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September 2015

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Class sizes bursting at the seams Exploding class sizes cause problems for teachers and students By Joshua Christiansen Editorials Editor

In the world of academia, it is a well-known and established fact that small class sizes benefit students, yet the class sizes at Freedom High School (FHS) are maxing out. “I would say that class sizes have increased. Student enrollment, I believe, has increased because we are up about a 100 students, and we may be down a teacher or two due to movement and restructuring,” said Ms. Tara McGoff, guidance counselor. Student and teachers alike are noticing a change in the number of students in the halls and especially in the classrooms. The students in each class are reaching numbers between the high 20’s and mid 30’s. The large class sizes are a result of a variety of reasons. The increase in student enrollment, changing of teachers, and student course requests. According to Ms. Maureen Leeson, the Assistant Principal for Curriculum and Instruction, the approximate total student enrollment is 1,933. The influx of close to 100 students leaves an enormous effect on class size, despite what some may say. “Yes. I have nearly 30 [students in each class]” said Mrs. Tara Broczkowski, physics teacher. This is not a normal occurrence in Mrs. Broczkowski’s classes in the past. “[In] certain classes, 30 is normal, but conceptual classes are usually smaller and

Mr. Baltz’s AP Environmental Class

upper level classes are usually smaller in past years,” said Mrs. Broczkowski. For teachers with larger classes, it is harder to move around the classroom, to engage more with students, to interact with labs or activities, to plan labs or activities, to make groups, to keep an eye on students, to keep the students safe, and even to provide sufficient seating and room for students. For students in larger classes, it is harder to concentrate, see the board, participate in group activities that are meant for much smaller groups, have personal space and move around the classroom safely and effectively. “I feel like with more students, it makes it harder to talk to the teacher,” said Veray Darby, junior. Darby is a student in a math class with 33 students, a prime example of a large class that can potentially affect a student’s individual success. Student course requests play

a large role in the number of students in a specific class, as well as how many teachers are needed per class, per department, and per school. Because a student can decide upon the content of his or her schedule, the requests for certain classes can lead to larger classes. In a business class, such as Integrated Technology Concepts, there are only 30 computers, so the class is limited to 30 students. This is an unfortunate effect of not having enough certified teachers with open blocks for instruction, as well as restructuring and placement of teachers districtwide. Thus, students who need to take the technology course are pushed into other classes that are bursting at the seams. Additionally, the Advanced Placement (AP) classes are very much affected by the large class sizes. “Even more extreme is the deviation from the ideal class size in AP courses. The Col-

Photo: Joshua Christiansen

lege Board’s recommended class size is 18 students, yet Dodig [Editor’s note: Dodig is Principal of Staples High School, an example high school] said that many AP courses at Staples consistently hold an average of 26-30 pupils,” said Danny Cooper and Rachel Labarre in an article for AP classes are meant to be smaller, but at FHS, and at many other high schools across the nation, these challenging classes are larger than the recommended size, at almost double the preferred amount. One might argue that there are AP students who perform well on AP exams, despite having 30-35 students in the class, but this is rare. Mr. Fierro’s AP Physics B class of the 2014-2015 school year is an example of this. “Mr. Fierro’s AP scores were off the charts,” said Ms. Leeson. If FHS is challenging its students and holding its stu-

dents to a higher academic standard, then the school needs to physically care for the needs these courses require: such as smaller classes. No single class, despite level, should have 30 or more students. If students request a class and are not accepted into it, they will be turned away. This is what happened in Mr. Eric Baltz’s AP Environmental Science class, a class with 33 students and handfuls of others who were not accepted. If this should happen, then a new class should be made and the students should be equally divided amongst the classes. Despite what administrators and teachers might be saying, class sizes have increased significantly. Teachers do not like it. Students do not like it. Larger classes mean more discipline problems and the possible endangerment of students’ individual successes, which FHS and the Bethlehem Area School District (BASD) value greatly. “It’s hard because there are more kids, and for us to give them the attention they need, it’s difficult, but I want the kids that are interested—I want them to be in the classes and be able to take the classes. So hopefully next year, if we still have high numbers [of students], we can add more staff and get the numbers to be a little more manageable,” said Mr. Baltz.

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16 minutes adds 6 days onto your school year The new time changes to Freedom and Liberty By Maya White The Freedom Forum

10/2 Homecoming Game

10/3 Homecoming Dance

September 2015

Here’s to the start of something new! This year, the new start and end times have definitely proved a source of controversy among students at Freedom. “I don’t really like the changes. The classes seem a lot longer, and the first few days of school- after leaving my house at 6:55- I sat in traffic for fifteen minutes outside of school. I wouldn’t have been late if school started at 7:38,” said Bridalia Tatlow, junior. The 16-minute addition to the school day, making classes start at 7:30 and conclude at 2:30,

has sparked debate, causing many to question the overall effectiveness of the change. From the student’s perspective, starting earlier means one thing- less time to get to school. However, is it really that much of a difference from the normal schedule? Only three minutes were added onto each block, with four to fourth block. This means more time for teachers to instruct students, and more time to get work done in the classroom. Conversely, Dr. Joseph Roy, superintendent of the Bethlehem Area School District (BASD), said, “It was driven by adding sixteen minutes

six days of instructional time,” said Dr. Joseph Roy, superintendent of the Bethlehem Area School District. In 6 days, one could learn about the French Revolution, Fermat’s Last Theorem, abstract expressionism, or the exceedingly complicated grammatical 2015-2016 Block Schedule rules surrounding newspaper Photo: Elyse Sanford article-writing. The opportuniof instructional time to ties are endless. the school day, which Additionally, many studoesn’t sound like a lot, dents have been abuzz but when you multiply with the recent studies it out by 180 school concerning the benefits days, that’s a little over to starting school later

vs. earlier. Dr. Roy, also aware of the research, said, “The American Academy of Pediatrics came out saying that school should start later- and we started earlier. So the question then is- why?” The answer? Busing. There are simply not enough buses to have high school, middle school, and elementary school students transported to and from their respective buildings on time. Extracurricular activities would fall apart. Ultimately, this decision was not forged out of hatred for sleep schedules or last-minute Wawa runs, but rather out of a genuine concern for the education of BASD students.

9/11: Remembering and paying tribute FHS honors lives lost in terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001

SAT at Liberty High School


PSAT at Liberty High School

10/19 BASD MiniTHON Color Run

By Cassandra Sedler News Editor

his friend. School. When the at- former roommate, and In an assembly on Fri- tacks occurred, the teammate in college, On September 11, day, held for all juniors, school administered a who worked in the 2001, terrorists hijacked Mr. Stellato was intro- lockdown. While pro- World Trade Center four passenger planes, each set on three separate, chilling missions that would change America, the world, forever. One of those planes would crash into the pentagon, another right on Pennsylvania land, and 2 others directly into the World Trade Center, the strongest symbol of the United States’ business success (CNN). This date holds a different meaning, truth, or story for each and every American. Nevertheless, the country seems to unite on this day, bringing complete strangers together under one fact: everyone was affected, and everyone has a story. Republican Patriots Club placed a flag for each life lost on 9/11 Friday, SeptemPhotos: Joshua Christiansen ber 11, 2015, exactly fourteen years after the terrorist attacks duced by seniors, Me- cessing the entire event, when the attacks ocon American soil, Free- gan Eltringham and Mr. Stellato began curred. dom High School Jenna Dobos on behalf thinking of anyone he “There’s something (FHS) was reminded of of the Republican Patri- may know in New we gotta do,” said Mr. its devastating impact, ots Club. Fourteen years York, and immediately Stellato in response to as Mr. Joe Stellato ago, Mr. Stellato was a thought of Marty. Ac- Marty’s passing. Mr. shared his own memo- gym teacher at Miller cording to Mr. Stellato, Stellato wanted to honries, and paid tribute to Heights Elementary Marty Wortley was his or his friend in any way

possible. Stan, another friend of Mr. Stellato’s was a volunteer on ground zero after the 9/11 attacks. “Come down to the water and take a ferry to New York City, ground zero,” said Stan to Mr. Stellato and his other former roommate, Todd. Mr. Stellato and his roommate decided to honor Marty by volunteering in Unit 926. “The area around it was a disaster, cars piled up on top of each other. As I turned the corner, disaster as far as the eye can see,” recalled Mr. Stellato as he volunteered on ground zero. At the end of the assembly, juniors at FHS were urged to never forget the 2,977 lives lost as a result of the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001, and the effect the day has had on the entire country. “Honor this day every year, and get to know somebody from somewhere,” said Mr. Stellato, as his Unit 926 construction hat marked with Marty’s name and football number proudly sat on the auditorium stage.

3 Editorials

The Forum

September 2015

Drills will assure school stays safe and secure

FHS security update locate them,” said By Gabriella Greenhoward Web Editor With the first full month of

school underway, the Freedom High School (FHS) administration is working hard to provide their students with a safe learning environment. They have made a variety of adjustments to the daily procedure to make this happen. “This year we’ve increased visibility areas both with lighting, and with our camera system. We’ve also improved upon our signage in case of an emergency, such as the numbers that are on the doors and windows, so the emergency personnel would be able to

district-wide, Mrs. DeNofa, Aseverybody is sistant Principal. going to particThese are things ipate in the that are new this Great Shake school year, and Out, and everyare very imbody will get portant, especially under their in an emergency desks, which Photo: Wikimedia situation. Another will hopefully thing that FHS raise awarehas been working on is pre- ness. About 5 years ago, we paredness for different types actually had tremors from an of emergencies. earthquake in Bethlehem,” There is an Earthquake Drill, said Mrs. DeNofa. being held on November 15th The FHS administration is at 10:15 am, that is known as trying to exercise drills that the Great Shake Out, to allow are realistic, and effective. So, the students and faculty to they are in the works of planpractice emergency protocol. ning a second re-unification “This year it’s going to be drill for this year.

“In the event of a real emergency, it would be to re-unite students with their parents from a different building,” said Mrs. DeNofa. This quite unique drill is yet another attempt at providing the students and faculty with experience in handling possible occurrences. The FHS administrators want everyone to be on top of their game. “We have our teachers really thinking. Bad things can happen, and we have to be prepared for them. Natural Disasters, Man-Made Disasters, you just don’t know. It could be anything and we just have to be ready, and act calm about it, which is why we do

drills,” said Mrs. DeNofa. All in all, school security has been a top priority for FHS this year. It is a collaborative effort and everyone is working together to get the best possible results. Despite being useful in high school, this is preparing everyone to deal with these situations no matter where they are, which is imperative in the real world. “I mean, you practice over and over and especially for high school kids, you’re prepared that if there was a fire you’re going to get to an exit. It really does prepare you to think in an emergency situation,” said Mrs. DeNofa.

Should AP students be exempt from finals? By Josiah Soto The Freedom Forum

It is pretty safe to say that final exams are stressful for anyone at any school to endure. Final exams require an immense amount of studying, review, and sleepless nights in order to prepare for them. However, at Freedom High School, not everyone is required to take a final exam. Students who are enrolled in an Advanced Placement (AP) course may be exempt from taking a final exam for the specific course, if they meet certain requirements. The requirements are that a student would have to maintain an average of at least 90 percent throughout the course and take the AP test administered by College Board, which comes with a fee of $92. The test is scored on a 5 point scale, and if the student receives a 3 or higher, he or

she may be qualified to gain Is it fair that students who college credit for the course. are not enrolled in any AP Many people think that this courses are required to take is convenient and a good idea. all their final exams, while "Last year I did AP students not need to take are my final exam for not? Students my AP Language who do not and Composition take any AP class, and I'm courses, and glad because it take honors or relieved me of so academic much stress. I had courses inmore time to stead are restudy for the actuquired to take al AP test and did every final not have to worry exam adminabout my grade to Photo illustration istered Photo: Josiah Soto being affected by them, which the exam," said means they Carlie Fox, senior. have more studying and preBy this, it is understood that paring to do than AP students not having to take the final in order to maintain good avexam for a specific course is erages. very beneficial to AP stu- "I have to oppose the idea of dents. AP students not being reThere is a huge “however” quired to take certain final in this controversy. exams. It is not fair that I

Dear Gabi By Gabriella Greenhoward Web Editor Dear Gabi, I have been friends with this girl for a very long time; since, middle school actually. She is amazing. She is funny, sociable, and smart. We also have a quite admirable friendship; we spend hours talking on the phone and go out all the time. We are also close enough that she tells me all her feelings and views on every aspect of the world. So I know you are probably wondering what the problem is? I think I like her as more than a friend, but I am not sure how she feels about me? Do you think that I should tell her how I feel, or keep it to myself. Sincerely, Unrequited Love

Dear Unrequited Love, I understand that you have quite a complicated situation on your hands. Also, after hearing about the relationship that you two have acquired, there is a lot to consider. The thing that you need to focus on the most would definitely be the "risk vs. reward" factor. Do you think that risking your friendship for a relationship is worth it? You also really have to consider the fact that once you confess your feelings you cannot take it back. You would be letting it out into the open, which could go smoothly, or could change everything between you two. Furthermore, what if she likes you as well and you get together but it ends up not working out. Are you prepared to graduate knowing that you two are not on the best of terms? However, there are plenty of good results as well. You may tell her and everything may go

great. She may say that she feels the same way about you. However, if you feel uncomfortable talking to your friend, because you’re trying to hide the way you feel, maybe it is time to be honest with yourself, and her. I noticed that you also called yourself “Unrequited Love”, which means one sided love, or love that is only felt by one person. Was that you trying to say that you think she may not love you in return? This is something that you should definitely consider in making your decision. It all comes back to whether or not you think it is worth it to take a chance. Love Always,


have to take an exam that is worth 20% of my overall grade, while AP students do not. If they do not do well on the AP test, it doesn't affect their overall grade. It just isn't logical," said Tahlia Suggs, senior. Sugg's ideas bring out another point: if a student receives an A in his or her AP course and pays for the AP test, but receives a score of 1 on it, did that student really earn the A? It does not seem as if the student learned the curriculum or took the AP test seriously. According to Mr. Jeffrey Young and Mr. Jamie Bothwell, both AP teachers, there have been many incidents in which students have received A's in their courses, but scored a 1 on the AP test. Also, according to Mr. Jerry Roscher, AP English teacher, there have even been students who have received an A in his

class, but have chosen not to take the AP test because they feel like they were not prepared for it. It is understandable to want to prepare AP students for the AP test by reducing their stress. I take 2 AP courses myself. But it is not fair that students who work just as hard in their honors and academic courses are required to study and stress more in order to maintain their good grades as well. Therefore, my recommendation is that the requirement of maintaining an average of at least 90 percent in a course in order to be exempt from a final exam should be the same for AP, honors, AND academic students. If administration does not want to make the final exam exemption equal for all students, then everyone should be required to take final exams.

Meet the new staff of FHS Come meet the new staff by visiting this webpage: Or by scanning this barcode:

Clubs and organizatio Anime club

Debate Team

This a club open to any Freedom High School (FHS) student interested in Japanese Animation and Manga. It focuses on watching, drawing, and discussing the anime genre. Anime club also visits conventions, exhibits and book signings.

The debate team provide students with opportunities to learn and practice techniques required to participate in formal debates. Students will acquire persuasive speaking skills, time management strategies, and learn how to give public presentations. This club competes with other area high school students to demonstrate their communication talents. Meetings are once a week at 2:30 p.m. Please see Mr. Ali Nabavian for more details.

Art club

Engineering club

Art club is for any student interested in the arts. Students will work with mediums and techniques that are not taught in the regular classroom curriculum. This club involves trips to galleries and businesses that relate to the arts. Meetings will be held on Wednesdays, 2:30 - 4 PM in room 201. See Mrs. Lori DiRenzo for more information.

The engineering club is open to students who need help with their engineering homework, are trying to enter into STEM and engineering competitions, as well as those who are promoting the PLTW program. It’s also available for students who need help with project completion and

Astronomy club

are once a week. See Mr. William

This club gives students the opportunity to pursue their interests in Astronomy. It is held in the FHS planetarium. Students who join will get to use telescopes, laser disk players, computers, and will also get to observe celestial events. Meetings Safranek for more information.

Audio-Visual club Student who are interested in the audio and visual arts will manage movie and over-head projectors, as well as film strips. They will also work with VCR’s and TV’s that are spread throughout FHS. Students will pick up, deliver, setup and run the equipment. This club is open to a maximum of 30 students who are responsible, already have base knowledge about machinery, and have a study hall period in their schedule. Meetings for this club vary depending on training periods and A-V equipment requests. Students will meet as a group before school, after school or during

Big Brother/Big Sisters The Big Brother/ Big Sister club makes monitored matches between volunteers (“Bigs”) and children (“Littles”), ages 6 through 18. This club focuses on developing positive relationships that have a lasting effect on the lives of young people. See Mrs. Tara McGoff to join.

Chess club The chess club is a competitive team that competes in the Lehigh Valley Chess conference. All students grades 9-12 are welcome. See Ms. Sandy Chabot for more information.

Freedom’s Environmental Awareness Team (F.E.A.T) F.E.A.T focuses on enhancing the student’s knowledge and appreciation of the environment. Students who join this club will maintain the courtyard and monitor the recycling program. They will also participate in community service activities and environmental competitions.

Freedom Forum Newspaper involves the planning, designing, and implementation of a student-run newspaper. Students write and edit articles, take photos and videos, edit and upload media, gather sponsors, plan and run fundraisers, and last but not least work and collaborate with students, faculty, administration, and community members. All students welcome; it is strongly suggested to take journalism, creative writing, photography, and/or web design. Meetings will be held on Wednesdays

French club The French Club provides both learning and social activities for students interested in the French culture. It also gives them a chance to share it with the community at large. This club is open to all students. See Mrs. Pazzaglia for more information.

Gay/Straight Alliance (GSA) club This club gives students the opportunity to create a safe, welcoming and accepting environment for all youth, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity. GSA provides a support for lesbians, gays, bisexuals, and trans-genders (LGBT)

ons to join at Freedom Republican Patriots German club The German club provides cultural and social activities for students

G.R.E.E.N TEAM : Global Reach And Environmental Education Network The “Green Team” is responsible for raising awareness of global warming to the Bethlehem Area School District (BASD) and local communities. The ultimate goal is to provide schools within the BASD community with information about global warming and it’s effects. This club is welcome

International Leadership club The International Leadership Club provides leadership opportunities for students interested in the Latino culture. This club is welcome to all students and is held on a bi-monthly basis. Club times and days will be determined by members’ schedules. See Mrs. Karen Lynn and Mrs. Liz DeJesus for more information.

Pen & Ink Literary Magazine Pen & Ink gives students the chance to have their literary or art work displayed and recognized in a quality end-of-year publication. Any students interested in the publication of their poems, stories, artwork etc. are welcome. Meetings will be held on Wednesdays from 2:30-3:30 PM, in room 210. See Mrs. Karla Erdman and Mr. George Ziegler for more information.

Photography Imaging club Students who join this club will get the chance to discuss and share personal photography, videos, and other projects using forms of imaging media. This club is open

Planetarium club This club gives students the chance to visit planetariums and science museums in major cities. Students will observe IMAX theatre shows and planetarium shows. Meetings are held approximately once per month after school with Mr. William Safranek.

This club provides students with the opportunity to support traditional American values, discuss and express political issues, and meet with other students who share some of the

SADD - Students Against Destructive Decisions SADD focuses on educating the student population about destructive decisions. Topics include distracted driving, alcohol/ drug use, suicide, leadership, violence, and conflict resolution. See Mrs. Jennifer Wescoe to join.

Scholastic Scrimmage This club gives students the opportunity to enhance their learning, work on mental quickness, and enjoy academic camaraderie. Students who join will compete on television during the annual PBS Scholastic Scrimmage Competition on channel 39. In addition, they will Scholastic Scrimmage compete for seven weeks in the Lehigh Valley Scholastic conference. This club is open to all students. Meetings are held Mondays and Fridays at 2:30. Please contact Mr. Michael Evans to join.

Science Olympiad Science Olympiad prepares students for the Northeast Regional Pennsylvania Science Olympiad. Based on their performance, students have the chance to participate in more

Technical Theatre Company Any student who joins this club will learn about technical and logistical work. They will also provide service for musical and dramatic performances. There will be approximately seven presentations per year. Times for this club have not been decided. Speak with Mrs. Wescoe for

Theatre Company The award winning Freedom High School theatre company provides students in all grades with the opportunity to promote and foster their performance activities on stage. Theatre club is involved with plays, special performances and much more. Contact Mrs. Wescoe for more information. Graphics are from Open Clipart. All other photos are courtesy of Julia Ingarao

6 Pates’ Post

The Forum

September 2015

Freedom flows into the 21st Century After almost 50 years, the fountain has been reconstructed By Caterina Troiani The Freedom Forum

Thanks to the graduating class of 2015, Freedom High School was gifted with the reconstruction of the fountain. “The old fountain was a 1966 architecture, and it really needed an overhaul,” said Mr. Michael LaPorta, principal. The fountain has been a part of Freedom ever since the

The Freedom Forum A publication of Freedom High School Bethlehem Area School District

school was first built. Consequently, it had to be constantly drained in order to be cleaned. The carpeting was old and not visually appealing. “It was time for a change,” said Mr. LaPorta. That is exactly what the class of 2015 decided to do. The balance from the 2015 senior class account was designated to the reconstruction of the fountain. With this be-

(610) 867-5843

Editor-in-Chief Elyse Sanford News Editor Cassie Sedler Editorials Editor Joshua Christiansen Pates’ Post Editor Analisa Jeffries Entertainment Editor Keri Kipp Center Spread Editor Julia Ingarao Sports Editor Mitchell Coriell

Chase Hoover Web Editor Gabriella Greenhoward Tweeter Roland Cash Adviser Karla Erdman

Principal Mr. Michael LaPorta Superintendent Dr. Joseph Roy

For our editorial statement and correction policy, please go to Any photo that is not directly credited is from Microsoft Office. Follow us on Twitter, send us an email, and visit our website! @fhsforum, #fhsforum

Freedom High School Store.” “Mrs. Holly DeNofa and Tim Deily (Mrs. Jennifer Deily’s husband) were really the brain trust behind the design,” said Mr. LaPorta. The reconstruction began during July, and it was completed by the day that the teachers returned from summer break. “I think it’s awesome. It really is a good look,” said Mr. LaPorta.

Photos: Mrs. Deily and Mrs. Erdman

FRESHman year equals a FRESH start What to expect and how to be successful freshman year By Carly Pfaff The Freedom Forum

3149 Chester Avenue Bethlehem PA, 18020

ing a large task, however, the funds did not meet the financial requirements. Thus, Mr. Brad Bloszinsky, who runs the coffee shop, generously donated some of the money from the school store account to help offset the balance. Therefore, the plaque placed in front of the fountain reads, “Fountain restoration is presented as a gift by the Freedom High School Class of 2015, in partnership with the

Homework assignments, stress, fall sports, and the music blasting through the hallways at 7:30 can only mean one thing. School is once again back in session. So to get prepared, here are the “Do’s and Don’ts” for surviving freshman year. Do: Get involved. The opportunities are endless for extracurricular activities. Join a sports team, get involved with our award winning theatre company, or be apart of the many clubs Freedom has to offer. By senior year, colleges will want to see you strived to do more than just academics alone, so get involved now. “Joining drumline exposed

me to new people and allowed me to make friends over the summer before school even started,” said Thomas Wilson, freshman. Don’t: Slack on your grades. Start your high school career out strong. Stay focused, do your homework, and study. You’ll ultimately be more successful and once again, by senior year colleges will be looking at what you accomplished academically starting your freshman year. Do: Stay organized and plan your classes. Find classes that best suit your interests. Once you find them, stay up to date on assignments by staying organized. AP classes will help you in the long run and could even earn you college credits.

“If I could go back and change anything about my high school career, I probably would have challenged myself more and taken more AP classes,” said Carlie Fox, senior. Don’t: Be the freshman class with no school spirit. Join the Riot Squad for Friday night football games and cheer on our athletes throughout the year. When opportunities arise, fully embrace what Freedom is all about: Freedom Family. Do: Get your community service hours finished early. You need 60 hours to graduate. There is a long list of organizations to choose from, so find something you have an interest in. Get it done now, because by senior year you will have other things to worry about like a job and applying to college.

Whether it is getting involved, keeping up with grades, or being apart of the Freedom Family, start your freshman year off right. Remember a fresh year is a fresh start for your next four years. When they say your four years at Freedom will fly by, they mean it. So take some advice from an upperclassman. “Make your four years count because they go by so fast, so join a club like band or THON, and become involved,” said Carlie Fox, senior. Freedom t-shirts Photo: Carly Pfaff

10 Tips and tricks to create a successful school year “Creating Success” is the theme for FHS By Keri Kipp Entertainment Editor

It is that time of the year again—out with the tanning, swimming, and sunbathing and in with the books, pencils, and notebooks. Here are some helpful tips for you in order to succeed this year. “For every hour of sleep that is lost, two hours is needed to make it up,” said WebMD. In other words, stop staying up late and get some sleep. Being prepared each day actually begins the night before. You have to make sure that all your homework is done, your lunch is packed, and you have the perfect outfit picked out. This way, you are not cramming everything in last minute and raising your stress levels. How do you expect to get anything done when you do not even know where anything is? Organization is one of the key components in being successful. Many people have different ways of keeping themselves organized. Some use a planner, a reminder on their phone, or even homework stations. Everyone has a different

method, but as long as it works for you, that is all that matters. At times, the stress of school can be very overwhelming. The ones who have the most success are the ones who stay calm and use their time management wisely. Organization and time management run together, and being calm and having a sense of serenity ties it all together. Surrounding yourself with positivity is a huge part of being successful. Positivity can come from anywhere, you just need to find your own source of it. Whether that be the people you associate yourself with, the way you come across to the world, or your own positivity from within you. Success does not come unless you have the ingredients for it, and being positive will boost your selfesteem, to achieve what you set out to do. It is always the best idea to be involved in your school, whether that is being part of a sports teams, joining a club, or even just attending games and meets. Having a social life around school will help out

because when you have people around you who you are with for some of your time you will feel more comfortable and that is always useful. Students tend to not care about school, as much as anything else. What we do not think about is that without school, we would not be able to do anything else in the future. In order to progress, you need to show some sort of effort. As time goes on, the effort will get easier and easier. Take that advice, because it will help you. “You need to rise above and shine to excel in your dreams.” said Michael Dibilio, assistant Principal. Only you can determine and set your own dreams and goals, and only you can strive to achieve them in the end. Your path is based on you, everything that you want to become in life; it is all relying on you. Schools have teachers and guidance counselors; your life has friends and family. All of these people are there to help you. They are your support beam. If you are feeling like you are in way over your head, you are extremely stressed, or

just need a little help or encouragement, communicate that to someone who you know will be there to pick you up no matter what. If you are feeling low, failing, or just feel like you do not want to do it, do not give up. Giving up is never the right choice, no matter how much it seems like it is at that moment. Keep pursuing your goals, and try as hard as you can. You can do it. Believe in yourself, and you can do anything that you set your mind to. Getting the hang of a normal routine that works for you, yet still keeps you successful and able to excel in everything you do may take some time, dedication, and practice. In the long run though, the work you put in will be worth it. Good luck, and have a great year.

Organizational supplies Photo: Keri Kipp

7 Entertainment

The Forum

September 2015

Falling into autumn fashion The new season brings new style By Hayley Guzzo The Freedom Forum

The season of fall means a lot of things. Leaves changing colors, high school football, and of course the pumpkin spice lattes at Dunkin’ Donuts. It also means that it is almost time to put away the shorts and flip flops and to start wearing warmer garments. Everyone has a different style; Whether it is a leather jacket and knee high boots, or just a simple sweater and jeans. As fall arrives, the days become shorter and the nights begin to get cooler. Not everyone is all for the fashion, but for the people who want to keep up on it, there are plenty of styles that can fit anyone’s taste. These days, girls seem to gravitate towards wearing cardigans. Cardigans can be very fancy or casual, depending on the occasion. A classic outfit people are

wearing these days are cardigans, jeans, and a nice pair of boots. Of course, for more lazy days, another way to go is a slouchy sweater and a pair of leggings. Not all girls go for leggings, but for some they are an easy and comfortable choice. “I’m in love with oversized sweaters,” said Bryanna Kemmerer, sophomore. Sweaters are a go-to for many teens. Dark colors are in, especially for the cooler seasons. Black and navy are big hits with many students. However, when it comes to denim, some may prefer a lighter wash. “I am in love with light washed jeans,” said Kemmerer. For guys, having all the new trends in style is not usually the most important thing. A simple sweater with jeans and sneakers is the choice of style for some guys. For the chilly mornings,

one might opt for their North Face jacket. Some major clothing stores for teens are: Forever 21, Hollister, and Aeropostale. For fall shoes, boots are a necessity. Combat boots and Uggs are very popular among high school students for the colder weather. “I do gravitate towards the high socks and high boots,” said Kemmerer. In terms of accessories, scarves can complete any fall look. Adding a scarf to a sweater can elevate your outfit and keep you warm. “I own a million scarves that I love to keep cozy when it’s freezing outside,” said Kemmerer. All in all, if your outfit is weather appropriate and you like it, just go with it. Tyler Cooper (left) and Roland Cash (right) Photo: Gabriella Greenhoward

Create DIY Pumpkin Spice Hand Soap By Carlie Fox The Freedom Forum

The leaves are crinkling, the air is becoming chill and crisp; It is officially fall. October is right around the corner. One of the best parts about autumn is the sweet and delectable smell of pumpkin pie. Pumpkin spice hand soap not only allows your hands to be clean, but smell like a delicious dessert. This hand soap incorporates all of the best scents fall has to offer, in one tiny package. Here is what you will need:

A shea butter soap base (about 2 pounds of the soap base will make 8 large 4 oz bars), red and yellow soap colorant, a soap mold, pumpkin pie spice, and a microwaveable measuring cup with a spout. To begin, cut the shea butter soap base into cubes and then place it into your measuring cup. Next, microwave your soap cubes for about 20-30 seconds. Depending on the wattage of your microwave, time may vary. Once the soap is completely melted, pour in 2 tablespoons of pumpkin pie spice. After

Illustration of the final product Photo: Carlie Fox

that, place about 2 drops of red food coloring and 4 drops of yellow food coloring into your mixture. This will “spice” up your soap by making it an autumnal orange color. Mix all of these ingredients together. Lastly, pour your pumpkin spice soap mixture into your soap mold. Wait for about 30 minutes, or until your soap is com-

pletely solid. Once your soap is completely solid, take it out of the mold and enjoy! You can even add a cute ribbon around your soap and give it to someone as a gift. This sweet and spicy smell will consume the air of your bathroom or kitchen. Hopefully, this do it yourself project gets you excited for autumn. Wash away all of your stress with this divine, pumpkin spice inspired hand soap this fall.

Target takes the first step in gender neutrality By Elyse Sanford Editor-in-Chief

For several years—if not decades—many people have always associated the color blue with boys and the color pink with girls. In addition to colors, there are several other symbols that differentiate the two genders. Instead of marketing items to either specifically just boys or girls, Target has recently launched a new campaign in hopes of creating gender neutrality. “We heard you, and we agree. Right now, our teams are working across the store to identify areas where we can phase out gender-based signage to help strike a better balance,” said Target in a statement on their website. Before this new campaign, Target had specific sections within their stores for boys and girls, such as the toy and

bedding section. For example, tween the items for girls and plied that girls were not supthe shelves of the boys’ toy the items for boys. posed to play with building section was colored blue and Along with the colors of the blocks and boys were not supposed to play with dolls. In order to phase out these stereotypes, one step Target has taken is making all the shelves the same color. Target also created a photo illustration of a boy and girl both playing with dolls. Many people applaud Target for being one of the first places to start the new trend of Target store in Nazareth Photo: Elyse Sanford gender neutrality. However, there are the shelves of the girls’ sec- shelves, toys, such as dolls also people who do not think tion was colored pink. Ac- were being advertised towards Target made the correct decicording to consumers, these girls and building blocks were sion of going gender neutral. colored shelves helped them being targeted towards boys. “I think it is great that Tardistinguish the difference be- People argued that this im- get is starting a new trend by

trying to eliminate gender stereotypes as much as possible,” said Hannah Evans, senior. Regardless if people believe that Target made the right decision on going gender neutral, they are leading the way for other stores and companies.

Unisex symbol Photo: Wikipedia

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September 2015

Slamming it forward with girls’ tennis An overview of Freedom’s girls’ tennis team By Daniel Quigley Journalism Student

Freedom’s girls’ tennis team is looking to make a statement this season. With an overall record of 7-8 last year, and a 7-7 Eastern Pennsylvania Conference (EPC) record, they are hoping to come out with a stronger look this season. For 8 years and counting,

Coach Mark Sigmon has been the head coach of the girls’ tennis team. “Our biggest strength will be in singles,” said Mark Sigmon, head coach, in an interview with The Express Times newspaper. Tennis is scored by a series of single matches (1 vs. 1) and another series of Doubles matches (2 vs. 2). The team’s overall score is determined by the individual wins in both types of matches. Natalie Sinai, a freshman,

joined the team this year starting at the No. 1 singles position. “Being a freshman and coming into the No. 1 singles position is a lot of pressure. I can’t let down Freedom Girls’ Tennis pose for a photo for their Facebook page my team,” said Photo: Jessica Chang Sinai. This year, Kaitlyn Swint, a junior will be the head cap- Rebecca Packo, Sophomore, tain of the Girl’s Tennis will be number 3 singles. Team and number 2 singles. “We have trained very hard

so far and with Natalie on the team I think we will do great things this fall,” said Swint.. Their current overall record is 5-5 overall and 5-4 in the Eastern Pennsylvania Conference. In their match with Parkland High School, they only lost by one point. In that match with their top competitor, they played their best, but unfortunately did not win. The match is a promising look at the upcoming season for the Freedom girls’ tennis.

Running towards another playoff Freedom football update By Roland Cash The Freedom Forum

Last year, Freedom had an impressive season by making the district playoffs with the record of 9-3. Freedom football looks like it is going on the road to another district playoff after blowing out East Stroudsburg South (ESS) on August 4 (52-14). Coach Roeder and returning players Joe Young, Roberto Diez, Alkiohn Dunkins, and Cordell Cotto have good insight into the 2015 season. Diez, one of the top players to watch this season, is coming off a decent season last year. Now as senior, Deiz has a big role for the football team as stepping up as leader and having good consecutive games this season. Diez started off this football season by running 102 yards , nine car-

ries, and two touchdowns setbacks like fractured hip against ESS. and a sprain in the ulnar col“I believe that we all have lateral ligament on the inside experience this year to be great,” said Diez, a senior. After having a phenomenal first game, Dunkins recorded two interceptions, that returned for touchdowns. Dunkins, having a lot on his plate this season by starting on offense and defense, seems like he cannot catch a break because he is always running since he is first string on both sides of the ball. Additionally, Dunkins was the Lehigh Valley defensive player of the week after his great performance against Quarterback Joe Young ESS. “As a senior, I feel like I of his elbow. Now coming am a big factor to the team, back from his injuries, Young and I can help a lot this sea- is looking to make a comeson,” said Dunkins, a senior. back and taking the team as Last year, Joe Young bat- far they can go. tled with different types of “Even though I am Junior ,

I have to become a leader and looking to put everything he inspiration to my team,” said got on the field to help his Young. team to get back in the playoffs and hopefully to go far in the playoffs. “We have to put everything we got on the field this year , it is all or nothing,” said, Cotto, a senior. Coach Roeder has a lot of talented players returning this year to go back to the playoffs. It is going to be interesting season to watch this year. Freedom has a lot to show this season to become a better team than last year. Editor’s Note: As of Fri. Sept. 18, Roberto Diez, senPhoto: Bill Leicht ior, is on the injured list, due to a lower-leg injury that ocA varsity player for four curred during the Freedom vs. years straight, Cordell Cotto Emmaus game. is no stranger when it comes to Friday nights. Cotto was tight end / defensive end all star all-area last year. Cotto is

September 2015  

Freedom's award winning newspaper, The Freedom Forum

September 2015  

Freedom's award winning newspaper, The Freedom Forum