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Themed Housing Overview 2017-2018

*2017-2018 Proposed Room Rates (waiting on approval from KBOR) Per Bed Rate $4,198 ($2,099 per semester) -Ellis County and Athletic Scholarship recipients may apply these scholarships to Themed Housing. *2017-2018 Proposed Meal Plan Rates (waiting on approval from KBOR) All Freshman and Sophomores living on campus are required to have a meal plan Open Access includes $900 in Dining Dollars per year ($450/semester) $4,057 ($2,028.50 per semester) 10 Meal Plan includes $1,000 in Dining Dollars per year ($500/semester) $3,877 ($1,938.50 per semester) 7 Meal Plan includes $1,200 in Dining Dollars per year ($600/semester) $3,819 ($1,909.50 per semester) *Room and board fees are billed to each student’s individual account. •

Contracts - All students intending to live in Themed Housing will complete a residential life contract, which can be accessed via their TigerTracks account. First year students are required to live on campus (Themed Housing qualifies as on campus housing). The Director of Residential Life will attend chapter meetings in January to explain the contract process. Rosters and Room Assignments - To avoid any confusion, we will need one person from each group to be appointed as the Assignments Coordinator for their organization. The Assignments Coordinator will provide Residential Life an initial list of names for those planning to live in Themed Housing by July 1, and will be responsible for assigning members to rooms and sharing room assignments with Residential Life by August 1. Should any roster or room changes occur, the Residential Life office should be notified as soon as possible. Contract Cancellation - Residents living in Themed Housing will be held to the same contract obligations as those living in the residence halls or apartments. The only exception to cancellations fees are officers who are transitioning out of their role at semester. Each organization in conjunction with their Assignments Coordinator will make the decision as to whether a contract will be terminated. All students wishing to terminate their contract must complete the Contract Cancellation Request Form and return it to the Residential Life Office in McMindes Hall. Termination requests will then be forwarded to each organization’s Assignments Coordinator for final approval.

Vacancies - The rate for vacancies is per bed/per day, which will be pro-rated from the date the vacancy occurs until the vacancy no longer exists. Important Dates 2017-2018 • Wednesday, March 15 Initial payment for upgrades due • Thursday, August 17 Move-in • Friday, November 17 Fall Break Begins • Sunday, November 26 Fall Break Ends • Friday, December 15 Halls close for Winter Break • Sunday, January 14 Halls open for Spring Semester • Friday, March 16 Spring Break begins • Sunday, March 25 Spring Break ends • Friday, May 11 Halls close for Summer Students required to be on campus for official university business may move in prior to August 17th. Recruitment will count as official university business and each organization should provide a copy of their recruitment schedule to Christina Hurtado at no later than August 1. Individuals participating in recruitment planning will not be billed for early move in. Students requesting to move-in prior to August 17, 2017 for personal reasons will be billed at the daily summer conference rate. All students requesting early move in must contact the Residential Life Office at 785-628-4245.

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Break Housing - Residents will be notified via email as to when break stay sign-ups will occur. Those wishing to remain in their space during break Fall or Spring Break are able to do so but will be asked to sign up online. Students wishing to stay over Winter Break must either be working on campus or a job in the Hays community. Students requesting to stay over Winter Break will need to provide appropriate documentation from their supervisor regarding their work schedule. Policies - In addition to adhering to all Residential Life policies, Themed Housing will be substance free. Animals - No pets of any kind are allowed for reasons of health and safety, with the exception of fish in aquariums of up to 10 gallons in volume. Students seeking approval for an Emotional Support Animal must work with Disability Coordinator, Kathryn Eck, to get an initial approval. Once approved through the Kelly Center, Residential Life will work with the student to ensure that ESA meets all requirements to live on campus. Approval from the Kelly Center is only the first step. Students may not bring ESA to campus until the animal has been fully vetted by the Residential Life Department. This process can take up to six weeks. Students with a service animal will follow a similar process for getting their animal approved. Furniture - Resident room furniture will be chosen by Residential Life and furnished by Southwest Contract. Each resident will receive a bed, dresser, desk, and desk chair. Furniture for the lobbies will be selected in partnership with the FHSU Interior Designer. Each organization will work closely with members of their national office, local office, the FHSU Interior Designer, and Christina Hurtado to ensure that all design and fire/safety codes are met. Delta Zeta and Tri Sigma will schedule a time in the spring to visit a local furniture store in order to view a selection furniture pieces and select fabrics.

Resident Assistants – Students wishing to apply for the Resident Assistant (RA) position may apply through the RA Hiring process and complete their application no later than February 10, 2017. To Apply: Login in to Tiger Track --> Go to Online Services--> View the Residential Life Section --> Apply! In addition, each organization must send a list of members interested in applying for the RA position to Christina Hurtado at, by February 1, 2017. Because the responsibilities of the RAs in Themed Housing will differ from RAs in a traditional setting, the compensation for RAs in Themed Housing will be an Open Access Meal Plan. We are still in the process of navigating what the role of the Themed Housing RA and will have a full description in late January. Graduate Assistant – Residential Life will hire and assign one Graduate Assistant to live in Themed Housing. This person will serve in several capacities, including supervising the RAs, working closely with the residents of Themed Housing to assure their needs are met, and collaborating with staff in Greek Life to ensure a cohesive and wellrounded experience for residents.

Contact Information: Christina Hurtado, Director of Residential Life 785.628.4245 Contact for general questions about Themed Housing David Bollig, Assistant Director of Residential Life 785.628.4245 Contact for contract and billing questions Kathryn Erk, Coordinator of Student Accessibility Services Contact for Emotional Support Animal questions


Keegan Nichols, Associate Vice President for Student Affairs


Themed Housing Overview 12-19-2016  
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