by 125%, from $100 to $225. Based on a 2007 Acura 4 door, a person purchasing an additional motor vehicle – thereby requiring him or her to purchase a new license plate – or a person moving into the state

would paid approximately $378.10 in license taxes and fees for each vehicle. The greatest impact has been on: • Florida residents who purchase a motor vehicle for the first time; • Florida residents who add a motor vehicle to their households (such as when teenage children reach driving age and a vehicle is purchased for/by them); • Residents who own trucks; and • People who move to Florida and need to replace their out-of-state license plate and title with a Florida license plate and Florida title. By significantly increasing motor vehicle-related fees to raise additional revenues for the State of Florida, the Florida Legislature may not have considered the possibility of collecting less than projected revenues due to two conditions: decreased sales of motor vehicles and lower compliance rates in purchasing tags and titles. In today’s economy, credit is tight and credit challenged individuals are having a difficult time obtaining financing, even from subprime lenders. This condition is compounded by the increase in tag and title fees which makes less money available toward a down payment, possibly resulting in the customer not qualifying for the loan. Fewer car sales result in less sales tax collections. When the motor vehicle impact fee was passed in the late 1980’s, it

required new Florida residents to pay a one-time $295.00 fee for each vehicle, plus an initial registration fee of $100, which did not include regular title and registration fees (an additional $35.00 to $40.00). This brought the cost of registering each vehicle to over $400.00. Many new residents couldn’t afford, or were unwilling, to pay these fees so they just kept driving on their out-of-state license plates and would even renew those license plates in their home states. Some Florida residents may also refuse to comply by failing to return to the automobile dealership to pay for their new tag and instead continue to operate on their expired temporary tag, or if they own another vehicle, they may operate the newly acquired vehicle using their other license plate and alternating it between vehicles as necessary. A more prudent approach by the Florida Legislature might have been to spread the pain across many people and many different types of transactions instead of concentrating on motorist fees which might negatively affect the sale of motor vehicles and the collection of sales tax. When Florida tax revenues rebound and unemployment rates begin to lower and the economy strengthens, the Florida Legislature should consider addressing the initial registration fee and consider reducing the fee back to $100. Such action would be fair to Florida citizens and the motor vehicle dealer industry.

ééééééééééééééééééééééééééé 16 — Independent Dealer — May 2011


May 2011 — Independent Dealer — 17

INDEPENDENT DEALERS UNITE! “The efforts of the government alone will never be enough. In the end the people must choose and the people must help themselves.” ­— John F. Kennedy Your PAC Contribution helps spread awareness and gain support of issues affecting independent dealers in the State’s capitol.


Use this form to make your contribution, and mail to the FIADA office at the address below. You can also contribute online at

CONTRIBUTOR’S NAME: DEALERSHIP: ADDRESS: Make your check out to FIADA-PAC and mail your contribution to: FIADA • 1840 Fiddler Court • Tallahassee, FL 32808 Enclosed is my check for:  $1,000

 $500

 $250

 $100


 Monthly Contribution _________


18 — Independent Dealer — May 2011



2011 — Independent Dealer — 19 MayMay 2011 — Independent Dealer — 19

Experience Old Florida at the Gaylord Palms Resort & Convention Center in Orlando, the site of FIADA’s 2011 Annual Convention and Trade Show. This year’s convention will include top-level education sessions, an energetic exhibit hall and plenty of opportunities for family fun and entertainment. Make plans now to attend the industry’s top event. Log on to for more details. FIADA’s special room rate at the Gaylord Palms Resort is $144 a night, including resort fees. Hotel amenities include: wired and wireless internet connection, fitness center, complimentary in-room beverages, daily newspaper and local shuttle service. Space is limited. Reserve your room by calling (407) 586-2000. Ask for the FIADA group rate.


Dealer Express Registration $99

For all seminars and training events. No meals.


Corporate Registration $249

Family Registration $349

FIADA Group Room Rate $144

and then $195 for each additional employee.

Includes dealer, spouse and kiddos.

Per night, including resort fee.

The FIADA Golf Tournament is back! Hosted at the Celebration Golf Club, the FIADA Golf Tournament will be fun for all skill levels. The best ball scramble format with shotgun start will include prizes for the winning team, closest to the pin, longest drive and a chance to win a hole-in-one grand prize!


Transportation is provided to the golf course from the hotel. Lunch begins at 12:00 noon. Net Proceeds benefit the FIADA PAC Fund.

20 20 —— Independent Dealer —— May 2011 Independent Dealer April 2011


Company:__________________________________________________________________________________________ Mailing Address: ____________________________________________________________________________________ City/State/Zip: ______________________________________________________________________________________ Phone: __________________________________________ Fax: ____________________________________________ E-mail: __________________________________________


Website: ________________________________________

(Please Note: fees in each category will increase by $100 after September 12, 2011.)

1. DEALER EXPRESS REGISTRATION Badge Name: ___________________________________________________ Badge Name: ____________________________________________________

[ ] $99 [ ] $99

For all scheduled seminars and training events, but does not include meals.

2. CORPORATE REGISTRATION Badge Name: ___________________________________________________ Additional Attendee: ______________________________________________ Additional Attendee: ______________________________________________

[ ] $249 [ ] $195 [ ] $195

All corporate registration attendees are allowed access to all events and meal functions.

3. FAMILY REGISTRATION Badge Name: ___________________________________________________ Spouse Name: ___________________________________________________ Child Name: _____________________________________________________ Child Name: _____________________________________________________

[ [ [ [

] $349 ] Included ] Included ] Included

Family Package attendees are allowed access to all events and meal functions. CE Credits and Certificates of Completion available for active FIADA members, corporate attendees and family attendees upon request.

4. GOLF TOURNAMENT Individual Player: ________________________________________________ Foursome: ______________________________________________________

[ ] $75 [ ] $275

Individual players will be paired up with other players. Please list names of foursome players in space provided.



[ ] I have enclosed a check made payable to FIADA Credit Card Type:

[ ] Visa

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[ ] I will be using a credit card [ ] American Express

[ ] Discover

Name (as it appears on card): ____________________________________ Company:______________________________________ Credit Card Billing Address: _____________________________________________________________________________________ Credit Card Number: ________________________________________________

Exp Date: ________________________________

Authorized Signature: X __________________________________________________ CC Security Code: ____________________ CANCELLATION POLICY: Refunds may be honored with a 72-hour notice. Please submit cancellations in writing.


Please contact Gaylord Palms Resort directly at (407) 586-2000 and mention you are part of the FIADA Annual Convention to receive the group rate. Reservations must be made by Sept. 12, 2011 to receive the FIADA group discount of $144.00 per night, plus tax. This reduced group rate will not be guaranteed after this date. Reservations will be accepted upon a space available basis.


Mail/Fax registration to: FIADA • 1840 Fiddler Court • Tallahassee, FL 32308 • FAX (850) 385-3251

May 2011 — Independent Dealer — 21

$10,000 Grand Prize $2,000 Second Place $1,000 Third P lace Drawing will be held on Saturday, Oct. 15, 2011 at the 2011 FIADA Annual Convention. PLUS, $500 to the seller of the winning ticket and cash prizes for the top three ticket sellers.

Special Membership Tickets Now On Sale! Get your ticket for a chance at $10,000. Tickets are $50 each. Only 1,000 tickets will be sold. Call FIADA at (800) 237-0448 or go online to Proceeds from ticket sales will benefit the Florida Association of Food Banks.

Need not be present to win.

Exhibit spaces and sponsorship opportunities are now available for the Florida’s independent dealer event of the year. If you are interested in participating, contact FIADA at (800) 237-0448 or go online to

SEE YOU IN ORLANDO! 22 — Independent Dealer — May 2011


May 2011 — Independent Dealer — 23


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24 — Independent Dealer — May 2011


he nation’s sluggish economy has forced many Americans to look for new ways to save money. The same is true for small businesses. Frugal business owners know that cutting costs is just another way to add to the bottom line. Here are five suggestions of how you can tighten the money belt:


GO GREEN Energy costs are one of the largest bills coming to your mailbox every month. You might not be able to do anything about the rising costs of gasoline, but with a few modifications you could make a dent in your power bill. Invest in energy-efficient technology not only will save electricity but often brings tax benefits, not to mention many customers prefer to do business with energy-conscious companies. Monitoring power use can help you save big, such as sharing printers and turning off equipment overnight or when it’s not in use. Consider putting your outside stadium lights on a timer, and even turn them off in the early morning hours. The high-power, halogen bulbs used in the outside lights take more power to run than you might think.


SOCIAL ADVANTAGES Social media marketing can be the perfect opportunity for


small businesses looking for a low-cost alternative to traditional advertising. Twitter and Facebook are free and allow real-time interaction with customers. Setting up a blog to talk about your business is very affordable and will dramatically increase your chances of being found by internet search engines. E-mail marketing is often more cost-effective than traditional mailings.


SMARTER SHOPPING Take advantage of rewards programs at office supply stores and other vendors you buy from. Purchasing supplies in bulk can save money, as well as planning ahead to take advantage of sales and promotions rather than waiting until supply runs out. If it’s possible, join forces with neighboring small businesses and make joint purchases on products you both can use. Also, buying used equipment and furnishings makes a lot of fiscal sense. Next time you need to upgrade equipment, check CraigsList or eBay for things like pre-owned cell phones or office furniture.


SAVE A STAMP Mail prices for your small business can add up fast. Try using email or texts whenever possible. If you do convert your business records and transactions to “virtual transactions,” however, be sure to keep duplicate records of sent mail and replies. You should also create a ghost copy of your hard drive to back up critical data. You can get accounts through sites likes Yahoo! and Google to store business emails online for free, and have access to check them from any computer.


USE YOUR MEMBERSHIP Did you know your FIADA membership can save you money for many of your every day business expenses? Enrolling in the FIADA FedEx Advantage Program can save members between 10% and 27% on shipping costs. FIADA’s partnership with Office Depot can offer you extra discounts and services including free next-day shipping, technology and promotional products and others. Discover these and other membership benefits at savings. May May 2011 2011 — — Independent Independent Dealer Dealer — — 25 25


My FIADA Story: NAME: Brandi Noegel, Noegel’s Auto Sales YEARS IN BUSINESS: 63 KIND OF BUSINESS: Retail sales, BHPH MEMBER SINCE: 1967 ACCOMPLISHMENTS: FIADA Senior Vice President (2011), FIADA Treasurer (2010), FIADA Regional Vice President CURRENT STATUS: FIADA Senior Vice President For six decades, Noegel’s Auto Sales has been an iconic family business selling cars in Starke, Florida. Larry and Brandi Noegel took the reins in the early 1980s and became active members of the Florida Independent Automobile Dealers Association. One thing Brandi has learned over the years is rules and regulations are constantly changing and to stay current you need to be informed. Larry and Brandi decided early on in their career that the best way to stay up-to-date was staying involved in the FIADA. They attended their first convention over 30 years ago and were very impressed with the education, and friendships, they found. It was enough to bring them back year after year. Larry Noegel became a FIADA Past President as well as a Quality Dealer of the Year. Brandi worked in “the background” with her husband for many years but, when he passed away she had to take on new responsibilities becoming the dealership’s owner and operator. She has continually used her FIADA membership to gain access to ideasharing among members and stay current on regulatory issues. Brandi will also lead FIADA as President next year. “FIADA is kind of like a twenty group except in your own state. Members get together and share different ideas that can help you at your own dealership,” Noegel said. Brandi also says the resources that FIADA can provide dealers are very valuable. Having an immediate referral to an attorney, accountant and even regulatory agencies can offer dealers an easy way to get help when its needed. In addition, attending the FIADA trade shows and board meetings puts members in direct access with vendors. Often, the vendors who attend FIADA events are the business owners or high-level decision makers who can help solve problems or answer questions you need to know about their products. PAID ADVERTISING

Want to tell your FIADA Story? Email us at 26 — Independent Dealer — May 2011


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28 — Independent Dealer — May 2011

2010-2011 Executive Committee Are you looking for advice or suggestions? As the Association’s leadership, these men and women have volunteered to make themselves available to all members for advice, discussion and assistance.

TREASURER John Cousins Southeast Car Agency Gainesville, FL 352.377.7787

REGIONAL VICE PRESIDENT REGIONAL VICE PRESIDENT REGIONAL VICE PRESIDENT REGIONAL VICE PRESIDENT George Hickey Steve Marbais Jim Kagiliery Frank Fuzy Bond Auto Sales, Inc. Marbais Enterprises, Inc. Brightstar Financial Group, Inc. Century Motors of South FL Tampa, FL 34761 Ocoee, FL 34761 Jacksonville, FL Pompano Beach, FL 813.238.7478 407.877.7422 904.400.6190 954.785.0369

SECRETARY Dino Mercurio Independent Credit, Inc. West Palm Beach, FL 561.686.8673

REGIONAL VICE PRESIDENT Chris Leedom AutoMaxx Sarasota, FL 941.309.1111

May 2011 — Independent Dealer — 29


SENIOR VICE PRESIDENT Brandi Noegel Noegel’s Auto Sales Starke, FL 904.964.6461


Chairman of the Board President Greg Edwards Jeff Gann Greg Edwards Enterprises Lakeshore Motors Daytona Beach, FL East Lake Weir, FL 386.323.1888 352.288.4512

INDUSTRY NEWS In Memoriam: Michael Fernandez Great Cars For Graduates

Veteran car dealer and long-time member FIADA member Michael Fernandez lost a courageous battle with cancer on May 5 in Tampa. Fernandez is the son of FIADA Past President and Honorary Life Director Edward A. Fernandez and former FIADA Ladies Auxiliary President Polly Fernandez. Michael joined his parents in operating ABC Auto Sales and has worked alongside his brothers David and Douglas to carry on the family legacy with ABC, Best Auto Sales and ABC Remarketing. Michael was also an NIADA Certified Master Dealer.

As graduation ceremonies commence across the country, many of the new graduates will be looking for a car they can afford. A low budget does not have to mean sacrificing style. Auto research and shopping website compiled a list of top picks based on price (less than $20K), safety and fuel economy. Below is the list of suggestions, they found in their database.

Michael leaves behind his wife, Terry, children Michelle, Morgan, Miranda and Michael and two grandchildren. The family is organizing a memorial service to be held at a later date. In lieu of flowers, please honor Michael with a donation to the American Cancer Society or The Angelus House, 12413, Hudson Ave., Hudson, FL 34669.

2006 Volkswagen Jetta

Hot for the Summer: Toyota Prius

2006 Volkswagen Passat

With gas hovering near record highs, the Toyota Prius continues to gain popularity. Sales of new 2011 Toyota Prius were up 51.5 percent from January to March. With Japanese factories operating at half capacity since the earthquake in March, production of new cars have been hit hard which means the used vehicles are increasing in value. An analyst for the NADA used car guide estimates that used Priuses have gained 38 percent in value from 2006 to 2009.

2008 Scion xB Base

NIADA Mobile Is An App Worth Trying NIADA recently released a new app for smart phones created just for members. Features include access to guide books, market reports, auction pre-sale run lists and videos and news. Check it out online now at 30 — Independent Dealer — May 2011

2009 Mitsubishi Lancer DE 2009 Ford Fusion S

2008 Honda Accord LX 2007 Ford Edge SE

Buy Here, Pay Here Trends The Used Car News recently published its 2011 Data Source Book filled with information and trends from the new and used car markets. One of the most interesting comparisons was a five year history of average weekly payment amounts and average customer down payments. AVERAGE CUSTOMER DOWN PAYMENT: 2005-2010


$85 $78





2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010

$1,018 $837


$1,040 $1,059


2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010


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