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Off the Shelf DIT Library Services, Aungier St. Volume 7, Issue 1

September 2011

Comment The new semester is beginning again and the summer seems to have flown. Welcome to all of our new first year students. We have met some of you already and hope to meet the remainder during induction week. Returning veterans will notice that quite a few changes have happened in the Library over the summer. Further details are contained herein! Please read on. This year, in association with DITSU, we hope to make the library a much quieter place in which to work and study. The upper floor is now designated a quiet study area. Persistent noise makers who are disturbing their colleagues will be asked to leave the library. Mobile phones must be set to silent and, again, you will be asked to leave if you insist on using your phone for anything other than silent texting. Areas of the library are, of necessity, noisy. People need to talk at the main Service Point for example. Photocopying and printing can be noisy activities. They do not need to be accompanied, however, by people talking in groups at a level that carries all over the library. We need everyone’s help to turn the library into a space where users can work in peace and quiet to the benefit of all.

Anne Ambrose College Librarian

Library Contacts Service Point 402 3068 Inter Library Loans 402 7169

Major Changes to Library Collections  It has been apparent for some time that much of the overnight/weekend short loan collection was being significantly underused. Anecdotal feedback from students indicated that the loan period was too short and many used this collection only as a last resort. Equally, the 7 day loan collection, which was restricted to part-time students, was not being used as effectively as we had hoped when it was first set up in 2002. For this reason, we have now taken the radical step of discontinuing the overnight/weekend loan facility completely. The collection is no more! Instead, we now have a new, much expanded 7 day loan collection which will be available to all students – full-time and part-time. The new collection is comprised of multiple copies of heavily used texts which have now been amalgamated with the main lending collection. Each book has a very noticeable purple 7 day sticker on the spine so they will be easy to distinguish. A reference only copy of the top 100 most heavily used text books is also available. Be warned, however, that fines for 7 day loan items are hefty at €1.50 per day overdue. This can soon mount up to a sizable fine and users with accumulated fines over €3 are not allowed to borrow until they have cleared their account.

Mind, Body & Spirit Matters  The Library recently received a donation of €500 from the DIT Foundation to set up a Mind, Body Spirit collection. This is essentially a collection of books on general health and wellbeing which, it is hoped, will be of benefit to many of our users. A further donation of €1,250 has now been obtained from another sponsor. Library staff are busy ordering from a book list compiled by Health Centre staff, counsellors, careers (and sports!) advisors, chaplains etc. The majority of the collection will be in place by the end of September and, though small initially, will be expanded gradually over the coming years.


Self Service a Big Success!!  DIT Library Services

Window Works! 

The two self service machines, introduced in October 2010,  have proved a big hit with staff and students alike.  A consis‐ tent 65‐70% of all borrowing and returning is now carried out  by self service. Users agree that the machines are very easy to  use and totally self explanatory.  Staff will be on standby  again this year to train in new users once term has begun.  

New Computers for the Library  The  library  is  delighted  to  announce  the  arrival  of  33  new  computers  over  the  summer  which will replace older machines in the main computer area on the lower floor.  All ma‐ chines provide internet access, E‐mail, Microsoft Office, SPSS and Read and Write Gold.   Gaelspell  has  been  rolled  out  to  15  machines.    [Ask  at  the  Service  Point  for  further  de‐ tails.]   Access to open floor computers is on a first come first served basis. 

Library users  will  be  famil‐ iar  with  the  huge,  slanted  windows  on  one  side  of  both  library  floors.    Our  buildings  manager  believes  that it was a little bird that  cracked  one  of  these  win‐ dows  so  badly  that  the  outer  pane  of  glass  had  to  be  replaced!    What  a  pro‐ duction  that  was!    Two  large  cranes  and  a  number  of  able  bodied  gentlemen  had  to  be  employed  over  the  summer  to  replace  the  gigantic pane of glass.   See  the  photos  if  you  don’t  be‐ lieve us! 

Ricoh Room gets a   face‐lift.  The  Library  print/copy  service  is  provided  by  Ricoh  Ltd  and,  over  the  summer,  they  have been busy refurbishing the Print/Copy  Room and branding it in their own image!!   Two  extra  machines  have  been  added  in‐ cluding a new colour printer.  Training for first year groups in the use of  the various multi‐functional devices will  take place in early September.  Watch out  for notice of times.   

Library Information Skills Training  In the academic year 2010‐11, librarians at Aungier Street taught 3,262 students in 192  classes ranging from basic orientation to research skills workshops, electronic resources,  referencing/citing, EndNote Web and more.  If you would like to book a class for your students this year, please contact our subject  librarians ‐  Israel Chidavaenzi, Vivian Ní Chuiv or Sarah Anne Kennedy ‐ at 3068. We  have a whole menu of class options for you to select from.  Students who would like some one‐to‐one training or advice should come to the main  Service Point and ask for the Librarian on Call who will be delighted to assist. 

Looking for Theses/Dissertations? 

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All post‐graduate dissertations and theses received by the library are now available for  reference use only on the upper floor of the library.   Items are shelved alphabetically    according to course title and each course has a distinguishing colour code on the spine.  Undergraduate dissertations are also on the upper floor but have been moved closer to  the computer area.   These are also course coded for easy access.  All DIT research theses ‐ PhD and M.Phil – are available in full text on Arrow, the DIT  Institutional Repository at  Search under Theses or by author/title. 


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