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November 2012

702 Greenbriar-Friendswood, TX

Smith Wins Region Teacher of the Year By: Amanda Cordero

a teacher’s value is often underappreciated. But the Houston / Bay Area region decided to take matters into their own hands and show their appreciation for their local teachers.

Mrs. Pepper Smith, freshman

pre-AP English teacher and UIL cohead sponsor, won the 2013 Region 4 (Houston / Bay Area) Teacher of the English teacher Pepper Smith was named Region Teacher of the Year.

Year. The Region 4 Teacher of the

Year is selected from 150 school dis-

Oftentimes, teachers are taken

for granted. Working long hours, dealing with parents and kids, and often juggling sponsorships and coaching,

tricts within the Houston / Bay Area region.

“Each district selects an

The Latest and Greatest Gadgets By: John Jacobs

Every year it seems that

the public is barraged with new “technological advances” and things that will “change the world for ever”.

Rarely do these hefty

promises make it to store, recycled models of the old items are often the common product among cell phone manufactures and designers, but when a truly innovative product does break through the wall of mediocrity then it seems the innovations are adopted and are soon in every new product.

The iPhone has become a

phenomenon that bridges the gap between young and old.

Every year thousands of

people around the world line up outside apple stores waiting say and night to get their hands on the newest product iPhone.

This year the iPhone 5 has

come out and once again millions were sold and Apple success continued.

The newer sleeker and taller

iPhone has drawn praise from critics for being faster than ever, but some claim that it is the same item and the

elementary and a secondary [high

feel the same way about her.

school] representative,” said Smith.

“These teachers submit eight essays

said Candace Tat, freshman. “She

on various aspects of teaching.”

makes you look at things from a point

of view that you would have never

Later, a Region 4 committee

“I love Mrs. Pepper Smith,”

selects six elementary and six high

thought of. She’s great.”

school finalists. From those twelve,

two teachers are chosen, one for el-

perks. The recipients had a diner

ementary and one for high school. The

and awards ceremony hosted in their

results are released in August

honor on August 8. But Mrs. Smith’s

favorite part of winning is just like

“I was shocked, humbled,

Of course, winning has its

and proud when I found out that I

her: more fun.

was chosen as he teacher of the year,”

Smith said. “My favorite part of my

cream!” Smith said, grinning mischie-

job is the kids.”


“We all got Blue Bell ice

It’s obvious that her students

Cross Country

Congratulations to the Boys Cross Country team who won third place at the State Meet in Round Rock. Senior Ryan Teel won first place and Senior Levi Kessler won eighth place.

real sell phones are Androids.

Android and Apple fans have

become devout enemies that refuse to give any credit to the opposing product.

Android fans claim that the

iPhone 5 is not as customizable as current Android phones.

Apple fans claim the iPhone is

faster and just a better product overall.


Both phones have barrowed a

lot of ideas and innovations from each other from the beginning of the smart phone era and both are better products for their customers because of the innovations of their competitor.

Every year it gets harder and

harder to determine what is a product worth buying.

The constant competition

in every technological department forces companies to push the limits of current tech to innovate and make something the public will buy.

Congratulations to the Lady Mustang Volleyball team for a great season this year. They made it to the State Tournament in Garland where they won third place.


Student Features

the lariat

November 2012

NaNoWriMo By: Amanda Cordero

Stephanie Ngo, sophomore,

is many things: high school student, self-appointed nerd, dancer, pianist. But for the month of November, Ngo is also a novelist.

Ngo is participating

in National Novel Writing Month, affectionately known as “NaNoWriMo” to amateur writers. NaNoWriMo›s challenge is to write a 50,000 word novel between November 1 and November 30. Last year, over 256,000 people participated, with 36,843 of them actually meeting the word count. This year, Ngo is vying to be one of those who finish their novel. This is her first year participating in NaNoWriMo.

Ngo, whose inspirations

include Dianna Wynne Jones, is writing a fantasy story, modeled after her favorite genre.

«My story is basically about

three teenagers and a literal journey

published novels, including Erin

try it,” Ngo says encouragingly. “If

of self-discovery,» Ngo says, grinning

Morgenstern›s The Night Circus

50,000 words in a month sounds too

cheekily. «Also, there›s some magic

and Marissa Meyer›s Cinder (both

crazy, there is a program that allows

and politics and teenage angst. But it›s

novels were on the New York Times

you to set your won word goal. Try

mostly about adventure.»

Best Seller list). Not all NaNoWriMo

20,000 words instead.”

parcipants become bestselling authors,

Ngo is busy, busy, busy. Juggling

but there are other rewards to be

seem like too much, the support that

school, homework, extracurricular


Ngo receives is just as plentiful.

activities, AND a 50,000 word novel

requires a lot of time management.

Ngo says. «The point is that you›ve

about literature,” Mr. Reed, Ngo’s

«I try to get as much homework done

written 50,000 words and didn›t

former freshman English teacher, said.

in school as possible, and I stay home

stop! The major bragging rights from

“She’s a great writer and I’m sure

all weekend and write,» Ngo says,

writing a novel - in a month, as well! -

that whatever she writes will be very

rolling her eyes. «It also helps that I›m

are a nice perk.»


a fast typer.»

support NaNoWriMo as a way to

a month of scribbling down words.

similar to running a marathon. And

introduce their students to the writing

It’s a challenge of passion and a

like a marathon, when times get tough,

and editing process.

celebration of creativity.

frustration and doubt often abound.

is a wonderful way to encourage

a challenge to complete,” Ngo says,

powerful force against my novel,”Ngo

reading and writing,” Mrs. Hillier,

her fingers tapping impatiently on her

says. “I can’t help but wonder how

sophomore English teacher, said.

desk, as if itching to return to typing

awful my words are, but I just push

However, many students may the

her story. “But at the end of the day,


writing process intimidating, even

it’s discovering a little bit more of


who you are as a person and what you

have to say to the world.”

Like all high school students,

NaNoWriMo, to many, is

“My own self doubt is a pretty

Many completed NaNoWriMo

works have gone on to become actual

The Road to Gold

By: Sarah Evans

Kaitlyn Stafford on the beam does a back walkover.

After fracturing her foot, a young gymnast will continue her struggle towards her goal of being the best: being an Olympic athlete.

Just one year ago, Level 9

gymnast Kaitlyn Stafford suffered a crippling injury after a dismount forcing her to take a step back in order to heal, but just a few months later

«Really, I expect satisfaction,»

Many English teachers

“I think that this organization

“My biggest tip is just to

Though the word count may

“Stephanie is so passionate

NaNoWriMo is more than just

“NaNo, on the surface, is just

she made a miraculous comeback

hour training week she has a lot on her

my greatest encouragers,” Kaitlyn

by qualifying for the state level


said. “We always support one


difficult,” Stafford said. “I get out of

Stafford said. “I worked really hard to

school early for off-campus P.E. and

on the path for gold since she could

overcome that injury and it all payed

go straight to practice.”

walk, and now, it is just a matter of

off in the end.”

motivation, dedication and sheer talent

Kaitlyn has little time to dedicate to

“It was a great feeling,”

Olympic gymnast Kerri

“My schedule is very

With very little extra time,

Stung is Kaitlyn’s role model and

her friends, but she always finds a

inspiration, similar to Kaitlyn, she


too suffered a injury but kept pushing


out,” Kaitlyn’s friend Samantha

Bishop said. “But she is always there

“At the Olympics on her first

“Its hard when she cant hang

vault she tore two ligaments in her

for you if you need something. She’s a

foot,” Stafford said. “Then, on her

great friend.”

second vault she landed on one foot

and won the gold”

toll on Kaitlyn, but she always finds

a way to overcome the small voice in

With such high aspirations,

So much dedication takes a

Kaitlyn’s schedule is always full;

her head telling her to give up.

between Pre-Ap classes and a twenty-

“My friends at the gym are

another.” Kaitlyn Stafford has been

that will continue to push her forward.


Feature and News

the lariat

November 2012

Marissa Persaud By: Sevren Lab

“I’m not going to miss

anything about high school,” senior Marissa Persaud said. “I mean, I enjoyed it, but I’m ready for the next step. I’m looking forward to branching out and going somewhere else. Friendswood’s kind of a bubble.”

One look at Marissa’s long

dark hair and big brown eyes, and you wouldn’t be surprised to hear that she is a model and a pageant girl, but there is much more to her than that. She’s got a strong mind, a passion for creativity, and she’s not afraid to dream big.

“After high school, I plan

on going to college and studying journalism,” Marissa said. “I love writing and sharing my opinions.”

Before discovering her love

for journalism, Marissa spent two years on the high school drum line. She quickly realized that band wasn’t the right thing for her.

“I did not like band,” Marissa

said. “After I did it for awhile, I found out I had a spine problem. I couldn’t even walk for more than ten minutes at a time, but people accused me of faking it. It was horrible. I didn’t like it, so I quit. After that, I found


Now that she’s found what

she loves, Marissa has got big plans for her future. Nothing will be able to stop her from chasing her dreams. and achieving her goals once she graduates.

“My dream would be to

graduate from the University of South Florida and become a beauty journalist,” Marissa said. “They have a really good writing program there, and there are a lot of opportunities for internships. I’d also like to get a cosmetology degree to help with beauty journalism.”

Her ambitious goals don’t

stop there. Marissa knows what she wants to do for the rest of her life, and she plans on doing it.

“In fifteen years, I see

myself married with kids working for Glamour Magazine,” Marissa said. “I always loved Glamour Magazine. I like Seventeen too, so I’d probably write for Seventeen after that.”

High school has been fun,

but Marissa’s ready to get out. Her senior year is almost halfway over, and it will be a thing of the past before

The Mighty Mustang Band

you being there for practice,” Chance

solidation team or other wise know as

Turner said.

the PFC Flyers.

“It really helps the team to play better

when everyone is there.”

well the past few years,” sophomore

Brevin Morris said. “We placed fifth

and on the weekends.

place last year.”

have a tradition,” Brevin Morris said.

Pearland and Friendswood

Games are on Friday evenings “Whenever we win a game we

high school students come together to

“We sing our team song.”

make up the Flyers.

hockey teams from places such as

“This is my first year on the

The Flyers play against other

team,” Brevin Morris said. “Even

Sugarland, Willowbrook, Clear Lake,

though I have played hockey for five

and anywhere from the greater Hous-


ton area.

High school students can join

“We just played in a fundrais-

the team as a freshman but the team

er tournament in September,” Brevin

isn’t restricted just to boys, girls are

Morris said. “We played against Clear

allowed to play too.

Lake, Sugarland, and the Woodlands.”

“The team gets along well

The team is looking for a

together,” Senior at Pearland High

great season this year and hoping to

School Chance Turner said. “Most of

place well in tournaments.

us have been on the team together for


playing again,” Chance Turner said.

The team has practices every

Monday and every other Wednesday

“Everyone is excited to be

“With the new players we hope to do play better this year.”

after school.

won two championships and earned


in the state marching contest.

all superior ratings at UIL.

majors for the band,” Brenan said. competitive season.”

They finished twenty-two

great season,” junior Brenan Region

overall, but out of the twenty-one

said. “It was definitely one of our

bands finishing ahead of them all but


three were 5A bands.

“Everyone did there best,”

Alamodome for their last

junior Nick Hughey said. “In these


competitions you can only hope for

the best.”

“I am one of the drum

the Pearland and Friendswood Con-

“The team has player fairly

“The team really depends on

of nine 5A bands that are competing

an amazing show and good results.

The band competed in the

escape from the bubble and live her

“I help conduct the band during the

It is the beginning of a new season for

has finished its marching season with “I thought this year was a

By: Ashlyn Brisbay

she knows it. Soon, it will be time to

Marching Season Over for Band By: Ashlyn Brisbay

PFC Flyers Start Season

The band had finished ahead

“We did better at smaller

Overall the Mustang Band

“We are all like family,”

competitions,” Brenan said. “But I

Brenan said, “We have certainly

am still happy for how well we did

gotten closer over this competition

throughout this entire season.”




the lariat

November 2012

Popular Hangout Place By: Casey South

The new Friendswood

Whataburger after games,” junior

tradition is going to Whataburger

Caroline Johnson said, “I get to eat

after the football game every week.

and hangout with my friends.”

The students enjoy going there to

socialize and see everyone after the

students love Whataburgers


delicious food.

“It’s just the cool place for

All of the high school

“Whataburger is always

everyone to hang out after football

so packed after the games,”

games,” senior Hailey Salyer said,

sophomore Kaitlyn Poole said,

“everyone goes!”

“but everyone always seems to go


The restaurant is always

jam packed with all of the high

school students, there barely any

a good gathering after the football

room for everyone to sit down.

games, I think it will continue

through the next years.

“I love going to

Seniors Marley Goodwin, Lindsey Loveless, Lauren Loveless, Danielle White, and jC Hunt hang out at Whataburger after the football team wins.

This new tradition has been

Of Mice and Men By: John Jacobs

The Friendswood

only show for one weekend.

auditorium traveled back in

time into The Great Depression

and physically draining,” ensemble

of the early 1930s, when jobs

member Jenny Plackemeier said.

were scarce and the unemployed

“It’s a lot different than last year.”

resorted to migrant work. That’s

where Lennie and George lye,

of people that would sing or talk in

two out of work men traveling

an in sync tone that would set the

through California searching for

mood, setting, or let the audience

possibilities. George, a smart but

know about an important event in

uneducated man, constantly tends

the story.

to Lennie, a large man who has

limited mental abilities and cannot

there and looked pretty,” Jenny

control his strength. This drama

Plackemeire said. “But it was an

filled tale stirs emotion in audience

amazing thing to be apart of.”

member regardless of age, gender,

or stature.

huge crowds and appraisal

from many students. The new

“I saw all kinds of people

“It’s draining, emotionally

The ensemble was a group

“Basically we stood

Of Mice and Men drew

crying as they walked out.”

two-weekend showing was a

Crewmember Samantha McHenry

success almost doubling regular

said. “It felt good knowing we


made something that could touch

people like that.”

and practice,” Ensemble member

Shae Blehm said. “But the

This year for the first time

“It was a lot of hard work

the Theatre Department is having

experience was amazing and im

five shows throughout two weeks

happy I was a part of it.”

instead of the regular three that

Junior Kailyn Kelledy and Maggie Geiler hang out at Whataburger.

The Lariat Staff Editors

Kaitlyn Kaufhold Cole Willbanks Ross Wegner


Ashlyn Brisbay Sarah Evans Sevren Lab Ross Wegner

Amanda Cordero John Jacobs Casey South

Photagraphy Madi LeBouef


Vicki Hartzell

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Homecoming Game

the lariat

November 2012

Friendswood Dominates Goose Creek By: Ross Wegner

Last Friday was the last

receiver Walker Williams had three

Homecoming game for all seniors

catches for 58 yards, and Michael

at Henry Winston Stadium. The

Montalvo drilled a 25-yard field

exciting Friday night-lights game

goal to put Friendswood up two

was between the Mustangs and

scores in the fourth quarter. Some

Goose Creek Memorial.

other Key members of the offense

also helped out on the defensive

“We knew there would

be some distractions with

side of the ball such as, sophomore

homecoming and a good team,”

running back/linebacker Sam

Quarterback Jordan Wood said.

Longbotham and center/defensive

“But we put it all behind us and

tackle Dylan Vail, and of course

made sure we got the win.”

Jordan Wood, who played

quarterback and safety.

When the game ended,

Wood had rushed for 155 yards and

“This week we have a

three touchdowns on 17 carries.

huge game ahead of us and it is

His final touchdown came midway

important that we prepare well

through the fourth quarter after

for the number one state ranked

he jumped over a Goose Creek

Dawson Eagles,” Senior Aaron

linebacker to seal the deal.

Hillier said.

“He really is a great player,

looking to upset the number one

never know when he will make a

ranked team and silence the critics

huge play.”

that believed they would have

another downfall season. “Our defense started growing more and more confident as the night went on,” Koopmann said. “When we play hard and fly to the ball, several guys can step up and force some turnovers.”

 Friendswood held Goose Creek to just 240 total yards of offense, heading into their toughest challenge of the season against Class 4A’s top-ranked Pearland Dawson (7-0, 4-0).

24-7 Victory over Goose Creek, which moved them into the third place spot in District 24-4A. Wood also had a scare in the second half.

“Honestly, I didn’t breathe

for a minute,” Friendswood head coach Robert Koopmann said. “But the trainer told me it wasn’t a joint injury, and I knew he’d be fine.”

Wood suffered a minor

Homecoming Queen Jillian Bergeson and her escort Jordan Wood.

Cheerleaders Ashton Clement, Rachel Steed, Abby Livesay and Maggie Geiler.

Football Sweetheart nominees Maggie Geiler and Alissa Ratcliff with Football Sweetheart Anna Griffith.

Wranglerette Grand Marsahl Kayla Peterson during the Homecoming Pep Rally.

Homecoming Queen nominees Peyton Yager and Andrea Tovar with Homecoming Queen Jillian Bergerson.

The Mustangs will be

Junior Dillon Cline said. “You

Wood led the team to a

Anna Griffith reacts to winning Football Sweetheart.

injury when he landed on his tailbone and had the win knocked out of him, causing the crowd to silence.

“It was a great team win,”

Junior Walker Williams said. “Everyone did their part and we came out with a much better outcome than when we played the Texas City Stings.”

Friendswood junior

Friendswood High School Lariat Issue 2  

Friendswood High School's newspaper The Lariat. Issue Two. Published December 9, 2012.