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Year 7 Contour Island Assessment Design and Build a Model of an Island

Requirements The island must have:  A maximum size of 0.5m x 0.5m  A minimum size of 29.7cm x 21cm (A4)  A key  A title  A scale line  A compass point

 A hill  A sketch map that matches the island  The island can be of any theme, e.g. teddy bear island, rock & roll island, etc.




Scale Line

A Compass Point

A Hill

A Sketch Map of the Island

A Sketch Map of the Island

Tips on How to Build the Island

Balloons & Papier Mache  The example above was made by sticking balloons to the base and then covering with Papier Mache (small pieces of paper stuck together with PVA glue or wall paper paste)

Balls of Paper & Papier Mache  Do as above, but use tightly squashed balls of paper instead of balloons.

Chicken Wire & Papier Mache  Shape the chicken wire  Fix the chicken wire to the base with staples, tape, etc.  Cover with layers of Papier Mache

 Beware of the sharp ends of the wire!

Chicken Wire & Papier Mache

Pieces of Cardboard  Cut out pieces of cardboard, preferably corrugated, and glue them together to make a 3D landscape.  This could then be covered in Papier Mache to “even out the steps�

Pieces of Cardboard

Plaster  Plaster can be used, as in the following model of a volcano  However, it is quite messy and produces a very heavy product!


Other Examples

Questions  If you have any questions or are unsure about anything to do with the Assessment, just ask your Geography Teacher.  Good Luck and Enjoy!!

Contour Island Assessment  

Contour Island Assessment

Contour Island Assessment  

Contour Island Assessment