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September 2012

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NHS hits the ground running By Sabrina Castaneda The Freedom Forum

At about 7:30 in the morning on September 8th, people began to slowly trickle into the Bethlehem Steel Stacks, and by 8:30 people were coming in droves. It was the day of VIA of the Lehigh Valley’s annual Family Fun Walk. At 9 o’clock the fife choir began playing, and they were off. Every year for the past 5 years, Freedom High School’s National Honor Society (NHS) has been participating

Photo: Sabrina Castaneda

The Legacy Continues

in VIA’s Family Fun Walk. When asked why the NHS participates every year and why it is so important, Doo Park, the president of Freedom’s NHS said, “We’re partners with VIA, and it’s a way that we as NHS can give back to an organization that has given so much to the community.” Many seem to agree with the above statement, and the packed ArtsQuest Center was proof of that. VIA is an Freedom’s first home football game against Central Catholic.

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Photo: Gail Broczkowski

Students come together to earn Freedom a grant from State Farm.

Photo: Lucas Yerger

Fierce fight for America Conflict in Syria Tough election season for both candidates By Kristen Dalton News Asst. Editor

The presidential race is intensifying and the candidates are preparing themselves for the moment Americans are waiting for: Election Day. Obama is running for his second term as President of the United States, and opposing him is former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney. Campaigning in 2008, Obama preached change. The Obama administration has scored several landmark achievements: the 2009 stimulus package,

the healthcare overhaul, and financial reform bills. But in 2012, voters are looking for a different kind of change. The nation’s high unemployment and increasing federal debt has voters worried about the future. Under increasingly high scrutiny from the media, this election could be a tough sell for both President Obama and Romney. Both candidates have plenty to bring to the table, though both are being crucified by the media for their false accusations and jabs at each other.

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“The ads on television are cruel and uncalled for,” said Mr. Eric Baltz, Freedom High School science teacher. “I prefer when the candidates promote themselves with positive messages and inform America of their policies, not when they attack each other.” Romney strongly believes in cutting government spending, supports capping federal spending at 20% of GDP (gross domestic product) and wishes to pursue a Balance Budget Amendment. Romney

Tensions continue to rise in Middle East By Kate Dawson Editorial Editor

As of July 2012, the death toll in Syria, according to the United Nations (as cited by, was an estimated 17,000. Even earlier this year, in June, at least ten percent of deaths in Syria were those of children. ( With that number obviously haven risen since July, it is easy to see that there is urgent need for peace to be made, but peace between whom exactly? (Continued on page 2 - Though Westerners have FIERCE FIGHT) heard of the uprising in Syria

by one name or another, explanation of the issue is often overlooked, and many are left with a sense of urgency without a sense of direction as to where the urgency came from, or where our efforts should be placed. What Syria faces now is a civil-war. Last year, the spark of the “Arab-Spring,” marked by the revolutions in Tunisia as well as Egypt, caused political activists in (Continued on page 2 SYRIA)

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1— worker paychecks.

also supports free trade and opening our markets beyond the American border, implementing a new trade structure with China, and supports states that pursue Right-to-Work laws and prohibit the use of funds for political purposes from (continued SYRIA)



President Obama has a commanding stance on education and job creation. Understanding that America has to literally outsmart the rest of the world to compete in the global economy, President Obama has made education a national priority. President Obama has doubled our investment in

September 2012 scholarships and financial aid so students from working and middle-class families can access and complete the college education required for desirable future jobs. This is a tough election season for both candidates. While Obama has grand ideas for middle class working families and investment in education,

many Americans’ hopes were diminished by the lack of change he endorsed in 2008. Mitt Romney has relatively sturdy plans for America’s economy, but his lack of accomplishments as Governor of Massachusetts steers some voters in the opposite direction.

1— liberty, but refused, instead tor ( outlines matic solutions, as well as in-

Syria to raise their voices against the Syrian regime. The most specific start of the conflict can be pinpointed in Daraa, Syria, where citizens were murdered by regime security forces for protesting the arrest of children who had written political graffiti. The Syrian President and leader of the regime, Bashar alAssad, was called to leave office by political activists and demonstrators vying for civil

trying to promise changes in order to appease the opposition. However, within four days, witnesses claim that thousands of troops were sent into Daraa for a “wide-scale crackdown,” causing insurrection and snowballing into a national civil-war between the regime and the armed resistance. What is most disturbing to the majority of onlookers, however, is the abhorring use of children amidst the warfare. The Christian Science Moni-

Adviser Mrs. Karla Erdman

the annual UN reports as “Citing eyewitness accounts and testimonies of former Syrian soldiers who deserted the armed forces, the report lists cases of children being used as human shields by soldiers entering opposition strongholds, children being detained and tortured, and cases of child sexual abuse.” So far, the U.S. along with other Western Allies have acted on the issue by placing economic sanctions as they attempt solve the crisis by diplo-

ternational leaders, including U.S.President Barack Obama, calling on Bashar al-Assad to step down. Although Syrian citizens as well as all others hoping for peace in Syria wish for Bashar al-Assad to eventually come down from office as Egypt’s Hosni Mubarak had, until then, alternative solutions must be considered and the storm of violence, especially towards innocent children, must be quelled.

National tragedy stirs gun control debate

Principal Mr. Michael LaPorta Superintendent Dr. Joseph Roy

By Tiana Van The Freedom Forum

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Summer Vacation. Erin McVicker, sophomore

State Farm Grant Update

The grant will be awarded during the National Teen Driver Safety Week October 14-20, 2012

Summer Vacation. Erin McVicker, sophomore

candidates canceled political events and pulled ads for that weekend. President Obama Horrific. Senseless. Shock- said there would be “other ing. Strong words have been days for politics” and that it used to deshould be “a scribe the for “I think purchasing a gun day mass shootprayer and ing on July should have stricter back- reflection” 20 during the ground checks and assure instead. debut of the that the buyer is mentally RegardBatman movless, an old ie “The Dark stable to possess a fire- debate was Knight Ris- arm.” reignited by es,” at a thea-Shawn Brandau, the event: ter in Aurora, senior gun control Colorado. laws. In a The shootradio interer, 24-year-old James Holmes, view, New York City Mayor bought a ticket and entered the Bloomberg called both canditheater sporting full-body tac- dates to action, using the tical protective gear. Holmes shooting as proof that gun fetched his weapons by exit- control must be reformed. The ing the theater through a back likely mentally ill Holmes door just after midnight. He purchased all four of his firedetonated canisters of an un- arms legally as well as 6,000 known gas before shooting at rounds of ammo from the intheatergoers. The police re- ternet while under psychiatric sponded within minutes of care two months before the receiving calls from inside the shooting. theater, and Holmes surrenFormer rifle club member dered immediately, ominously and Freedom senior Shawn calling himself “the Joker.” Brandau said, “I think purTen people were pro- chasing a gun should have nounced dead on site, two stricter background checks died at the hospital, and 58 and assure that the buyer is more were injured, ranking mentally stable to possess a this as one of the worst mass firearm.” shootings in America. Holmes’s mental stability is “It’s horrible that something only one item being discussed like that happened,” said Ja- in court. Holmes is charged had Nagy, Freedom senior. “I with 142 criminal counts, inmean, ‘The Dark Knight Ris- cluding first degree murder, es’ is still a good movie, but attempted murder, and exploit’s sad.” sive charges. A running courtPresident Obama and candi- imposed gag order prevents date Romney had similar sen- those involved in the case to timents in issued statements. divulge information and reOut of respect to the victims’ stricts the public release of families, both presidential court documents.

News 3

The Forum

September 2012

Follow me to Freedom Freshmen orientation helps newbies feel at home. By Bridget Silk The Freedom Forum

all of the anxiety and eagerness to start high school, Freshmen and other stu- many freshmen wondered dents new to Freedom High what had Freedom had in School attended the fresh- store for them. men orientation at the end When freshmen were of the summer. Emotions asked if the orientation ran wild helped “Get involved with a with stuthem, dents trying lot of activities there to get ac- because it gives you were customed mixed something school to high responses. school life. related to look forward Sarah At the to.” Sturm, event, the -Alexa Deemer, freshman, freshmen the senior said had a brief orientaassembly preparing them for tion did “not really” help what the year was going to her. be like. After this assembly, On the contrary, Brandon the students went to their Silk said, “The orientation assigned homerooms. In did help.” their homerooms, their Freshmen are looking forschedules were explained to ward to many this upcoming them and they split into year. smaller groups to take tours “I am looking forward to led by upperclassmen. With the Theatre Program and the

sports teams because I want to try out for tennis,” said Sturm. “I am looking forward to playing baseball for my school,” said Silk. With freshmen getting excited for the upcoming year, the seniors reflected on their high school careers and things that they wished their ‘freshmen self’ knew. “Take your school work seriously, but not too seriously. Have fun at the same time,” said Mike Salzarulo, senior. “Get excited about the new people you’ll meet and the new experiences you will have.” “Get involved with a lot of activities because it gives you something school related to look forward to,” said Alexa Deemer, senior. As the school year began, the freshmen began to get accustomed to high school. More freshmen feel confident now about the school year and what Freedom has to offer to them.

First Lady visits the Valley Michelle Obama makes a stop at Moravian College. By Sarah Callahan The Freedom Forum

Prior to this year, Michelle Obama had visited the Lehigh Valley in 2008 when her husband was a presidential candidate for his first term. She came to Cedar Crest College with Jill Biden, wife of Vice President Joe Biden. In the upcoming November election, Pennsylvania is seen as a potential election battleground. Pennsylvania supported Barack Obama in 2008 and in early August a CBS News poll released showed Obama with an 11point lead over GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney among likely voters in Pennsylvania. However, despite firm leads for Obama in most polls, First Lady Michelle Obama made a campaign

stop at Moravian College on Aug. 9 to address supporters in the Lehigh Valley. The First Lady spoke to a crowd of over 1,000 about what is at stake in this election for Pennsylvanians and encouraged them to help organize their communities up through November. She stressed the campaign’s “It Takes One” initiative, which asks each supporter to inspire one more person to help President Barack Obama win another term. She listed the accomplishments of the President’s first term, including health care overhaul, automobile industry bailout, and winding down the war in Iraq. The First Lady also noted the President signed bills preventing student loan interest rates from doubling and providing more money

for Pell grants for lowincome college students. Both she and the President had mountains of student debt, Obama said, adding that at one point their monthly student loan payments totaled more than their mortgage payment. Her 30-minute speech also touched on the couple’s humble backgrounds, saying they both come from families that worked hard and valued education. “Barack knows the American dream because he’s lived it,” she said. It was clear that the Democratic icon shared her husband’s speaking skills. She was confident, relatable, and, above all, genuine. The passion behind her voice and excitement in her eyes was an indication that she was not merely reciting words on a paper, but truly believed in her husband and our country.

Trevor Watlington, sophomore

Parents visit FHS By Erin Ogozoly The Freedom Forum

Freedom’s Open House for this school year was on Tuesday, Sept. 11 from 6:30-9:00. The event presented parents of students at Freedom High School with an opportunity to meet the teachers that their children spend a great deal of their day with, and gave teachers the chance to explain the mechanics of their class. For parents, this is one of three scheduled times to speak with teachers. As the first of these three chances, Open House is especially important as a way to start some kind of communication. By attending, parents can understand teacher expectations and align them with their own as well as get information that helps during parent-teacher conferences, the two other formal occasions to speak to their son or daughter’s teachers. For teachers, the stakes are a little higher. The parents are who their “customers” go home to everyday, so it is an important time to answer questions and anticipate future ones. Open House is, therefore, an opportunity to explain their approaches in the classroom and to show parents exactly why they are sending their children to school. “It’s a nice opportunity for parents to meet teachers face-toface and to experience what their children do in a school

day,” said Mr. Eric Baltz, science teacher. When parents know what their children are doing and who they are working with, they can make their academic goals into realities and understand why teachers do what they do. Parental cooperation with scholastic pursuits is truly important and makes doing well in school more attainable. Mr. Wallaesa also stressed the importance of Open House, saying, “Parents can get the teacher’s philosophy and understand where teachers are coming from [by going].” As the school year goes on, this prevents misunderstandings between teachers and parents over grades, class work, or approaches to teaching. Once parents know, for instance, that a teacher provides time in class to complete homework, they can expect to see less homework at home, not because the teacher is neglecting their job, but because the teacher is attempting to make the student’s job easier. As a school function, Open House holds a key position as the kick-starter to the academic year. For those students whose parents attended the Open House this year, it was a very worthwhile two and a half hours that will make the school year go by smoothly.

(continued from page 1 - NHS) ly local organization, and NHS can easily mark this

they work to help people with disabilities get into the workforce and function in the community.” Freedom students were everywhere, and everyone had a great time. Balloons were handed out, pretzels were eaten, and the Peep Mobile made a surprise visit.

down as another successful service done for the community. The next NHS event will be the induction of the new members, which will take place on October 17th at 6:30 pm in Freedom’s auditorium.

Photo: Sabrina Castaneda

organization that means a lot to many people. VIA is a non-profit organization that provides services to those with disabilities, and the money raised by this walk goes towards those causes. As Mrs. Roman, the head of NHS put it, “It is a complete-

Participants relax after finishing the VIA walk. The Peeps Mobile visited shortly afterwards.

4 Editorials

The Forum

September 2012

Raise to 21 or reduce to 16?

Psychology plays a part in the decision. By Kristen Dalton News Asst. Editor

With the voter turnout at a record low, does America need to rejuvenate the system with possible younger voters? The voter age has been debated time and time again, yet it is still required that each individual voter must be 18-years-old to vote. The real question is, raise the age to 21, or reduce it to 16? Many psychological and lifestyle specifics play into the voter age. For the voter age to be reduced to 16, this would pro-

vide a wider range of population for a jolt in the voter system. Most 16-year-olds can work, leave home, and pay taxes. However, the psychological essentials play a huge role in whether or not a 16-yearold is aware of important global and local issues. There is also the question, “Does a 16-year-old have enough experience to determine who should be in a higher state of power?” Though many teenagers at this age have a job and small responsibilities, it is unlikely they have had enough personal experience

with political issues to determine whom to put into office. Deciding who to vote for is a massive privilege, and one that is too often taken for granted. The best argument against child enfranchisement reels back to the psychological issues; the human brain does not finish maturing until the mid-20s. This is why, even though you can drink in pubs, legally engage in sexual intercourse, or kill for your country no one will lend you a car without huge insurance costs before you hit 25. The voter age is based on psychological details and

personal experience. As of now, the voter age is between the mark of 16 and 21. However, not many 18-year-olds have suffered gravely from political decisions. I believe the voter age should be raised to 21, for both psychological and personal experience reasons. At that point, a person is considered a full adult responsible for every decision made. At 21, people are most likely an active member of the work force and are personally affected financially and personally by government decisions and policies. labeled for reuse

Affirmative action persisting generations Equality still an issue 50 years later. By Faarah Ameerally Entertainment Asst. Editor

As American citizens, we are insured equality under the United States Constitution. However, America has not always upheld the belief of universal equality, and not everyone is treated fairly. Affirmative Action made its appearance once we gained

the ability to look at these times in retrospect and improve the surroundings. Affirmative action is the abolishment of past and present discrimination. This can be discrimination based on race, color, religion, sex or ethnicity. Affirmative action is a relatively new idea that began in

the late 1960’s. This means that public policies and initiatives against all forms of discrimination are just getting started. It is important that all Americans have an equal opportunity for success. As President Kennedy said, "The basis of where affirmative action should take place is within the workplace and higher education." A major reason for affirmative action is to compensate

for past behavior in America. Like President Johnson said, "We cannot expect to treat people unfairly for more than a century, and then when we stop, believe that they are suddenly just as capable of success as those of us who have never even seen, let alone experienced, discrimination." Affirmative action is meant to compensate for past behavior through the presenta-

tion of equal opportunities in the workplace and in school. As American citizens, we have the rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. In the pursuit of happiness, the majority of us want success. How can every one of us equally pursue success if we have not been given the same opportunities all along?

Competition between the competitions By Lucas Yerger The Freedom Forum

Since 2002, many Americans have tuned into Fox to watch the award winning show that allowed everyday citizens to showcase their singing talents to the whole country: “American Idol." But in the past 2 years, there has been another show that has tested the waters called, “The Voice.” This show is quite different than “American Idol.” Unlike “American Idol”, whose judges sit facing the person auditioning, the judges on “The Voice” have their chairs turned away from the potential contestants while they are on stage performing. The contestants on “The Voice“ audition for the judge’s approval as on “American Idol,” but the difference is

when the judges on “The Voice” like what they hear from a contestant they then turn their chair to face the current performer. When the judge turns their chair the contestant then hears from each judge on why they should choose them as his or her mentor while they are on the show. The contestant then chooses which one he or she wants to be their mentor. Next, the judges create a team of singers to represent that judge. In the end, a judge with their team of singers wins the competition, not just a single singer like on “American Idol.” “The Voice” has garnered a lot of attention recently and

many people prefer this show to “American Idol.” “[I would choose] ‘The Voice’ because you’re first judged on your voice and nothing else. I also think the approach the show takes, like the whole one on one coaching, proves to be more successful, plus Adam Levine, Hello,” said Amber Nelson, senior. Recently a lot of people have felt the same way as Amber. This may be a case of out with the old and in with the new. Additionally, many females agree with her Adam Levine comments. “I like ‘The Voice’ because of Adam Levine, but I watch ‘American Idol’ regularly,” said Tori Blazinski, junior. Only time will tell if “The Voice” will continue to gain viewers while “American Idol” declines.

How do the competitions match-up? “American Idol” Judges: 4 Judges Role: Critique and praise performances Competition: Between contestants Network: Fox Seasons: 11 Completed Entry to show: Anyone can audition Rating of Last Completed Season: 2nd “The Voice” Judges: 4 Judges Role: Critique and praise performances AND mentor contestants Competition: Between contestants and judges Network: NBC Seasons: 3rd began on Sept. 10 Entry to show: Invitation Rating of Last Completed Season: 9th

The Forum

September 2012

Editorials 5

An Olympian’s holiday England’s landscape takes on a patriotic flair. By Kirat Randhawa Entertainment Editor

There is nothing better than going on a holiday to get away from all the stress and work of reality. But what is even better is going away to a place that you can always call home. This past summer, I flew to England for two months to catch up with my family and friends, and I have to say, it was quite exciting. I was planning to go abroad anyway, but the lucky timing of my flight was completely by chance. After all, what better time to fly out than the 2012 London Olympics? According to daily, 92 percent of the tickets for the Olympics were sold out in the first couple of days.

Sadly, I did not manage to book tickets or get a chance to go to London to see the actual games, but from where I was staying in Birmingham, I saw plenty of excitement. Posters, tourists, and souvenirs were plentiful. Additionally, the Union Jack was hung everywhere. I do not think I have ever seen England so patriotic. It was so lovely to see! Not to mention, the Olympic torch passing through my city was definitely something worth talking about. The Queen, all dressed in pink, made an appearance in Birmingham city center, and she was just as excited as the rest of the world. According to, this year's games had an incredible at-

mosphere—one of the best yet. “It was very interesting to see all the countries compete and how our country worked together and show sportsmanship,” said Brenna Fererra, FHS senior.

Summer photo contest submission. Erin McVicker, sophomore

Thespians reveal productions By Sabrina Castaneda The Freedom Forum

With names like “Urinetown” and “Les Misérables,” the upcoming Freedom High School Theater Company productions are sure to draw attention. Of the two shows, the one most likely to draw attention is “Urinetown.” The play is about a world where water is extremely scarce. Therefore, the Urine Good Company (UGC) comes together and lays down some rules. One of these rules is that one must pay to go to the bathroom. If someone cannot pay, he cannot use the restroom.

“Urinetown” follows the story of one poor man who stands up for himself and his peers. The result is a funny, yet educational tale that will keep viewers interested from the get go. When asked about the value of “Urinetown,” Ann Marie Liadis, a senior at Freedom and a member of the theater company, said, “It teaches a lot of lessons that people won’t expect.” “Les Misérables” is the spring play on the list for the theater company, and it is a very well-known one. It follows the stories of various characters as they fight for redemption and a better life. “Les Misérables” is a classic, and it is the second longest running musical in the world. The two plays the theater company is offering this year are certainly different, but that serves a purpose. Ms. Jennifer Wescoe, director of the Freedom High School Theater Company, said that she chooses such different plays in order to, “expose

students to many different genres, which will prepare them for the real world.” The arts have long been a way of teaching people about the world, and these two plays are certainly no exception. “Urinetown” will run from Nov. 8 until Nov. 11, and “Les Misérables” will begin its run on April 2 until April 7. Order forms can be found online at www.fhstheatre

“My best summer activity this year was having a baby! Zachary Michael was born on Aug. 8.” Mrs. Jennifer Layton, special education teacher

Alexa Alpaugh and Kristen Dalton at Phillies game. Kristen Dalton, senior

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Portrait of "Cosette" by Emile Bayard, from the original edition of Les Misérables (1862)

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6 Pates’ Post

The Forum

September 2012

Education degrees continue.

French-speaking, Italian cake decorator

Samantha Lutz Pates’ Post Editor

Michael Datz Journalism student

Old Main Building, reconstructed on High Street opening onto the Quadrangle.

New Faces in the Family

Freedom welcomes new staff members. Erin Heaney Journalism student

As teachers leave Freedom new ones come in to take over where they left off. The new staff consists of a new secretary, two assistant principals, a resource officer, a math teacher, a science teacher, a history teacher and two new special education teachers. The Freedom family is excited for the addition of these teachers. Mrs. Joyce Rose has worked in the BASD for 14 years. Although she does not have anything to teach the students of Freedom, she would like to learn from her other faculty members. “I am just on the learning side,” she said. A good thing is she is excited to be apart of the Freedom Family. “Yes, my children went here,” Mrs. Rose answered with a smile. Another faculty member the students should familiarize themselves with is Mr. William Cecchini. He is the new assistant princi-

pal in office 101. This is his 20th year as an educator, and before coming to Freedom, he was at Nitschmann, but he worked at our rival school, Liberty, for 14 years. His colleague, Mrs. Holly DeNofa, another assistant principal is currently on family leave. “A big thing is work hard play hard. School can be fun if you let it be. The biggest thing is respect,” Cecchini said. “Seeing you guys in the morning” is Cecchini’s favorite part of being an assistant principal. In addition to Mr. Cecchini, another very important person in the school is the new resource officer Grimaldi Gonzalez, who is filling in for Officer Anderson. Gonzlez said his favorite part of this job is working with the kids; that it is always different. “I knew I wanted to be a police officer from early on,” he said. Officer Gonzalez has been a police officer for 11 years. Before coming to Freedom, he was right up the hill at the Bethlehem

Area Vo-tech school. Finally, the new teachers of Freedom, who range from right out of college to being veteran teachers are Miss Megan Thomas, Mrs. Deanna Webb, Mrs. Bridget Hujsa, Mrs. Ruth Hough-Engel, and Mr. Anthony Parra. For Miss Megan Thomas this is her 2nd year teaching. Before she came to Freedom, she was at Raub Middle School in Allentown. She currently teaches the pre-calculus class. Mrs. Deanna Webb is one of the two new Special Education teachers. Mrs. Webb said she wanted to become a special ed teacher because she has a cousin with autism. “From that point on, I wanted to be a special ed teacher. Seeing kids make positive changes and work through tough situations is my favorite thing about teaching,” she said. Her colleague, Mrs. Bridget Hujsa, has been a special education teacher for 8 years. “One of my biggest things is I want my kids to have respect for everyone.

You never know what is behind the disability or issue,” she said. As she got older, Mrs. Hujsa was considering being a youth pastor or working with adults with disabilities. She graduated from Liberty, but is excited to be a part of the Freedom family. “I am excited to be a part of it. It has been a little bit of an adjustment. I don’t own anything that says Freedom, but my students keep telling me I have to buy something.” Additionally, Mrs. Ruth Hough-Engel is a new addition to the science department. Last, but not least, Mr. Anthony Parra, is a returning history teacher. As a history teacher he wants his students to learn to think historically. “I enjoy when kids get that ‘a-ha’ moment, or when students give me an ‘a-ha’ from something they show me.” Take a moment to say hello to these new additions to the Freedom family community.

She is the girl who will decorate the cakes at your wedding: Elyse Sanford, a freshman at Freedom High School. “I really want to be a cake decorator,” Sanford said. It seems like she will be decorating the cakes in Italy because Sanford says that she wants to live in Italy. “I want to live in Italy because they have good food,” she said. Please, be polite in the restaurants, people! “I HATE when people chew loudly,” Sanford said. Though, Sanford might not be yelling in Italian at you for chewing loudly because she said that she wants to learn French as a secondary language. “I want to learn French because I’m already learning it,” Sanford said.

Photo: Michael Datz

Location: West Chester, Pa Just 30 minutes outside of Philadelphia Tuition: $4,310 semester Room/Board/Meal Plan: Ranges from $3,600$6,400 semester

Is teaching for you? West Chester University may also be for you. Among 70 undergraduate programs, education is the most popular major among undergraduates. Teaching certificates can be obtained in 20 different programs. There are 12 different Bachelor of Science in Education undergraduate programs as well at WCU. With plenty of diverse options to choose from, if you are considering studying education, West Chester University is a school to keep in mind.


Learn to teach and teach to learn

Sanford said she likes reading, but she only read the required book for honors classes during the summer. Sanford said that The Hunger Games is her favorite book. However, Sanford is not into reading when she needs to relax. Sanford said that when she wants some relaxation, her idea is “nothing and sleeping.” When Sanford has an opening in her busy schedule, she fills it up quickly. “I sleep, hangout with friends, and play soccer in my spare time,” she said. Sanford also is a fan of movies; her favorite of which is “Mean Girls.” So that is Elyse Sanford, the future French-speaking, cake decorator, and Italian citizen.

Mrs. Webb

Mrs. Hough-Engel

Mrs. Rose

Ms. Thomas

Photos not available for Ms. Hujsa and Mr. Parra

Officer Gonzalez

Mr. Cecchini

Photos: Samantha Lutz, Amanda Molinaro, Kirat Randhawa and Bridget Silk

Mrs. DeNofa

Pates’ Post 7

The Forum

September 2012

Patriot Band prepares for season

Photos: Samantha Yu

On Friday, Aug. 24, the Freedom High School Patriot Band performed its halftime and pregame show for parents and other spectators at Preview Night. The band began practicing daily three weeks before school started. The Patriot Band will perform its halftime show at home and away football games and its pregame show only at home games. This year, the theme for halftime is the music of Chuck Mangione and includes the songs “Opener,” “Land of Make Believe,” and “Echano.” Samantha Yu, sophomore

Become a friend and make a difference Nikki DeLeon The Freedom Forum

Looking for a great club to join? One that can change Freedom High School and the way students interact with one another? If so, the Friends of Rachel club is perfect for you! Run by Ms. Jennifer Maholick and Mr. John Wallaesa, The Friends of Rachel club is an organization created to get the message across to students that kindness can start a chain reaction. Ever since the Columbine shooting in 1999, a guest

speaker would come to high schools across the country and discuss the impact of teen violence and how one moment can change hundreds of lives. However, the main topic of the presentation is bullying and how to prevent it. Being a friend and standing up for someone when he or she is down can change someone’s life forever. Rachel's Challenge provides students with the ability to change themselves and help others do the same. “I would like to continue

the positive momentum that began last fall and maintain a safe environment at Freedom High School for the entire community," said Ms. Maholick, Spanish teacher. The organization would like to reach its goal of raising $4000, which it is currently halfway and be able to bring back a presenter. This guest speaker would be discussing the new and improved program, now called "Rachel's Legacy," which is more moving and powerful than the original. “The club and I want to

spread the word about Rachel’s Challenge and get a lot of different people to come to meetings,” said Rachel Pardoe, sophomore. The club comes up with ways to prevent bullying and spread the word about the assembly’s message. Members share ideas for Rachel’s Challenge and how to make students more aware. “People need to remember the program for longer than just the day of the assembly,” said Pardoe. Members of the club expect to get a good turn out from

the freshman and hope that they can help bring Rachel’s Challenge back to freedom. This will allow Freedom to become a better place for students and teachers. If you want to be a part of Freedom’s Chain Reaction, become a Friend of Rachel’s and make a difference.

Freedom student shares summer job experience Bill Leeson News Editor

Not every student is dedicated to responsibly constructing a confident future, which is exactly the basis of competitive and valuable internships at professional companies as a high school student. At the college level, internships are already considered priceless when searching for employment according to Dan Gomez-Palacio, assistant director of career services at Westminster College in Missouri in an interview with U.S. News. He states that finding a student with a commendable academic record “isn’t particularly tough anymore” as a result of a greater overall volume of college attendees.

It is no longer just about GPA, if it ever was. Exposure to a legitimate professional environment is the new ideal bullet point on a college application and résumé. Freedom’s own Caroline Ytsma can attest to the value of an internship; she worked at the engineering corporation Air Products & Chemicals over the summer. “I kind of had an idea of what it was going to be like…I learned more about engineering in general and how a large company works,” said Ytsma. “Large” does not quite cover the scale of this international, multibillion-dollar company. Nor does it suffice as a description of the impact it had on Ytsma’s outlook for

her future as a chemical engineer. She emphasizes that the sheer experience of witnessing and taking part in a professional environment was immensely valuable. For her various responsibilities. “I moved around, and my [supervisors] gave me work that I was able to do,” said Ytsma. The supervisors for Air Products’ dedicated internship program knew that Ytsma did not have a Ph.D. in chemistry yet; she explains that her job contained administrative work as well as involvement in more traditional chemical engineering processes. Furthermore, her supervisors were happy to share their advice and experience

as engineers with Ytsma and the other interns. College students interning there did the same, making for a truly unique and worthwhile experience that confirmed her aspirations for a career in chemical engineering. “I enjoyed it,” said Ytsma. Actual enjoyment – and not just because of the enviable paycheck, either. She wholeheartedly recommends it to like-minded peers because “it’s a great way to learn what you want to do without [struggling] with hands-on stuff,” although hands-on departments were certainly available to high school students. Ytsma heard about this interning opportunity through Freedom’s announcements and followed up with her

guidance counselor upon applying and being admitted for a job interview. “The interview was easy,” said Ytsma. “Yes, I will put it on my college applications, and yes I would love to return there as a college intern.” Though she did not call it a motive, rumor has it that college interns receive almost the same pay as fulltime highly educated veteran employees of Air Products.

Photo: Caroline Ytsma

Bill Leeson's coworkers at Air Products have some artistic fun with an old collapsed experiment.

Summer photo contest student winner.

Dana Pollock, sophomore

Having fun launching water balloons with the family at the shore!

Eagle Rock trip with the family

This summer Mrs. Bond and her family Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center near Dulle Enola Gay and the space shuttle Discove

Josh Young, senior, wake boarding at Saranac Village: A Younglife Camp. Christopher Mastronardo, senior 4th of July celebratory run.

Golden Temple in India

“The rooms soon will be empty, but the images remain.” David Kleist, English teacher

Charging Chariot of the Tor. Photo taken with Holga plastic camera: Berlin, Germany.

“Watching my son Mitch learn to walk. It is so exciting as a new mom to see my little boy grow and become more independent.” Nikki Guerra, health/PE teacher

went to the National Air and Space Museum s Airport. The highlights were seeing the ry. Stephanie Bond, math teacher

While in Arizona this summer, Mrs. Erdman visited the Grand Canyon. "It certainly is a sight to behold. The magnificence of nature is astounding.”

Nainjot Singh, sophomore

Sunset in Petra, a small town in Mytilene, Greece, 2011

10 Pates’ Post

The Forum

September 2012

Kyle the sport king

“How To” be a part of Freedom Family According to an old Chinese proverb, “A family in harmony will prosper in everything.” And when asked to think of a universally known concept, the term ‘family’ comes to mind. Over the years the structure of what a family is has constantly changed, but one thing is certain; families care about the wellbeing of one another. As high school students it is easy to become hindered by unnecessary problems, arguments, and anxiety. But, we can make a conscious effort to change the way high school is typically viewed and functions. By deciding to be more than just a group of people suffering together through the stressful and uncomfortable journey of adolescence, we can become a group of people that cares about one another and what we represent. We can become a family. First things first, invest in

friends and attend a game, performance, or any other Freedom related event. Ask a family member for a ride or make a few upperclassmen friends that have given their parents grey hairs and gotten their

enjoy your high school experience. Aside from supporting your school, you can become actively involved in numerous ways. When asked how underclassmen can include themselves in

Photo: Bill Leicht

Amanda Molinaro Managing Editor of Print

the Freedom Family, senior, Caterina Atiyeh, said, “One of the most important things is being involved in something so that you and your friend can have school spirit together.” Being busy and becoming an integral member of the ways in which your school is run will greatly benefit your happiness and overall success throughout your four years. The absolute best thing you can do for yourself is allow yourself to be inspired. Senior, John Silver, humorously agreed when he said, “Freedom Family is like an adoption. The seniors have to christen the underclassmen into the family.” You should talk to upperclassmen and administrators to find ways to become involved. And like the wise proverb says, our harmony will allow us to prosper as the Freedom Family.

A look into a freshman’s thoughts. Brennan Reinert Journalism student

Diligent in the classroom and begging for peace and quiet at home, Mo-Nay Sinclair is a tall, goofy, and quiet freshman at Freedom High School. “I can never get some peace and quiet because my family is so noisy,” said Sinclair.

Though quiet, Sinclair wants to do something outrageous, like bungee jumping. “I think bungee jumping would be a wild ride and a once in a life time experience,” said Sinclair. Although Sinclair is quiet, on the basketball court, she yells for her teammates to pass her the ball. One who claims herself

as unique, wishes other kids would be themselves rather than try to be someone they’re not. “If kids aren’t going to be themselves then they shouldn’t be anyone,” said Sinclair.

Photo: Karla Erdman, adviser

Silence is golden

Madison Young Journalism student

Meet Kyle Giamportone! An up and coming freshman at Freedom High School who is all about football! “I would like to get a college scholarship to a good school playing football,” said Giamportone. Along with football, Kyle enjoys playing soccer with his team BSC. “I do enjoy sports. One sport I would like to try would be lacrosse,” said Giamportone. Though Kyle is not all about sports. He is taking all honors classes this year and hopes to be a physical therapist one day in the future.

Photo: Michael Datz

a Freedom Family tee-shirt. Borrow one from a friend or buy your own through Freedom’s student council organization. They come in an assortment of colors, including tie dye this year. Next step, gather a few

licenses. Experiencing the Friday night lights in the student section during football season is a great way to become integrated into the Freedom Family. However, there are many other Freedom activities you can attend to meet fellow students and fully

Class of 2013 continues school legacy

“I want get a really good paying job,” said Giamportone. One of Kyle’s best memories was going to Scotland. He vacationed there once with his family and says he would like to go back one day. “It was one of the coolest places I have ever been and would like to live there when I get older,” said Giamportone. When not playing sports or visiting Scotland, Kyle is reading. He read a lot over the summer and his favorite genre is fiction. “Reading relaxes me. I think more kids, as well as adults, need to read more,” said Giamportone. Let’s wish this sports crazed kid luck as he goes off to become a physical therapist in Scotland.

Fyniss: Future Ferrari Driver Erin Heaney Journalism student

Fyniss Frazier is a girl who you will always hear before you see. “Three words that describe me off the top of my head are loud, outgoing, and funny,” said. She put an emphasis on loud. Frazier was born on July 9, 1996 and came to Bethlehem 7 years ago from Florida. Listening to every type of music is something she thinks makes herself unique.

“I listen to pop, rap, RnB, just about everything,” said Frazier. In her spare time, Frazier enjoys to hang out with her boyfriend and sometimes her friends, but she is with her family a lot. “When my boyfriend doesn’t want to hang out with me that is one of my pet peeves,” said Frazier. Her most embarrassing moment even happened when she was with her boyfriend. “We were at the mall and I was wearing a skirt, and I

slipped and my skirt flew up, and my boyfriend just laughed at me,” said Frazier. She would like kids to “know their boundaries and ‘obey’ the upperclassmen.” A language she would like to learn fluently is Spanish because her family speaks Spanish already. “Like me my mom is loud and caring, but strict,” Frazier said as she talks about her family. One day she would really like to drive a Lamborghini or a Ferrari. Also she wants

to be a physical therapist. Out of anywhere in the world she would like to live in Paris. “It’s pretty and really romantic there,” Frazier said. A junior at Freedom, Frazier is excited to be more than halfway done with high school. “I’m ready to leave,” she said and let out a deep breath.

Photo: Lucas Yerger

Pates’ Post 11

The Forum

September 2012

Everyday life of Joe Baseball is his passion. “I play for FBT baseball Gabriela Wamba league,” said Rodgers. Journalism student At home Rodgers has one Zachary Ward Managing Editor of Digital Media dog, three cats, one guinea New to Freedom High School, Joe Rodgers is a 13year-old baseball Phillies Phanatic. “I love going to see them play,” said Rodgers. Joe is a September baby, but even with a busy life as a 9th grader, Rodgers always finds time for baseball.

pig, two garbles and more than 20 fish! “Yeah I don’t really know how many fish I have, 10, maybe 20.,” said Rodgers. He also has one sister and one brother; he is very close to his brother, but he loves all his family. “I am really close with my family,” said Rodgers.

“[I want to go to] California because I really want to see my aunt again,” said Rodgers. Besides baseball Joe loves the beach, rap music, and hanging out with friends. “I love going to the beach in New Jersey, it’s relaxing,” said Rodgers. And that’s Joe, a future sports broadcaster and pet aficionado.

Photo: Michael Datz

America’s next physical therapist is here Hunter Hostage Journalism student

America’s next big physical therapist is named Chase Hoover. “I guess if I had to choose a career now, I would choose to be a physical therapist,” said Hoover. Hoover, a native of Bethlehem, PA, considers himself to be sporty. His idea of relaxation is playing basketball and sleeping. “Basketball relaxes me because it gets me moving and

gets my mind off of what I was thinking about,” Hoover said. A freshman at Freedom Hoover said if he had to live somewhere else he said he would move to Jamaica. “I would move to Jamaica because its foreign, hot, and they speak English,” Hoover said. Hoover’s musical taste ranges to everything except country. “I like everything but country, I don’t like country because I don’t like the slow

beat or the way it sounds,” said Hoover. A frequent skier Hoover likes winter more than summer. “I prefer winter because I ski and it’s better,” said Hoover. Hoover was born on Feb. 4 and cannot drive. In the future Hoover wants to speak Spanish. “I want to learn how to speak Spanish because a lot countries speak it,” said Hoover. Hoover said he wants to

have two boys when he gets married. So that is Chase Hoover-future physical therapist, father, and a bilingual speaker.

Photo: Michael Datz

Interviewing Hunter Hostage the Bass Star The next rock star, Hunter Hostage, a freshman at Freedom High School, loves to play the bass guitar, along with any other instrument he can get his hands on. “I would like to learn how to play the drums because they seem like a lot of fun, and it would be cool to learn how to play a new instrument,” said Hostage. Hostage was born on Feb. 11. Hostage does not speak any language fluently but if he could speak another language, he would choose to speak German. He would love to visit Germany.

“I want to move to Germany because I am from Germany, and I think it would be a cool place to live,” said Hostage. Hostage has a weird food combination that he enjoys: White Castle hamburgers with peanut butter. He would love to have a job in business when he grows up. “I would like to have a job that has to do with anything in business. I would like to have a job that has to do with anything in business. I would like to have a job in business because my favorite subject is math,” said Hostage. Hostage’s idea of relaxing is sleeping. In his spare time he loves to sleep, play his

bass guitar, and play lacrosse. He played lacrosse for the Bethlehem Township Bulldogs as a forward. “Lacrosse is my favorite sport and I am hoping to try out for the Freedom lacrosse team,” said Hostage.

Photo: Michael Datz

Chase Hoover Journalism student

Hunter Hostage with classmate Kyle Giamportone.

September 28 at Nazareth October 5 vs. Easton [Homecoming] October 12 at Parkland October 19 vs. Northampton October 27 vs. Becahi (Saturday) November 3 vs. Liberty (1:00 game time)

12 Entertainment

The Forum

September 2012

Oversized is in fashion this season Kirat Randhawa Entertainment Editor

It is that time of year again, when the shorts have to be put away and the scarves come out, but with the massive selection of new, fall trends over the next couple months, I don’t think that will be a problem. But instead of all the usual fall items (some are still there) it seems as if spring has decided to make an early appearance with prints. From printed leggings, to printed backpacks, to printed accessories, it is all there. There is something for everyone. Also making a big hit this

fall are oversized sweaters. Pair them up with simple black leggings and tall riding boots with a statement necklace and you are good to go. Maybe even try pairing the sweater with a short leather skirt and black oxfords. This look can be considered sophisticated yet casual.

According to, fur is going to be big this fall, but all depending on how exactly you wear it. The key is not to overdo it. Less is always more. “It's my favorite season for fashion because it's easy to be comfortable and still look good,” said Jennifer Santamaria, Freedom High School senior. One of my personal favorites about fall are the coats and scarves and other wonderful accessories that we get to wear and embellish our outfits with.

And according to, the waist is back. All eyes are on the waist, and it is up to you how to decorate the essentials.

Top ten summer hits Here are the most popular songs people danced around to in their bathing suits this summer: Faarah Ameerally Entertainment Asst. Editor

“As long as you love me” Justine Bieber featuring Big Sean

“Mercy” Kanye West, Big Sean, Pusha T, 2 Chainz

“Good Time” Owl City and Carly Rae Jepsen

“One More Night” Maroon 5

“Payphone” Maroon 5 Featuring Wiz Khalifa

“Lights” Ellie Goulding

Nikki DeLeon The Freedom Forum

Everyone goes through a time in their life when they are forced to grow up and "fit in" at a new school. But, this is the exact opposite of what Charlie is doing in "The Perks of Being a Wallflower" by Stephen Chbosky. Charlie goes into high school not wanting to make new friends, but to stay the same and not change who is because of the people around him. This is something everyone should follow because being who you truly are is the most important value in life. The entire book is written in first person as letters, much like a diary, to "a friend" that is never mentioned. Throughout the 200 page novel, Charlie meets new friends and lives his life as a so called "wallflower." A wallflower is someone who sees things and keeps quiet about them; someone who can really understand the world. Charlie was never one to be popular or have the slightest bit of desire to stand out. But, he wasn't shy either. He was just an incredible listener and tried his best to understand people and what they were feeling at the time. His determination to make people happy really showed when his family and friends were upset. Although Charlie was an over thinker and had the tendency to cry a lot, he was respected and admired by his group of friends, family, and teachers.

“Whistle” Flo Rida

“Wide Awake” Katy Perry

“Some Nights” Fun

“Call Me Maybe” Carly Rae Jepsen

The Forum favorite summer song poll results: “Call Me Maybe” by Carly Rae Jepsen

The perks of reading


35.3% of voters

“Somebody that I used to Know” by Goyte -

35.3% of voters

“Payphone” by Maroon 5


29.4% of voters

“Starships” by Nicki Minaj


0% of voters

Entering high school is a tough and life changing experience for Charlie and any freshman, so reading this book will allow for a smoother journey through the four years. "The Perks of Being a Wallflower" offers advice about school, relationships, family drama, new friends, and life in general. Chbosky provides an inside look of an outsider in high school, and how easy it is to enter a new school, no matter who you are. This soon-to-be movie is a great book that anyone can relate to. I encourage all students to read this book because I guarantee you won't be able to put it down. Just remember: Being a wallflower has its perks, but do not be afraid to stand out.

Entertainment 13

The Forum

September 2012

Light the night “Homecoming should be extra fun this year! Having a black light theme will be different than other plain, boring themes. I’m also excited to see all of the girl’s new dresses!,” said senior, Kim Hein. Not only are students excited about the dance, but 2012’s homecoming football game is also expected to be packed. The tee-shirt design is already chosen with a clever line referring to our opponents’ mascot, the Easton Rover, “Red Rover, Red Rover, this game is already

Melissa Colon The Freedom Forum

October 6—a date that any of us that have been on social media within the past 2 weeks have heard about. Talk of Freedom High School’s 2012 homecoming has flooded both the hallways of Freedom High School as well as students’ timelines and news feed, especially after the news of our principal’s approval of student council’s proposal of a “Light the Night” theme, consisting of a glow party feel, was released.

over!” Freedom’s quarterback, Brian Uliana, senior, tweeted, “I wonder how many schools are going to copy our black light homecoming idea and say it was their idea first? #FHSHomecoming2012.” Keep in mind that the football game and the dance are just a day apart and our school needs our support at both events. Get your money ready for tee-shirts, your spirit up for the game and your glow sticks ready for our dance.

Revolution on Park Avenue

John Bennett Sports Asst. Editor

This fall will bring with it a plethora of new shows. These are shows to whet your appetite for dystopian adventure, action, comedy, or just good ole’-fashioned drama. With almost forty new shows premiering this fall and winter season, there is definitely something for everyone and anyone. “666 Park Avenue,” a drama from ABC, is one such show that airs 10:00 pm on Sunday nights. While it is geared more towards an adult audience, the premise is intriguing: “If you can make one wish, what would it be? And what would you do to get it?” ( This show is definitely one to follow. “Revolution” is an NBC drama with hints of dystopia that follows life after complete loss of electricity. (Airtime is Mondays at 10:00pm.) The action starts out with the main character’s father being murdered by a local militia. This launches her into a quest to discover both who killed her father and who was responsible for the worldwide blackout. The CW puts forth its own strong competitor in the arena of dramas with “Arrow,” a

show that follows the story of a billionaire playboy named Oliver Green as he randomly reappears after five years of being gone. This show will air at 8:00pm on Wednesdays. Also from NBC, “Animal Practice” spearheads NBC’s mission to rebrand itself as a more versatile channel, capable of both drama and comedy. The show, which airs Wednesdays at 8:00pm, is actually about a veterinarian with a love of animals but a strong dislike for their owners. “X-Factor” is renewed for another season on Fox with new judges Demi Lovato and Britney Spears joining the panel. Tune in to see Simon Cowell at his snarkiest. Now that the reader knows what to look out for with regards to television this fall and teachers will know why students might be handing work in late. Be sure to also check out returning favorites such as “Glee” on Fox and “The Office” on NBC.

“666 Park Avenue”


“Animal Practice”






The Freedom Forum Photo Contest List October - Best Spirit Photo from any FHS sporting event November - Best Photo from any FHS event other than a sporting event

Instructions for Entry:

December - Best Holiday Photo (any holiday)

Send photo with a caption and your name to:

February - Best Friends/Couples Photos

March - Open Category Best Photo April - Best Springtime Photo

Sports 14

The Forum

September 2012

Flourishing season expected for Freedom Season preview for the Freedom Patriots Greg Adams Sports Editor Freedom lost a close game against the East Stroudsburg South Cavaliers. Despite this struggle, it is easy to tell that the Freedom Patriot football team will have another successful season. The Patriots started the game trailing 6-0, but quickly bounced back after a score on a recovered fumble by the offense in the end zone. Following the touchdown, the score was 13-7, Cavaliers. During the second half, the Patriots came back and scored again, making the score 14-7 Pates. It was only after a semiproductive possession by the

Cavaliers and a questionable pass interference call on fourth down that the Cavaliers sealed a neck and neck heartbreaker with seconds left on the clock. The Cavaliers kicked in a field goal from the 10 yard line, and the game ended 16-14 in favor of East Stroudsburg South. Despite the loss, the Patriots showed a lot of upside on both sides of the ball against East Stroudsburg. The defense proved that the loss of last year’s seniors would not keep them from playing at their previous level of dominance. Highlights included two consecutive sacks during one Cavalier possession and a stuffed Cavalier punt. The offense also seemed to

Freedom football senior captains at BASD stadium. patch up the holes left by the departure of millennial-yard rusher Okezie Alozie, and players including senior quarterback Brian Uliana proved that the team could still score on the run.

Photo: Bill Leicht

While hobbling on an injured right knee trying to avoid the Cavalier’s pass rush, Brian made the defense pay with his arm as well. Uliana favored short passes over longer ones, and it can be inferred that this

Patriots offense will rely on a nickle-and-dime style passing attack this season as opposed to the deep threat style displayed in last year’s game against Liberty High School. Although the team appears to lack an explosive interior running game seen in previous years, fans can expect to watch this exciting offense burn opponents with their speed on the sidelines. “I’m definitely excited for this year’s season. Its going to be a lot of fun to watch in the student section.” said Freedom senior Matt Ashton. This year should definitely prove to be an exciting season for Freedom football, and fans can expect exciting games from the Patriots this fall.

Eagles soaring high this year? Season preview for the NFL Philadelphia Eagles Christopher Hassay The Freedom Forum Philadelphia Eagles fans are getting excited for the team’s 2012-2013 NFL season, but some are wondering if the team is really worth the hype. After last season’s disappointing 8-8 record, the “Dream Team” has responded to harsh criticism by both critics and fans by trying to strengthen last year’s system. Management for the Eagles decided to keep Eagles head coach Andy Reid and defensive coordinator Juan Castillo on the sidelines opting for consistency rather than a complete restructure of the team’s coaching schemes.

The team also focused on restocking the team with talent. Star wide receiver and deep threat Desean Jackson was resigned with a whopping 51 million dollar contract and the Eagles bolstered the defense with a trade for Demeco Ryans, a pro bowl middle linebacker to fill the gap in the position from last year. The Birds strengthened the defense further by drafting Mississippi State defensive tackle Fletcher Cox. This preseason, the Eagles have been impressive winning all four of their games against the Steelers, Patriots Browns, and Jets and showing that the team knows how to win. This preseason has not been

entirely positive though. The Eagles offensive line has shown to not consistently protect the passer, allowing for blown assignments and missed blocks. Eagles superstar starting quarterback, Michael Vick, has already received multiple injuries this preseason leaving fans wondering if he will be able to survive the wear and tear of a rigorous 16 game season. Without a doubt, the Eagles are an extremely talented team. Whether Andy Reid and his coaching staff can get them to play together and win games is the real question. Many speculate that if the team’s record doesn’t improve from the lackluster 8-8 from a year previous, Andy Reid’s reign as head coach will come to a close. With all this in consideration many fans are still wary over

whether or not they should fully buy into this team as being a legitimate contender. Some think that this team can become a legitimate NFC East powerhouse and Super Bowl contender while others are expecting the team to not reach their potential like they did last year. “We have high expectations this year after the end of last season. I won’t be happy if we don’t win the super bowl,” said Connor Gawlik, Freedom High School senior. All in all, Eagles fans are on the edge of their seats waiting to see how this upcoming season will turn out.

Freedom fútbol fever forever

Lucas Yerger The Freedom Forum Samantha Lutz Pates’ Post Editor

chael O’Connell. O’Connell was a soccer player and four year letterwinner at Lehigh University and a part of the Lehigh Kicking off the season with a boys’ soccer coaching staff for 3-2 start, a win over Liberty, 16 seasons. He currently teaches and a new head coach, the cul- math at Nitschmann Middle ture of Freedom boys’ soccer School, has changed. According to The “We work more as a team this Express-Times, Freedom is re- year,” said Gio DeSpirito, juncovering from ior. “the worst conwhite po“We work more losSporting ference record in and khakis on their 45-year as a team this game days and yellow history.” There- year.” shirts for practice, it is fore the bar is set obvious that O’Con-Gio DeSpirito, nell is going for a quite high. “Expectations junior professional look. are high, [I think Coach O’Connell this is a] league has the team thinking championship and district cali- big. Demanding, yet positive is ber team,” said Herman a unanimous comment from Wohlbach, assistant coach. interviewed team players. Things are run differently “[I expect us to] beat Liberty with first year head coach Mi- twice, qualify for districts and

win districts,” said Nigel Long, junior. The rest of the team can agree that anything less will be a failed season.

Photos: Samantha Lutz

Season preview for boys’ soccer

September 2012

Sports 15

The Forum

Ready to score some goals Freedom girls’ soccer team Bill Leeson News Editor The girls’ soccer team is anticipating a successful upcoming season as the culmination of years of improvement and close friendships. Varsity player Alexandria Troetsch, junior, has a solid opinion about the coming season. “I believe that the girls’ soccer team has improved throughout the last couple of years. It’s like a family. We still come together to form a

great team. Overall, no matter what size or skill level, we still come together and support each other throughout anything that happens on the field,” said Troetsch. Her enthusiasm is matched by senior and captain Molly Magnan. “I’ve been waiting for senior year and this big leadership role. It’s exciting to be a senior and take the lead of the team,” said Magnan. There is merit to Magnan’s positive outlook; she spent the

summer training for soccer and playing on a club team with the eventual goal of being noticed by college scouts. She herself has recognized her own improvement and hopes to pass along her varied skills as a right midfielder to the rest of the team. Despite an early season 6-3 loss to Pocono Mountain West, the girls’ soccer team remains contagiously optimistic about this season’s prospects. Magnan, who scored two goals in that game, hopes for a focus on offense and makes no effort to hide that

“our true goal is winning.” The girls’ soccer team is coached by Jamie Halpert. The team played Liberty on Sept. 11. The match’s importance goes without saying, though Magnan is happy to elaborate. The girls will play Liberty a second time on Oct. 11, and they encourage the whole of Freedom’s body to come out and support. With experienced leadership and an emphasis on goal scoring, there is little doubt that the girls’ soccer team will enjoy an entertaining and successful season this year.

Freedom’s Girls Volleyball team is pumped for this year’s fall season. The captains this year are seniors Arielle Nicholson (front left) as well as Rylie Haas (front right). “We have all the talent to be great,” said Haas. The team’s coaches include Joseph Yoo, Tim Dando, and Ann Boyer. With the loss of four starters who graduated last year, the team is depending on returning players Rylie Haas, Arielle Nicholson, Caralyn Reese, Logan Close, and Meghan Edmund to keep the team on their toes. A tough schedule lies ahead of them, but there is no doubt that they will work their hardest to reach their goal of qualifying for districts.

Caption and photo: Priyanka K. Patel

Freedom Athletics

Golf Team practices for upcoming golf match at Bethlehem Photo: Bridget Silk

Firstsingles player Flannery Johnston poses outside the Freedom tennis courts after practice. Johnston has six wins and one loss while the team is 4-3.

Photo: Doug Leeson

Freedom's Cross Country Team takes a break from practice to pose for a team photo on Aug. 21, 2012. Photo: Bridget Silk

Striving for success Kaelee Alpha The Freedom Forum

Motivation lingers from last season in the Freedom field hockey team. Unsatisfied with the results of last season, the girls are determined to make this season a success. Preseason started for the team the day that the 2012 school year ended. Early morning workouts combined with captain runs and summer league games easily kept the field hockey team busy during the summer days. However, their hectic schedule continued throughout the start of the school year. The field hockey team, however, did find time for team camaraderie. The team worked to raise funds at a carwash as well as attended team bonding events hosted at various members' houses. Team bonding is crucial aspect to success for the team; it allows them to work smoothly on and off of the turf. Claire Sullivan, senior, believes that “This team has worked harder than any of our competition. She adds that the team “has a lot of returning players who are ready to win.” Their season goal is to make it to districts and Sullivan is positive that it will be reached. The season-opener scrimmage proved their hard work worthwhile as they defeated Pen Argyl with a score of 5-0. Not only did the field hockey team exhibit determination for success in the summer, but the girls participate in the community. As part of an Angel 34 project, the team has been assigned to mentor a young boy who is enduring the effects of cancer. Ben is nine years old and thankfully in remission. “Ben has made such a huge impact on our team”, senior, Eileen Seitz states, “Having our warrior angel on the sidelines at our games gives us motivation like no other.” The field hockey team invited Ben to the fall sports kick off and is inviting him to attend the pep rallies and their games. Giving Ben hope and something to look forward to is a key for him to remain in remission. As a result of the talent embedded in the team, Freedom field hockey is ready to prove superiority among other field hockey programs. Representing Freedom High School with dedication and pride, the field hockey team is prepared to make this season a success.

Volume 46 Issue 1

September 2012

Photo: Gail Broczkowski

Photo: Trevor Watlington, Photo Editor

The Forum

Freedom Drum Line rallies the Riot Squad 8/31/12 East Stroudsburg High School Stadium.

Photo Contest Entry: On the Carnival Glory in the harbor at Boston, Mass. Trevor Watlington, sophomore

Seniors Brian Kelly, Molly Magnan, and Nico Matos play fight songs at the East Stroudsburg High School Stadium 8/31/12. Photo: Gail Broczkowski Photo Contest Entry: Sunset at Cape May Lighthouse. Zachary Ward, senior

The Freedom Forum has a new staff member, Jared Wisdom. He is an 8th grade student at East Hills Middle School. Wisdom will be submitting photographs from East Hills.

Boys’ soccer team.

Saranac Village: A Young Life Camp

Photo: Samantha Lutz, Pates’ Post Editor

Photo: Chris Mastronardo

Michaelyn Hoerres (left) and Meckenzie Herman (right) work hard at East Hills first field hockey game on a warm fall day. Photo: Jared Wisdom, East Hills MS

2012 September  

The Freedom Forum, Volume 46 Issue 1

2012 September  

The Freedom Forum, Volume 46 Issue 1