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Spring Semester 2012 Volume 1, Issue 2

Word from the Advisor by Matthew Means

Special Interest Articles: • A few words from our advisor, Matthew Means • New Social Chair, Kileigh • Swipe On By 5k

Individual Highlights: Word from the Advisor


A New Chair Steps Up

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The spring 2012 semester is well under way and the Fort Hays State Honor Society has been extremely busy capitalizing on momentum from the fall. In this newsletter you will find articles related to the group’s primary initiatives. I think you will be very impressed with both the breadth and depth of the agenda! Of special note is the extraordinary generosity of donors (especially the Fischlis). Their vision and interest in academic success stories at FHSU has resulted in the largest gift to date for the Honor Society. We are immensely indebted to them for their support. We encourage YOU to follow their lead and demonstrate tangible support for high-achieving students at FHSU. You will find on our website an itemized donor project list/menu. This document shows clearly what projects the honor society views as priorities…and exactly how your investment makes a difference. Whether you’d like to donate specifically to one of the projects listed or mark your gift as

unrestricted, you can know with certainty that the tax-deductible support you offer will go directly and immediately to those students at FHSU who have the greatest record of success (and potential for the future). Because all members must maintain a cumulative GPA of 3.8 or higher (this translates to all ‘A’s and only one ‘B’ in a given semester) the Honor Society truly attracts only the best and brightest at FHSU. These students will be successful in future professional endeavors and are some of the most active in campus leadership positions currently. All of our students are always interested in meeting you, our supporters and donors. Please contact our president at any time to set up a meeting or meal. We’d love to get to know you better!

Warmly, Matt Means Assistant Professor of Music University Honors Initiatives

“These students will be successful in future professional endeavors and are some of the most active in campus leadership positions currently.” Matthew Means FHHS Advisor

Fort Hays State Honor Society

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A New Chair Steps Up Interview with Kileigh Cure 1. Where are you from? Also, what year and major are you?

This semester, Kileigh stepped up to fill the role of Social Committee Chair.

Kileigh: I’m from Hanston, Kansas and I’m a freshman this year. I’m majoring in Elementary Education to become a school counselor. 2. What brought you to join FHHS originally? Any particular people, or did you receive the invitation and decide to come to a meeting and see what it was about? Kileigh:I received an email about it saying to come to the first meeting and I thought, “Oh what the heck, might as well.” 3. Do you have any experience as an

officer or committee leader in a club? Either way, what made you decide to run for the position of social chair?

5. What is your experience of Honor Society thus far, and how are you enjoying your role as a Committee Chair?

Kileigh:I told myself this semester I wanted to get more involved around campus and I thought that this would be a great opportunity.

Kileigh: My experience of Honor Society at the moment is alright. I love my role as Committee Chair.

4. Do you have any big plans for what you would like to do as Social Chair?

6. With you experience of FHHS so far, what impact do you think it might have later on in your career and life?

Kileigh:I would like to get more involved in the community more specifically the big brothers and big sister program. Also, to get our members more involved.

Kileigh: I believe it will show me how to help other people and also help me with my career in the future.

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Fort Hays State Honor Society

The SWIPE On By 5K by Sarah Werling Spring has sprung and the community is coming out of their shell to partake in outdoor activities. One activity in particular is the Fort Hays State Honor Society and SWIPE Out Hunger-sponsored SWIPE On By 5K. Open to the public and scheduled for April 14, 2012 at 9:00 AM, the 5K will use part of a $15 entry fee to donate funds to SWIPE Out Hunger, which helps put food on plates worldwide. Every participant earns a T-Shirt worth $10 and the remaining $5 will benefit SWIPE and prizes will be given to the top runners. Started in 2011, Numana created a State-Wide Packaging Event or SWIPE. From its beginnings last April to the final campus foodpackaging event in October, many meals were made available to those in need. A total of 16 Kansas campuses held SWIPE events, 4,379 participants volunteered, and 597,424 meals were packaged and sent to the famine victims in the Africa. Numana, Inc. itself is a

non-profit public charity that serves as an international hunger relief organization. Food packaging events are their main hunger relief activity where hundreds of volunteers work together to pack simple, nutritious meals. These meals are made of rice, soy protein, and freeze-dried beans, and contain 21 vitamins and minerals. The meals are only 30 cents per meal and everything from the ingredients, packaging, administration, and international shipping are covered. The meals are delivered school feeding programs, disaster relief and crisis situations in countries all over the world. By participating in the SWIPE On By 5K, you are supporting hunger efforts around the world. Beginning at Sheridan Hall the 5 kilometers (3.1 miles) around the FHSU campus will move until the finish line near Gross Memorial Coliseum. Dogs are welcome to run as well, it is just asked that a leash is used. Sign-ins will begin at 8 AM and the

deadline to register for the 5K is April 1st. To register go to Fort Hays State Honor Society’s website at and click the register tab. Signing up in paper form is also an option. Registration forms are available in Cunningham Hall, the Memorial Union, or downloadable off the website. After the forms are filled out they may be mailed with the $15 check (payable to Fort Hays State Honor Society) to: c/o Fort Hays State Honor Society, Malloy Hall 247, 600 Park Street, Hays, KS 67601. Kileigh Cure, the social chair who is planning the event, is encouraging runners and walkers a like to just come out for a good time: “Come enjoy a relaxing run, while helping a great cause!”

The SWIPE On By 5K will support Numana’s SWIPE Out Hunger program, which aims to fight starvation worldwide.

Fort Hays State Honor Society

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Dedication by Kevin Williams

Ruth Ebersole, the FHHS Secretary, has been a hard-working and essential part of the organization for two semesters now.

The Fort Hays State Honor Society is lucky to have such a dedicated secretary. Ruth Ebersole has been the secretary for two semesters now, and recently I had the opportunity to sit down with her and get an inside look at why she chose to be the secretary and what she does for the organization. When asked why she chose to take the officer’s position in FHHS, Ruth responded, “As a freshman joining the group, I had more free time than a lot of the upperclassmen members of the organization, so I stepped up from the beginning as the social chair, figuring that it would be a great way to start off, get really involved & learn more about FHHS. Once the

secretary position opened up, it seemed a natural fit for me to take that position, and I'm so glad that I took that step.”

and other such tasks.”

As you can see, Ruth is a very busy person! She has a lot on her plate, but she feels Now we know a little that it has been worth bit more about why it and that she has Ruth took the gained a lot from her position, but what position as an officer. does she actually do? “Being an officer in When asked what her FHHS has added to duties were, Ruth had my experience at this to say, “As FHSU by introducing secretary of FHHS, I me to such a wide am mainly range of people in the responsible for FHSU community, maintaining all including both records of our students and faculty. I organization, such as have had a wide meeting minutes, range of opportunities attendance, etc. I also that have helped me take care of all to grow as a person communication with and be in new our members and situations that I maintain the probably wouldn't membership have been exposed database. to otherwise.” Additionally, I assist Mr. Means with the probation & expulsion letters, as well as handling all copying needs of the group

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Fort Hays State Honor Society

Virtual College Members by Johnny Hill Within the Fort Hays State Honor Society, there is one group of students that does not attend meetings or come to social events- and yet contains some of our most crucial members. These students are the members of Fort Hays State University's Virtual College. Students of all ages from around the nation are attracted to FHSU's online schooling program for its highly reasonable cost and educational prowess. As such, we also see a great number of high-achieving students enrolled in the Virtual College. FHHS tries to get as many virtual students as we can into our organization, as it adds great breadth and diversity to the group. The organization has been constantly searching for new ways to get these virtual members, who cannot physically attend meetings or events, to get involved. As a result,

the spring semester saw the formation our latest Executive Board position: the Virtual Member Representative. This member's duty is to serve as an ambassador to the virtual members of FHHS, helping them get involved in the group as well as serving as their collective voice on the Exec Board. Our first Virtual Member Representative, Eva Estep, immediately created some great ideas for getting these students more active in Fort Hays State Honor Society. Eva plans to pass her ideas down to the next Representative, as she is graduating this semester. Her early contributions to the position and to the virtual side of FHHS were crucial to getting this initiative underway. Another program implemented this semester was broadcasting our biweekly group meetings online for virtual students to

participate in. Using the Adobe Connect software, FHHS is able to stream the meetings live over the internet- and virtual members can watch the meeting, use live chat to ask questions or give feedback, and even vote during elections using a voting poll. This has been a great step in getting our numerous virtual students more involved in the honor society, and we hope to expand it even more next year. Although it has been an extremely busy semester for the Fort Hays State Honor Society, we never forget about our virtual side- that is, the students from across the country who are pursuing an online education. With these programs and initiatives, along with our partnership with the Virtual College itself, FHHS is anticipating even bigger and brighter contributions from the virtual students that comprise a large part of our membership.

“FHHS tries to get as many virtual students as we can into our organization, as it adds great breadth and diversity to the group.� Johnny Hill FHHS Technology Chair

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