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Volume 3 Issue 6

Monster of the Month Sheldon High School is the host of this month’s legendary Monster of the Month. Not much can be said about this mysterious philanthropist other than that they are indeed an honorary member of Sheldon Key Club and that HER identity will be revealed at the DCM. But wait, this isn’t just going to be any regular DCM, no no no, Monsters, we have a delectable twist intertwined for this month’s gathering. Find out more in this month’s edition of… Monster Nation!

Table of Contents Monster of the Month …………...….…..1 Words from the D-Team……………......1 (Not to be confused with those A-Team phonies)

Upcoming Events for the Division…….4 (Nom Nom Nom!)

Featured Submitted Articles…………...6 Mark Feliciano, Vinda Le, Alvin Tai

Contact Us………………………………...8

Happy November, Monsters! I hope Fall has been treating all of you well as we prepare for exciting new events. To recap the month, several club fundraisers were held and participation in Key Club week was tremendous, from giving kudos to the key players to showing our K in every way. It was lovely seeing Key Club week advertised and portrayed by clubs in innovative and fun new ways. G double O-D J-O-B good job! :) For new business, the November DCM and Potluck will be held on November 30th at Monterey Trail High School -- don't miss out on the festive fine dining as we celebrate some of Division 7 South's accomplishments thus far. Remember to sign up for the potluck with your club presidents!

The leadership team has also begun to prepare for more fundraisers and District Convention, so keep your eyes out for more fun filled service! Don't forget, Candidate Training Conference is on December 1st! Are you interested in being the next Lieutenant Governor of Division 7 South Key Club? Remember to register and attend CTC for information and training tips. Until next time! With spirit, Emily Mu Executive Assistant Division 7 South | Region 16 | Cali-Nev-Ha District Key Club International

Hidden Tiger, Crouching Message from your Lieutenant Governor! H e l l o b ea utif ul, m o nstro us c ha m p i o ns of sp irit!


OOHAH! You wish you were a MONSTER! Let me just say, you rocked the house and shook the ground at Fall Rally North.

From the stage, you all looked fierce, spirited and ready to cheer all day long. Thank you to everyone who attended FRN and our amazing spirit leaders. We could not have come close to winning the spirit stick without you. Dorian Chen, you are the man. If you did not hear our total amount raised for PTP by the rally (please note that not all clubs turned in money), we raised $3800! Wow! That number is mind-blowing. Congratulations monsters! My last Fall Rally was inspirational, motivating, enthusiastic and most importantly, heartwarming because of your spirit, kindness and dedication. Thank you for your passion to serve, your enthusiasm and love. I hope you’re your Fall Rally was splendid and memorable! In the month of November, the leadership team has been working to finish our division PDF which contains all of the information from RTC and more, sending off numerous emails and planning for CTC. If you have not heard, the division project we are working on is focused towards new membership and retention. This PDF is an excellent way to review and share Key Club facts, important events, the various positions and our Kiwanis Family! There is a vast amount of information in Key Club and sometimes it is difficult to sort through it all to find what you need, the PDF is your solution. Many of you call the November-March period as the time when membership begins to decrease, but let us make an effort to stop it! As a club, think of new ways to give out information as well as keeping the fun in the meeting. Are you playing ice breakers? Why not do one outside? Have some time before the meeting starts? Play some dance videos off of YouTube and see who has the best moves! We are always open to new members; remember to always advertise your club! On December 1st, the CNH district hosts Candidate Training Conference for all members interested in running for Lieutenant Governor. Our CTC will be located in Citrus Heights; however, due to limited space, we ask that only members who are very interested attend. If you are a senior, please do not register, we will have opportunity to continue our service through Circle K International. At CTC, you will learn about the duties of a Lieutenant Governor, the expectations and skills that will make the term easier. The role of an LTG is broad as it may be difficult for some, but easier for others, it all depends on you! Hear personal accounts from LTGs in our region as well as other regions. Not only that, but you will be able to practice for conclave! What is conclave? This is the election period where the candidates for 7 South will give a speech, answer questions and persuade the representative voters for each club. Remember, we have limited space, so if you are truly interested, please talk to your club executives or the division leadership team. Do you have a question about our preferred charities or the Kiwanis family? Please contact Kevin Luong (Children’s Miracle Network liaison), Luan Nguyen (Kiwanis Family liaison), Cindy Quach (ELIMINATE Project liaison) or Sarah-Mae Sanchez (UNICEF Liaison). With love, Stanton Rucker Division 7 South Lt. Governor Region 16|Cali-Nev-Ha District Key Club International

Monster Nation | Volume 3 | Issue 6 December


Hey, you, you there, that’s right, you, you beautiful Division 7 South Monsters! Although we're halfway through the year already, there's still so much to be done - more fundraising, more service, more fun - things can get hectic from time to time. Thanksgiving Break is a great time to slow down and reflect upon both our completed and future goals, and our appreciation and gratitude for those around us. Take time to realize our thanks for having opportunities to meet such great people in Key Club: Stanton Rucker, pulling all-nighters to finish work for us, but always managing to keep that radiant smile on his radiant face; Emily Mu, leading our division fundraisers and carwashes (we all look up to her despite her stature); Gary Meng, compiling all the beautiful moments in Key Club into a neat, organized newsletter filled with his own witty aphorisms; and countless others. I, personally, would like to give my thanks to everyone in Key Club who took the time impact my life, and to the wonderful leaders of Division 7 South that keeps every Monster roaring with service. With spirit, Conway Ou Executive Assistant Division 7 South | Region 16 | Cali-Nev-Ha District Key Club International

Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey, erry’body! It might not be Christmas, but every season that I get to serve every single one of you tis definitely a season to be jolly! Two common things happen for the biggest winter holidays. 1) People list off what they are thankful for. 2) People make Christmas lists of the things that they want most. 3) People make their New Year’s Resolutions. Right now, I would like to address everything I am thankful for, pertaining to Key Club. If not for Key Club, I would not know who or where I would be, not everyone gets the chance to feel on top of the world working with the best division in the world! Key Club has led me to meet people I might not have ever met, such as the fantastic Stanton Rucker, or the lovely Emily Mu, or the outrageous Conway Ou, and well I met Dorian back in the 7th grade. I definitely owe thanks to everyone back in Franklin Key Club for my time as Club Bulletin Editor and to Crestley Wong, IP President of Franklin Key Club who approached me on my first day of high school and presented me with a Key Club application! Always remember you guys are the best! I love you, Monsters! With gratitude, Gary Meng Tech Editor Division 7 South | Region 16 | Cali-Nev-Ha District Key Club International


Monster Nation | Volume 3 | Issue 6 December

News From Above… and All Around! Nom Nom November DCM When: Friday November 30 , 2012 Where: Monterey Trail High School’s Cafeteria What & Why: DCM’s are amazing right? Well, aside from the usual updates from your Division Team, the holidays fill the occasion with a th

theme. In a world where service is a key to so many doors in life, Monsters will gather together in an epic rendez-vous with foods and drinks to quench the thirst for knowledge while the DCM goes about its usual updates. While not required, it is duly noted and greeted with gratitude if you decide to bring a dish! If you do decide to provide your fellow Monsters with some delicious meals, please contact your president and sign up with him/her ahead of time. (People bringing items should arrive about 5 minutes early so we have time to properly place your food so it is easily accessible and to avoid any last minute scrambles) Clubs are recommended, but not limited to, the following assignments: Cosumnes Oaks - Snack items (Ex. chips, vegetable platters, etc.), Elk Grove - Snack items (Ex. chips, vegetable platters, etc.), Florin – Desserts, Laguna Creek Desserts , Franklin - Main dishes, Monterey Trail - Main dishes, Pleasant Grove – Drinks, Sheldon – Drinks, Valley - Plates/Napkins/Utensils, Rancho Murieta - Plates/Napkins/Utensils

Candidate Training Conference

Do the letters L, T, and G have any meaning to you in any combination? Well they should and as we are growing slowly near to the ends of our Key Club year, we should prepare for what is to come of our lovely division. Graced by the presence of many great leaders – Ryan Chang, Austin Wu, Lydia Thung, our current spontaneous leader Stanton Rucker- Division Seven South will proceed on to Conclave before you know it and a new leader will be chosen for our illustrious division. Who will it be? Will it be you? Well, before we can get into that, everything all starts with one step, Candidate Training Conference, which begs the question: What exactly is Candidate Training Conference? This conference is a valuable resource for all individuals who are interested in running for Lieutenant Governor or want more information about it. Attendees will learn about the duties of the LTG, time management skills, effective leadership, practice their oratory skills for conclave and participate in an open panel with the current LTGs. Please note that this event is intended for underclassmen, not seniors, we will have the opportunity to continue service through Circle K International.

Monster Nation | Volume 3 | Issue 6 December


~Featured Submitted Articles~ A Cooling November by mark feliciano Valley Key Club is starting off with a cool beginning. Warming up to the cooling weather of November. In early November, Valley has been cooling down from the hot excitement from our most memorable Fall Rally North 2012. However, our work is never done and never stops. This month we are continuing service and expanding on more fundraisers. On Saturday, October 27th, Valley KC attended the year’s largest event for all Key Clubs in Northern California, Fall Rally North 2012. The rally itself was packed of loud and proud Key Clubbers. All from different divisions, wearing their bright, spirited colors. It was almost a rainbow actually, quite a sight to see. The view was beautiful and so were everyone. Everyone was all motivated to win that spirit stick for their division, especially D7S who won it last year. Thus, the challenge has begun. Loud, invigorating voices filled the air. Cheers and chants were simply everywhere. And in the end, D7S won once again. And no matter where you went, even after the rally. It was inevitable to hear and answer that simple question we all know the answer to. “How do you feel?” This November, Valley is preparing for a home fundraiser to raise funds for future financial payments and compensations. Partnering with Oberto’s Beef Jerky & Sausage Stick in selling various flavors of jerky. Jerky will be distributed to each deserving Key Club member, given an even amount to sell in a limited amount of time. “Setting a goal is the first step to achieving greatness” –unknown, Also including restaurant fundraisers, such as Apple Bees. Like previous fundraisers, we will make each one as fun yet also as profitable as they possibly can. As everyone is aware, the weather has begun to change. The days are colder and shorter. The night comes faster than usual. Thus, to adjust to this change, Valley is preparing for much more community service events to earlier on in the days. Especially, with the upcoming Thanksgiving break. There will be numerous community gatherings which will come beneficially for all Key Clubs, On November 3rd, Valley participated in the Down Syndrome Walk. Assisting in its preparation, the event itself, and in the end, cleaning and packing. On November 14th, Valley partnered up with Valley’s Go-Green Club in cleaning the school campus during lunch. Even in the cold, picking up trash was not as bad people thought. Especially, with the company of teachers and friends. On November 10th, Florin Key Club hosted their annual Awake-a-thon. Like years before it, it was a very fun, enjoyable event. Many people occupied themselves in various activities. From playing games, volleyball, video games, watching movies, dancing, and even just simply socializing with other Key Clubbers. The event was all for a good cause and all were completely willing to participate for this cause. Staying awake for hours isn’t always an easy task. But with the proper motivation, a lot can be accomplished. This remaining month, on November 17th, Valley will be participating in the Elk Grove Harvest Festival, and on December 1 st in the California International Marathon. The month of November is not yet finished, and there is a lot to be done and accomplished. Like any other month, a lot is ahead of us. Yet, like we all say, “There is enjoyment in service.”


Monster Nation | Volume 3 | Issue 6

Waffle Cakes by vinda le More pancakes please! What an awesome turnout that came from Monterey Trail Key Club's 3rd Annual WaffleCakes Breakfast (the super fabulous fundraiser that helps fund our club for DCON, PTP, and future activities). We served ALL YOU CAN EAT crispy bacon, juicy sausages, scrumptious eggs, and of course waffles and pancakes (the best in the universe) to the hungry eaters. We dished out plenty of ice breakers and games to break our awkward selves. Last but not least, there was a raffle where four lucky winners won a MONSTERFIED pillow and stuffed animals! Working behind the scenes, I lived through the hard work that happened both before and during this event. With some other volunteers, we set up the tables and equipment, mixed the batter, cooked the food, and served with excitement! It started out as hard work, but as WaffleCakes progressed everything seemed to fall in place where work was no longer work. Everyone was just having a good ol' time! At first, I was uncertain whether it would be worth or not. In the end, I figured out it was! Although there were technical difficulties with the electrical outlets and shortage on eggs, we had it squared away and working properly. I can't count all of the times I've put so much effort, time, and money into something that came to be worthless in the end. This was not one of those times. Our WaffleCakes was totally worth everything. It was my first year attending AND hosting this event and I have to say, what a great time. This special occasion gave me self-worth and passion. It was nice to be around people with the same interests who accept me for I am. This was where I feel like I can wear an awkward turtle shell and not feel awkward. It really felt like I was a part of something where I was never judged for being myself. And let's not forget that eating until our stomachs become explosive is not something we can do every day. Going to club events like this one made me realize how important this club is to me and how much impact it has on my life. Yes, I was deprived of sleep a couple of days before, but feeling the rush of excitement and happy faces made it all the better. Along the way, I met many other key clubbers who had such vivid personalities; they were the ones who made this event so memorable. Everyone should definitely come to this event every year!

Key Club and the Sea of Service by alvin tai 46,000 members, 800,000 service hours, and $154,000 to PTP - Key Club is determined to reach 1 million waves of service. Little does the average key clubber know that Key Club has very much in common with the water that fills the seas and the oceans of Earth. The average key clubber is like a drop of water, largely significant but often underestimated. With each event and act of service, a small stream of service is being constructed. With this seemingly small stream of service, key clubbers inspire others to join key club or Kiwanis and make their own splash in the ocean of service that all the members of the “K” Family around the world contribute to, it’s as they say: All rivers flow to the sea. As Key Clubbers inspire more people to join our ranks in order to make a difference in their community, together however, these few drops of water can form to be a mighty river to take on the challenges that face the community. Like water, Key clubbers are flexible and ready to take on any challenge that faces them with open arms whether they are the early start time of the event or balancing schoolwork so that more community service can be completed. Similar to water, Key Club is able to adapt to challenges and change that it faces, being able to get past stressful times without any trouble. Because of the fluidity of key clubbers, it makes them great volunteers. For they are able to be loud and cheer on marathon runners but when it is time to be serious, Key Clubbers can be found tentatively listening, awaiting more tasks and instructions. One million waves of service will not be an easy task but for the key clubbers of CNH I am confident that the goal will be met and surpassed. For no dam can hold the power of the Key Club Ocean and its mighty waves of service.

Monster Nation | Volume 3 | Issue 6 December


Lieutenant Governor Stanton “Constantonople” Rucker Pleasant Grove Monster

Executive Assistant Emily “Honomumu” Mu Laguna Creek Monster

Executive Assistant Conway “Ou-Cho” Ou Franklin Monster

Bulletin Editor Gary “Mengalang” Meng Franklin Monster

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Those who dare, dare.

December Newsletter  

Those who dare, dare.