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Overview: The Fountain Hills Mayor’s Youth Council is a group of high school students dedicated to learning about how local and state government bodies run as well as serving the community through volunteerism. Council members learn about leadership and the skills that they can learn to become leaders. What do we do? Council members share their perspective on youth issues by serving as liaisons to the Mayor, Town Council, and peers, as well as provide a variety of community service projects, including cleaning their own assigned street through the Adopt-a-Street program. Members also learn about the services provided by other organizations such as Rural Metro Fire Department, Maricopa County Sheriffs’ Office, local historians, artists and the Parks division. Overnight retreats, special dinners and social gatherings provide fun, too! How? Members meet twice monthly and accomplish their mission through volunteerism and civic education and participation as well as an annual field trip to the State Capitol while the Legislature is in session. They also provide leadership on Make a Difference Day, serve as a listening board to the youth in the community and provide the Mayor information from their perspective, promote a sense of civic involvement and community pride, and become positive role models through responsible leadership. Interested in becoming a member? Please contact Heather Ware, MYC Staff Advisor, (480) 816-5108.


COMMUNITY SERVICES DEPARTMENT ADVISORY COMMISSIONS Community Services Advisory Commission Meets 4th Monday, 5:00 p.m. at Town Hall, Council Chambers

Sherman Abrahamson – CHAIR Jim Judge – VICE-CHAIR Patt Canning, Don Doty, Jerry Gorrell, Kathy Haynes, Lynne Mott, Ron Ruppert, Natalie Varela

McDowell Mountain Preservation Commission Meets 4th Tuesday, 5:00 p.m. at Town Hall, Council Chambers

Bill Myers – CHAIR Tom Barberic – VICE-CHAIR Thomas Aiello, Bill Craig, Ken Thornton, Klaus Schadle, Stan Ruden

TOWN COUNCIL Linda M. Kavanagh, Mayor Alan Magazine, Vice Mayor Dennis Brown, Councilmember Nick DePorter, Councilmember Henry Leger, Councilmember Art Tolis, Councilmember Cecil A. Yates, Councilmember Grady E. Miller, Town Manager Meetings the 1st and 3rd Thursday of each month

COMMUNITY SERVICES STAFF Mark Mayer, Director – (480) 816-5190 Jennifer Lyons, Executive Assistant – (480) 816-5148 Recreation Rachael Goodwin, Recreation & Tourism Supervisor – (480) 816-5135 Bryan Bouk, Program Coordinator – (480) 816-5132 Corey Povar, Program Coordinator – (480) 816-5170 Grace Rodman-Guetter, Tourism Coordinator – (480) 816-5165 Parks Kevin Snipes, Supervisor – (480) 816-5178 Joe Beauvais, Parks Lead Gary Kay, Parks Lead Carey Mesa, Parks Lead Cameron Koch, Groundskeeper Community Center Mike Fenzel, Events & Ops Supervisor – (480) 816-5116 Bill Haughey, Operations Coordinator – (480) 816-5188 Dominick LaBate, Customer Service Rep – (480) 816-5200 Leigh Heise, Customer Service Rep – (480) 816-5200 Senior Services Kelley Fonville, Supervisor – (480) 816-5186 Nita Blose, Home Delivered Meals – (480) 816-5226 Marti Lemieux, Activities Coordinator – (480) 816-5228 Linda Winters, Activities Assistant – (480) 816-5227

Fountain Hills Community Services

May – August


The Loop Summer 2017 E-Mag  

Fountain Hills, Activity Guide, Community Center, Events, Sports, Golf, Kids, Teens, Adults

The Loop Summer 2017 E-Mag  

Fountain Hills, Activity Guide, Community Center, Events, Sports, Golf, Kids, Teens, Adults