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By: Brooke Carden, School New Editor People all around the world are wearing the popular TOMS shoes. The online store has all kind of styles. A guy by the name of Blake Mycoskie, an American traveler, visited Argentina and found that none of the kids had any shoes on their feet. He created TOMS shoes to help the kids there who didn’t have any shoes. This company would match every pair of shoes purchased with a pair of new shoes given to a child in need. Blake returned to Argentina with a group of people later on that year with 10,000 pairs of shoes made possible by TOMS customers. Do you think most people buy the shoes knowing that purchasing them, a kid in need would get a new pair of shoes? Some people just think they are very stylish and just want a pair because everyone else does. Scarlett Carter, a freshman at Flomaton High School, owns a pair. “I bought them because they are very pretty and sparkly. Also because someone who doesn’t have shoes at all gets the same pair for free.” Carter said. own a pair. But he really wants a pair for Christmas.

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Pumping up the kicks

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january 2012

Micah Brown, also a sophomore at Flomaton, owns a pair too. “I bought TOMS because they are very comfortable. Knowing that someone in serious need of shoes will get a pair if you purchase a pair is an amazing feeling.” Brown stated. The TOMS movement was started up by young people. With campus club and internship, benevolent young people are getting very involved with TOMS. Many TOMS supporters stay connected with TOMS community on facebook and twitter. College students were responsible for getting the first One Day Without Shoes started in 2008. One Day Without Shoes is a day in April when TOMS asks people to go without shoes to raise awareness of children growing up barefoot. It also shows the impact a pair of shoes can have on a child’s life. In 2007, TOMS was honored with the People’s Design Award. Two years later, Blake and TOMS received the 2009 ACE award by Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton. Toms are definitely “pumping up the kicks”, all over the world!

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Photo by: Nolan McAnally

Lady Canes defeat J.U. Blacksher 65-34 in regional matchup By: Whitney Arrington, Sports Editor The Lady Canes destroyed the Lady bulldogs of J.U. Blacksher 58-16 last Friday night. In the first quarter the Lady Canes were already up by 16 points with about two minutes left to play. Going into the second quarter the Lady Canes were up 24-2 and they kept their foot to the pedal. At half time the Ladies were able to go into the locker room confidently because of their comfortable 37-4 lead over J.U. Blacksher. When the ladies came back out they did not let their foot off of the accelerator. They continued to play aggressively on both sides of the ball even though they were up by 33 points. They still played as if they were tied 0-0. By the end of the third quarter the Lady Canes were still in the lead Over J.U. Blacksher 50-12. In the fourth quarter the Lady Canes had already given the Lady Bulldogs all that they wanted. With a final score of 58-16 the Lady Canes were able to hold their heads up high for the rest of the night knowing that they had taken care of business. Soon after the Lady Canes had demolished the Lady Bulldogs, the boy’s basketball team followed in suit.

The boy’s basketball team defeated J.U. Blackshear 65-34 last Friday night. The boys pulled away early in the game leaving the Blackshear boys’ dumbfounded. “It was a good game for us to get better,” senior basketball player Phillip Lloyd said when asked about how he felt about the big win. A three point shot at the end of the first quarter put the Hurricanes up by 18 points (22-4). It seemed as if the hurricanes were going to have an easy Friday night win. With approximately four minutes left to play in the first half the Bulldogs began to finally put a few points on the board coming a little bit closer (26-9). Although the Bulldogs were trying to fight back the Hurricanes just fought even harder. Going into the half the Hurricanes were up with a comfortable lead of 31-12. When the Canes returned back to the court they continued to dominate J.U. Blacksher. By the end of the third quarter the Canes were ahead 51-17. In the fourth quarter J.U. Blacksher tried to rally back, but the Hurricanes did not allow that to happen. The Hurricanes ended the night with an easy win over the Bulldogs’ 65-34.

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community news

T.R. Miller Band attends BCS National Championship game

Retired Air Force Colonel Robert Dean visit Flomaton Railroad museum

By: Jake Cannon, Online Editor

By: Waylon Jones, Editor in Chief

Fire back up the marching band, The T.R. Miller Tiger Band has been selected to attend the National BCS Championship Game in New Orleans, LA on January 9th, 2012. They will be performing halftime with a select number of other high school bands along with some pep rally like events. To qualify for this event, you have to send in an application and recording of your marching band. Then after that step, they look at the merit and reputation of your program. Band director Lance Gainous says, “The students are definitely excited for this event and have worked hard to get to it.” The band leaves on Friday, January 6th and returns on Tuesday, January 10th. The band will have a tentative schedule in New Orleans. Junior trumpet player John West says he is excited to see New Orleans. Drum major Patrick Weaver will be attending University of Alabama in the fall and says, “I am ready to cheer on my Crimson and White!” This is also a sad time because this is one of the last events that seniors in band will attend. Senior Band Commander Katie Baggett says, “I will miss

playing in high school band, it is one of the best things I have done in high school.” Patrick Weaver says, “I will miss the social aspect of being in band. It really helped ease me through high school.” The community has been driving the Tiger Band along all year. They could not have attended this event without the tremendous help the community puts in. Brewton Middle School Director Luke Manning said, “I feel we are well received in the community. It’s a small school with high hopes and high expectations.” Mr. Gainous said, “The tradition here is great and I think that is in thanks to the community too.” This is a very busy time for bands; most people do not realize this. Tryouts for All State Band are right around the corner and there’s a list of honor band coming up next month. The Tiger Band has been stressed to practice the music. Most of the work on the music has come from the time each individual student has put into practicing the music. The band has been juggling this event along with Music Performance Assessment, which takes place in early March. Bands do not generally have a lot of time to practice for MPA, but Mr. Gainous has been trying to prepare for both events equally and has done so quite well. Good luck to the Tiger Band!

T.R. Miller band listening to comments on the bowl game By: Jake Cannon

2011: a year to put in the books By: Audra Tatum, Community News Editor As we all look ahead to what is to come in the New Year, we can’t help but to reflect on all the events that have taken place in the past year. Some events have been great and some devastating to the world as well as to our community. In January, Auburn University took home the BCS National Championship for the 2nd time since 1952. In March, one of the largest earthquakes on record hit Japan. It was recorded as a 9.0 magnitude quake. Following the earthquake, many feared a nuclear disaster which later was contained. A little closer to home, on April 28th tornadoes ripped through the Heart of Dixie with a total of 297 deaths, 270 were in Alabama. Recovery efforts came from all over the United States to help with the disaster. On April 29th, the world watched as Kate Middleton married Prince William, Duke of Cambridge. This set the bar for future weddings and even fashion in the world to come. On July 21st, NASA set its final space shuttle, Atlantis, into orbit. This marked the end of NASA’s space shuttle program. September 11th marked the ten year anniversary of the attacks in New York City. Then on December 18th, the United States withdrew from the war in Iraq. The Casey Anthony trial and the Conrad Murray trial caught the attention of people from around the world, especially the rulings of both cases. Casey Anthony who was

accused of killing her three year old daughter walked away with mere days in prison. Conrad Murray accused of killing the famous singer, Michael Jackson, was sentenced to only 4 years in prison for manslaughter. The world mourned the deaths of Steve Jobs, the cocreator of Apple, Amy Winehouse, a famous singer, and Elisabeth Taylor, an icon in the movie and fashion industry, along with many others. Along with the world, our school and community has mourned the death of two Flomaton High School students, Drake Boutwell and Coby Smith. Drake Boutwell passed away on August 11th from Muscular Dystrophy. Coby Smith passed away on September 5th from a car accident. This year has also been a very successful year for Flomaton High School sports. The FHS football team set the record for most points scored in a single season in the history of Flomaton High School. The Cheerleaders placed 2nd in Home Pom and 3rd in Cheer at the Panama City Beach Cheer Camp this past summer. The FHS softball team made it to regionals despite many setbacks and the FHS baseball team made it to the 2nd round of playoffs. Also, the boys and girls basketball teams were both Area Champs. The FHS Marching Band was also rated superior at two area competitions. As we begin our new year, we hope for safety amongst all members of the Flomaton community! Don’t forget to eat your black eyed peas for good luck!

2011 photo

Once each month the Historical Society in Flomaton invites the towns’ citizens and history buffs alike to come and listen to various guest speakers, all of which have some sort of historical background or relevance. Most recently, coordinator Betty Jones has put together a “Freedom Series” of speakers to bring honor and awareness to our nation’s service men and women. “It is important that everyone remembers what has happened and what our military has done to give us our freedom that we have,” Jones said. This past Tuesday evening marked the end of the Freedom Series and Jones wanted the last speaker in the series to be someone with quite an extensive military background. “I knew all that (Bobbie Dean) did for serving all of those years,” said Jones before Tuesday’s speaking engagement at the Flomaton Railroad Museum. The most obvious candidate for the final speaker for this series was retired Air Force Colonel Robert “Bobbie” Dean. A Flomaton native and 1964 Flomaton High School graduate, Dean earned a bachelor of science in chemistry from the University of Alabama in 1968, and through the on campus ROTC program was commissioned as a second lieutenant in the Air Force upon graduating. Dean said that in the midst of the conflicts occurring overseas during the 1960’s he decided not to wait around and potentially be drafted into service but to instead support his country while doing so as an officer through ROTC. The commitment of a four year service minimum versus the usual two year minimum was no problem for Dean because he was determined to defend his neighbors’ freedom. “I was going to support my country, I wasn’t going to run from it like some were doing

back then,” said Dean. When asked why he chose the Air Force over the other branches of the military Dean said that his decision was influenced by a fellow Flomaton graduate who was already in the ROTC program at Alabama while visiting the college for a football day. He decided to take the advice of someone from back home and join the Air Force ROTC the next year when he attended the college. Dean retired from the Air Force in 1994 after twenty-six years of military service with the rank of Colonel. He worked a variety of jobs during his career including positions in munitions, maintenance, logistics, and inspections. Dean was also offered the opportunity to visit thirty-four countries and forty-eight out of the fifty United states. With a career like his one has to wonder, what would someone with his jobs and experiences say their favorite aspect of the job was? For dean he says that it was working with people. “That was what I enjoyed probably more than anything else,” Dean said. Even after having an expansive career Dean said he never forgets where he came from and that he is involved with several community organizations and still attends church at Flomaton First Baptist, even though his current residence is in Gulf Breeze, Florida. Just before speaking to the crowd that had gathered Tuesday night at the Flomaton Railroad Museum, Dean ended his interview with one definitive statement, “it’s important that as Americans we defend and support our country, and that’s what I did.” Robert Dean is not only a oustanding citizen, he is also a role model for many to look up to. For more information on Colonel Robert Dean, visit, or give us an email at

school news


Guys and Dolls Bullying: a problem at school cast list

High school prom mix up

By: Staff reports

This year, Flomaton’s high school prom is on Saturday, March 31, 2012. T.R. Miller, Flomaton, and W.S. Neal High schools’ proms were all on the same day. Some students from each school had planned on going to prom with people from other schools. This whole situation changed students’ plans. If someone else from a different school already asked you to go to prom with them before you knew the dates and you found out it was on the same day, are you suppose to just ditch them? T.R. Miller was originally having their prom on the 16th of March. Recently they changed it to the 31st of March. W.S. Neal’s prom was on the 31st, but it changed to March 24th. So now T.R. Miller High School and Flomaton High School are all on the same day. Some students date other people from other schools. If it’s their senior prom, what are they supposed to do? Patrick Weaver, a senior from T.R. Miller High School, had planned on going to prom with someone from Flomaton High School. “I personally think it’s stupid because I asked a junior at Flomaton High School to go with me, and now that all the proms are on the same day, she has to decide whether to attend my senior prom or to go to her junior prom. If she were to ask me to go with her to her prom I honestly would be put into a position that isn’t fair. No one should have to choose which prom to attend and which not to. It’s not fair nor is it right, especially seniors who, this is one of their last times together before graduation.” Weaver said Audra Tatum, who is a junior at Flomaton High, was asked to go to T.R. Miller’s prom and of course she said yes. Who wouldn’t? She said yes because she thought the dates were going to be different, but it turned out that they were on the same day. It would just be rude to tell the guy that she couldn’t go with him when she already said that she would. “I think that the schools should decide on dates way in advance and make sure that they are not on the same days. That way people with friends from other schools can be able to attend the other schools prom.” Tatum said. Schools should plan a date for prom before Christmas break to make sure that no other school will have prom on the same day.

By: Nolan McAnally, Managing Editor

Tullis performs at Disney World for UCA By: Waylon Jones, Editor in Chief While most of us were cooking or baking or preparing to stuff our faces this Thanksgiving, a Flomaton High School 7th Grader was preparing to march in one of the biggest parades in the country. Ronna Tullis says that she was honored with the opportunity to perform in the Thanksgiving Day Parade at Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida after being selected as one of the superior performers at the Universal Cheerleaders Association camp in Gulf Shores, Alabama this past summer. Universal Cheerleaders Association and Universal Dance Association are divisions of Varsity, the source for all things related to cheerleading and dance team. Dating back to 1948, UCA/UDA has been a cheerleading tradition for many years. During the summer over 500 cheerleaders from all over the country attend the camps and clinics that are designed to develop local cheerleaders into the small 12% that can call themselves UCA Cheerleaders. In addition to being one of a select group of cheerleaders selected to march in the Disney parade, Tullis said that she and her family were provided tickets to the various parks and Disney destinations in Orlando. She said that she is “very proud to be one of the 12%,” and that it was a very unique experience that she won’t soon forget.

Sarah Brown-Victoria Creamer Sky Masterson- Phillip Lloyd Miss Adelaide- KJ Head Nathan Detriot- Tyler Dove Nicely-Nicely Johnson- Dan Condrey Rusty Charlie-Joey Macks Agatha-Alexis Williams Calvin- Shane Garner Martha-Kristen Dixon Angie The Ox- Max Wilcox Arvide Abernathy- Jamie Dailey Benny Southwest- Deston Taylor Big Jule-Brett Gafford General Matilda B. Cartwright- Molly Barnett Harry The Horse- James Harris Joey Biltmore- Zachary Hadley Lt. Brannigan- Brett Newton Mimi- Dezarae Turner Drunk- Hunter Chavers Allison- Kelsey Brown Ferguson- Nicole Simpson Vernon- Kristie Henderson Dolls: Ashley Lancaster, Breanna Mellinger, Hannah Kaylor, Kimberly Waldrop, Jessica Pendleton, Sidnie McMorris, Paula Spicer, Sydney Bell, Allison Ladner, Morgan Waugespack Hot Box Girls: Jessie Parker, Maggie Thomas, Scarlett Carter, Chelsea Turner, Olivia Singleton, Grace Carrier, Taylor Graves

Bullying is a severe problem to many students in the U.S. Many kids lose their life over it every year. Some schools have security guards present on campus just to keep kids safe. Not only does it affect the victim, it affects environment surrounding the incident. What is a bully, you might ask? Is it a deprived child looking for attention? Or is it just someone that enjoys tormenting other people’s lives? Do all bullies have the same motive? To make their victim’s life horrible? On April 20, 1999, two students at Columbine High School killed 13 of their fellow classmates and teachers. Their original plan was to attack those who bullied them through high school. They had bombs set up and plenty of firearms to shoot those left behind. Their plan, however, did not go too well. The bombs didn’t detonate and students began fleeing across campus. A shooting spree arose, and the result was 13 people dead. Does bullying make people go crazy and want to do this? Do you want to be the reason 13 of your fellow classmates died? Students need to take bullying seriously! It’s not a joke. Not only is their physical bullying taking place today, there is also cyber bullying. Cyber bullying is done over the Internet through social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter. In today’s world, where the Internet has become a part of everyday life, cyber bullying is much more common. According to MTV, studies show that cyber-bullying is more

Student attempting to beat up a smaller child

prone to girls who like to hide their identities. This leads to the infamous DRAMA! A few years ago, a story was spread around about a girl who was experiencing cyber bullying from a fellow class mate. She was being harassed because of the way she looked. She just didn’t “fit” in at that school. Soon after events like that started taking place, the girl committed suicide. Of course this doesn’t seem common in a small town environment. Everybody knows everybody. The biggest amount of drama that gets spread around is who kissed who yesterday! Think what it’s like in a metropolis environment, with over one million people! How would you like to be bullied by someone you don’t even know? According to another study by MTV, about eight percent of kids under the age of 16 kill themselves over bullying. Whether it is because they’re overweight, homosexual or were wearing a shirt with a hole in it that day, think. Those kids kill themselves. All because someone had a bright idea to talk about them and make her feel bad about herself. Was it worth the laugh? Bullying is not something you want to get involved with! Eventually it could destroy your life. If you’re not going to stop now, why would you in ten years. You WON’T. You’ll end up in prison or with a restraining order because you harassed someone to death, LITERALLY! Don’t go into tomorrow thinking it’s all right to bully! Not only are you wasting your life, you’re wasting your victims too.

By: Brooke Carden, School News Editor

Photo by: Nolan McAnally Prom mix-up

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What is it about that lunchroom food? By: Brooke Carden, School News Editor

Have you ever wondered what you are eating when you eat a lunchroom meal? Schools that are not in our county usually have a variety of options. If you have noticed, our lunchroom is very clean. The lunchroom scored a 99% on their health score. Are the lunch ladies required to prepare the food a certain way? Laura Bailey, who is over the lunchroom, said they are. “All lunchrooms in our county have to follow state guidelines. This means the whole county has the same menu,” Bailey said. There are usually many complaints regarding the lunchroom food. It is safe to say the lunch ladies would much rather cook the food their own way instead of following state guidelines. Unfortunately, they cannot. “The lunchroom food is okay. It’s not always that good, but sometimes it can be,” Nikko Barron, a senior at Flomaton High School, stated. I personally feel that the lunchroom food is not that good. Any other students at Flomaton High School will agree with that. There are certain meals that are good. Some are not as good as others. If you do not bring your lunch, your only other option is the lunchroom food. Everything that our lunchroom makes is healthy. Even though you may want some greasy pizza, the lunchroom follows the county’s health policy.

lifestyles Preparing today, for tomorrow: College Edition By: Miranda Caraway, Lifetstyles Editor Going into senior year, students have to make a few decisions such as where to go to school, what to study, and what to eventually become. When making these decisions, one must consider every possible choice he or she can get. Making college decisions and preparing for college can be really hard and stressful. Many students start preparing in the 9th grade. They may start with making sure their grades are where they need to be and practicing good study habits. Students, especially in the 11th grade, should start thinking about their future because it’s important. If you don’t always know exactly what you are going to do with your life and career options it’s okay, but to be on the safe side PREPARE to go to college! Every year, about 16 million kids in the U.S. attend college. Of that, 11 million are full time students, and the other 5 million are part-time students. According to a 2005 report

by Associated Press, about one in every four freshmen drop out of college after their first semester. Imagine having 16 students in your class at college. By the end of the first semester, four of those 16 would be gone. That’s 25% of that class! Can you believe that? Not only is it hard to decide what college to attend, you have to find the college that is financially affordable. College can be very expensive, and you might need help paying for it. While some students may be fortunate and have financial resources, many do not. It’s a really good idea to apply for scholarships and other types of financial aid such as grants.. Numrous types of scholarships are available and are often easy to fill out. College is not an easy topic to think about. It could be the best four years of your life! However, not only can you have loads of fun, it can stress you out! Maybe it’s the money or even the decision. Don’t take college too kind. I’m sure it won’t always be to kind to you.

MLK Jr. Day By: Miranda Caraway, Lifestyles Editor Martin Luther King Jr. Day is the third Monday of January. This day is close to Martin Luther King Jr.’s real birthday. He was the main spokesperson for anti violence in the Civil Rights movement. His protest was against racism and it was very successful. He was assassinated in 1968. Shortly after, the government issued him his own federal holiday. Only two other persons have a national holiday in the United States, George Washington and Christopher Columbus. So it was a big deal for Martin Luther King Jr. to have his own holiday on his birthday. Martin Luther King, Jr., (January 15, 1929-April 4, 1968) was born Michael Luther King, Jr., but later had his name changed to Martin. At the age of thirty-five, Martin Luther King, Jr., was the youngest man to have received the Nobel Peace Prize. When notified of his selection, he announced that he would turn over the prize money of $54,123 to the furtherance of the civil rights movement. On the evening of April 4, 1968, while standing on the balcony of his motel room in Memphis, Tennessee, where he was to lead a protest march in sympathy with striking garbage workers of that city, he was shot in cold blood. Martin Luther King Jr. was a very honorable man and he had a big impact on the African American society. He had a big dream for everyone to get along and for the violence to stop. He took a stand for the people he loved and the people he didn’t know, but they were still his people and he wanted what was best for his people even if he had to give up his own life for them. And he did give up his life, but because of him we have a better stronger and more peaceful society today. Martin Luther King Jr. thought long ago that he wanted to make a change for tomorrow and he absolutely fulfilled his goal. He deserves his day and more for everything he did for our country. No he wasn’t the first president of the U.S. nor did he discover America, but he changed our way of life here in the U.S.A.

Bottom Center: Students preparing for college, Top Right: Samford Hall at Auburn University, Top Left: Amissions office at college campus (Photos courtesy of Miranda Caraway)

FHS Lunchroom

Photo by: Brooke Carden

Martin Luther King Jr.

Bringing in the new year

2012 Hurricane Style!

page 6

Alabama wins BCS title game By: Whtiney Arrington, Sports Editor Determination, domination and annihilation describe Alabama’s footballs team victory over the LSU Tigers. For 44 days the Tide prepared to seek vengeance on Tigers after they defeated Alabama in early November. From the coin toss to the final score, all Alabama did was win. Bama came out with a different style of offense that many are not used to seeing. Bama is usually conservative with the ball by letting Trent Richardson or Eddie Lacy tear up the field, but not Monday night. Jim McElwain let A.J. MCCarron and his receivers do the majority of the work. Ever after Marquis Maze’s hamstring injury that left him sidelined, the offense kept their successful streak of passing. With approximately two minutes left in the first quarter, Alabama took the lead over LSU when Jeremy Shelley came out to soar the ball through the uprights putting Alabama up first 3-0. At the end of the first quarter Kevin Norwood made a leaping catch over Tyrann Mathieu, otherwise known as the honey badger, to convert a crucial first down. The offense drove the ball down into the red zone, but had trouble pulling out a touchdown. The special teams unit was called onto the field but Jeremy Shelley’s low kick was blocked before it had time to reach the air. Immediately after Shelley missed the field goal Saban rushed over to reassure Shelley that he and the team still had confidence in him and there was plenty of time left in the game to pitch in. After Shelley’s missed field goal, the special team’s field goal unit was sent out twice more to extend the lead over LSU. The score of the first half may look like it only consisted of field goals, but scores are often deceiving. It was quite apparent as the time ran out for halftime that if the tigers did not become more motivated; their perfect season would be in vain. In the third quarter LSU’s offense could not pull it together no matter how hard they tried.


Enraged LSU fans hollered and pleaded for Les Miles to let Jarrett Lee have a go at the Tide’s number one defense. Mile’s stayed with Jefferson and as a result Bama did not allow LSU to cross the 50 yard line more than once. Alabama held LSU and forced them to punt. From there the offense started another long drive down the field. Alabama had to end that series by sending out the field goal unit once more. Unfortunately for the Tide, Shelley’s ball hooked. The team did not let de je vu set in because, soon after Shelley was sent back on the field to try again. This time his kick was as straight as a board and it put Alabama up 15-0 over the Tigers. The third quarter came to a close with Bama at a semicomfortable lead over LSU. It was becoming more and more apparent this team was going to be the 2011 National Champions. Linebacker C.J. Mosley sustained a hip injury but the defense did not allow this to hinder them for the rest of the game. With approximately 8:47 minutes left in the final quarter Trent Richardson ripped off another explosive touchdown run capping off the dominant performance over the number one Tigers. (21-0) Ironically that may have been Richardon’s last touchdown in a Crimson and white jersey. The final say will be known by all this Sunday because that is the deadline for him to enter the draft. With 20 seconds left to go Les Miles had to bow his head to Saban because he knew he had been beat. Saban was splashed with gator-aide (this time without getting hit in the head with the cooler), while Les Miles went about consoling his team. The players lined the stage and passed the crystal ball around the same as the previous 13 championship teams had done. The 2011 Alabama football team was the first to shut out in a BCS National Championship game. For one full year Alabama’s football team has the honor

Nine ways to face adversity

By: Whitney Arrington, Sports Editor

Photo courtesy of Whitney Arrington

Godwin signs with Faulkner State By: Whintey Arrington, Sports Editor Avery Godwin signed with Faulkner State Community College on November 2. Godwin has played softball ever since she was a young child. She has always been a team leader and a stand out play maker. You could say that Godwin is a natural athlete. Godwin’s high school career has revolved around sports. Her hard work, determination, and athleticism have earned her a full ride to Faulkner State Community College in Bay Minette, Alabama. Godwin plans to play short stop and third base for the Sun Devils. She is looking forward to meeting new people and playing softball with them. She has made many memories while playing varsity

softball. Hitting her first homerun against T.R. Miller and wining the area tournament against Leroy definitively were some memorable highlights in Godwin’s career, but her absolute favorite memory was at practice one day running bases when Principal Scott Hammond picked her up and body slammed her on the ground. Coach Hammond only had good things to say about Godwin. “Avery loves softball. It’s always been her favorite sport. She’s played summer ball, fall ball, you name it and Avery is willing to do it.” She stays after practice to hit and field extra just so that she can be the best she can be,” Hammond said when asked about Godwin. Godwin is thrilled to have the privilege to wear a maroon and white softball jersey for the Sun Devils.

Photo by: Whitney Arrignton

From players with knee injuries to players being suspended, the 2011 Flomaton Hurricane Softball Team overcame many adversities to achieve a record of 17-16. “If 13 is a lucky number then that’s what happened to our softball team last season,” Jacqi Hammond said when describing how last season went. Various problems began to consume the team all season long. Before the season even began the starting third baseman decided not to return for her senior season. A main pitcher tore her ACL right at the start of the season while cheering at one of her last basketball games. Basketball season also took victim to another softball player’s ACL preventing her from playing her senior year. Health problems became an issue for one of the veteran players which left her benches for most of the games. Near the end of the season the first baseman broke her ankle while doing a sliding drill at the end of softball practice. A few weeks later a younger pitcher/out fielder that had become a valuable player broke her arm after falling over a bucket. When the injury spell took a break personal problems became the team’s problem. A freshman outfielder was pulled from the team by her parents because of unacceptable grades. To put the cherry on top of the 2011 softball team’s problems, their main pitcher was ruled ineligible to play after an unfriendly altercation that occurred at school. With injuries and problems galore Hammond was forced to find a way rearrange girls to fit positions that desper-

ately needed to be filled. Younger girls were pulled up from the J.V. to help the varsity softball team finish the year. Hammond commended the girls by saying that they pulled their weight and stepped up when they had to. A senior who had not played since her 9th grade year volunteered to help the team out when players became slim. Hammond also had to do some negotiating with a former player who had been pulled out earlier due to grades so that they could have nine players. Hammond found just enough girls to fill the spots so that they could finish out the year. Since there were only 9 players left, there was no room for sickness or injuries. In the area tournament an outfielder had to play with strep throat so that the team could qualify to play. The team pulled together to finish with a winning record of 17-16 and 2-2 at regionals. They fought through adversity and finished the season even though it looked impossible for them to even qualify as a team. After Coach Hammonds 13th year of coaching softball she decided to resign and hand the reigns over to someone else. Coach Kirt Bell a former FHS alumni and current FHS teacher will be taking over for Hammond this season. According to this year’s softball players he is already whipping the ladies into shape by running them to death at practice. Most of the same girls who survived last year’s crazy season have returned. Injuries have healed and experience has been gained. With that being said you can be assured that this year’s team is ready to suit up and play ball.

Canes break season record, play like true “boys of fall” By: Whitney Arrington, Sports Editor Head Football Coach, Doug Vickery hopes for a great start to his sixth season at Flomaton High School. Every year Coach Vickery adjusts his offense and defense to fit each one of his player’s strengths. He believes that his team does not have many weaknesses that enable them to have more time to polish up their athletic skills. 2011 football practices have been up to par for the Canes and they are ready to show what they have practiced on the field. The offense and defense are equally prepared to suit up, because most of the guys play multiple positions on each side. Coach Vickery will do whatever it takes to win, even if it means spending his own money. Coach Vickery likes to make sure that his truck is filled up on Friday nights, because he feels that his team does better when his truck is on a full tank of gas. Like many other coaches, he is slightly superstitious. In

years past Vickery carried a buckeye around in his pocket with him for good luck, but after losing a game one night, he wisely discarded it in the woods. According to Coach Vickery, the Hurricanes’ biggest football rival is the Excel Panthers. “It doesn’t matter if we play them at checkers, I want to beat them,” Vickery said in an interview last week. There are other rivals like Jay and W.S. Neal but for Coach Vickery, Excel is the game that he and his team want to beat the most. Last fall with a fairly young football team, Coach Vickery had to help them overcome the emotional obstacles of winning and losing by not letting them get too high or too low on themselves. This year with a more mature team, Coach Vickery and his boys’ of fall are off to a great start. Coach V and the rest of the boys thank each and everyone of you for coming out this season to support the Hurricanes. They had a record season this year of going to the thrid round in the state playoffs. Unfortunately, the Canes lost to Elba, 33-23.

Congratulations to the Hurricanes on their season record


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Do you feel me now? By: Nolan McAnally, Managing Editor You know that feeling of being important you get when someone says you did a great job. I get that every day. Flomaton High School has changed my life without a doubt. I can speak for all when I say this. I have attended three different schools in my high school career. Sure, that may make it seem like I am an unstable person or that I can’t handle the heat at one school, but I assure you, that is not true. People here may not be the nicest. I may not be Mr. Popular where everyone bows down to me. But, Flomaton is something I like. Not only have I become a better person at Flomaton High, I have excelled beyond musical feats. Going to a school in Atmore, I had an unsteady band life. Over four years of band, I had eight different band directors. At least Flomaton can keep one. Now, some might be questioning what this is all about. I want to answer you. The question I am trying to make people see is “Does a substantial arts program benefit the high school?” In my opinion it does. Music, drama and other fine arts give people the opportunity to express themselves. They can believe what they want when they’re playing Bach on the piano or when they are singing Don’t Stop Believing in the shower. Don’t even say you haven’t. We have all pretended we were Journey or Jay Z while washing away the disgusting mess off of our sorrowful bodies. You tell me! What operates in this world without the sound of music? Not one darn thing! How about the vibration of your prize Shelby GTO V8 Engine, the roaring of the wind in a Gulf Stream Hurricane or even the singing of a bird in the morning light? I am getting off track, but my point is I wouldn’t be the person I am today without Flomaton and its music program. And to think, the Fine Arts’ program will be the first thing to go in our high schools. I don’t want my kid to grow up not knowing the magic feeling of music you get deep down in your veins. I cannot verbally express the stress of music importance. It makes your world ten thousand times better. So, I challenge you. Tell me one thing that operates without music. Tell me it didn’t change my world to come to a school that can hold a steady music program. Tell me you can live without music. Then the art program can shut down. You get in your car because I promise that you will hear something. God has not only blessed me the ability to make music, but for you to have the ability to listen to it and ingest the feelings it brings upon you. Music is what makes me. It is still here, even as you’re reading this. Music makes everyone. Do what you want to do! Don’t let other things get in your way of completing your goals. You are you! Do you feel me now? If you would like to suggest a story idea to us, send us an email at!

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Totally technical By: Waylon Jones, Editor in Chief

It seems that with every passing day some sort of new technology comes along that enhances the way in which we live our day to day lives. From the computer of the 80’s and 90’s to the iPad of today, we live in an ever changing technological world. Why then, does our school district not capitalize on it? From Google to Bing, to Facebook, Twitter, and beyond, the internet and social media is as much a part of our lives as running water. However, our school district and it’s technological leaders seem to be stuck in the 90’s where it was all about the basics, and none of them want to be on the cutting edge of this whole new technological world that is out there just waiting to be explored. There are many educational advantages to the Internet and even to social media. If today’s kids are going to access these types of websites regardless, why don’t we tie their education and their learning experience into it? Some, more technology friendly schools provide lessons and homework assignments via Twitter and Facebook to students who access social media websites, which leaves those students with no reason whatsoever to not have completed a missed assignment after being out the day before. This keeps the entire class on the same page, and cuts down on the workload of the office staff as well as the parents who have to track down assignments from teachers all over the campus when a child has missed a day or two of school. Why do we not make it available to them? Blogging is another mainstay in today’s society. By the time students reach college now, they are expected to understand the basics of blogging, and be able to use it as an everyday study resource. The students of Escambia County, Alabama, however, are not provided with an opportunity to learn how to blog. All blogging websites and tutorials, in fact, are blocked un-

der our county’s network filter. Even the publication that you are reading cost the county over $900 because of it’s blocks of all free online news publication websites. I do understand the reasoning behind blocking social media and such to students; because our school district feels that it poses a security threat to the school. Because little Johnny is going to post on Facebook how he is in room 114 using a computer and some madman, who is little Johnny’s friend on Facebook, is going to come into the school and kill everyone in that room including little Johnny. Seriously. There’s also the fear that students will access social media sites during class and that this will cause a distraction. However, there are proxies that allow this to happen regardless, and teachers are not having a problem regulating it at this point in time. In fact teachers are having to allow proxies so that they can access the websites that they need to access in order to provide the quality educational resources that they need. Why, though, does our tech department put a blanket block on so many sites that teachers and students need to access in a classroom setting? Perhaps it’s because they fear that students will access harmful materials, or perhaps it’s because they are just too lazy to go through and block certain sites and it is easier to block almost everything. Just like it was easier to continue to come back time and time again and “work on” the internet servers instead of replacing the part that needed to be replaced for everything to go more smoothly. You will notice that since that part was replaced, internet outages have dropped drastically. One aspect that a lot of students and teachers do not realize about internet outages is that when the Internet goes out school wide, our school is left without its phone system. That means no incoming or outgoing calls. So why would the tech department not do everything in its power to keep the internet up and running so that we as a school could function properly?

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