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Flint High School Accessibility Policy

Flint High School Accessibility Policy Principles: 1. Flint High School is committed to providing a fully accessible environment which values and includes all pupils, staff, parents and visitors regardless of their education, physical, sensory, social, spiritual, emotional and cultural needs. We are committed to challenging negative attitudes about disability and accessibility and to developing a culture of awareness, tolerance and inclusion. Evidence of putting this commitment into practice is the significant number of lessons Ysgol Maes Hyfryd students attend at Flint High School. 2. The School makes recognition of projects and initiatives that have already improved accessibility for all pupils, staff and visitors to the school and plans, over time, to increase accessibility by conducting Accessibility Audits twice a year. 3. The Accessibility Audit will follow any advice and guidelines provided by the LEA and may be conducted in conjunction with a student from Ysgol Maes Hyfryd and a Learning Support Assistant in order to obtain a practical perspective for improvements. 4. In between audits, students and staff will be encouraged to consider access for disabled people and report their comments on possible improvements. 5. Action items raised during and between each audit will be added to a document which lists the improvements recommended to facilitate better access to the school. 6. The document will be known as “School Accessibility Improvement Plan� and will be a dynamic document to be referred to by the Headteacher, Senior Leadership Team and Governors. 7. The document will be shared with the LEA and the School will actively pursue resolution of items highlighted as being the responsibility of the LEA. 8. The document will be made available to parents upon request: parents and visitors can make recommendations to the Headteacher which may be added to the School Accessibility Improvement Plan.


Accessibility Policy