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Changes in policies attempt to evaluate teachers

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February 17, 2012 Volume 31 Issue 4

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Brownlee for their February birthdays! Love, Your Favorite SRT Sister!” -Maggie Pooler, 12

Do you think teachers should be evaluated based on student performance?

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By Torrey Christopher


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*100 students surveyed

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All Hail The King and Queen For the first time, student council presented a faculty member king and queen at the Sadie Hawkin’s dancw pep assembly. The pep assembly was held in the gym during the 4B block on Feb 3. The winner for king faculty member was Jason Kasak and the winner for queen was Barbara Kuptz. All-school president of student council Nick Jones thought it was a major success. “This year was the first time student council allowed students to vote for any four faculty members for king and queen,” Jones said. “There was a large turnout in voting; we had 481 students participate in the event.” From Jan. 30 to Feb. 3 student council members sold tickets to the dance for $10 at

By Torrey Christopher



n a new attempt to gauge learning, Fenton Schools have recently started changing policies to align with new state regulations. The Michigan Department of Education intends to pursue No Child Left Behind in order to increase student achievement.

“We have to start linking performance of youth with teacher evaluation,” Principal Mark Suchowski said. “Teachers should be able to demonstrate their students’ growth.” Some teachers feel their teaching abilities cannot always be linked with the performance of a student and using this method is not an accurate way to evaluate teachers. “I don’t think it’s fair to evaluate a teacher based on a student’s performance when some students might not be performing well based on outside factors not related to the teaching,” video production teacher Richard Ashley said. “However, if there is a trend in the number of students failing in one teacher’s classes compared to another, it should then be considered.” One way administrators have suggested teachers track progress is to use pre-and post testing. For example, a multiple choice test can be administered before the material has been presented. Students will then take the same test at the end of the

unit. Students might be asked to only answer the questions they knew; if they were not sure, they could leave it blank. This way, it could truly measure what a student learned throughout the semester or unit. “I always give a preliminary quiz before a unit,” literature and composition teacher Charissa Rausch said. “I think it is very smart because it shows teachers what they have to teach and what students already know. However, the test should be skill based and not content based. The test would not be effective if I gave a test over a book students haven’t read yet. But if the test is administered correctly, it can be enormously effective for teachers and students.” Even though some educators feel the preliminary assessment will be helpful in the classroom, others disagreed with the suggestion. “People are looking for a political solution for an educational issue,” Brett Mead, a member of the Fenton Education Association contract maintenance

committee, said. “This is just another hoop for teachers and students to jump through.” While Fenton teachers continue to analyze and determine the best way to measure their students’ annual growth, the State Department of Education may soon define how all districts and teachers will do this. “It is not that I do not want to do a pre-test, I just feel that giving a pre-test is too obvious to show growth; clearly kids will do better,” math teacher Abbey French said. “For now I’m using averages from assessment score throughout the semester to show growth, this way I can see what areas need work.” With changes in 2013 looming, only time will tell if a pre-test is an effective method of charting student learning. “I am not sure if the pre-tests are necessarily a strong measure of growth,” math teacher Steve Karr said. “I think the state government is still trying to define what growth is and how to show it.”

Rating New Policy

Students rate teacher evaluation policy 1 to 10

lunch and students who bought tickets were allowed four votes for a teacher king and queen. The three finalists for queen

Sports A quick fit guide to slim down before Spring Break. Page 5 Features The book and nook face off. Page 6 Arts Explore senior Anthony Schoen’s personal style. Page 8

“I don’t understand [the policy]; people will improve anyway because they will learn more throughout the year.” Madison Egan, 11

“[The policy] is a good way to show student improvement, but not to grade teachers because some teachers may have a bad class.”

“If [the pre-tests] don’t count as a grade, and it can show teacher improvement, then it’s a good policy.” pHOTOs bY alec anderson photographer

2 InPrint Opinion 02.17.12

Think Before You Post

Facebook has gone from a way to reconnect with friends to a way to annoy friends

Brooklynn Moss News Editor

Working out at a gym has become a way to stay fab more than fit In years past, as the snow packs up on the ground, so do the pounds on most people’s bodies. However, this year has been a time of change. Warmer weather has been consistent through the winter months and teenagers have been in an active frenzy from this lively atmosphere. Is the weather truly the reason for the mass student workout frenzy, or is it something a little less atmospheric? Humans feed off the feeling of acceptance, which groups of people can provide. Belonging to any club or gym gives a sense of stature. For many organizations of status, people go to simply be there. Essentially, it’s become recognized to be a member of a gym. A gym gives people not only the chance to belong, but also a place to hangout, socialize and most of all, show off. For some students, opportunities to see friends outside of school are slim. This is an additional factor drawing in gym members. These reasons are also the reasons that push members away. For some, it may be intimidating to see their peers outside of the classroom while they are most vulnerable, in efforts for personal achievement. This winter, students have been given the opportunity to belong and better themselves, and many have taken advantage of this. Recently opened, Planet Fitness draws students in. Whether it’s the change in the temperature or the feeling of belong-

Molly Davidson Editor-in-chief/ Opinion editor

Facebook. It’s a funny little thing. It can be hysterically entertaining, a wonderful procrastination tool and an absolute reputation destroyer all at the same time. There are many people out there who use Facebook properly; to communicate and reconnect with friends and to share exciting life updates. Then there is the other part of the population who abuse Facebook to the max. There are also the people who feel the need to update everyone on everything no matter now mundane and pointless.

Liz Schmid Editor-in-chief

Voting Citizens BEWARE I’ll be 18 in a few months, and one of the things I’ve been most excited to do when I’m 18 other than go to the doctor by myself and buy lotto tickets is to vote. I’ll be able to vote in the presidential election this year, and the idea that I can have an affect on the outcome of our nation is so cool. So, in an effort to become more aware of my nation, I have started to listen to NPR a lot more often.

Whether it be the fact that they are eating a PopTart while watching “Pretty Little Liars” or listening to John Mayer while they do their World History homework, these people will even go to the extent of saying good morning and good night to Facebook, as if the website actually cared. Then there are the people who feel the need to post pictures of themselves on a daily basis. Pictures taken in a bathroom mirror with the duck face and awkward peace sign are just the beginning of the selfie epidemic that has taken victims of all ages. From 13 year old girls to 18 year old boys, no one is safe. And who could forget the people who feel the need to use Facebook as their personal therapist? These Facebookers complain, complain, complain about what they think are world ending problems, even though they

usually are minuscule sometimes as small as a bad hair day. But my personal favorites are the people who put a heart (<3 ) after every single thing they post. Honestly, every time I see this I cringe slightly. All of this Facebook stereotyping draws a question; how can I protect myself? Well, the answer is quite simple: think before you post. There have been many times when I wrote out a long status about some trivial problem or quoted some set of lyrics that were directed at a specific person, but before I clicked the “update status” button I simply asked myself, “Does anyone really care about this?” If the answer is no, then push the cancel button as soon as possible. If the answer is yes, then ask yourself another question; “would this annoy me if I saw it in

my own news feed?” If that answer is no, then proceed. But if the answer is yes again, cancel, cancel, cancel. It may seem dumb to have to go through this process before every status update, but it’s for your own good. As harsh as this sounds, no one really cares about your problems or your every move. Well, Facebook doesn’t care about this. Yes, you may have a few friends who would find that status update hilarious, or a few people who want to console you on your bad day, but isn’t that what phones are for? Next time you feel the need to tell someone about something very small that just happened to you, or the next time you need to vent, simply call or text a friend who cares instead of cluttering up your 800 friends’ Facebook newsfeeds. Please, do everyone a favor and think before you post.

I usually listen in the morning on the way to school because there are always reports on the economy or foreign affairs, or other things that seem like would be good for an voting adult to know. I was really excited when I started hearing reports about the Republican primaries. I was pumped because what better way to learn who I should vote for in the election than listen to what the nominees are saying? Little did I know, I wasn’t going to hear at all what I expected. I clicked on the dial one morning to hear reports taxes. Oh good, I thought, I should know what their policies on taxing the American people are. That was not what they were talking about. Literally, for a straight week, I heard reports not about tax policies of Romney,

Gingrich, Santorum, and Paul, but how all of these nominees were at each other about releasing their tax records. I was appalled (no pun intended). I understand the need for candidates to release their taxes to show the American people that they are honest, tax paying citizens, but what I heard was Gingrich tearing down Romney for not releasing all his taxes yet, and the fact that he only paid 15 percent while Gingrich paid 31percent. I heard clips of debates and campaign speeches in which it seemed like all that was talked about was how the other person was bad for not paying enough taxes or not releasing their taxes early enough, blah blah blah. I was literally drowning in what seemed like the back-handed quarrels of children.

NPR also introduced me to a new concept-the superPAC world. superPACs are a Political Action Committee. These organizations can spend as much as they want in support of a campaign or candidate. I started hearing about opposing superPACs putting out commercials and ads that said such vile and rude things about other candidates. It’s ridiculous some of the things they say and claims they make. I, as a woman of some choice words when the time calls for it, would never be able to come up with such insults. To me, as an almost voting citizen, I don’t care about your taxes after I know that you paid what you should have by the law. I don’t want to hear candidates or superPACS sandbagging one another. I want to hear about the

What’s On My Mind If you were voting for president next fall would you vote based on the party or the individual person? “I would vote based on the person because it leaves you un-biased. If you look at each set of skills each candidate has to offer then that will help you get the best possible person.”

“I will vote based on person because if you vote only based on part and the candidate sucks then that could have a bad result. I like to know the person I am voting for and what they stand for.”

“I would probably only vote Republican because I like what they stand for as a whole.” -Anthony Flannery,

“I will vote based on the person because sometimes the person will have a mixture of views that don’t go with their party, kind of like a

02.17.12 InPrint 3

Opinion Staff Ed

Cookie Cutter Classrooms New teacher evaluation policies being instituted are not an accurate representation of teacher performance

A recent change in state regulations and policy will force teachers to face evaluations based on student performance. The purpose of this is to weed out the teachers who are not performing at an adequate level. This idea is good in theory, but will it really be a fair representation for all teachers? If a teacher is performing at a high At Issue level but that performance can not be Will the new teacher measured by test scores, that can not be evaluations be an a fair representation of the teacher. Yes, accurate representation there are some bad teachers this would of a teacher’s expose, but those are the same teachers performance? who get bad reports anyway based Our view on student and parent complaints. Teacher evaluations This policy, however, may make great will not be an accurate teachers who teach difficult material measure of teacher look bad. performance, and they Math teachers should not face a will force students to fit poor evaluation because their students a cookie cutter student are not performing at the state manmold. dated level. Some students simply are not “math people” and that goes the The InPrint staff selects same for all subjects. Some students, a topic for each issue. maybe even the majority of students, The staff then votes to will never understand certain subjects determine the direction and certain material but that is not the the editorial will take. teacher’s fault. The majority rules and Or what about the teachers who teach hard to test subjects like art, drama, music and physical education? Sure, a test could be given on certain aspects of these subjects but it could never capture to the full extent what the purpose of the class is. A test can be given on music theory, but choir and band are about performance and building disciplined workers. Those skills can not be gauged in a multiple choice test. The truth is, this evaluation process is encouraging teachers to go in the opposite direction of what the best practiced teaching methods. This mold that we are being forced to fit into is


Evaluating the Evaluators

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4 InPrint Sports 02.17.12


iP More Online: Check for sports updates and photo galleries at

Making Changes Former assistant hockey coach Jeff Mynatt returns to the team as head coach, brings new style of play

By Corinne Beemer writer

Kylei Szabo photographer

Making a splash. Junior Alex Chase swims the 100 yard butterfly for the Tigers at a recent meet. The team

Making History Boys swimming and diving team hopes to capture first Metro championship since league was formed

By Jonathan Kontorousis

Fenton has not finished first in the Metro League since swimming and diving returned to the league in 2004. However, this year the boys swim team has the best shot of finishing as Metro League champions. “This year’s team is the most talented group of boys I’ve had in the 12 years I’ve been coaching,” coach Brad Jones said. “Currently, we are in first place in the Metro League.” The boys are on track to win the Metro League. Fenton came in second at the Genesee County Swimming and Diving Championships held at FHS on

Jan. 20 and 21. Grand Blanc was the only team to beat Fenton. “Even though we are tied for first in the Metro with Brandon, we had a 200 point cushion over them at the county meet,” Jones said. “We widened the gap between ourselves and Brandon and hopefully it’ll give us the edge to win the Metro.” Holly or Brandon typically takes the top spot in the Metro, but currently the Tigers have the advantage. “As nice as it would be to qualify for the state meet, my main goal is the same as everybody’s on the team: win the Metro,” junior Adam Andreski said. “Our team is as talented as

it will ever be, and we all have the confidence that we can make history.” The team also hopes to qualify for the state meet in as many events as possible. So far, the team has come close to qualifying for states in two events. The 200 yard freestyle and 200 yard freestyle relay are within a second of qualifying for states. It’s a little different to qualify for states for diving. In order for a diver to make it to states, the diver has to be ranked in the top six in the Metro League and then top 12 in regional. According to Jones, two Fenton divers are close to qualifying for states.

Fenton hockey player, travel and junior B (Central States Hockey League) player, Fenton assistant hockey coach, Lake Fenton, Linden, and Durand hockey coach: these are the titles Jeff Mynatt has held in the hockey world. Starting last November, Mynatt added one more title to the list as he returned to take over the role of Fenton’s head hockey coach. “Changing our coach really changes the whole team,” senior Tyler Delong said. “We had systems we developed last year and he came in and changed things like our forecheck and our power play. Last year, the

systems were not bad, just different. It helps us gain a new look on things, mix it up and hopefully fool the other teams.” Not only did the change in coaching staff affect the players, the loss of five graduates meant the coach and team would have to rework their systems, particularly the lines of forward players, in order to perform at the same level. “The team is a completely different team,” Mynatt said. “We don’t have as many players, so we had to switch up the strategy so we could play with only two lines of players. We needed to make sure we could still compete at the level of teams with three or four lines.” These strategies have led to

the team’s tie for first place in the league with a record of 7-7. “The team seems to be responding extremely well to the changes and having me as their coach,” Mynatt said. “They are a talented and smart group of players and are showing good results adapting to the new system.” A change in coaching staff one week before tryouts added pressure to prospective players who would have to learn the techniques, styles and boundaries of their new coach. “Having a new coach has influenced me to play harder in order to compete with other teams,” sophomore Alex Broadworth said. “He runs a lot of different plays and his way of

Alec Anderson photographer

Hopeful Metro Champion. Laying out, junior Joe Foguth makes a save against Lapeer West. The Tigers next

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02.17.12 Sports InPrint 5

Get Fit Quick Scheme With the holiday binge lingering and spring break approaching, an opportunity to get in shape is right at your fingertips

By Ellie Cowger Sports Editor

After indulging in multiple feasts during the holiday season and quickly jumping back into school, students’

Cardio Warm Up:

time between the new year and spring break is limited. Motivation and finding the tools to exercise are not always at the top of students’ priority lists. Meet Jillian Michaels. She could

help one achieve his or her fitness goals. She calls herself TV’s toughest trainer. She is best known for her aggressive training techniques on “The Biggest Loser.” She gets paid to workout.

Michaels creates workouts in the form of an interval system aimed to tone the entire body in a short amount of time. Workouts get progressively more difficult as weeks pass. A combination


Jump rope. Get


Clock Lunge. As

your heart pumping by

Kickbacks. This

opposed to the basic

jumping rope. If you

exercise tones your arms

lunge, the clock lunge

do not have access to

and back. Ideally, you

is done at all angles,

a rope, you may jump

can use hand weights,

toning all areas of the

without one. Along with

but a textbook will do

thigh. Lunge in a variety

working up a sweat,

the trick. Stand while

of angles and directions

this exercise tones

holding a textbook

in sets of 15. Switch legs

your calves, quads and

with both hands behind

and repeat.

hamstrings. Try different

your head. Lift the book

forms of jumping (one

until your arms are fully

foot, butt kicks, high

extended above your

knees, etc.)

head. Lower slowly.

Post-Workout Snack: Try this delicious snack to refuel Breakfast Parfait: Layer the following ingredients in a cup or bowl, chill and enjoy! -fat free yogurt -nuts -any fruit -cereal -honey

Like these Exercises?


Bicycle Crunch. Unlike a normal crunch, the

Plank Circuit. A combination of modified planks

Lying Leg Raises. Aimed to tone your lower abs,

bicycle crunch strengthens your entire core, including

helps to tone your entire core. Forward, side and

lying leg raises can be done by starting on your back and

your upper and lower abs, and inner and outer obliques.

backwards versions can be done in 15 second intervals,

placing your hands under your hips. Slowly lift and lower

Lie on your back with your legs parallel to the floor. Bring

to create a one minute circuit. Increase the duration of

your legs while also keeping them straight.

one leg to your chest while drawing your opposite elbow

each plank or the number of circuits to boost difficulty.

This workout DVD is available at Target for $10 in the athletic equipment All photos by emilee heaphy photographer

Snooze and Win New studies in sleep science prove a connection with athletic performance By Allie Howell writer

Athletes who want to run faster, jump higher and have a higher accuracy in technical drills should get more sleep. Studies conducted at major universities have proven a connection between ad-

equate sleep and athletic performance. “I definitely think there is a connection between sleep and athletic performance,” varsity soccer coach and girls JV basketball coach Matthew Sullivan said. “I have seen players who are up all night from school, have trouble at home or fighting with a boyfriend or girlfriend

and have then suffered from a drop in performance.” Studies have found a glucose metabolism rate similar to that of the elderly when teens suffer from as little as a week of sleep deprivation. Because glucose is the main source of energy for athletes, sleep depravation makes it very difficult to compete strenuously for more than 90 minutes. “The body does not have large enough glucose stores to sustain someone throughout the day,” Dr. George Zureikat of the Michigan Sleep Clinic said. “If someone’s sleep is disrupted or

irregular, the rate at which they produce glucose will be much lower.” During deep sleep, growth hormones are released. These hormones are necessary for the body to repair broken muscles and tissues, building lean muscle and burning fat. Without a decent amount of deep sleep, growth hormone production will slow to a minimum. “Eighty percent of your hormone levels come at night,” Zureikat said. “While asleep, the body does not continually produce these hormones but it is produced in pulses. During the third stage of sleep, the body will

make these hormones. For example, if someone goes to bed at 11 p.m. they will reach stage three between 12 a.m. and one. If a teen doesn’t sleep long enough to get deep sleep they won’t make these growth hormones.” Excess stress hormones can interfere with muscle repair and growth while increasing the risk for overtraining and injury. Without getting proper sleep, stress hormone production will skyrocket. “Stress hormones are an increase in the body’s cortisone level,” Zureikat said. “During the day your cortisone level will constantly rise and while you

6 InPrint Features 02.17.12


iP More Online: Do you prefer books or nooks? Go online to and vote for either print media or electrontic readers.

Old school/ new school

Books vs. Nooks

Print media fans reluctant to give into emerging technologies “I personally like to read a lot and I have always read from a book; I don’t want to change that. Also, it can be irritating to my eyes to read from a screen because of the backlight.” -Monica Amberg, 10

“Technology is less time consuming. It takes more time to go to a book store and look for a book when it could be right on your tablet in a minute; you can download apps, too.” -Amber Bailey , 10



- Many books can be stored on one device at a time - Books can be purchased and downloaded in seconds - Games and other applications are available for download - Backlight allows for use in the dark

- Power source and/or charge are not needed to operate - Will not freeze or malfunction like an electronic may - Books can be easily read in sunlight

- Saves paper

- Inexpensive: typically $10 - $20



- Creates paper waste if not recycled properly - Bulky; may be difficult to transport more than one at a time - Light is needed to read printed text

- Expensive: the Nook starts at $99 and the Kindle at $79 - Not biodegradable - Internet browsing may be slow - Backlight may irritate eyes

By Summer Smith writer Photo Illustration by Sarah shaw Photographer

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02.17.12 Arts+Entertainment InPrint 7


The Art of Expression

A True Believer Junior Maggie Hodgkin makes the trip of a lifetime

With his nails painted black and lips pierced twice, senior Anthony Schoen hides nothing

By Liz Martin

All teenagers have that one obsession that their friends just can not understand. Sometimes it’s a band or a video game series. It’s no different for junior Maggie Hodgkin, whose love for the Harry Potter books and movies keeps growing. In the space of just four magical days, Hodgkin managed to meet several of her favorite musicians, get autographs from multiple famous actors and form strong friendships with people she met while waiting in lines at LeakyCon. Last summer, Hodgkin vacationed in Florida where she attended LeakyCon 2011. It was, ultimately, the greatest fan girl experience—putting all of the things she loved about Harry Potter in one place. “When we got to the convention, everybody was wearing robes, a house tie or a uniform,” Hodgkin said. “I felt like I was underdressed because I was wearing a black skirt and a gray sweater. I didn’t have anything else. Now I have a wand, robes and a Ravenclaw tie.” For Hodgkin, Harry Potter is not just a book series or eight movies. It is a global community of people who were brought together simply by loving something that was not real. To her, though, it is a total reality. “Harry Potter is world wide,” Hodgekin said. “I feel like it’s something fans understand that not many other people do.

By Liv Dimmer

Oh, The People She Met! Crossing paths and shaking hands with famous individuals, junior Maggie Hodgkin encountered idols like Evanna Lynch, the actress who played Luna Lovegood in all eight Harry Potter movies, Luke Connor, who is a part of Hodgkin’s favorite Harry Potter fandom band and Darren Criss. the

Photo by hunter hauk PHOTOGRAPHER

Senior Anthony Schoen starts his day off accessorizing with metal studs, black fingerless gloves and his signature bulky platform shoes. Some might ask a simple question: Why? For Schoen, this simple question has an even simpler answer: self-expression. To Schoen, expressing himself through body piercing, makeup and unique clothing is his own art form. Schoen says that his outlook on life is surprisingly upbeat; he just prefers darker clothing. Starting his streak of self-expression five years ago, Schoen says that dressing the way he does may not make others happy, but makes him happy. “My mom would prefer me to be ‘normal,’” Schoen said. “But I don’t let her control who I am.” Neither does Schoen let any of his peers control who he is or who he is going to be. Making a statement like his takes guts and he can’t be afraid of what others might think. “Everyone else seems to dress almost the same,” Schoen said. “I just want to be different.” Schoen says that not all comments he receives are negative, most of the time onlookers give Schoen words of encouragement. “I like all the fun comments I get. Just the other day, I had an older man come up to me in a restaurant,” Schoen said. “He just said, ‘Dude, your shoes

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take “Don’t me back. judge ’” a Feedback book byorits not, Schoen cover. does People not dress think the I’m way he scary does andpurely weird, for atbut tention. Going to I’m actually the lengths that quite normal. heI’m doesnot for scared the tosake be who I of his

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8 InPrint Arts+Entertainment 02.17.12

From Rookies To Rock Stars

Two seniors take their musical talents to the studio

By Sarah Cubr

endgame by rise Nothing whimsical here. This new album is all about the final days on earth. The last song of this album is also entitled “Endgame’” and is heavy with punkrock influences, and is a bit hard to sit Beekeeper’s daughter by All american rejects As the first single of the band’s new album Kids In The Street, this tune leaves a sour taste in your mouth. With whiny vocals dominating the mediocre melody, this track just ain’t

By Cassidy Rourke

Drenched in sweat, senior Jake Isabell strums his guitar as the dull roar of the crowd grows. In the background, senior Jake Spencer beats his drums furiously. Armed with instruments and a message, American Violence prepares to make themselves heard with an all new EP. “The name of our EP is False Idols,” Isabell said. “The name references Americans putting their hopes into leaders, such as George Bush, who let them down, and how we’re told to look, act and do things a certain way by an industry that runs on insecurity.” Typically, an EP showcases four to five songs, and it serves as a preview for an upcoming CD. “We’re preparing for the release by telling as many people as possible,” Isabell said. “We’re promoting it over Facebook, email and in person.” While promoting their EP through social media, American Violence is also planning a live performance. “We’re having official release shows with some bigger bands,” Spencer said. “We are just trying to get a lot of people hyped for it to come out. Then, for the show, we are giving the EP away to everyone there.” Despite all the commotion from preparing for the release show to mastering the track, they still have time to relax and plan for future touring. “I enjoy being part of a band,”

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Drop the beat. Senior Jake Spencer jams on his prized set of drums in his basement-turnedstudio. Being the drummer for and practicing with American Violence is a passion that occupies much of time.

Isabell said. “It’s fun to be able to travel around Michigan and play shows for all sorts of different kids and spread around our message of the insecurities that society has placed on most of us.” Being part of a band means doing

all the bandly duties, like writing and learning new songs, dealing with groupies, and traveling far and wide in the pursuit of fame. “[Performing on stage] is amazing, especially since it’s my own music,”

Spencer said. “It’s an ultimate expression of passion toward something I’ve created and love to play. So the point of AV is to say something with our lyrics and our performance. When we are live we go really hard, or at least I do.

This simple, challenging, exciting and frustrating game has players “jumping” for joy. Dodging over-grown tree trunks, jumping open ravines, and collecting coins without falling or running into the many obstacles the game throws at you makes the run excellently Elder scrolls V: The newest installment to the Elder Scrolls legacy has gamers “geeky” with excitement. Completing mythical adventures, fighting fire-breathing dragons, and casting magical spells, “Skyrim” keeps your attention from start to finish. Album Artwork and pictures Provided by Gomoxie and Sarah shaw

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