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Selling Vs. Closing Northwood University’s Joseph Lescota weighs the differences between leading the customer through a sales experience or focusing on the close.

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Time to Diversify Jim Coury and his team at Integrity Auto Sales have found a new way to supplement slower sales.


Sowing Roots That Run Deep Research shows that family businesses can outperform non-family businesses in returns and revenue. Learn how to make your natural advantage work for your dealership.


Legislative Update The Honorable John Grant and Jennifer Lux, FIADA Legislative Advocates


FIADA Annual Convention Your first preview, and chance to register, for the 2011 FIADA Annual Convention and Trade Show. Find things to do, information about the $10,000 Special Membership Drawing and the FIADA High School Reunion Dance Party.


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The Word is Change BY BRAN DI NOEGEL


he world as we know it is changing and I believe the big word for 2011 is CHANGE. Change means to make things different. It is not what we use to think of it, such as changing our clothes or the change in our pockets. It has evolved to constant change in our daily lives. We change our passwords regularly and you can always find out what is currently changing in our society through the use of technology. We as dealers are just trying to make a living, keep our businesses going and our customers happy! In the name of change, we see regulatory agencies formed monthly. They know nothing about our business and now they are trying to tell us how to run them. All I can say is if you are a dealer, you need to be a member of this organization. You need to come to the convention in October and learn everything you can. We purposely schedule the convention in the fall because for most people, it is not as busy to take a couple of days off for education that can only help your business. If you cannot make it send one of your managers. Don’t be left in the dark, wondering what is going on. If attorneys and accountants can not even keep up with all the change that is happening right now, how can you without coming to the convention and getting educated? I just came back from Europe and I saw what small is. Over there, change is a vehicle with a stick shift, small

4 — Independent Dealer — August 2011

engine in it, no room for luggage and room for only two small people. This works well in Europe where roads are narrow, the towns are very old and there is no room for parking. It might even work in New York City or Europe’s Chicago; but, ve of chang rsion in Florida e. you would probably get run over! What is change? Find out at the convention! It is not our old school days anymore; FIADA conventions are now about social networking and high tech computers and software. Learn more at the convention and be open to new and innovative ideas. I hope to see all of you there in October. Sincerely, Brandi Noegel, FIADA President


August 2011 — Independent Dealer — 5




our adventure awaits you. The FIADA has much in store for the next few months, from hiring a membership person to the October Convention and the beginning of the Florida Legislative Session and that’s just in the next three months. I hope you can come along for the ride. The FIADA journey begins with our search for someone that has a passion for cars to be the FIADA membership coordinator. That someone should possess strong organizational, communication and practical business skills. They should also be able to manage multiple projects and diverse administrative requirements; have good interpersonal skills; be computer literate and have a proven sales record. If you are that someone or know that someone, please submit your resume and cover letter including salary requirements to me at Visit www. for additional details. Running a parallel course is the fact that the 2011 FIADA Convention at the Gaylord Palms is just around the corner. Don’t wait, register today by completing the registration form in this issue or going online to Call 407.586.2000 to reserve your room at the Gaylord Palms. The discounted room rate of $144 ends September 12, the rate includes the resort fee.

pitfalls, increasing business, and much more. As with prior years, we’ll also have a spectacular trade show. It will be your one-stop-shop for finding new and innovative products and services. Don’t forget to bring your family. The resort is just 1.5 miles from Walt Disney World and close to other Orlando theme parks. The Gaylord Palms features three signature atriums with tropical and lush recreated Florida environments. From the gently rising mists of the Everglades, to the funky and vibrant island revelry of Key West, to the Spanishinfused, old-world charm of St. Augustine, if you’ve never experienced a stay at the Gaylord Palms you won’t want to miss this adventure. Convention will also be a great prelude to the upcoming legislative session. In the last issue, our legislative advocate, the Honorable John Grant, shed light on the FIADA Legislative Agenda. See his article inside for a more detailed look at the 2012 FIADA Legislative Agenda. With the session beginning in January, these next few months will be busy. You can help advance this agenda by contributing to the FIADA PAC, talking to your legislators, and keeping me informed of issues you are facing in your business. Join me as we pave the way to a great adventure. Together we will make a difference.

The convention will feature topics such as buy here, pay here, a legislative update, federal issues, legal

6 — Independent Dealer — August 2011

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8 — Independent Dealer — August 2011

Five Years and Under Auto Express Enterprises, Inc. Chase Custom Finance Direct Auto Exchange, LLC Discount Key Florida Luxury Cars, Inc. High Tech Locksmiths Liberty Financing, Inc. McKinna Auto Sales Motor Group Najjar Auto Mall, Inc. PCT Enterprises Of FL, LLC Premier Motorcars Splish Splash Auto Sales, Inc. Strickland Auto Sales The Guy Down The Road Trinity Motorcars Value First Auto Sales, LLC 10+ Years Benz Financial Services, Inc. J & J Auto Sales Ted’s Auto Sales, Inc.

Orlando, FL Miramar, FL Tallahassee, FL Orlando, FL Jacksonville, FL Miami, FL Hallandale, FL Brunswick, GA Delray Beach, FL Pinellas Park, FL Englewood, FL Tallahassee, FL Princeton, FL Palatka, FL Pace, FL Trinity, FL St. Petersburg, FL North Miami Beach, FL Ft. Pierce, FL St. Petersburg, FL

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FIADA Membership Coordinator Qualified candidates should have: • Strong organizational, communication and practical business skills. • Ability to manage multiple projects and diverse administrative requirements • Good interpersonal skills • Computer literate • Proven sales record. Submit resume and cover letter to Lisette Mariner, For more details on this position, visit

“GoldStar GPS – we cannot afford to do business without it.”


“Being in a rural area, we were apprehensive about the coverage area and if we would be able to receive a tracking signal. The performance and simple installation of GoldStar GPS has made the costs of recovering our vehicles minimal, and has more than succeeded our dealerships expectations. We are in business of financing vehicles, and we cannot afford to do business without GoldStar GPS.”

Todd Mattas l President MATTAS MOTORS Punta Gorda, FL




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August 2011 — Independent Dealer — 9

Who wins the fight? The salesman who focuses on closing the sale, or the one who invests in selling value to the customer? BY JOS EPH L E S COTA


or the longest period of time in the retail auto industry, I believe the focus has been on “closing the sale” rather than “selling the value to the customer.”

I got into retail auto sales in 1976. I considered myself to be a rather successful salesperson. I was proud of the many times I earned the title of “Salesman of the Month.” I even managed to earn from GM the highly honored title of “Professional Sales Master.” It was interesting to be asked by colleagues, “What did you do in that close, how did you get those people to buy?” The fact is I was never what anyone would consider a strong closer or an aggressive closer. While I was frequently told by several managers (as well as by sales trainers and other sales experts at the time) to “get control of the customer,” I never really felt that being controlled was something my customers really wanted me to do to them nor was it something I wanted to do to them. I enjoyed selling, not manipulating. What I’m saying is I took my time to listen to what the customer wanted in a vehicle so that I would have the information I needed to personalize a feature presentation and demonstration drive to their needs. You see, what I learned very early on in my selling career was that closing a deal was hard and it took so darned long that even after a customer said, “I’ll take it,” the customer didn’t necessarily seem very happy about the process. On the other hand, if I took my time with the customer and focused on gaining rapport with them and earning their trust, the customer and I both had a blast. I showed them things on a vehicle I was selling (Buick at the time) that no other salesperson had bothered to show. I drove them on a demo drive that blew them away (their words not

10 — Independent Dealer — August 2011

mine). The customer couldn’t wait to get behind the wheel. I knew I had to get the customer to like me and to love the vehicle I was showing them. Selling was actually fun for me and buying was fun for the potential buyer. I didn’t have to say to the customer, “Come on inside and let me share some numbers with you.” Customers were saying to me, “Okay enough fun, now let’s see some numbers.” They were asking to go into the close. I didn’t have to push them towards the close. The purpose of this article was not to give the reader a glimpse of the past but rather a look into the future. Today’s vehicles are of such quality that anyone looking for a new or used vehicle will hardly be disappointed in the choices available from just about any manufacturer. Sales aren’t made in the close. Sales are made and will continue to be made in the selling process. Not only are today’s car shoppers making their purchase decisions based on style, quality and price of the vehicles being offered in the market place, but on the salesmen, purchase and service experiences as well. Product advantages are never a guarantee of a dealerships’ success, but a value driven selling process can be a dealerships’ guarantee of many future sales. Joseph “Joe” Lescota is the chairman of the Automotive Marketing Dept. at Northwood Universities Midland, Michigan campus. If you know of a student who is interested in earning a bachelor’s degree in Automotive Marketing from Northwood University, please contact the Texas Campus contact Sylvia Correa at (800)927.9663 or; the Florida Campus Automotive Program Chair Tim Gilbert at (561) 478-5527 or gilbert@; the Michigan Campus Automotive Program Chair Joe Lescota at (989) 837-4843 or For the Automotive Program at Northwood’s Cerritos College in California contact Todd Leutheuser at (562) 467-5252 or If you are interested in online automotive degree programs contact Kim Leach at (989) 837-4840 or leachk@ For information about the Northwood MBA, please contact Matt Bennett at (989) 837-4325 or


August 2011 — Independent Dealer — 11


Integrity Auto Sales’ Jim Coury took his passion for motorcycles and turned it into a new profit-center for his used car dealership. B Y C H R I S T Y TAY LO R he go-to word for many small businesses and investors in today’s roller-coaster economy is diversify. By diversifying, the hope is that when one area of the portfolio of business is down, another will be up. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket, to put it in a cliché. Spread the risk, in investor’s terms. It is good advice for a reason; it works.


Jim Coury of Integrity Auto Sales in Port Orange, Florida has been running his independent used car lot for over twenty years. His dealership is known in the community as the best place to buy a used car. In fact, readers of the Daytona Beach News-Journal just voted Integrity as the Best Independent Dealer and the Best Used Car Dealer in Volusia and Flagler counties. Yet, despite an amazing reputation, impeccable service and a hard-working staff Integrity Auto Sales has felt the sting of a slow economy over the past few years. It was time to shake things up. Motorcycles had always been a passion for Coury, but he had never sold them. In an attempt to diversify his business, Coury decided maybe it was time to add them to the mix. It turned out to be a very wise decision. 12 — Independent Dealer — August 2011

“Sales had been dropping off and the financing market was tight,” Coury said. “I’ve always had a passion for motorcycles and it seemed to dove-tail perfectly into what we were doing with the business. Motorcycles seem to be a natural thing to get into without having a huge learning curve to overcome.” While it seems to get harder and harder to find nice cars at decent prices in the wholesale arena, Coury said he has not had much trouble rounding-up a handful of nice Harley-Davidson’s that need only some minor reconditioning and service. Coury says by adding the bikes he has been able to supplement the slower sales of used cars to a level that has brought him close to recordbreaking years in 2009 and 2010. The motorcycles are primarily sold online through eBay and Craig’s

List. That seems to be the best way to meet the needs of a global motorcycle market. Coury ships bikes all around the country, North America, Europe, the Middle East and even Australia. By taking very detailed, professional photos, and having a 100% positive feedback rating on eBay, customers in other countries are comfortable buying from his Port Orange business. Though the used car side of the dealership is still strong, Coury could not be more happy or excited about the new direction his business is taking. He says the customers are fun and get excited over their purchases too, which only adds to his enthusiasm. “Motorcycles are not a need, but a want so buyers are a little more excited and happy about buying them,” Coury said.

“DEALER” SPOKEN HERE We speak your language. Our dedicated, experienced staff provides the service you need—before, during and after the sale. Contact the Dealer Sales and Services team at your local ADESA auction or visit

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August 2011 — Independent Dealer — 13

“I was not even aware we were up for the nomination until they told me,” Coury said about the contest, which was voted on through ballots returned from the newspaper as well as through the paper’s website. He joked that even his parents forgot to turn their ballot in, so he did not seek out winning by trying to stack votes and begging friends and family to vote. The titles of Best Used Car Dealer and Best Independent Dealership are quite an honor, Coury said, because they came from the people themselves.

Though the bike sales have been exciting and revenue-generators, Integrity Auto Sales will always consider itself a used car dealership first. Coury says he has no plans to change his business model. He does very little in-house financing, and is happy to welcome a lot of repeat and referral customers to his lot. That was proven by the Reader’s Choice award from the News-Journal, an honor he was not expecting.

Through Integrity Auto Sales, Coury has been a long-time member of the Florida Independent Automobile Dealers Association. He has even served on the Executive Committee as a Regional Vice President. The importance of FIADA membership is something dealers cannot do business with out, says Coury, and even in a time when he is scrutinizing every expense and justifying where every dollar goes, he has been faithful to write his dues check.

“You have to have an Association,” Coury said. “You have a louder voice in numbers and everyone who is involved with FIADA is looking out for us, whether it be making sure that certain laws don’t get passed or answering the phone when you call.” Coury looks forward to the day when he can be more involved with the leadership of FIADA, but has to put that level of membership on hold for now as his young family needs him more. The proud dad and his wife, Joyce, have three kids, Skylar, 10, Lilly, 7, and Sebastian, 5. Coury says when he is not at the dealership he is usually hanging around with the kids and getting involved in their activities. “I’ve always been really impressed with my membership,” Coury said. “I have been a member for 20 years and no doubt I will keep renewing my membership, writing a PAC check, and staying involved as best I can.”


It is ironic that there seems to be such a market for an item that most would consider a luxury and out of the scope of a conservative family budget, but Coury says many of his customers are from overseas and are drawn to the “good deal” they have found. Not only have the value of used Harley’s depreciated over the years, but the dollar’s decline has helped to sweeten the deal. A Canadian buyer, for instance, who used to lose 10 to 15 percent with the exchange rate, can now buy at a nearly even value today.

14 — Independent Dealer — August 2011




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February 2011 — — Independent Independent Dealer Dealer — — 15 15 August 2011


W Sowing Roots That Run Deep

hat do Wal-mart, Ford Motor Company and Publix Supermarkets have in common? They all make the top 20 list of America’s largest family businesses. Three different businesses started by three different families that have all stood over time to become iconic companies that we know and love and prove the idea that family businesses, when managed correctly, can be a strategic advantage over their nonfamily business competitors.

Family Business can enjoy great success and provide security for the next generation, if they are managed correctly. B Y C H R I S T Y TAY LO R

16 2011 16 — — Independent Independent Dealer Dealer — — August July 2011

According to a recent article in BusinessWeek magazine, family enterprises in the S&P 500 outperformed nonfamily managed businesses in the areas of shareholder return, return on assets, revenue growth and income. Most of the time, a family’s loyalty to each other, their business and to shared long-term goals are key factors that help them succeed. The challenge is finding a balance between family dynamics and business processes. Only about 33 percent of family businesses survive the transition to the second generation and only about 11 percent make it to the third. While some businesses choose to dissolve or sell, others fall into

these statistics because of a lack of succession planning and mismanagement. The lines of family and business get blurred and emotional issues can bog down the day-today routine of the business. Having a good plan in place, addressing issues before they develop and keeping the lines of communication open are all essential to build a healthy family business that will last. Greg McCann is the founder of McCann & Associates Consulting and consults with family businesses about plans for succession, communication, conflict resolution and development of the next generation. He is also the director of the Family Business Center at Stetson University in DeLand, FL and a tenured professor who has worked with hundreds of family businesses as well as within his own family’s ventures. McCann has helped Independent Dealer put together a top 10 list of things that family-owned and operated businesses should consider:


Get clear on the core questions. First things first, all family members who are employed by the family business need to understand why they are there and evaluate their participation. A successful business demands time, energy and dedication so it is beneficial for family employees to have the same vision and shared understanding of what they are in business for. This is an important step for each generation that enters the family business to make. Taking on a leadership role because mom and dad are expecting it, or because Uncle Jack left it to you as an inheritance are not always the right reasons. At the same time, think about how the business benefits from having the family involved. Maybe family focus creates a more humane workplace for the employees, or ensures the company is giving back to the community.


Clarify the family values and how they relate to the mission of the business. Every family has a set of values and morals that they follow. Nowhere is the reputation and name of a family more important than at a used car dealership. Customers want people they know and trust and it is important that the values of the business match-up to the values of the people who run it. This is what gives family businesses the edge over Wall Street and corporate investors. Making a business decision with the intention of passing the company down to your daughter one day is a different perspective than having the mindset of selling it in 18 months for a quick profit.


Manage the family involvement to make it a strategic advantage. In that BusinessWeek article referenced earlier, the magazine explored the advantages of having a family-owned business and found there were five key

factors that seemed to make the difference in outperforming non-family companies. They included: a. Long-term development, training and retention of leaders. b. Tight-knit family members that can move quicker than corporate bureaucracies. c. Investing in employee loyalty to increase productivity and reduce turnover. d. Reinvesting in the company with a long-term perspective e. Governance by people with an emotional and financial investment.


Professionalize family expectations about employment and ownership. Every business should have an employee handbook, clear job descriptions, a way to evaluate performance and a process for handling conflict. A family business is no exception; if anything it is more important to have these things. Put into writing the policy on hiring family members. Do all employees have the same type of performance review and pay scales? Though it may be tempting, it may not be a good idea to skip a formal interview when hiring a family member or deciding that a performance review is unnecessary. With the right rules are in place and are followed consistently, there is less room for emotions and family dynamics to take over.


Professionalize your management. Few things are as damaging to credibility as entitlement, says McCann. In this case, entitlement means the belief that someone else should make you happy, and if you are not happy, it is the other person’s fault. Without proper guidelines and procedures, feelings of entitlement can damage a family business. Avoid hiring a family member because you hope it will straighten them out or teach them responsibility. Helping that individual by assisting with further schooling or offering to be their mentor might be better for everyone. You also want to avoid giving family members the idea that there will always be a job waiting for them, or having them view your business as the “safety net.” Family members, as well as any employee, should be hired only if they have the right qualifications, attitude and interest in taking the job.


Professionalize your ownership and governance. If you are considering one day giving your business to the second-generation, what kind of leadership training have you put in place to make them successful? For smaller businesses that may not need an official board of directors, create a board of advisors instead whose role is nothing more than to offer opinions and advice. Surround yourself with people who know what you are experiencing and have had to make, or will make similar decisions. Fellow August 2011 — Independent Dealer — 17

members of FIADA would make excellent advisory board members as they can relate to your situation and understand the business. Bringing your children who are interested in taking over one day to the advisory meetings, as well as events like the FIADA Board Meetings and Annual Conventions, can offer an extra layer of development and training that will help them understand the behind-thescenes of the business and one day make sound business decisions for themselves.


Always be prepared for the next transition. Look at the big picture as it relates to your family, the management of your business and ownership of the company. Anticipate when, where and how changes may

happen. If your daughter gets married, is she expecting you to give her new husband a job? When your sons are in high school, will they be interested in starting a career path that eventually leads back to the dealership? If your brotherin-law and sister get divorced, will he stay on with the business? Though all of these things are considered normal life events, to a family business owner they require an extra layer of awareness and preparation.


Do a fire drill to be ready for sudden and unexpected events. Have a clear-cut plan for what to do if a vital part of the family, and the family business, has an accident or is no longer able to work. Ideally this plan should be developed together with input from all of the

CHECKLIST FOR A PROACTIVE FAMILY BUSINESS Use the following checklist to create a coordinated transition and continuity plan that coordiates the items below and is communicated to and involves the key stakeholders of the business. CIRCLE ONE


Plans 1. Shareholder or buy-sell agreement 2. Estate plan including adequate insurance Structures 1. An effective board of advisors or board of directors 2. Shareholders meetings that inform the board Processes 1. Can the owners answer the core questions and would the answers align with the family and management? 2. Do the owners hold management accountable?

Need Need

Have Have

Need Need

Have Have



Need Need Need

Have Have Have







Need Need

Have Have





BUSINESS Plans 1. Management succession plan 2. Management development plan for the next generation 3. Exit or transition plan for the next generation Structures 1. Management development team Processes 1. Can management answer the core questions and would the answers align with the owners and family? 2. Does management understand the family’s values and answer to the owners?

FAMILY Plans 1. Family employment policy 2. Family statement of values or constitution Structures 1. Family council Processes 1. Can the family answer the core questions and would the answers align with the owners and management? 18 — Independent Dealer — August 2011

parties involved, but at the very least all family members and employees should be aware of the plan and know what to expect. Walk through the process together and make sure everyone understands and accepts the roles they will play.


Have the difficult conversation, even if you need help to do it. Starting a family business can be fun, exciting and satisfying. In the beginning there seems to be little concern for conflict or disagreement. The day may come, however, when it is beneficial for family members to part ways. Deciding on an “exit strategy” before it is needed is not only wise but efficient. A family without an agreed-upon understanding may one day find themselves in the middle of expensive lawsuits and intense emotional conflict. In the heat of the moment, it can be hard to separate family from business. Creating boundaries that will help separate work from personal life are essential for the health of the family. McCann shares the story of a man who had the difficult task of firing his own son. When he called his son into the office, he put on a hat that said “Boss” and he explained the reasons why he was being let go. After the conversation was over,

the man switched hats to one that said “Dad” and said to his son, “your mom and I heard you lost your job, what can we do to help?” Respecting the professional roles of each family member will ensure that the right business decisions are made without sacrificing the family.


Don’t outsource your role of defining success for your family. You rely on your accountant, lawyer and estate planner to help guide you into the right decisions and though you may need their expertise to make things happen, ultimately you are the one who should be in control of your business’ future. Also, when a decision is made about the business, it should be communicated to the family members who may be affected by the outcome. According to McCann, the “perfect” estate plan is anything but if it results in animosity or resentment. He says he has found that in most of the families he has discovered that most families accept most decisions if the process is fair. “They may not love the outcome, but they learn to live within it,” McCann said.


ADDITIONAL RESOURCES: Check out these websites for further information on family business planning. Greg McCann, McCann & Associates, Stetson University Family Enterprise Center, Family Firm Institute, LLC,

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ust when you thought all was quiet on the political front, 2012 is shaping up to be a wild ride. Florida election seasons are always unpredictable, but 2012 looks to be downright crazy.

Consider that state legislative candidates already are opening up fundraising accounts unsure what their districts will look like by the summer of 2012. Or that the Legislature will kick off its 2012 session in January, two months early, and just as Republican presidential candidates are poised to descend on the Sunshine State for what the national GOP considers to be a rogue primary. Not to mention that come August 2012, Republican activists in Florida may be juggling a crowded, high-profile U.S. Senate primary and an even higher-profile Republican National Convention in Tampa. It is all a part of the process that seems to never end. Every ten years, in the year following the national census, each state legislature must reapportion itself as well as reapportioning all 435 seats in the US Congress. Florida picked up two additional seats in the Congress, at the expense of other states and now will have twenty-seven members of Congress hailing from the Sunshine State, increasing our state’s clout in that body. When the legislature does reapportionment, it meets earlier in the year so that the reapportionment plan can be reviewed well in advance of the election qualifying dates. Thus, Florida will have a winter session instead of spring and normal spring committee meetings will be rolled back to the fall. This means that the process starts in earnest in mid-September and your FIADA team on the hill will be there. Compounding the fact that reapportionment, as it does every ten years, will drive the session, is the fact that Florida faces another revenue shortfall, thus look for 20 — Independent Dealer — August 2011

even further reductions from the current year’s budget. It will indeed be a wild ride. Last year the FIADA was successful in defeating several bills that would have been harmful to our industry and we expect some of those, and perhaps more, to reappear again in the coming session. At the FIADA’s most recent board meeting, it was voted to make a repeal of automotive related fees a priority for this year’s session. We all remember that at the very end of the 2009 session, during the conference process and in order to balance the budget, some fees were increased by as much as 300%. This coming year, we will be seeking to roll back part or all of those increases. Fee rollback is a major item for the FIADA, but it is also important to the motoring public and for job creation in Florida. We will have an all out campaign and will need every dealer to be involved. In upcoming issues of Independent Dealer, we will be asking for your help and telling you how you can be a part of the process. There is no better political message than one sent to a legislator from his neighbor down the street. With your help, we can make a difference. As candidates are cranking up their campaigns for the 2012 election cycle, the FIADA PAC will be supporting candidates and the more our members donate to the FIADA Political Action Committee (PAC), the more we will be able to help legislators disposed to our point of view. Your FIADA lobby team has already begun attending fundraisers, handing out PAC checks and telling candidates about our goals for the coming session. Equally important is for our local member dealers to get involved in local campaigns. Let candidates use your dealerships for sign locations. Hold a fundraiser at your dealership. Who knows, someone attending might even purchase a car!


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Experience Old Florida at the Gaylord Palms Resort & Convention Center in Orlando, the site of FIADA’s 2011 Annual Convention and Trade Show. This year’s convention will include top-level education sessions, an energetic exhibit hall and plenty of opportunities for family fun and entertainment. Make plans now to attend the industry’s top event. Log on to for more details. FIADA’s special room rate at the Gaylord Palms Resort is $144 a night, including resort fees. Hotel amenities include: wired and wireless internet connection, fitness center, complimentary in-room beverages, daily newspaper and local shuttle service. Space is limited. Reserve your room by calling (407) 586-2000. Ask for the FIADA group rate.


Dealer Express Registration $99

For all seminars and training events. No meals.


Corporate Registration $249

Family Registration $349

FIADA Group Room Rate $144

and then $195 for each additional employee.

Includes dealer, spouse and kiddos.

Per night, including resort fee.

The FIADA Golf Tournament is back! Hosted at the Celebration Golf Club, the FIADA Golf Tournament will be fun for all skill levels. The best ball scramble format with shotgun start will include prizes for the winning team, closest to the pin, longest drive and a chance to win a hole-in-one grand prize!


Transportation is provided to the golf course from the hotel. Lunch begins at 12:00 noon. Net Proceeds benefit the FIADA PAC Fund. Contributions to the FIADA PAC are voluntary and not tax deductible.

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Treat your family to some off-campus activities while attending the FIADA Annual Convention.* Gaylord Palms is conveniently located in the heart of Central Florida and near dozens of spectacular theme parks and local attractions, including Walt Disney World® theme parks, SeaWorld®’s Discovery Cove, and Universal Orlando. A complimentary scheduled shuttle bus service is available from the hotel to the Disney theme parks. Shuttles to SeaWorld, Universal Orlando, and Wet-n-Wild are $19* per person round-trip and must be booked through the Hotel Concierge at least 6 hours prior to pick up.

OTHER AREA ATTRACTIONS: Wet ‘N Wild The world’s premier water park, features signature thrill rides and water slides for a full day of fun for the entire family. The Holy Land Experience The Holy Land Experience brings together the sights and sounds of the world of the Bible in a unique and interactive way.

Fun Spot Action Park A family-fun center featuring multilevel go-kart tracks, thrill rides, kid spot, arcade games and more. Wonderworks Wonderworks is an Interactive attraction with over 100 exhibits to experience, land the space shuttle, fly a fighter jet, and design your own roller coaster and much more!

Gatorland Gatorland is a 110-acre theme park and wildlife preserve that provides affordably priced family fun with thousands of alligators and crocodiles, one-of-a-kind reptilian shows, educational programs and more. Pointe Orlando One of a kind shopping and dining center, movie theater and more.

*Tickets to area attractions and entertainment are not included with convention registration and arrangements must be made separately.

Four $500 drawings One $1,000 drawing

One $2,000 drawing One $10,000 drawing You do not ha to win.


ve to be prese

Special Membership Drawing will be held on Saturday, Oct. 15, 2011 at the 2011 FIADA Annual Convention.

Get your ticket for a chance at $10,000. Tickets are $50 each. Only 1,000 tickets will be sold. Call FIADA at (800) 237-0448 or go online to Proceeds from ticket sales will benefit the Florida Association of Food Banks.

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h ve c e S t a h Wh Hig

Saturday, Oct.15 7:00 pm - 11:00 pm


Come dressed as you did in high school to enjoy food, music, dancing and fun for the whole family at the FIADA High School Reunion Dance Party. This event is part of the 2011 Annual Convention and Trade Show at the Gaylord Palms Resort in Orlando, FL.

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Company:__________________________________________________________________________________________ Mailing Address: ____________________________________________________________________________________ City/State/Zip: ______________________________________________________________________________________ Phone: __________________________________________ Fax: ____________________________________________ E-mail: __________________________________________


Website: ________________________________________

(Please Note: fees in each category will increase by $100 after September 12, 2011.)

1. DEALER EXPRESS REGISTRATION Badge Name: ___________________________________________________ Badge Name: ____________________________________________________

[ ] $99 [ ] $99

For all scheduled seminars and training events, but does not include meals.

2. CORPORATE REGISTRATION Badge Name: ___________________________________________________ Additional Attendee: ______________________________________________ Additional Attendee: ______________________________________________

[ ] $249 [ ] $195 [ ] $195

All corporate registration attendees are allowed access to all events and meal functions.

3. FAMILY REGISTRATION Badge Name: ___________________________________________________ Spouse Name: ___________________________________________________ Child Name: _____________________________________________________ Child Name: _____________________________________________________

[ [ [ [

] $349 ] Included ] Included ] Included

Family Package attendees are allowed access to all events and meal functions. CE Credits and Certificates of Completion available for active FIADA members, corporate attendees and family attendees upon request.

4. GOLF TOURNAMENT Individual Player: ________________________________________________ Foursome: ______________________________________________________

[ ] $75 [ ] $275

Individual players will be paired up with other players. Please list names of foursome players in space provided. Net Proceeds benefit the FIADA PAC Fund. Contributions to the FIADA PAC are voluntary and not tax deductible.



[ ] I have enclosed a check made payable to FIADA Credit Card Type:

[ ] Visa

[ ] Master Card


[ ] I will be using a credit card [ ] American Express

[ ] Discover

Name (as it appears on card): ____________________________________ Company:______________________________________ Credit Card Billing Address: _____________________________________________________________________________________ Credit Card Number: ________________________________________________

Exp Date: ________________________________

Authorized Signature: X __________________________________________________ CC Security Code: ____________________ CANCELLATION POLICY: Refunds may be honored with a 72-hour notice. Please submit cancellations in writing.


Please contact Gaylord Palms Resort directly at (407) 586-2000 and mention you are part of the FIADA Annual Convention to receive the group rate. Reservations must be made by Sept. 12, 2011 to receive the FIADA group discount of $144.00 per night, plus tax. This reduced group rate will not be guaranteed after this date. Reservations will be accepted upon a space available basis.


Mail/Fax registration to: FIADA • 1840 Fiddler Court • Tallahassee, FL 32308 • FAX (850) 385-3251

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The FIADA Board of Directors recognizes that in this recovering economy, renewing your continuing education credits is just one more expense you are required to spend. To make it easier, for a limited time FIADA Members can now get their continuing education credits online for free.


Online CE is now FREE to members


Perfect For Groups:

(for a limited time)

Now is the perfect time to let your whole office brush up on their skills. As a member, you can allow an unlimited amount of students to participate in the online CE course.

Go Online to, or call FIADA at (888) 587-0004.

We want to be your Sub-Prime Retail Lender!

Floorplan Company!


Easy Self Approval Strong Retail Advances Quick and Reliable Funding All Retail Advances are Non-Recourse

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100% Auction Advance 120 Day Extendable Term Lien Payoff Programs Checkbook Program for Non-Auction Purchases On-line Auction Purchases


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Changes to the NIADA Certified Program Starting Sept. 1, 2011 the following changes will be made to the NIADA Certified Program: • Vehicles with 80,000 –100,000 miles will now be $425 rather than $405 • All eligible European and some domestic vehicles will have a mandatory $400 surcharge • Jaguars and Land Rovers will no longer be eligible for the NIADA Certified Program Updates have also been made to the Dealer Agreement that will underscore the need for a thorough pre-sale, vehicle inspection and the recourse against dealers who miss standard inspection items that attribute to higher claims in the first 30 to 60 days. Additionally, changes were made to address the misuse of AutoCheck Vehicle History reports and maintaining NIADA membership requirements. The inspection checklist has been updated to include the following: “SOLE responsibility of the Selling Dealer for the term of the NIADA Certified Limited Warranty.” For full program details, or to sign up for the NIADA Certified Program, go to

Update to Civil Rights Restorations Senate Bill 146 regarding the requirements of civil rights restoration for felony convictions was passed, providing that an application for a dealer’s license cannot be denied based solely on the applicant’s lack of civil rights. Starting Jan. 1, 2012, the DMV will no longer require a copy of the civil rights restoration from applicants. However, they will continue to ask for the charging and disposition documents from an applicant if they have been arrested and/or convicted of felony.

Powersports, Boat and RV Interest Increases

iPad as a Sales Tool

According to NADAguides Traffic Trends Report, interest in boats and personal watercraft on their site saw a surge of consumer traffic in the second quarter, increasing 54 percent from the first. Site traffic for RVs rose 29 percent since the beginning of the year and site traffic to motorcycles, ATVs and utility vehicles increased 23 percent. The NADAguides Traffic Trends Report is an annual analytical review of millions of consumer behaviors and interest indicators on, an online vehicle information pricing and information resource. NADAguides’ Traffic Trends Report is an ongoing study, tracking and trending consumer research patterns and purchase intentions within the automotive, classic car, motorcycle, boat and recreation vehicle industries.

About 50 Mazda dealers around the country have been testing out an Apple iPad as a sale tool to help answer customer questions, show them more about a model or use video to show different features and packages. Check out these other examples of how technology is changing the auto industry: • The Hyundai Equus currently uses an iPad in place of the owners manual. • BMW offers a mount so an

What’s App-ening The VIN Viper Mobile Application Suite, a mobile appraising tool designed to enable dealers to scan a vehicle identification number and instantly appraise vehicles, is now available on the Android platform, as well as iPhone and Windows. The VIN Viper also allows dealers to integrate their existing Carfax, Manheim MMR and Facebook accounts for free and optionally add premium data values from other sources such as Black Book, NADA Used Car Guide and Kelley Blue Book. A desktop version of VIN Viper is also available that can automatically sync with the mobile app and be viewed simultaneously. Once a VIN has been scanned, authorized users can log in to the secure site and access vehicle data, appraisal reports and photos. Find out more at 30 — Independent Dealer — August 2011

iPad can be used as a rear-seat movie or game player in its X3 crossover. • Haynes Publishing, which makes car repair manuals for do-it-yourselfers, will offer them for tablets this fall, adding video demonstrations to the typical print illustrations. Does your company have news? Email it to us at


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