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First day of the Congress The 68th FIABCI World Congress Andorra la Vella has started this Friday. We have had the opportunity to attend different congresses during the mornings and during the afternoons we enjoyed the presence of four speakers who presented their smart city models. Finally, in the evening, the Prix Excellence Awards too place in Andorra Park hotel.Â


The Ladies Business lunch is a multidisciplinary event with the purpose of sharing personal experiences and by enriching themselves at all levels. The event has taken place in an incomparable landscape, at the Andorra Park Hotel, right in the heart of the city. All attendees had the opportunity to make a presentation about their delegation or the country they represent. The group is made up of 40 professional women of the FIABCI sector, the congressmen’s attendants and anyone who might be interested in expanding their contact network. To conclude, it is a social event to enjoy the company of other women and to expand their personal network.

PRIX D'EXCELLENCE Andorra Park Hotel The FIABCI Prix d'Excellence recognises the project that best embodies excellence in all the real estate disciplines involved in its creation. The Prix d'Excellence is much more than just a beauty contest. It represents projects that are a cut above the rest!

PRIX D'EXCELLENCE Andorra Park Hotel

FIABCI World Prix d'Excellence AWARDS 2017: World Gold Winner for Environment (Rehabilitation/conservation) categorie is ChooArt, Miaoli Country, Taiwan.  World Gold Winner for Environment (Restoration/conservation) categorie are Vaci 1, Budapest and Kiralyegyhaza Cement Plant, Hungary.  World Gold Winner for Master Plan Category is Bandar Rimbayu, Selangor, Malaysia.  World Gold Winner for Public Infraestructures and Amenities Category is the 10 estations of the Budapest Metro Line M4, Hungary.  World Gold Winner for Purpose Built Category Is Indonesia Convention Exhibition, Tangerang, Indonesia.

World Gold Winner for residencial (Mid Rise) Category is Sunny Happiness Gendii Tsichung, Taiwan. World Gold Winner for residencial (Low Rise) Category is The Sorrento, Singapore. World Gold Winner for Retail Category is Summarecon Mal Bekasi, Indonesia.  World Gold Winner for Sustainable Development Category is H2O Residences, Singapore. 



PATRICK LIEW, SINGAPORE Mr Liew stated that Singapore wants to be the first country in the world who introduces vehicles without drivers. "We already have prototypes, like a bus that transports students, and we have the project to introduce the first truck without a driver." As Mr Liew said, this idea is very productive from the mobility point of view. He also highlighted the fact that Singapore is the only country that could survive global warming in case water run out as "we have solution for any possible change." The goal is “to reshape business models joining together talents from all around the world to make possible changes”. FAROOK MAHMOD, BANGALORE Farook's proposal is to have households for everyone in India. How do they want to do it? Through two public program projects: ''Housing for all” and “Smart cities”. In the short run of things, the idea is to build 100 villages with the 'housing for all' system. This project focuses on making affordable homes, with tax benefits for buyers, and freeing up costs. Therefore, the aim is to build opportunities and challenges together with the aim of attracting more developers and making those existent gain more.


MAHMOUD AL BURAI, DUBAI Dubai’s objective is to make everyone happy through the use and existence of high technology without allowing it to be the only promoting factor. For Mr Mahmoud Al Burai, happiness is found through smart cities where mobility, economy, services and data is defined as intelligent. With this objective, “making everyone happy”, Dubai will apply ultra modern programmes technically advanced for its time. A clear exemple is the “flying taxi”. To conclude, a peaceful and happy life is defined as a “smart” life. YANN BAUCIS, ANDORRA Yann Baucis’ conference was focused on technological tools that are appearing in the Principality. These technological tools have the objective of converting the country into a “smart city”. Andorra is working to acquire an innovative and technological setting in the country. Baucis reminded us of a few existing projects such as City Scope Andorra, Turist tracking (to discover what tourists are doing), Dinamic urban training, Mobility system or Sensoring, amongst others.



The distinguished architect Jean Nouvel gave an overview of the most important productions of his own architecture studio and has provided details about the dead line of his latest building in Andorra: "La Querola d'Ordino". It is based on 55 households in a unique setting, near the mountains. It is expected that the luxurious complex will be finished and inhabited in two years. His speech was focused on the importance of the location of the buildings, one of the key points of the conference. For this expert, "an essential element is to know where the building will be located, its characteristics and from here, being able to make building decisions connecting it to culture”. Nouvel also spoke about his job. He stated: “Architecture is done for the pleasure of living. Being intelligent gives satisfaction”.

MASSIMILIANO CLAPS Massimiliano Claps has delivered an entertaining conference titled: “Reshaping the Way We Live in the 21st Century”. Loaded with a great number of examples he spoke about different cases. One of them being the London situation where they have successfully implemented programs to eliminate road congestion. Moreover, he spoke about the Kenya situation where the law enforcement have been able to reduce crimes through “smart” methods. Finally, he concluded his speech by speaking about Dubai and how “flying” taxi services with drones will soon be implemented.

INTERVIEW AAMER AZEMI Aamer Azeemi is the CEO of Petrus Digital, a consulting company focused on Digital Transformation leveraging Internet of Things. In his speech, he emphasised the way cities are being designed by objectives and how they are specifically created thinking in people’s needs. This means that cities are built as social gatherings, with all the features that are determined (mobility amongst others). Azemii has concluded his lecture remembering that urban areas are a great opportunity for growth and prosperous ways of living.

SOCIAL EVENTS SHOPPING IN ANDORRA You will find products from the most prestigious international brands, imported from all four corners of the world, in the country's shopping centres, shopping precincts and shops - which there are more than a thousand of in the span of only a few kilometres. The most cutting-edge technology and electronics; the latest fashion and most daring trends; the most exclusive perfumes and cosmetics or the most refined gastronomic specialities are all within your reach. 


The ultimate relaxing experience. An area of 12,400 m² aimed at excellence, with a capacity for up to 200 people. Inúu, which is located in the same building as Caldea, presents a completely different and innovative offer. Whereas Caldea continues to offer spa leisure (families and friends enjoying the benefits of spa waters with no therapeutic purpose), Inúu focuses on the individual needs of each person. By means of established programs or through an initial interview with an adviser, clients enjoy a personalised stay according to their expectations and desires.



Aware of the advantages that Andorra provides to foreign investors in the current economic context, the Government of Andorra has promoted the ACTUA program: a public and private agency, including several ministries, government agencies, associations and / or organizations in the private sector. Its mission is to lead the economic opening to foreign companies and facilitate investment and Andorra’s economic diversification. It is based on three key pillars: • Economic diversification through the development of clusters oriented towards the fields of innovation, Health and wellness, education and sport. • Attracting direct foreign investors and supporting national companies throughout their internationalization process. • Supporting entrepreneurs: promoting collaboration between the public and private sectors and giving support to the development of new business initiatives.

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