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lariat friendswood high school

February 2013

702 Greenbriar-Friendswood, TX

Safety Measures in Action By: John Jacobs

After recent events

door. While our school should

regarding the Newtown

become safer for the students

shooting precautions have

this is an incontinent and

been taken across the country

unnecessary attempt at a

to make sure this tragic event


is never repeated. Schools

have begun implementing

is highly inconvenient to

new rules and provisions to

students closing many faster

become safer. Our school

walking paths and this also

is not exempt from these

completely closes off the

provisions. At about 9

junior parking lot. Although

everyday the outer doors to

locking the doors may sound

the school will be locked

like it will make school much

making the main entrance

safer this solution is plagued

to the school the only open

with multiple problems such

Locking the outer doors

Girls Soccer Season Starts

as randomly unlocked doors

school must either unlock the

and the easy access to the

doors and take precautions in


other areas, or the school must

fully commit to the locking of

The discussion of

school safety is one that needs these doors and never leave a to be had and many new

door unlocked.

precautions should be taken,

but locking the most used

events the school was forced

doors but leaving multiple

to quickly respond but

doors unlocked completely

locking the outer doors was

defeats the point of this entire

not implemented properly

provision. Many times I have

and should be addressed. The

been locked out of school just

school must become safer

to find an unlocked door that

but it must truly commit

anybody could have opened.

if it wants the students to

feel safer instead of just

There are two ways to

approach this problem, the

stopped us from working out and practicing almost everyday.” By: Angelique Waller This coming weekend Girl’s varsity soccer “It was pretty scary they will compete in the looks like a pretty promising being one of the team mates I-10 tournament where they season this year! After who got to participate in the will have some very tough graduating 9 starting seniors, shootout,” senior Lindsey competition. a lot of hard work will be put Loveless said, “but in the end “We play Tomball into building up this team to it was worth it!” again which was one of our the best of its ability. The team has also had 6 hardest games so far.” Junior “It’s a completely new other scrimmages where they tori Anton said. mix of girls this year,” junior won every game except the The following Zoe Cole said, “but we have game against Katy Taylor. weekend, the varsity team the potential to become a “Katy Taylor is ranked will travel to Bryan in order great team.” the best in the state right to participate in another The varsity team had now,” sophomore Taylor Rue challenging tournament. their first tournament last said, “but I know we have the “I’m very excited weekend and they came out work ethic to beat them as our for our next over night champions being undefeated season continues.” tournament because we have in 4 games. The girls stay after so much to time to bond with “It was a super fun school everyday until 5 in our team.” junior Zoe Cole weekend full of memories and order to have a complete, said. a lot of challenging games.” 2 hour practice even if its After the Bryan junior Tori Anton said. raining. tournament, the girls soccer Their final game came “The weather has team begins their district down to a tie where they definitely been a factor this games where they will be pulled out a win in a shootout season so far,” Senior Hannah competing in hopes of being against Tomball. Sutherland said, “but it hasn’t

Because of recent

aggravated. undefeated. “We only have 8 teams in our district this season,” sophomore Taylor Rue said, “but it will still be some tough competition.” Overall the girls look forward to a fun, hard, and successful season full of much support from the school! “I hope students can come out to our games and support us because it really helps pump us up!” junior Tori Anton said.

Hannah Sutherland signed to McNeese University to play soccer.



the lariat

Signing Day

February 2013

Tennis So




Amber Mills signed to McLennan Jr. College to play softball.

Vo lle yb


Hannah Brown signed to Cowley Junior College to play tennis.


Dylan Vail signed to the United States Air Force Academy to play football.

Caitlin Kaltenbaugh signed to the School of Mines to play soccer.

Hannah Sutherland signed to McNeese University to play soccer.

Jillian Bergeson signed to Pepperdine to play volleyball.

Shannon Ellis signed to Georgetown to play volleyball.

Makenzie Frieden signed to Tulane to play volleyball.


Academic News

the lariat

February 2013

Science Fair Winners


Animal Science

Lauren Whalen

First Second Second Third

Behavioral Science Behavioral Science Behavioral Science Behavioral Science

Niki Gupta Dylan dickens Jessica Babcock Kate Dannemiller

First Second Third Third Fourth Fourth

Biochem/Micro Biochem/Micro Biochem/Micro Biochem/Micro Biochem/Micro Biochem/Micro

Natalie Wu Emelie Nelson Kelly Janak Sinjin Sharma Neha Narayan Vivian Tat

Fourth Botany Cooper Dixon First


Bobbie Cooney


Computer Sciences

Roma Pradhan

First First

Energy & Trans Energy & Trans

Karan Jerath Carey Landon

Second Third Fourth Fifth

Energy & Trans Energy & Trans Energy & Trans Energy & Trans

Katherine Harclerode Taylor Cubbage Ben Burdick Jaclynn Turnbaugh

First Engineering Aditya Mohile Second Engineering Nadia Poluszny Third Engineering Julie Rogers Fourth Engineering Alex Wilson First Second

Environmental Sci Environmental Sci

Trey Brittenum Sarah Mai

First Math Shanika Silva Second Math Ian Bukowski First Med/Health Skylar McHenry Second Med/Health Molly Chen First Physics Trent Weatherly Second Physics Derek Janak Second Physics Cassie Nagle

Debate Advances to State Debate took first, second, adn fifth place at the District 24AAA CX Debate meet. Two teams will advance to UIL State in Austin in March. First: Nader Asgari-Tari and James Bockmon Second: Lily Vo and Lisa Harrington Fifth: Daira Brayley and Kevin Hodge



the lariat

February 2013

Hunting Season By: Ross Wegner

           Many hunters actually travel to their ranches and deer leases all over Texas to find their monster buck.             “I was able to shoot a really nice 12 point this season and it was scored at 170,” Junior Wes Dooley said. “I was really happy with my

Hunting has always been a

big deer and hope I can repeat it next year.”

great Texas tradition and this year’s            Most hunters now days season has been a good one, but is hunt for big deer that they can sadly coming to an end.

           The deer population has been very stable and hunters all over Texas have dragged in some big trophy deer.             “I have a deer lease in Victoria, and is just a blast to hang out at besides the hunting,” Junior Walker Williams said. “It was our first year on the lease and we were able to shoot some really nice deer.”

score then mount. But some just have the traditional motivation, which is the delicious tender deer meat.            “At my deer lease were not really looking to shoot a monster deer, its mainly just for a bunch of guys to get away from the girls and have a good time,” Junior Lane Griffon said. “We don’t have a really nice house and high fenced

Fairness Winners Announced

property, its more of like a camp.”

Williams said. “The drought gave

           Hunters across the state

everyone a big scare that deer

seem to be hunting on and creating

populations would be down, but

more high fenced places where

they turned out to be just fine.”

they can manage their own big

           Despite one of the worst

deer and breed them with other big

droughts on record last year, the


deer population came through with

           “My ranch is high fenced

minimal population impacts. Most

and it has almost become a second

areas experienced a low fawn crop

business to my dad because you

last year, as to be expected, but

have to buy breeder deer and then

there were very few reports of any

let people pay you to shoot them,”

significant adult mortality related

Junior Cole Willbanks said. “It can

to the drought.

be a lot of work too but that’s what

           “I always love when

you have to do now days to get

hunting season comes around,

really big deer.”

because it is my favorite thing to

           High fenced high ranches

do,” Junior Lane Griffon said. “It’s

have become very common around

a great hobby and if you haven’t

Texas. Hunters are paying to shoot

ever done it I suggest you give it a

big deer on high fenced ranches or


creating their own.


           “I am really happy how this season turned out,” Junior Walker

The Lariat Staff Editors

Kaitlyn Kaufhold Cole Willbanks Ross Wegner


Ashlyn Brisbay Sarah Evans Sevren Lab Ross Wegner

Amanda Cordero John Jacobs Casey South

Photagraphy Madi LeBouef

Congratulations to Cole McCoy, Kellee Ramirez, Sam Broom, Ashyln Brisbay, Ashley Cao, Martin WaltonGray, Josh Lane, Shelby Goodale-Brown, Alaina Schoppa, Sydney Armstrong, Madison Stump, Rhiannon Suffield, Emelie Nelson, Bailey McKernan, Zach Cocetti, Bryton Larsen, Kyle Smith, Shakkar Biswas, Kira Wise, Olivia Olmeda, Candice Tat, Coleman Oubre, Celeste Wood, Bryan Fowler, Caitlin Lee, Emily Jones, Danny Vazquez, Kyle Jesionowski, Kathy Cao, Kishan Patel, Darian Larsen, Stefan Gamero, Leslie Estrada, and Brooke Cheatwood.


Vicki Hartzell

Editorial Policy

The Friendswood High School Lariat Policy is a student produced paper published by the Journalism I-IV classes. The material printed in The Lariat does not reflect the policies of the FHS Faculty, administrators, or Board of Education. The Lariat welcomes signed letters to the editor and/or articles, but reserves the right to edit them for length and grammar. Letters can be given to any staff members or dropped off in Room 419.



the lariat

February 2013


Outstanding HOSA Chapter 1st Place-Hannah Sutherland Dental Science 2nd Place-Darian Larsen

Skills USA

Broadcast News 1st - Blake Sokora, Kacey Bowen, Ally Fluker, Maggie Geiler 2nd - Stephanie Krail, Ashley Bridges, Alyx Porter, Matt Hlavenka Digital Cinema 1st - Daniel Horn & Carl Knight 3rd - Caitlin Lee & Avery Pham TV Production 1st - Peter Rodriguez and Thomas Reynolds 2nd - Corbin Moore and Caitlin Marr 3rd - Drew Jasek & Nick Smith

All State Choir

Five FHS Choir students were named as members of the Texas Music Educators Association All-State Choirs following auditions held at Deer Park HS on January. This represents 100% of the students auditioning from Friendswood and follows four rounds of auditions that began in September. Members of the All-State Mixed Choir are seniors Ellie Herder and Vinnie Mahal. This is Vinnie’s second year. Members of the All-State Women’s Choir are seniors Haley Holtje and Ariana Randal, and sophomore Shelby Allison. These students will perform in San Antonio in February at the annual TMEA convention.

Friendswood High School Lariat-Issue 3  

Friendswood High School's newspaper The Lariat. Issue Two. Published February 14, 2013.

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