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Official Newsletter of Franklin Key Club | Division 7 South | Region 16 | CNH District Volume 3 Issue 10

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Let the Titans March today. “Oh, hey Key Club, didn‟t see you there.” One year ago, I would not have thought a single bit about this moment, my last newsletter. And what a year this has been, new faces, new projects, new challenges to face with a team that I could not have wished to replace with any other to get the job done and know has my back through thick and thin, in sickness and in health, „til death do us part, or the end of our term. Regrettably, I cannot stop time from making me relinquish my position, but fret not because before you know it Alvin Tai will be gracing your inboxes with his newsletters. Similar to every month since April 2011, February entailed several fun moments meant to last a lifetime, just like every day I spent working with your current board. As we head out flying to the end of this newsletter and the end of this year‟s board‟s term, I heavily encourage indulging yourselves in Key Club‟s presence. The amount of opportunities and doors opened by this club are way too beneficiary to pass up, no one in their right mind should be letting something as great as this club pass them by. Lewis and Clark had no idea what they would find on the Oregon Trail, Crestley Wong and board were in the same shoes. Come along and join me one last time through one more newsletter.

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Here are six awkwardly placed high school students who eventually grew together to become an unstoppable force, while on the side, a merry bunch of friends, now cool and casual with one another.


Real People. Real Events. Key Club. Kiwanis Crab Feed (2/24/2012) A year from this date ago, your current executive board served for the first time together and going back it sure was a nostalgic time. Just like the first time around, our sponsoring Kiwanis Club held a Crab Feed, serving alongside of us on this magnificent gathering was McClatchy High School’s Key Club. All around the room you could see tables packed with hungry people and some extremely attractive high school servers walking around and assuring the coordinator that everything was running smoothly. On this fateful night in which Monsters and Bees worked together, instead of cheering at each other, pairs went around busing tables, serving dishes of salad, pasta, and most importantly crab. Well, what do you know, Key Clubbers serving, no rare feature and no sweat because we got a crew, a crew of kids who already have the service business down, you could almost say it’s their bread and butter which also happened to have been served on that night as well. Special shout-out to Juelline Lieng, who won the airplane throwing competition for her age division. Yeah, I said “airplane,” I could have mentioned the part about it being made of paper but I’m upping her street cred instead because she was my partner for the night, and guess what. She’s a Seven North Bee. Not only did the ruffians serve and prepare food for others and pick up the trash of others, these hooligans even dined together, bonding over some chow before getting down the huge stretch of work approaching them. An event like this, where you meet so many new people and get to see a world unlike your average daily life, defines what Key Club is like. Our night concluded with swarms of ice cream boxes to our fans, I mean the people dining at the event. Just remember deep down inside, we’re all bees, think of us as mutated bees, like the X-Men, we’re MONSTERS! MONSTROSITIES! ABOMINATIONS! Like 626, Stitch from Lilo&Stitch. Why am I making so many random allusions? Anyway, Key Club’s about inclusiveness, so deep down we’re all also Sharks, Penguins, Grizzlies, Goldfishes…fishese …fish …fishi… fisheses… yeah. Don’t know where I was going with that and I’m still talking about it but the point is, this was really just an awesome night. There are rare opportunities to buddy club for some events, it’s even more rare for that club to be in another division.

What‟s McClatchy doing in my wonderful photo of our lovely waiters and waitresses!? Oh that‟s right, interdivision megalopolis buddy clubbing homunculus event where two worlds collided.

Justin Bieber and Rebecca Black could not make a better collaboration than these two club‟s goons and henchmen and henchwomen. Just look at that bowl preparing synergy, I‟d like to see America‟s Next Top Model or whatever it‟s called try and get up to our level.

Other Previous Events: CNYCA’s Annual Chinese New Year Celebration (2/18) | Soromptist Crab Feed (4/25) Coming Right Up: Recycling @Betty’s House (3/3) | Read Around Fairy Tale Town @Fairy Tale Town (3/3) | Fairy Goes Green @Fairy Tale Town (3/10) | Shamrock’n Half Marathon @Raley Field (3/11)|Credit Union’s SACTOWN 10 Miler @10th and Capital Street (4/1) | Spring Eggstravaganza @Elk Grove Park (4/7) | Fairy Tale Town’s Spring Eggstravaganza @Fairy Tale Town (4/7 & 4/8)|Helen Carr Castelo Spring Carnival @ Laguna Creek Racquet Club (4/20) | Relay For Life @Elk Grove High School (4/28)


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Chronicles of Awesome: Profiled Crestley “Crusty Wang” Wong President The image is startling: for the past few months, every day that dawned, was a day Franklin High School Key Club was presided over by Crestley Wong. Much can be said about this physically fragile girl, she bruises, breaks and whimpers quite easily, but despite her rickety body situation, inside is a heart that is a bigger contradiction than the Starburst commercials. Crestley has an undying passion - nothing can dismember her love for the club, the organization, and each and every single member in it. When I first walked the halls of high school, she found me and brought me into the club, since then she became an extremely flexible Vice-President and this past year acted as the President for Franklin Key Club. On her way to presidency and during her term as President, she‟s showed me seven unique qualities I think leaders should have. In fact, I was inspired to give candidates for the next year a word for, enlightening them on qualities they should hope to refurbish in order to continue the legendary success of Crestley. These words – vigor, valor, enunciate, calm, solidarity, volume, focus – all show up in her work. Each of these defines her leadership to certain extents because nothing can ever fully capture the essence of her work and dedication to the club. Memories and the feelings from them cannot be documented or recorded well enough to recreate how she‟s touched us with her sincerity, kindness, and appeal to our emotions. Her attendance at several events and Division Council Meetings far exceeds your average club officer.

During her term, she successfully planned out our club‟s INSPI(RED) SOCCER Tournament, making roughly four-hundred dollars for doctors in Africa to keep up their work, soccer stars to promote AIDs awareness, and shoes for impoverished children. No force of nature, state of being, or illness could keep her from her work, showing up to numerous amounts of Kiwanis meetings and holding board meetings with easy-to-understand agendas. Crestley has a preserved innocence amongst herself, rendering it impossible for any human being on the planet to view her negatively. Throughout her term, she kept a younger board of ruffians together, including me, with grace and showed no signs of weakness. One of her main abilities was keeping everyone up to date, keeping everyone in line, and making sure everyone kept up with the pace of the work she delegated as well as our duties predetermined by our specific officer positions. Speaking from a third person point-of-view, Crestley did an ample job fulfilling all of her written duties as President, as defined by the California-Nevada-Hawaii definition of what a President is; however, when I look at it from my pointof-view, I believe she‟s done way more than just attend and host meetings on a weekly basis, in that action I see someone passionate about what they do spread word about how great an opportunity they are being given, and when she calls to delegate work, she hands us an over-the-top chance to do more for our community. None of her actions are in spite, Crestley Wong is a saint and will be missed when she has to leave to graduate, and all of her time amounts to deserving a Distinguished President award. Her time spent working can easily be measured, but not the size of the heart she put into the club.


Betty Li Vice-President Four years, four months, however many days ago – I met the girl before she became Franklin Key Club Vice-President, Betty Li. In August 2009, my school acquired this girl, she‟s going to be a hall of famer, she carried so many accolades – Member of the Month, hours upon hours upon hours, Secretary – she screams prodigy with her existence. Buzz Lightyear can‟t go to infinity and beyond her accomplishments, and being a junior, she‟s not quite ready to stop moving forward. Betty stepped up to the plate, upon being called. She took on creating power points for meetings, and then led some of those meetings when the room‟s capacity overflowed. This is only the tip of the iceberg. There are so many names you could give her, prodigy, she rocked her job‟s world, mentor, she might not be secretary anymore but she‟s done more than prove herself in her time as vice-president. Much of our website‟s progression originates with Betty‟s work with our Web-heads. Our current Secretary, Dorian Chen, would not have been able to develop into the great person he is without her assistance for the shaky beginning of all of our terms this year. Over the summer, our entire board collaborated, bouncing off ideas off of each other, making huge decisions that would decide the fate of our club, without Betty‟s dependability most of the meetings would not have been able to happen as she provided transportation for some officers. Always pondering her next move by stroking her invisible beard, Betty‟s alertness to details always seems to find a way to add perks or improvements to an establishment. She carries with her a strange ability to overcome huge tasks put in front of her, by way of taking it down all at once or strategically dividing up the work into manageable chunks. Alongside our second Vice-President, Conway Ou, Betty‟s worked on several delegated tasks throughout her entire term and her engine just never seems to stop moving forward at obscene rates; however, the thought of less responsibility comes to mind when you hear about two Vice-Presidents, but if that were true, Betty Li would be an exception to that statement. Winning a distinguished award is not a rite of passage for her. Nor is it a means to an end, or even a trophy to show off to colleges or peers. This award, following her nomination, is something this hard working, bad to the bone, well good to the bone, keen minded, altitude shaking, spirit making, dedicated acting, community service contracting girl deserves simply because she made the dream and achieved it, through perseverance and one hundred percent passion. She gives you two reasons to be on the look-out now. Not only is she able to snap shot a candid photo of you that will last longer than you want it, but our very own Betty Li is the President elect, and will take over Crestley‟s role as the Great Presider over the club and its destiny. Be sure to get her autograph now before she becomes way too important to even have time to breath in your presence, she‟s already way beyond too cool as of roughly four years ago.


Conway Ou Vice-President If you use things like Five Hour Energy drink to get your daily dosage of one hundred percent fire power for five hours plus crash, you‟re totally on some weak stuff. If you really want to inhibit your sparking energy capacities, try being around Conway‟s infectious bounce and cheer and not get drawn to it like mosquitos to a source of light. Aside from being extremely talented in regards to piano playing as well as other worldly level of intelligence, a shimmering personality and work ethic emerges from this character. Zooming through almost service event offered in his Freshman year, Conway quickly rose to the top amongst our club, if it were offered, probably Freshman of the Year. Right now, for those of you who don‟t know him, you probably only see him as a super hyper Vice-President for what seems to be a super hyper club. Well you‟re right, but you‟re missing so much more from what Conway‟s really about. This guy‟s term “optimum function,” his quoted line, his catch phrase, his motto, it stands for just about every aspect of his work so far. While serving as Vice-President, our Vice-President attended several Division Council Meetings, became acquainted with several other officers of other clubs. If I had to take a guess on how many people became inspired by his enthusiasm and extremely loud cheering, I‟d guess more than ten people have been touched and now aspire to become just a great a person as he is. Much credit for this year‟s success goes to each member of the board, including Conway and his works with Sabrina Wu, our treasurer. Together, they attended several Project RIDE events, even planning events together as well. When you bring him to the table for coming up with suggestions, prepare for a flurry of impractical and practical ideas to spout out of him. A rainy day can easily become a nice walk in the park under a rainbow when it comes to adding Conway into the mix. I‟ve got a lot of respect for how much effort he puts into every single task put in front of him, whether he puts it in front of him himself or Crestley delegates it to him. Besides his time sharpening his piano skills, participating in Science Olympiad, and serving the community one service event at a time, one of his very noteworthy talents involve his ability to articulate a speech, an extremely moving speech to add onto that, which always seems to capture the attention of an entire room. Quite frankly, one of the primary things you would notice about him is that he could very well resemble a cheetah, going from zero to seventy in a matter of moments, first coming off as calm in some occasions, then before you know it he could be standing on a table , jumping off and turning heads. If you see him around the campus, beware, not only will he one day become world famous for one of his amazing qualities, but also he might get you out of your comfort zone into doing something extremely fun. He‟s just that type of an awesome guy you don‟t normally come across.


Sabrina Wu Treasurer Every individual club in Key Club generally has a club treasurer; however, no other club has a Sabrina Wu for their treasurer. Even if they have a treasurer with the same name, they don‟t have what we have, a friend for a life time who made up their lack of attendance due to affairs with a driving force that could break down barriers such as the Wall of China or dare I say Chuck Norris. We first met working at Sacramento‟s Ronald McDonald Family House, cleaning up the area on a frosty Saturday morning, choosing service over a Cross Country race. Ever since then, we collided as board members, bus buddies, awkward standing at dance partners, and great friends, never afraid to share our honest opinions with one another on any given occasion, situation, or topic. Way before beginning her term and elections and testing, Sabrina balanced Key Club service, basketball, cross country, academics, friends and family notably her brother International Trustee Austin Wu, being awesome, and being Freshman Class President. While her plate was full, she kept on slapping on more and more goodies, moving onto an officer position in our club, Treasurer. If Key Club implemented its own paper currency system, Sabrina Wu definitely would belong on the thousand dollar bill, completely able to rock the part. The work environment was definitely her terrain, dominating board meetings with an assertion of power that almost matches her prowess on a basketball court. At the beginning of the 2011-12 school year, our school‟s Club Rush, the main way to advertise any club, in our case Key Club, Sabrina was put in charge, with Vice-President Conway Ou, of making the poster, holding pictures and all sorts of information regarding what the club holds for your average high school student and what the club could do for you. Over the course of the year, Sabrina located events such as a weekly Project Ride service event, an additive to our service for PTP. Alongside her scouting capabilities, this treasurer bounced several fundraising ideas with the board, eventually producing our Ice Cream Social, organizing the budget on her own with suggestions of several condiments and flavors and everything else that serves our frozen treat justice. If that isn‟t enough to win someone over, Sabrina also crafted a functional budget for our school‟s very own annual event, INSPI(RED) SOCCER Tournament, fundraising hundreds of dollars that would go to support doctors in third world countries, mainly focused in Africa, as well as reducing poverty. When our board split in half for a day at a crab feed for Project Ride, Sabrina, working with our Vice-President Conway Ou, planned and worked at a booth for the attendees to take a quick gander and stop at during the course of the night. Like Mulan‟s husband Shang once foretold, “let‟s get down to business” was probably Sabrina‟s most outshining factor throughout past year working together. You could always tell when she was present because time wasted became time doubled up on work. Not only was she able to solidify the club‟s funds and their logs, but also assert the tempo of our board meetings. Taking a step back from every small achievement she‟s made since birth, Sabrina, during her time as Treasurer, sauntered herself over to several division events, showing up with support and a smile that could last through the winters in space, which in retrospect probably aren‟t colder than your average any time in the solar system. I believe Sabrina Wu has all it takes and more to qualify as a Distinguished Treasurer.


Dorian Chen Secretary Where do the years go? Back then, he was a scrawny lad with a pair of funny looking glasses who I would have doubted would ever become a pillar of support – I look at him now and I see a man, capable of doing almost anything. Over the years, I‟ve watched Dorian grow up, almost like following a superhero in a comic book. Never in my life have I ever had a friend who was as reliable as him, so dedicated, but yet so peaceful. Honestly when Hannah Montana wrote about the best of both worlds, she meant Dorian. You never know what you‟re going to get when you see him. He might be the one with that voice you hear above all of the rest. Throughout our past three years in Key Club, we‟ve accumulated most of our approximately 300 hours working together, laughing merrily and cheering on others all of the way. Looking back, Dorian has come through for just about everyone in the club, officers included, at least once if not more throughout his term as secretary and way before that. Focusing solely on just this year, when all hope seemed to be lost, our hero provided transportation for our school‟s recycling, one of our club‟s fundraisers. Not only does he take the recycling to storage, but after it‟s been sorted out, he ensures that it is sold all the way in another town to make sure that our club benefits as much as it possibly can. Broadening the scopes on his achievements and contributions, Dorian has provided multiple transportations throughout the year of members as well to events, guaranteeing a great turn out and affirming that volunteer coordinators get the amount of volunteers that they asked for. Juggling so many difficult classes along with Science Olympiad and Track, Dorian has not been hindered for a moment in making sure to thoroughly complete Monthly Report Forms, update hours after each service event, and solidify, as well as legitimize, all Project Report Forms, basically sign-in and sign-out sheets for service events to better manage all the hours obtained from service. All around the world, you can find some amazing people. People that just stand out to you - something about him just catches in the eye. Dorian Chen has a strange ability to captivate someone with his outgoing, bright personality. In the face of crisis or disagreement, he brings to the table a leveled head, never bringing in any form of negative emotion while considering a solution. Any club would have been lucky to be benefitted by the energy and life he brings to what he does, Key Club in particular was lucky to be graced by this Orange Monster. Hardworking, dedicated, intriguing – Dorian Chen completes every task put before him with varying times of completion, while maintaining a sense of a preserved freshness that most people could slowly regress into bitterness over. Key Club International is a nice set of words strung together, but so is Distinguished Secretary Dorian Chen. If there‟s one thing I could guarantee in the world, it‟s that there is no Dorian Chen like my best friend, no one as somber, no one as electrifying, no one as captivating as my boy Dorian Chen. Watch out world, here comes someone set on the path to the rest of his life, so far from aloof but so aware of himself it could be illegal.


The Member of the Month for the Month of March 2012

Fun Facts! Yeah! Division Team Lydia Thung Lieutenant Governor

Megan Su

Executive Assistant

Jeremy Huynh Secretary

Brittany Fong-Saeteurn Bulletin Editor

Club Board Crestley Wong President

Conway Ou Vice President

Betty Li On this beautiful month, the next amazing human being to grace the presence of the Franklin Key Club Hall of Fame of Member of the Months is none other than sophomore, Diego Belloso. Just as I‟m about to prepare to send this newsletter out, this guy decides to step up to the plate and take on Project Captain for the Read Around Fairy Tale Town event. All the while he‟s being just an all-around interesting and nice guy to be with, he‟s attended the Kiwanis Crab Feed, the CNYCA Chinese New Year Celebration, Fairy Tale Town‟s Museum Day, and the Super Bowl Sunday Run all in just this past one month! Can you say superhero in disguise? This guy, during my extremely subtle interview, exclaimed “ I LOVE EVERYTHING ABOUT KEY CLUB!” now aside from this stroking my sneaky ego, Diego‟s enthusiasm just screams Member of the Month. Further along the interview, he explains a very troubling dilemma, he cannot decide which event he loved the most simply because at each event he meets new people and those people are dear to his heart. Therefore, every event is his favorite event, for the opportunities they bring and it‟s simply impossible to say one event was ever better than the other because of the bonds formed and strengthened during them. After a couple of minutes, he cracked under pressure and decided Coat Sorting back in December for several unexplainable reasons.

Vice President

Sabrina Wu Treasurer

Dorian Chen Secretary

Gary Meng Bulletin Editor

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A means to an end. An end to an era. I hope you‟ve enjoyed this newsletter, it was a long one so if you stuck with each little nook and cranny, kudos to you and thank you. Thank you to everyone for making this an unforgettable year of my life. So, I guess I finally have to, you know, end this newsletter once and for all. And to all, a bid you adieu. A substitute teacher told me “good-bye means forever” so I‟ll stick with… See ya, later! This has been Gary Meng, KCICNH R16D7SFrHSKCBE out.

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