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Department of Physics The Department of Physics at Fort Hays State University is a rigorous undergraduate program that prepares its graduates for graduate and medical school, and for careers in engineering, industry, research, and education. In addition to the required set of core courses, the Department of Physics at Fort Hays State University has a tradition of a strong undergraduate research program. All graduates carry out a significant and meaningful research project. The program also stresses written and oral communication skills that are essential to the future success of any university graduate.

The history of Fort Hays State University is one of substantial growth, extraordinary individuals and ambitious goals. The future of what is yet to come looks even more exciting.

In December of 2013, your Fort Hays State University Foundation announced the Power of One scholarship campaign, with a goal of raising $8 million by December 31, 2014. Be the Power of One and donate today by visiting and typing “The Power of One” as your area of designation.

“Money raised with the Power of One scholarship campaign will flow to our students, who are constantly trying to juggle the demands of education and how they pay for it. Every dollar contributed will make a difference—every single dollar! Leading Fort Hays State has been the most challenging and rewarding work of my 47-year career, and I hope you’ll join me in stepping up to the plate to support our Power of One scholarship campaign.” —Dr. Edward H. Hammond FHSU President, 1987 - 2014

Department of Physics Funding Needs Theoretical Research High Performance Computer $16,000 A high performance dual multi-core shared memory computer will enhance the capabilities of the department’s existing computer cluster. Dr. Gavin Buffington and his students process data for the Air Force Research Laboratory in San Antonio, Texas, that facilitates research on the effects of laser beams on biological tissue. Experience with “super computers” gives graduates a competitive edge in industry and/or graduate school.

Fort Hays State University Foundation The Fort Hays State University Foundation is an independent, non-profit corporation designated by the state of Kansas to receive gifts on behalf of the university. Please contact our office if you would like more information about the Department of Physics and their current funding needs. As a donor, you play a role in ensuring the strong future of FHSU. There are many ways in which you can make a gift to the university, all of which can express your particular interests and have distinct tax advantages. Your interest in this program and consideration for funding are greatly appreciated.

Education Outreach Physics Road Show $4,000 Physics students prepare and make presentations to community groups and area middle and high schools, which gives students confidence in presenting information and demonstrating science principles to a large audience. The Road Show also serves as a recruiting effort to increase enrollment in the physics department. Funds will support travel expenses and a student director. National Instruments Lab View Licensing & Upgrade $8,000 Lab View is a software/hardware system that enables design, control, and data analysis of laboratory experiments from a computer. Maintaining annual licensing and software upgrades is central to the Physics degree curriculum and to support ongoing faculty and student research projects. Innovations in Teaching Open Education Resources (OER) $5,000 OER is education resource material that is free online. Funding is sought to support the identification, qualification and development of entry level Physics course material that is readily available online, eliminating the need for a purchased textbook, and giving more flexibility to course development. Experimental Research Closed Loop Water Cooling System $25,000 The Center for Low Energy Electron Scattering provides research space for two of FHSU’s Physics professors, as well as research opportunities to undergraduate students. The vacuum chambers used in the center utilize diffusion vacuum pumps, which are water cooled. The source of cold water is subject to pressure and temperature variations. A recirculating chiller system will allow continuous and reliable operation without wasting water resources. This infrastructure upgrade will enable us to continue this research for decades, while minimizing the impact on local water resources.

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FHSU Department of Physics Funding Needs  

This document gives an overview of FHSU Department of Physics and its current funding needs.

FHSU Department of Physics Funding Needs  

This document gives an overview of FHSU Department of Physics and its current funding needs.