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Emily Francis, Copy Editor

Prom 2010 was a night of fun and friends, with Shane Quinn and Becca Fleming as king and queen.

Mr. FHS strikes out for the final inning Meagen Finnerty

Originally, according to Ms. Ross, the hope was to put on the show midEditor-in-Chief March, but this year‘s production of Mr. FHS was a fundraiser originally Beauty and the Beast did not allow for planned to stimulate the senior class ac- stage usage. count. Production began right after The date was then set for the end of Christmas break and has been drawn out April, but a track meet prevented that until May. Due to several scheduling from happening. conflicts, the fundraiser was cancelled on The final straw for this fundraiser May 17, and will not be rescheduled. was when it was scheduled for May 19,

but a playoff game for the boys‘ baseball team turned the lights off for the assembly. According to Ms. Ross, this is the only reason Mr. FHS won‘t be taking the stage. ―Everyone was very cooperative. They came in on senior project day to rehearse, that‘s how cooperative they were.‖ The money raised was to go toward

the senior banquet and the senior trip; also, a portion of the proceeds was to be donated to the winner‘s charity of choice. ―My recommendation would be that they do it really early in the year next year,‖ said Ms. Ross, who decided against using Mr. FHS as an assembly in hopes that it may be used next year as a fundraiser.


27 May, 2010

FHS Press

Project Graduation

Rosalyn Nye Staff Writer

Courtesy of Cami Bibby

Project Graduation takes place on June 10 from 11 p.m. until 4 a.m. here at FHS. Students will have a blast as they participate in countless activities that will really get their juices going, including bull-riding, jousting, and even a money-machine! This is the last time all of our seniors will be able to spend some time together before they go their separate ways. If you're a senior, be sure to come on out; you'll have a rip-roarin' good time as you make memories that will last a lifetime.

Shannon Schimmer News Editor One of Freedom's very own staff members is heading to the big house. That's right, at the beginning of this summer, Ellen Hill will be detained and taken to "jail" for, what can definitely be called, good. What did our high school career center worker do to be apprehended by the law? According to sources, she is guilty of being "heavily armed with kindness," which is said to be highly contagious. Authorities said she can most likely be found wearing a smile and has prior convictions of thoughtfulness and generosity. In support of the Muscular Dystrophy Association, Hill has agreed to take part in the MDA's "Most Wanted" program to raise money for Jerry's Kids. Hill, along with members of other districts who have volunteered to take part in the annual MDA Rochester Community Lock-Up, will be apprehended on Thursday, June 3. She will be taken to the Texas Roadhouse and will not be released until the posted bail

is paid off by generous donations of community members. Bail has been set at $1,600, but Hill has the opportunity for immediate release for good behavior if the bail money is raised before the scheduled court date. If the money is not raised before, Hill and other participants will spend their one hour sentence contacting friends, family, and associates to raise the bail money. All proceeds will go straight to the MDA to help patients with day-to-day care and aiding research on the disease to provide hope for the future. Any form of donation can help: $800 sends one child to summer camp for a week; $500 pays for medical equipment repairs, adjustments, and training; $100 funds one support group session; $85 funds one minute of research; $30 provides one annual flu shot. Every community member can donate to the charity event by donating to the MDA via check or credit card. More information on the event can be obtained by contacting Mrs. Hill in the career center.

Karla Knauff, Staff Writer

Our very own Mrs. Hill has generously handed over her freedom in return for victims of muscular dystrophy. Her only request? At least $1,600 in bail money that would benefit said victims. Her efforts are evidence that one person can certainly make a difference.

This year an abnormally low number of seniors will qualify for entrance into the Circle of Scholars. Only four to five students are likely to be admitted, but the ultimate number will not be known until final grades come out. Typically, 13 to 21 students qualify. To make it into the Circle, students must be either Magna Cum Laude (93-95.99 percent) or Summa Cum Laude (96-100 percent) with their weighted average. Even though the requirement for National Honor Society is a 93 percent average, not all NHS students will make it. Falling grades in the junior and senior year keep several students out. Ms. Ross partially attributes this to the fact that the current seniors‘ ―test scores are not as strong.‖ At graduation, members of the Circle will be wearing special cords to distinguish themselves. They will also be invited to a special dinner on June 9 hosted by the Freedom Area Education Association. The FAEA will be awarding $2,000 in scholarships to one or several of the students. The keynote address will be given by the valedictorian from 1996, Joyce VisnanskyHarrell. The few who did make it will be joining the ranks of notable Freedom alumni. Joe Linta, valedictorian from 1978, went on to play defensive tackle for Yale University. He is now an NFLPA licensed agent who owns his own company, JL Sports, which has represented more than 60 NFL players. The 2006 valedictorian, James Harrell, just received a 2010 Fulbright Scholarship to teach political science, focusing on the American Civil Rights movement in Hungary.

27 May, 2010

FHS Press


Cole Leonberg Staff Writer

How are you going to spend your summer? There is somewhat of a disagreement between some of the students. There are some students who are going to start college classes or classes that will prepare them for their desired future career choice as soon as they are done with school. Then there are other students who are working, some with two or more jobs at once, to save up for college or other miscellaneous expenses. So the question is: how do you want to get ready for college? Would you prefer working? extra How do you classes? For college, you want to get should research ready for which option is better for you. college: by Take a look at working or some of the requirements for the by taking degree that you classes? plan on going for and see if it is go-

ing to be beneficial for you to take some of these classes in high school, or if it is better to at least take a lower form of it in order to see if you like it or not. Taking these classes while in high school will ultimately bring down the total price of college for you because our school covers the dual enrollment fees. Look at several schools that you would like to attend and try to see what the price comparisons are. If you plan on getting a job, realize that this is going to interfere with your personal life, but that you will also have money to do more activities with your friends. Most places do have a schedule that will let If you have any questions regarding which option you have fun with friends and still have a job to supply is better for you, Mr. Bennett or Ms. Kaplin are more the money to let you have these fun times. than willing to guide you in the right direction.


27 May, 2010

FHS Press

Interview with Shannon Schimmer, News Editor

Where did you go to college? In 1973

In 2010

The average cost of a new house Cost of a gallon of gas World population





3.93 billion

6.8 billion

Unemployment rate

4.9 percent

9.9 percent

President of the United States Most-watched TV program

Richard Nixon

Barack Obama

All in the Family


Latest invention

The Bar Code

The iPad

Cost of a first-class U.S. Stamp Notable death



Pablo Picasso

J.D. Salinger

Average U.S. household income FHS Superintendant



Don Bradow

Ron Sofo

FHS Principal

Robert Cercone

Robert Staub

Gym Teacher

Mr. Guandolo

Mr. Summers/ Mrs. Wood

Classes a day



Time between classes End of the period came when...

Three minutes The bell rang

Ten minutes The digital clocks say right time

Sources:,,,,,, Ms. Ross


I went to Carlow College for an undergraduate in education with a minor in English and a minor in theater. Then I did graduate work, first at Edinboro and then at Pitt.

There are so many memories that it‘s really hard to isolate. When I began teaching it was very rough. It was a different era of kids and it was truly the 70s; it was a very rebellious time. I was fortunate in that I usually had very nice classes. What made you decide to go to college for And then in the 80s is when we started to really English? work with the curriculum and make some When I was in high school, I really had no inten- changes and, as a result, we actually started with tions of going to college at all. This was during the theme writing course, and in the 90s we the 60s when everybody was on a mission or had started with the theater courses, so I felt that my a cause, and my cause, I thought, was going to be position became much more defined, refined, and, the peace corps, until my parents told me my at the same time, much more challenging. By the cause was going to be college instead. So I matime I got into the mid- to late-90s, I had a dream jored in English by default because it was the one schedule because I was teaching the writing, I thing I was good at. Then I decided I needed a was teaching the theater, and I was teaching the plan, and my mother had always told me that honors juniors. It was the ideal situation. women could either be teachers or nurses, and I knew I couldn‘t be a nurse, so I said it would be Speaking of changes, was it difficult to hanteaching. And then theater is just something that I dle the changes in technology during your fell into because I was working for the theater time as a teacher? department as their secretary all through college. We first got computers probably in the mid 1980s, just a few in the building. Was Freedom the first school I was always pretty inept, although I you’ve ever taught at? did like them for the word processThe only school I‘ve ever taught ing, and it meant a world of differat. ence. We started out with just a computer lab and we would all Did you have any choice in have to go up there and use it that? whenever we wanted to get anyAt first, when I came out of thing done. Then we started with college, I had a job opsome home computers and one portunity at a Cathocomputer per classroom, and lic school in Sewthen with the influx of the th ickley, St. James, 7 grant came the influx of all and 8th grade. As it of this new technology. was the only job that This, to me, is still a vast, I had been offered, I unexplored frontier that I had agreed to take will probably never exthat. And then, in plore. August, the FreeAre you going to miss dom opening came and so I called St. anything in particular? James and told them I‘m going to miss all of my I had an opportunity students, especially the curto teach Sr. High, rent junior class, because I which is what I feel like I made a really wanted. strong bond with them. Working with my kids, Do you have though, is what I‘ll miss most.

any significant memories that stick out for you in your time working at

Do you have a final goodbye to Freedom?

Karla Knauff, Staff Writer

I enjoyed the ride, but I think it‘s time to go. I‘ll be okay; I think you all will be okay.

27 May, 2010


FHS Press

Name: Lindsay August Favorite teacher: Tink, because he‘s easy going and a good teacher, and because he‘s fun and gives you room to make unique projects Favorite quote: ―Destiny is not a matter of chance; it is a matter of choice.‖ Best high school memories: Helping with project graduation in ‗09 AND all the fun and totally school-related conversations we had (and have) in Art 4

TANT. Trust me. Senior will: I leave my love to Catelyn Huddy; I also leave my luck to all my friends.

Name: Sam Glies Favorite teacher: Big ―A‖ (Mr. Atkison), because he likes to hunt and stuff like that Advice to underclassmen: Don‘t be in a hurry to live your life; stay young and have as much fun as you can. Name: Melanie Collins Best high school memory: The tractor Future plans: Going to Bradford in Sta- parade at the end of the year tion Square for dental Favorite teacher: Tink, because he alName: Rachel Ward ways made class interesting Future plans: CCBC for radiologic Senior will: I leave my knowledge to technology Allie Petroff and Jon Cleek. Favorite teacher: Gia because she alBest high school memory: Art class in ways made class fun 9th and 10th grade with Julia, Christine, Advice to underclassmen: Get involved Name: Julia Kubica Name: Christine Herzog Heather, and Alana in activities Future plans: Going to Cal-U on a par- Future plans: Possibly the Air Force, or Favorite quote: ―One day your life will tial athletic scholarship fashion design/fashion merchandise Name: Katie Norman flash before your eyes, make sure it‘s Senior will: I leave my hatred for the Favorite quote: ―You just have to go Favorite class: Human Anatomy worth watching.‖ lazy people on the track team to Mariah. after what you want, and if it don‘t want Favorite teacher: Mrs. Shroads— Name: Katie Pope Favorite quote: ―Who are you to judge you back so be it. It doesn‘t deserve you wouldn‘t have made it without her the life I live? I know I‘m not perfect and anyway.‖ –Nicole Richie Favorite quote: ―Life ain‘t about how Future plans: Attending Vet Tech InstiI don‘t live to be…but before you start Best high school memory: Entire 10th many breaths you take. It‘s what you do tute pointing fingers…make sure your hands grade year, and anything to do with Julia with those breaths. ‖ –John Challis Advice to underclassmen: Don‘t let are clean.‖ –Bob Marley Kubica drama get to you or ruin things for you Best high school memory: Anything Name: Suzanne Hasenflu Best high school memory: Gar Gar Gar! to do with Christine Herzog/track Future plans: College for English and Florida ‗09 creative writing teaching degree Name: Shane Quinn Favorite teacher: Ms. Ross; she‘s alFuture plans: To become an athletic ways supportive and helps out a lot. Name: Tyler Helch trainer Advice to underclassmen: Stay out of Favorite teacher: Mr. Pickard, because I Favorite teacher: Shepdawg (Shep), drama, do your homework, find out who said so, buddy because he tells the best jokes you are and what you want out of life, Best high school memory: The day after Senior will: I leave my high jump and most importantly: have fun. my birthday, riding quads in the mud abilities to Mr. Delp. Best high school memory: Cookie Name: Danny O‘Leary Queen!!! Future plans: Play college baseball and work at Toys 'R Us Name: Nolan Rider Favorite teacher: Mr. Majors. He is the Favorite teacher: Ms. Ross–she‘s man Auntie Ross Senior will: I leave half of my body Senior will: I leave Colton Costello mass to Tink. the right to rock a leather jacket. Favorite quote: ―Kites fly highest Best high school memory: Mr. Saagainst the wind.‖ ludis spitting water on the class because of Marissa Name: Jessica Roman Future plans: Attending Shippensburg Name: Rebekah Law for a business degree Favorite teacher: Mr. Atkison, because Name: Ethan Brown Favorite class: Stats, because Ms. he is awesome!! Favorite class: Statistics with Shep McNary loves us :) Senior will: I leave all my hugs to Jenna Favorite quote: ―You have to give to Senior will: I leave all my love to BritMoore and Matt Matscherz. receive.‖ tany Mavrich; I leave my humor to Favorite quote: ―The truth shall set you Best high school memory: Getting to Erika Woelper. free.‖ –John 8:32 leave school at 10:50 every day for my Best high school memory: Freshman senior year year when we charged the field at the Name: Jessica Jankowski Name: Scott Freeman girls‘ soccer game at Beaver Future plans: College; move (Cali); job Advice to underclassmen: Take care of Name: Charles King Advice to underclassmen: Don‘t slack yo bidness, and try not to fall behind. Future plans: To make lots of money Name: Ben Caler off, getting work done early makes Senior will: I leave my lifting abilities to Advice to underclassmen: Don‘t mess Future plans: Join the US Army Infan- school a breeze. Kyeem. around. try Senior will: I leave my strength to my Best high school memory: Lifting with Favorite quote: ―It‘s history that gives Advice to underclassmen: Do better in little sister. the football team everyday us hope.‖ your class than I did. IT‘S IMPORName: Cole Lentz

6 Future plans: Go to college for sports and recreational management Advice to underclassmen: Work hard now because it definitely will pay off later Favorite quote: ―It‘s all about who you know.‖ Best high school memory: Winning two games in one day to win the section championship

FHS Press Future plans: Attending Slippery Rock University to dual major in elementary and special education Favorite teacher: Ms. Ross, because she taught me so much Senior will: I leave my Fleming reputation to Nathan Fleming. I leave the drill team to Sam Baker. I leave the drama club to Jordan Cinderich and Christian Beck. Best high school memory: My senior year doing Beauty and the Beast and getting to play Belle

Name: Zack Burns Future plans: Attending Penn State Beaver Advice to underclassmen: Don‘t take anything too seriously Senior will: I leave my linebacker position to Shawger. Best high school memories: Tattoo Name: Brandon Vargo night, Pertile and Future plans: Go into natural gas drilling Clayton Advice to underclassmen: You can do anything in your life that you want, you just have to try. Name: Theresa Otrhalik Senior will: I leave my welding skills to Chris Wright Future plans: CCBC for early childhood development and Shane States. Advice to underclassmen: Don‘t back talk to teachers Best high school memory: The last day of school and always to go to class. when people drive their tractors to school Best high school memory: Being in all of the school plays and being in band Name: Brad Prinkey Future plans: Engineering at Penn State Name: Trever Polaski Favorite teacher: Ms. Ross- she‘s the best Favorite quote: ―You‘ll miss 100 percent of the shots Future plans: Attending Devry Institute for game/ you never take.‖ –Wayne Gretzkey simulation design Best high school memory: Telling Dr. Staub we were Favorite teacher: Mr. Wargo—he is down-to-earth leaving for Sheetz and doesn‘t treat you like a child Senior will: I leave my ability to frustrate KK to AnName: Jeremy Herzog thony Lang and Mason Fischer. Future plans: Attending Geneva College Favorite quote: ―What have you done for the show Advice to underclassmen: Don‘t do more than you today?‖ –KK have to Senior will: I leave my ability to drive to Derek LeName: Zach Boring hocky. Favorite teacher: Mr. Hernandez, because he was always there for me throughout high school Senior will: I leave all of the crazy things that I have Name: Chris Rooney done. Future plans: Edinboro for psychology Favorite quote: ―Don‘t think about what‘s gunna hap- Favorite teacher: Ms. Ross- she has taught me the pen, just think about how much fun you‘re gunna most and she got me into theatre have.‖ Senior will: I leave my legacy to Veronica Rooney. I leave my love for music to Christian Beck. I leave my musical talent to Jordan Cinderich. Best high school memory: Every high school musical Name: Becca Fleming I have been in

27 May, 2010

about college and future plans Advice to underclassmen: Don‘t get senior-itis your last year; colleges check your grades usually at midterm time and sometimes at or around Easter. You‘ve gotten this far don‘t; give up now. Best high school memory: Laughing so hard I fell out of my chair because Katy Ross and Jessica Parson tried to skip school to buy glitter, but ran out of gas in the school parking lot Name: Adam Teets Future plans: Attending Geneva College and playing baseball Favorite teacher: Tink, because he is smart and funny at the same time Senior will: I leave my hair to Coach Short. Favorite quote: ―When the pimps in the crib drop it like it‘s hot.‖ –Snoop Dogg

Name: Julie Scheller Future plans: Attending Kent State for theater and English Favorite teacher: Ms. Ross, because she‘s pretty Senior will: I leave my care-free attitude to Sami Jo Smith. Favorite quote: ―Do you want to know who you are? Don‘t ask, act! Acting will delineate and define you.‖ – Thomas Jefferson

Name: Matt Piccinini Favorite teacher: Mr. Short teaching me to use my head, literally Advice to underclassmen: Don‘t do drugs and always stay cool, calm and collected. Senior will: I leave my wit, charm and my luscious, Name: Ben Bates full head of hair to Coach Short Favorite class: Physics, Best high school memory: Demolishing Ellwood City because I sit next to Emily in football Francis Favorite teacher: Name: Sara Murphy Bossman Wargo, because Future plans: Attending Devry University for game he has a good perspective design of everything Advice to underclassmen: Don‘t let anybody change you. Be how you want to be, and never forget your Advice to underclassmen: Don‘t go tanning; friends. skin cancer is no joking Best high school memory: Having tea parties with Ms. matter. Ross! Senior will: I leave my way of prioritizing to any- Name: Tom Paraniuk one who doesn‘t aspire for Future plans: Go to college to become a history great things. teacher Favorite teacher: Mr. Hernandez, because he is a tank Name: Brittany Sturm Advice to underclassmen: Enjoy life and don‘t slack; Favorite teacher: Mr. you‘re only in high school once. Saludis- he pushes me to Best high school memory: Carrying Nolan from do my best and is up front Ross‘s room to Tink‘s room for $5

27 May, 2010


FHS Press Name: Brittany Stehle Future plans: 4-year college at Edinboro for psychology Favorite teacher: Miss Sosko; she‘s funny and friendly and there‘s never a dull moment with her. Advice to underclassmen: Figure out your senior project now and start your paper! Senior will: My merit pins go to Tyler M. because he will never get any. :)

Name: Clint Jenny Future plans: Attending Penn Tech for welding technology Favorite teacher: Mr. Hernandez because he has helped me out a lot Senior will: I leave my parking spot to Poof, that way he has a close spot to the school and won‘t take anyone else‘s. Name: Cassie Javens Future plans: Kent State for psychology Favorite teacher: Ms. Sosko, because she makes class fun and interesting Senior will: Britt Mavrich gets everything Best high school memory: Experimenting with Holly‘s lunches and making her eat them freshman year Name: Lauren Szpak Future plans: Attending Robert Morris to major in English education Advice to underclassmen: Don‘t get caught up in drama- it‘s pointless; and realize who your true friends are. Best high school memory: Lauran Macon and I trying on crazy dresses and the fire alarm going off then having to go outside in the ridiculous dresses

Name: Stephanie Dinello Future plans: Attending Edinboro for geology Favorite teacher: Mr. Wargo, because his class is interesting and doesn‘t make me want to fall asleep Advice to underclassmen: Don‘t argue with the teachers, because you‘ll always be wrong. Senior will: I leave my awesome dance moves to Carolyn Jenny. Name: Jordyn Disanzo Future plans: Kent State University for architecture Favorite teacher: Mr. Saludis, because he treats his students like college students Favorite quote: ―Anybody who says they are a good liar obviously is not, because any legitimately savvy liar would always insist they‘re honest about everything.‖ –Chuck Klosterman Name: Alysa Schell Future plans: Bethany College for elementary education Favorite teacher: Ms. Rigotti, because she had good advice Advice to underclassmen: Have fun while you‘re in

Name: Emily Hilliard Future plans: Major in music education at Westminster Advice to underclassmen: No matter how frivolous an assignment or class seems, just get through it and try your best in everything you do Best high school memory: Being involved with the musicals

Name: McCartney Leopardi Favorite teacher: Mrs. Milanovich- she rocks! Advice to underclassmen: Get involved in something Best high school memory: Prom Name: Joe Ermi Future plans: Slippery Rock with Quinn Favorite teacher: Tink- he‘s not afraid to stick it to the man Senior will: I leave my lifting know-how to Dr. Diesel Staub. Favorite quote: ―Why wait for the storm to pass, go play in the rain.‖ Name: Katie Lambert Future plans: University of Pittsburgh for nutrition Advice to underclassmen: Be your own person, don‘t get into drama Senior will: I leave my awesome breaststroke ability to Emily Francis. Favorite quote: ―Duct tape is the force. It has a light side, a dark side, and it holds the world together.‖ Name: Alana Birner Future plans: Robert Morris for nursing Favorite teacher: Mr. Atkison, because I had fun in his class Senior will: I leave my capability to keep peace to all the underclassmen in flags Favorite quote: ―All that we see or seen is but a dream within a dream.‖ –Edgar Allan Poe Name: Matt Marangone Favorite class: Multimedia, because I like computers and making new projects Favorite quote: ―Go see if I‘m outside.‖ Best high school memory: Becoming a senior

Name: Sarah Hasenflu Future plans: Chemistry/pre-pharmacy at Edinboro University Favorite class: English with Ms. Ross- she makes it interesting Advice to underclassmen: Don‘t procrastinate on papers or projects. Do your senior project early- then you aren‘t scrambling around at the end. Don‘t be trashy in the hall! It‘s gross! Name: Holly Donaldson Favorite teacher: Mr. Wilson (because he always lets me borrow a laptop) Advice to underclassmen: Enjoy spending time with friends throughout high school, because it‘s hard to keep in touch after graduation. Senior will: I wish the best of luck to my girls on the soccer team.

out Name: Liz Kennedy Future plans: College for graphic design Advice to underclassmen: Go to class. Don‘t skip. It‘s not fun. Senior will: I leave my baritone section in Joey Brunner‘s hands. Don‘t blow it. Favorite quote: ―If it was easy it wouldn‘t be good.‖ – KK

Name: Carl Vickinovac Future plans: Marine Corps Favorite teacher: Ms. Sosko- she is awesome Senior will: I leave my locker to Avery Creegan. Best high school memory: Having bonfires with my friends school because it will end before you know it. Name: Rachel Shouse Future plans: Go to college, get a job, etc, etc. Favorite teacher: Ms. Ross, because she‘s awesome Favorite quote: ―Every second is of infinite value.‖ – Johann Von Goethe Best high school memory: All of the many study hall conversations this year :)

Name: Jeremy Steder Future plans: Go to CCBC for accounting Favorite teacher: Mr. Saludis- he made chemistry hard but fun Advice to underclassmen: Don‘t slack off; try your best Best high school memory: My junior year of play doing Joseph and the Technicolor Dreamcoat

Name: Emily Teny Future plans: Get a degree in nursing Senior will: I leave my positive attitude to my younger brother, Andrew Favorite quote: "Live life to the fullest." Best high school memory: 10th grade, chasing Toph in the halls and Elaine running into me and knocking me

Name: Marissa Ritorto Future plans: Attend Duquesne University and major in chemistry Favorite teacher: Mr. Saludis: he challenges me Favorite quote: ―For I know the plans I have for you, says the Lord. Plans for good and not for disaster. Plans to give you hope and a future.‖ –Jeremiah 29:11


Cancer in a box. Sounds like fun, doesn‘t it? That‘s basically what you‘re paying for when you hit those tanning beds, especially when done as often as necessary to get that stunning orange glow. What's the point? To get some extra color before prom? To look good in that summer bikini? Laying outside for a few hours on a sunny day has the same effect and is far healthier than those blaring tanning bed bulbs. Sure, UV rays play into each, but look at it realistically: why fake bake when you can have the real thing? Look at the outward effects. Take a look at someone who has laid outside in the sun for two hours six times versus someone who has laid in a tanning bed for fifteen minutes six different times. The former will have a nice, dark brown, gleaming quality; the latter, however, will more than likely possess a sickly orange tint to their highly damaged skin. The more attractive choice is quite plain: the sun trumps a box any day. If that's still not enough, think about the expenses. Why pay nearly $30-$40 a month when you can lay outside for free? Ten percent of Americans spend, on average, $300 a year on indoor tanning. Please tell us

where the sense is in that. The sun is free; sure, it's a little difficult during the winter, but who's seeing your body during those months anyway? Rainy days are another complication, but that just means that you need to take advantage of the sunny ones. You can make a million and one excuses, but when it comes down to it, outdoor tanning is simply the better choice. If you're still unconvinced, there is an alternative. Tanning products are an appropriate and efficient substitute for tanning beds. It might still be fake, but at least you're not risking cancer. Unless you have some kind of freakish allergy issue, they come highly recommended. Spray-on tans are definitely a thumbs-down unless you're looking for a particularly carrot-like appearance, but tanning lotions are an absolute thumbs-up. They gradually darken the skin without casting an orange glow, allowing you to determine when your color has reached its desired shade. So next time you're feeling a little pale, skip the tanning salon and hit up a Wal-Mart; when you're 60 years old and cancer-free, you'll know you made the right decision.

“The sun trumps a box any day.”

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I’ll do it tomorrow It‘s that time of year again when the students and teachers are just about ready for summer to arrive. It‘s Friday night, and you have a big project due Monday; normally you might stay home to do it, but now you‘ve just gotten to the point where you want to go out and have fun. I know how you feel: only three weeks left of school, and most classes aren‘t doing much currently anyway, so why do the work? The answer to that question is simple: it‘s still important. Procrastination ends up hurting you and your grade in the long run, and it is rather annoying when people blow stuff off, and then have the nerve to complain about their grade. I understand where all of those procrastinators are coming from because, I hate to admit it, but I do it too. Here are some helpful tips to avoid procrastination and to make sure your grades are good. Don’t put it off. When a paper, project, or piece of homework is as-

signed, make sure you do it as soon as you get home to assure completion. Ask questions. If you don‘t understand something and that‘s why you wait until the last minute, try to either find a friend who does understand or e-mail your teacher for further explanation. Keep your eye on the prize. If you‘re college-bound, try doing your homework while wearing your college hoodie, or keeping the school on your mind to get you through. Don’t get distracted. Do your homework away from all distractions, away from computer, phones, television, and gaming systems to assure no distractions. Personally, when I procrastinate, I either go out with my friends or go on Facebook. Many people do different things when they procrastinate. All in all, you really shouldn't, especially if you want to succeed in life. So good luck to you and your final days at FHS and good luck for many years to come.

27 May, 2010


FHS Press

Everything you need to know about the college search By Rosalyn Nye, Staff Writer The college search: a phrase that once drove pangs of guilt into the hearts of procrastinating seniors and apathy from underclassmen who believe they still have ―loads of time." The truth is, it‘s never too soon to begin looking at colleges. You don‘t want to be that senior who, come January, has yet to fill out a single application.

to all of their school rankings and detailed college information. Also, is a great free website. It offers statistics about colleges and lets you create a profile that helps you to search for scholarships and calculate your chances of being admitted to a certain college.

on the guidance counselor page of the school website) and adding some specific ones of your own. You can take it with you on visits and cross questions off as you go, or you could just read over them during the car ride there.

Piles of College Mail

After taking the PSAT in 10th grade, many students will begin to receive mail College Visits Go the summer after your junior from colleges. When I first began to get year, or even your sophomore year. You this seemingly endless string of college don‘t want to save all of your college mail, I made the mistake of letting it pile visits for your senior year, especially if up unopened for months. To me it was you want to apply early. Try to go on a all the same information, regurgitated by Start Now Even if you don‘t know what you day where there is a planned admissions dozens of colleges. want to major in, don‘t put off thinking event. Now when I get mail from a colabout college. There are a lot of factors If you are interested in engineering, lege, I first look at its state location, then that come with selecting a school. Things go on the college‘s engineering day. I look at the majors available. If both of like location, cost, and size will all be There will be more specific information those factors look promising I will look important to you. for you and more students and teachers at the college in more detail online. Any If it comes to be late in your search available to answer questions. college that is too far away – like Alaska and you still don‘t know what you want Before you go, think about what – or doesn‘t have the type of major I to do, you can always decide on a colquestions you want to ask. When I went want, gets trashed right away. lege that offers a broad range of majors. on one of my first visits I prepared zero Don‘t let the college search stress When looking at a school, I like to questions, and whenever someone asked you out. Start looking into it early see what kind of reputation they have me what questions I had, I froze. Then, enough so that you aren‘t waiting until and what my chances of being admitted as soon as I got in the car, a million your senior year. are. I have found that US News and questions came to me. I try to make the entire process exWorld Report is a great resource for this. I suggest getting a general list of citing, like it‘s a hunt to find that one, Once you pay a $20 fee, you have access questions off the internet (there is one perfect school.

Too cool for school

According to, the word ―cool‖ has nothing to do with describing someone that everyone likes, or something that everyone should be. Too many people try way too hard to fit in with everyone else in high school, and also in life. Who is it that sets this ―cool‖ standard that everyone is trying to be or live up to? Is it that charming, witty, senior boy that everyone seems to know and love? Or is it the prettiest girl at the prom, the one with the most expensive dress and the cutest date? Isn‘t it obvious that these people, while they may be adored by their peers, should have nothing to do with the standards that you set for yourself? I think it is, but a lot of other people don‘t seem to think there is a problem with altering their style, personality, appearance, or even some of their basic beliefs in order to be ―cool.‖ Obviously, not everyone in high school is that cliché, insecure teen who is willing to change anything and everything about their life in order to gain and maintain friends or social status. This isn‘t The Secret Life. Whether or not you‘ll admit it, everyone has gone through the problems of fitting in at some point in their life; two words: middle school. Now that we‘re in high school and

have at least passed the test of puberty, it‘s time to figure out who you are as a person. It sounds cheesy, but without any sort of goals or guidelines for yourself, what‘s stopping you from getting swept up with the wrong crowd? Who is the wrong crowd? Speaking of the ―wrong crowd,‖ this comes down to people judging other people. I‘m not going to say that I‘ve never done that before, because that would be a lie, but it‘s something that I try to avoid doing. Just like there is no such thing as ―cool‖ or ―normal,‖ there are also no specifications for who is ―lame‖ or a ―loser,‖ All of these adjectives are based on what society tells us to think. Why is it that we‘re almost programmed to like the skinny, fashion-forward girls or the jocky, funny guys? Alright, that‘s not exactly everyone‘s cup of tea, but it‘s a fact that every girl has wished they could change something about their appearance, and that every guy has wished they could be better than their friend at least one time. The point: in and out of high school, people are insecure, and they look to others for guidance. Much like this article, it‘s all about opinion; the ultimate labeling of your peers is up to you and your personal beliefs alone.

Prioritize: how often is that preached to us? If you ask a parent, school should be your top priority, while your best friend may say that getting to the mall by four is, by far, more important. Priorities are listed in order based on a personal preference. How badly you need a scholarship may determine whether you study for that Vietnam test on Friday night. For the first two and a half years of high school, school was my one and only priority. I eventually realized, though, that there is way too much to experience before I was out of high school; I didn‘t want to miss out. While your studies are certainly worthy of being your top priority, they should not be your only priority. Sometimes, staying up late and munching on chips while laughing with your friends is exactly what you need to keep the stress at bay. Eventually, the ever-dreaded parttime job will begin climbing the list as your money supplies begin dwindling. It shouldn‘t cast a shadow over school, but it will, no doubt, take up a large portion of what would be your social life. Relationships in high school are unavoidable, be it yours or your friends or the girl‘s whose locker is next to yours. How much do you put into your

Heath Nye, Contributing Photographer

The college search can be stressful, but there are ways to lessen the crazy load.

new hubby? Sisters before misters, I always say. Your friends will always be around. They may not be pressed up against your locker with overly excessive PDA, but they certainly provide some chuckles. Boys, as harsh as it is, are replaceable. They haven‘t earned top priority, and they won‘t for many years to come. Deciding on what takes top-spot on your list is your decision only; whether you stay home and spend time with the parental figures or go to a party this weekend is your choice. Each aspect of your academic and social lives needs love and attention at times so it can prosper. How much you give it is up to you. Don‘t lose sight of the future though; overdosing on late nights can hurt you in the end. Have a goal: if you want to get into a certain college, make sure you know what you need to do. Keep your grades up, because that‘s what will carry you the farthest. Your job is going to start piling on the responsibility, so be prepared and try not to buckle under it. Only you can decide how much time you need for each portion of your life, so make your own list of priorities; this is one of the few lists you cannot copy.


27 May, 2010

FHS Press

I remember back when I was six-years- next level, and all of his time that went into old and one of the biggest thrills my young this paper. My very best friends have done heart had was sitting next to the window more for me than anyone, besides maybe and watching attentively as the raindrops my mommy, on the paper and in everyday raced down. life, as they listened to my ideas, edited my I‘d pick my favorite one as it landed stories, brought a smile to my face with and I‘d mentally push it to slide down goat jokes, and helped me through the mofaster, wanting it to surpass all of the other ments where I just wanted to give up. droplets and reach the finish line. Soon, I hope that everyone who contributed though, it‘d reach the bottom of the window to the paper in the last four years knows and disappear forever. that every little effort has an Newspaper was the high impact. Every deadline met school version of my rain(or missed) and every idea drop. As soon as I walked brought to the table influthrough the doors of FHS for enced the paper, and my exthe first time, I knew this was perience with it. my race. I‘d selected my Next year, I‘ll find the same raindrop, and I planned on raindrop I found four years seeing it through. It took four ago and set in for another years, a lot of hard work, and ride with a different paper. plenty of tears for me to Nothing will ever replace the reach the bottom of the winsense of familiarity that I‘d dowsill. found in working for this paThroughout college, I‘m per, and I hope that the skills sure I‘ll look back with bitand experience that I‘ve built Courtesy of Lisa Gaillas tersweet memories of the over the years provide a Bulldog Express and FHS Press. I‘ll never strong foundation for college. forget the days of staying after for hours I hope the new Editor-in-Chief next with Kelly, or sitting in the back of Mr. year can continue the undeniable progress Hartman‘s room all day trying to get every- that the paper has been making. As much thing right. work as the paper takes, I don‘t regret a The good always comes hand-in-hand minute of it; the sense of pride and accomwith the bad, and slammed doors and hurt plishment is more than worth it, and I hope feelings gave way to a sense of accomplish- that mindset is taken on next year. ment when things worked out. Good luck to each of you on staff, and I want to thank Mr. Hartman for the thank you for a wonderful, and truly memoopportunities he presented me with, the rable experience. I hope you each take your faith he had in me to take the paper to the raindrops all the way to the finish.

My life as Liz

Have you ever been walking by a cute guy, trying to act cool, when you suddenly realize your fly is down? Or hung out a window with nothing but your curtains holding you up? Well welcome to my life, where it‘s one, big, never-ending ―blonde moment.‖ I‘m not afraid to admit it; you take a stroll with me down the hall and you will be laughing your pants off. Many things happen to me on a daily basis that would turn any frown upside-down. So, out of the goodness of my heart, I‘ve decided to share some of these occurrences with you. Feel free to laugh! The most recent one happened in a hospital a few weeks ago. While I was visiting my sister, I was informed that there was a cute boy in the room next to hers, room 907. Mr. 907, as I called him, was adorable; I couldn‘t stop walking by. After a few takes down the hall, Mr. 907 started to notice me. A few more walks by and I got a wave, and then he even laughed at me! Why, I burst into my sister‘s room telling her to come out with me. It was then that I realized that the reason he was laughing wasn‘t because of my was because my fly was down! I had

been routinely exposing my undergarments to what was more than likely one of the cutest boys in that hospital. Welcome to my life. Get ready for my next embarrassment. About a month ago, I had a really bad day. It was a non-stop ―hate-on-Liz‖ fest. So when I got home, I tried to make myself feel better. You know when you were little and you would look into the mirror with a comb and sing your favorite Spice Girls song? Well, I still do that. It helps me relieve some stress. Don‘t judge. While I was jumping off of my mom‘s bed in my favorite pair of skinny jeans, I started to notice a rather...unusual sensation. Once I hit the floor, I heard a ripping noise from my back side. I stood up and my pant leg fell completely off...I had ripped my pants. Goodbye, size five. Sure, some pretty embarrassing things have happened to me, but I‘ve realized that stuff happens, and you need to learn to laugh a little. So remember that next time you have a less-than-pleasant experience. One last piece of advice from a fortune cookie I recently received: THAT WASN‘T CHICKEN. I‘m Liz Brunner, and welcome to my life.

A penny a day... Love and happiness makes the world go 'round. However, money brings the bacon to the table. Money is probably the single most important thing to any thriving household in America. The only problem is that it's extremely difficult to save any of it. Unless you‘re a huge cheapskate, I guarantee you have at one point burned a gigantic hole right through your pocket. Don‘t fret though, because I am here to tell you how to save your cash. First of all, you need to make money to save money, so obviously the smartest thing is to get a job. In high school this may be slightly difficult, but with enough perseverance anyone can find a job somewhere, even if it‘s at a fast food joint. Personally, I have had a job since I started high school, so spending and saving money is no stranger to me. The easiest way to save money is to open a bank account. Having your entire paycheck in cash form in your back pocket makes it very easy, and tempting, to spend. I have found that not physically seeing my money actually helps me save it. Plus, opening that bank account when you have a few hundred dollars in it is one of the coolest feelings in the world. Another handy trick to remember when trying to save money is to not waste it on trivial things. This means the things you don‘t absolutely

need, the things that will end up forgotten underneath your bed in less than a month, and things you can get cheaper or even free at other places. My personal weakness is fast food. After a long day of work, it‘s so much easier to just stop somewhere and buy something than it is to wait until I get all the way home. So five bucks and two double bacon cheeseburgers later, I‘m happy; however, I‘m out five dollars. It‘s the little things like that that will slowly but surely dwindle your bank account down to nothing. Now don‘t get me wrong, money is made to spend. Not using it completely defeats the purpose of its existence. There are a few times when splurging is acceptable. For example, special moments like Christmas and someone‘s birthday is a fine time to go a bit crazy with your cash. Back-to-school shopping and summer-clothes shopping is also okay to spend more than usual; you‘re going to be buying things that will last a while, so it balances out in the end. Saving money is great: the more you have, the happier you usually are. It‘s also nice for those times when you actually need a large amount of money. An occasional splurge is acceptable; just remember not to get carried away. Don‘t let a hole burn through your pocket, but don‘t hide it away in an impenetrable vault either. Be smart.


school’s over - animal gummies

childhoods. This is my list of the greatest TV shows for the kids of our generation. Be A&E Editor prepared to recall memories you haven‘t Someone‘s going to be mad with thought about for years, maybe even this one. Just bringing up the best show close to a decade. (I know; I can‘t beof our childhood started arguments. Lis- lieve we‘re that old either.) Here it goes: tening to these debates, I decided I 1. Doug would give you a voice. 2. The Angry Beavers After a couple of hours of research 3. Hey Arnold! on shows that just ranged from about 4. Keenan and Kel 1996-1999 that were popular when we 5. CatDog were all kids, I weeded most of my op6. Ed, Edd n Eddy tions out until the list was down to 10. 7. All That This list made me think of watching 8. Rugrats these very shows everyday. 9. Pinky and The Brain We all have memories of sitting in 10. Rocko‘s Modern Life front of the TV laughing our heads off at the most stupid cartoons. Some of us may even do it today. Just looking back, I‘m sure many of you are nodding I‘m sure you all remember your favorite in agreement and an equal number of episodes. Maybe you had a favorite kid you are ready to fight me because your TV movie. Either way, each of these old favorite show wasn‘t number one, or shows had an impact on some of our may not have even made the list. I will

Nolan Rider

NOT: finals - not seeing Iron Man II

be fair though. As I‘m sure many of you have scoured that list and have not come across one of your all-time favorites, I am going to be generous and give you my honorable mentions. These are in no specific order:          

Aaahh!!! Real Monsters The Wild Thornberrys The Ren and Stimpy Show Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Digimon: Digital Monsters Pokemon As Told By Ginger The Amanda Show KaBlam Rocket Power

It was really cool to see the names of shows that I had forgotten years ago. It made me recall many Saturday mornings of sitting on the couch with a bowl of cereal the size of my head watching cartoons for hours, or waiting for my

favorite show to come on that night, and counting down the days to the release of a new episode. I‘m sure all of you used to watch the commercials for the new releases in anticipation. We all looked forward to the new episodes, although I don‘t remember ever getting sick of reruns. If your favorite show didn‘t make the cut, I‘m sorry. It‘s nothing personal, really. This is just one writer‘s reminiscent view of TV from his childhood. However, if you do have a suggestion, comment, or argument, I would love to hear it. Write a letter to the editor; we writers and editors love hearing what you all have to say. I hope this little article jarred a few memories in your head. I know it did for me. We upperclassmen will be spending the next month or so looking back, especially us seniors. It‘s cool to look back at a time when things were a little simpler, and life was innocent.

Showing off their artistic side Jake Cruise

The idea to transform the hallway into an art gallery was thought of by none other than Mr. Campos. Staff Writer The art gallery will give the students who worked so Freedom is transforming into its very own muhard on their art a chance to have a place to officially seum. Everybody who has ever walked through that show it off. hallway between the gym and the auditorium has seen The art gallery will be available to any student the black, gray, and white wall. At first glance it may who is in an art class or Art League, but it was all Art seem as if the art league just started a project and for- League students who helped paint the black, gray, and got it, but Mr. Short has big plans for this hallway. white mural. The wall was personally painted with the He‘s going to turn it into an art gallery, Freedom style. help from Kayla Sandala, Tyler Davidson, Sylvia Anyone who has walked around the school has Blake, David Kiefer, Tony Dambach, Alana Alderette, seen all the artwork hanging on the walls. The hallway Lauren Barrett, Jeremy Herzog, and a few others. Mr. is soon going to take the place of all of this. The art Short helped with it too, of course. So anyone who has league is planning on touching up all the black and a passion for art, or just a passion for looking at art, white paint, then either late this year, or starting early should keep their eyes open for the art gallery next next year, all the artwork created by the students in year. both the art classes and Art League will be hung up. In For anyone who is interested in seeing another order to give the art gallery a more museum-like atone of Mr. Short‘s murals, he is creating one for Promosphere, some light fixtures and red frames may be ject Graduation. It will be 40 feet long, and will feaput up; of course, all of this is in the planning stage as ture a calming boat scene. Make sure to check out the of now, and nothing is set in stone. explosion of new artwork in the coming months.

Karla Knauff, Staff Writer

Mr. Short and the Art League are currently working on a Mural (above).


FHS Press

27 May, 2010

An epic battle of frozen treats Nolan Rider

going to a little stand in the middle of a huge parking lot that had lines that lasted forever. The wait was alA&E Editor ways worth the sweet treat at the end. Everyone has already had a taste of the heat that Nowadays, Hank‘s has expanded and has its own is summer in this area. We all know that it isn‘t going building. They have one of the largest selections of to be getting any better either. Those last few months flavors around, and on top of that, flavors of the day; of summer can be unbearable. Not everyone has a pool, anything you can think of is available. Gourmet flavors so if you‘re looking for a way to beat the summer heat, and a variety of cones make Hank‘s ice cream unique. a great way to cool off this summer is to go out for ice Also, the numerous types of milkshakes make this cream. place an ice-cream heaven. By the way, the cookie In a world dominated by chain restaurants, it is dough is the best. Did I mention they have Mexican refreshing to know that in this area, we support locally food, burgers, and salads to die owned businesses more than the chains such as for? Putri Mesing describes this Bruster‘s and Dairy Queen. Depending on where you summer hot spot as ―yumalicious.‖ live, you may have a local favorite. Although location She says she goes there all the time isn‘t everything, there appears to be trend as to which during the summer to hang out and customers go to which ice cream places, depending on grab a bite to eat. Although the what town they live in. food is great, my favorite part of this local gathering place is seeing all the different classic and muscle Young’s Frozen Custard Stand Young‘s Frozen Custard Stand, right on the edge cars that are shown off every night. of New Sewickley and Zelienople, has been a local favorite for a very long time. From the first day it‘s Punk’s Ice Cream Shop open, you can find an assortment of the self proclaimed Last and certainly not least is ―hicks‖ either sitting at the picnic tables or standing the unique little stand that sits off next to their pickup trucks, which are usually lined up to the side of Ohio River Bouleat the back of the parking lot. This stand has phenome- vard. Punk‘s Ice Cream tends to be nal burgers and fries, but they are famous for their fro- a favorite spot to grab a cool treat zen custard. for the people of Conway. Bret Karns‘ favorite treat there is a chocolate baIt‘s just a short drive a couple nana milkshake, which he described as ―amazing.‖ minutes down the highway to ex―It‘s something fun to do during the summer days perience sweet relief from the when life is boring in New Sewickley,‖ he joked. With summer heat. As an employee of original flavors such as banana, pistachio, tangerine, Bruster‘s, Lexie Javens knows a and raspberry, that are changed weekly, it is impossible thing or two about the business. to get bored with their variety. She says Punk‘s ―has great customer service.‖ Her favorite thing to get is a Pepsi Float. ―They Hank’s Frozen Custard Hank‘s Frozen Custard has gone through renova- have by far the best Pepsi float tions in recent years. When I was a child, I remember around,‖ she claims. She also likes

that fact that a local business is thriving, and finds this fact refreshing. Depending on where you live, or maybe just what kind of treat you‘re looking for, your loyalties may lie with one of these ice cream spots. But maybe you don‘t like any of these and are partial to Dairy Queen or Bruster‘s. Either way, when the boredom of living in Beaver County sets in, it‘s always a nice break to just go out and have fun with friends while eating something cold in the summer heat.

Jessica Rosenkranz. Staff Writer

Combating summer boredom in Beaver County Cole Leonberg Staff Writer Warped Tour This gathering of bands coming to the First Niagara Pavilion in Burgettstown on July 7 is something to see; tickets are on sale now. To see the full list of all the bands participating this year, visit Some of them include Bring me the Horizon, Mayday Parade, and Sum 41.

this is a 0 to 50 in less than three seconds, adrenaline junkie‘s dream! The Sky Rocket is taking the King Kahuna‘s place at Kennywood. Road trips You can make any summer day a little more enjoyable when you‘re with friends. You have many different places to go: Pittsburgh, Erie, or you could pick somewhere local if you want to.

except Tuesdays, and its convenient location makes it a prime place to meet up with your friends. Also it is one of the better custard stands around!

go: the river being one of the closest and easiest choices, but there are a couple lakes that offer a great place to enjoy those summer days on the water. Racoon, and Morain are just a couple that are a short drive away.

Wal-Mart Always a fun place to go to, with its vast assortment of toys, electronics, and Local pools all of the other random ideas that can be Cranberry, Beaver, and Econeomy sparked. Just try to control yourself, so are some of the more common pools in you don‘t get kicked out. the area. Each has something special about it, like how Cranberry has waterslides and diving boards, while Economy Food and movies Concerts There are many dining choices both Many are coming to Pittsburgh and is more quiet and there are less people Fairs: Hookstown, Canfield & Butler Get the gang together and go to one in Cranberry and Monaca, so why not the surrounding areas, so why not go see there. The Beaver pool is one you should of the fairs in the area. Demo cars, good take advantage of the area and grab a one of your favorite bands live? Plus, arrive early to, to ensure you have a spot food, truck pulls, and scary rides; does it bite to eat and see the newest movies? having your friends or family with you is to lay out or sit. get any better? Also, you could go to your favorite place always a memorable experience. to eat and go to the drive-in instead of Take a vacation the theaters. If all else fails, why not travel to Kennywood Boating or Tubing Kennywood‘s the perfect place to Either one is always a great time somewhere enjoyable? Some of the more make a new memory. There is also a either with your family or your friends. common selections are Myrtle Beach, Young’s Frozen Custard Stand new ride this year called the Sky Rocket; Young‘s is open almost every day, Also there are quite a few places you can Ocean City and the Outer Banks.


FHS Press

27 May, 2010

Summer concerts Jessica Rosenkranz Staff Writer Picture this: A sleek, black Lamborghini cruising down the highway right beside a cherry red Camaro; and then there‘s you, borrowing your mom‘s old red van that should have been introduced to the junkyard two years ago. The thought of that is all the fuel I need to put in 30 hours a week selling popcorn and movie tickets for a decent ride of my own. I‘ve been saving the money I get from working since I was 14, just to experience the freedom of not having to share a vehicle. However, the cons to that idea have postponed my dream quite a bit. With the added expenses of insurance, gas, and any possible repairs or additions it may need – it‘s been adding up to a hefty purchase that requires more money than I‘d bargained for. A decent vehicle with less than 100,000 miles can be as low as $5,000. On average, car insurance for a teenage driver per six months is $700 to $1,100, depending on state of residence, type of vehicle, and

type of insurance company. Gas patterns are a constant roller coaster going as high as $4.04 in June of 2008 and as low as $1.72 the following January. Depending on where the gas prices are in the roller coaster, one may spend about $80 to $110 a month on gas alone. All together, without adding in any repairs or maintenance, that adds up to one pretty penny; in my eyes, that‘s a whole lot of hours working just to get some wheels of my own. In the end, the hassle and hard work put into saving anywhere from $3,000 to $8,000 for this new kind of freedom is all going to be worth it. Who wouldn‘t love to just leave and visit a friend instead of waiting for mom or dad to come home and hoping they‘ll take the risk and hand over the keys? Or being able to drive to school instead of having to take the smelly bus with a handful of seemingly loud, obnoxious kids? I‘d save for another year or so just to not have to deal with inconveniences such as that anymore. The money for a vehicle may not come easily, but there is always a chance that mom or dad may throw a couple hundred my way to help out.

Tattoos: the second installment many students here with tattoos that I couldn‘t possibly have only written one Staff Writer article! So here are a few people I Okay, if you haven‘t already missed, and I apologize for any others I noticed, maybe you will now! Freedom may have forgotten! Joey Fubio has a is filled with teens all tatted up! Last red dragon on his top left shoulder. month, FHS Press ran an article written Courtney Valko recently added orange by yours truly all about artwork on the and yellow flowers to her left foot; it bodies of our peers. Other students, was drawn by Mr. Short. Putri Mesing such as Jessica Roman and Tyla Piehler has the phrase ―gods will‖ on the right do not have tattoos yet but plan on get- side of her hip, and Senior Joe Ermi has ting one someday. ―They express peo- a rather interesting image located on his ple‘s style,‖ said Roman. Piehler agrees, backside. Ashley Throne helped in the but adds ―some people don't think about making of this second story. She would what the tattoos will look like when also like a tattoo...of a blender. they‘re 80 years old.‖ There are so Karla Knauff, Staff Writer

Karla Knauff

Lil Kim & Busta Rymes

May 28

Station Square


June 02

Peterson Events Center

Brad Paisley

June 12

First Niagara Pavilion

The Heroes of Woodstock

June 13

Station Square

The Clarks

June 19

Station Square


June 22

Station Square


June 23

Station Square


June 24

First Niagara Pavilion


July 05

Station Square

Vans Warped Tour

July 07

First Niagara Pavilion

Tim McGraw

July 08

First Niagara Pavilion

Lynyrd Skynyrd

July 11

First Niagara Pavilion

Iron Maiden

July 14

First Niagara Pavilion

Limp Bizkit & Ice Cube

July 20

First Niagara Pavilion

Tom Petty

July 24

First Niagara Pavilion

Brooks and Dunn

July 30

First Niagara Pavilion

John Mayer

August 01

First Niagara Pavilion

Willie Nelson

August 14

Meadows Race Track

Maroon 5

August 29

Station Square

You can kiss it goodbye! The 2009-2010 scholastic sports season is already over. It seems like just yesterday that the boys soccer team was on their way to a section championship, or the Freedom faithful were spending every Friday night at the football stadium. Let‘s take a look back at a year that will always be remembered in FHS sports history. We will start in fall with the much anticipated football season. Expectations were high with a new coach and system in place. However, the season did not live up to those expectations, as only two wins were recorded. On the cross-country team, senior Julia Kubica and freshman DeeDee Adams ran their way to states. The golf team played well above their expectations, posting a winning record, but were unfortunately unable to clinch a playoff spot. Soccer was the sport this year that gave fans the most excitement, primarily on the boys‘ end. The girls played well, but showed a lack of experience. The boys soccer team won its first section title in over a decade and made a far run into the WPIAL playoffs. Led by Luke Mesing, Tanner Mesing, and Erik Gabrich, the soccer team was able to send fans into a

frenzy. It was as if the school had caught playoff fever for two weeks. Winter proved to be a season of growth in the sports world at Freedom. A young wrestling team posted a great record, but it was unable to clinch a playoff birth in their tough section. The girls basketball team experienced a high amount of growing pains as it failed to record a win the entire season. The boys fared better than the girls, racking up three wins. However, the boys' record did not reflect how well they played this past season, as they suffered many close defeats. The swim team endured the most hardships of any team at Freedom this past sports season, with fewer than five home meets and 25 practice cancellations, as the pool continued to have problems the entire season. Following suit with the preceding year, the spring turned out to be the most successful sports season at FHS. Both the girls and boys track teams rode undefeated section records to the WPIAL playoffs.

The girls were bounced from them in the playoffs, but the boys made it to the WPIAL Championship finals, where they ultimately came in 4th place. Five wins were recorded by the softball team, but none were more important than the last one, as the seniors were able to leave on a high note. At first, things looked dim for the baseball team, as it struggled to squeeze out victories early in the season. However, they redeemed themselves as they went on a tear at the end, picking up nine straight victories on their way to the WPIAL playoffs where they ultimately lost to Laurel in an 11 inning classic. It has been quite the year here for sports at Freedom. A lot of blood, sweat, and tears were lost fighting for victory. Many players laced up their cleats for the last time wearing their red and white, and will either trade it in for a jersey of a different color in college, or never play competitively again. Either way, whether you were a freshmen or a senior, the memories that you made this year will last forever, and you shouldn‘t want it any other way.

Created by Jessica Rosenkranz

27 May, 2010

FHS Press


Boys go to playoffs again and win section title, Girls win fourth Liz Brunner and Jordan Kusich Staff Writer/Copy & Opinions Editor Boys Track season is over, and it can certainly be said that it went out with a bang. The boys went out with a perfect 6-0 regular season record, winning section and making it to the WPIAL championships. They placed 4th there, which was more than satisfying for this team. WPIAL individual finals were another milestone for these boys; attending seniors included Seth Shidemantle, Devin Sauers, Shane Quinn, and Joe Ermi, who competed on a 4x1 relay team. Overall, the year was a success, and all of their efforts and continuous training definitely paid off in the end. These boys have ultimate bragging rights until next year‘s team does their best to beat this solid record. Girls The girls' track team accomplished another successful season. The girls will remember this year as it was another year they went undefeated, with a season record of 6-0. They also made it to the WPIAL playoffs, but they lost the first round, or were "bounced out," according to track coach, Mr. Tinker. For four years now they've had the title of "Section Champs," and will con-

Bryan McSorley Sports Editor This season was one full of growth for the softball team. They had a hard time establishing themselves as a contender in a tough section that included perennial powers Seton-LaSalle, Bishop Canevin, and Sto-Rox. It wasn‘t what the softball team had expected, but it was not a lost season. The bulldogs were never outhustled and can hang their visors on playing hard every pitch. Even with the hustle and hard work, the softball team was plagued with a lack of timely hitting and errors. They scored five or less runs in all but four of their games this season. Freedom was down in every game that it played this season; it just had a hard time pulling out victories. The last game of the season against Quaker Valley showed the Bulldogs‘ true potential. They shut out the Quakers and came alive with nine runs. The game was a good way in which the five seniors finished their careers. They all will be able to say that they finished their athletic careers at Freedom with a win. Although Freedom is graduating

Emily Francis, Copy Editor

Left: Freshman Jerek Melvin, one of the boys track team’s promising underclassmen, runs hurdles. Right: Junior Sierra Boggs prepares for liftoff as she attempts a long jump. tinue to keep their heads held high. Without their head senior, Julia Kubica, the girls will face the hardship of being section champs once again next year.

four team leaders, the future looks bright for Coach Brandi Burger and the softball team. It will return four starters from the 2010 season and has a plentiful amount of underclassmen waiting to enter the starting lineup and prove themselves. It should be interesting and exciting to see what these girls will be able to do next year in 2011.

Bryan McSorley, Sports Editor

Savannah Grossetti pitches as Kristi Tibolet and Katy Ross prepare for a play against Seton La-Salle.


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27 May, 2010

Jessica Rosenkranz, Photo Editor

Left: Senior Jesse Johnston catches a pop fly. Right: The infield meets on the mound before the beginning of an inning. Bryan McSorley Sports Editor Adversity: how the baseball team dealt with this little nine-letter word is what defined its season. It started the 2010 season with a lackluster 5-5 record after only losing four games the entire 2009 season. With that kind of record, playoffs seemed like a hopeless goal. This resilient bunch of young men knew exactly how to deal with such adversity. All seven seniors were poised to not let their baseball careers at Freedom end in such a manner. After their fifth loss of the season on April 20, the previously silent Bulldog bats came alive. Suddenly the timely hitting that had plagued them earlier in the season had now become one of their biggest strengths. The

Bulldogs went on to win their next eight games and clinch the second seed in section-1 AA. They shocked the eventual section champion, the Center Trojans, behind the bat of Danny O‘Leary and right arm of relief pitcher Bryan McSorley. Cole Lentz continued to dominate on the mound and at the plate. He shut down section rivals Beaver and New Brighton and contributed key hits to the victories. ―We never gave up,‖ Coach Steve Wetzel said, ―I believe this team is better than last year‘s team because they came through when their backs were against the wall.‖ The Bulldogs rode this hot streak into the playoffs where they met Laurel in the first round. Freedom took the lead early as Cole Lentz knocked in Derek Lehocky, who ripped a triple deep into the left center gap in the first inning. Unfortunately that would be the only run that the Bulldogs would score in the game.

Although the Bulldogs did not score after the first inning, it was not as if the team did not have its chances. The team left 12 runners in scoring position in the last five innings alone. Pitching was not the problem in the loss to Laurel. Lentz was practically unhittable giving up only two hits in nine innings. Bryan McSorley gave up two hits in his two innings pitched, but it was his consecutive wild pitches that proved the difference. A Laurel base runner was able to score from second on a curveball that passed catcher Adam Teets. It was a close call, but in the end Freedom was sent home from the playoffs. It was a sad end to the long and successful careers of the seven seniors who will be missed next season. Freedom will bring back two starters for next season and a handful of experienced underclassmen who expect to make the playoffs for the third consecutive year.

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