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Type of Mobile Application Development This article will talk about the types of Mobile applications and their development process. How these applications are different from each other? What are the benefits of Native or Cross Platform mobile applications? These questions will be answered in this article. The recent changes in technology have brought significant growth in mobile industry. Smart phones have changed the way of living. Everything is available on your phone through mobile applications. These applications are developed via IT companies and can be easily installed on any smart phone. This growth has come up with the development of different types of Mobile Applications. These mobile applications have different development process and motives. The application development process includes different phases which are; conceptualization, designing, development, integration, testing, and maintenance. These phases are followed similarly in all types of mobile app development. Let’s throw some light over the different types of Mobile Application Development. Native Mobile Apps Development: Native Mobile Apps are the ones that run over a certain type of platform or device. These platforms or operating systems are iOS, Android, Windows, and Blackberry. Native app mobile application development process includes a specific language according to the platform. Native apps can work offline and can be different for different devices or operating systems. These applications are high on functionality, security, usability & quality. Native apps can be migrated or ported in any other platform too, with the help of porting & migrating services. Cross Platform Mobile App Development: The mobile applications which can run over multiple platforms are called Cross Platform Mobiles Apps. The development process of Cross Platform Mobile apps saves both time & cost as same app can be developed for multiple platforms and you don’t need to develop it differently for different platforms. Cross Platform mobile app is developed as one application but it works over other platforms as well which is the best feature of this mobile app. These applications are developed in different frameworks which can run over different platforms. PhoneGap & Titanium are such frameworks which are used to develop Cross Platform Mobile Applications. Cross Platform mobile applications can be web applications too, which runs through the browser and can run over any device or platform.

So, these are the types of Mobile App Development services offered by various IT service providers. Mobile Apps Development companies offer end-to-end solutions in developing both types of mobile app development services. The business way has changed now, all the enterprises whether they are Startups, SME’s or Large are concentrating more on mobile than web for the promotion of their business. Mobile apps offer many features and functionalities which are not available on web. For more information please visit,

Type of Mobile Application Development