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Healthy Lawyers will not only change the lives of legal professionals, HL will mobilize Adventist legal professionals to become the leaders of the Advocates of Change movement. Through the HL NIM of our message, Adventist legal professionals will be able to seamlessly support a work at such a time when the world is ready to receive it. We need the help of all Adventist legal professionals to do the following:

Register to attend these events! Taste the Best Food for Mental Aquity & Energy

Jlegaloinprofessionals the network and invite other to join.

Torake the Challenge and post a blog video in the network about finishing it. Or, invite others to join you on the Challenge.


ecome an advocate and host Ba cooking demo in your law firm, or advocate for your law firm to sponsor o join the Healthy Law Firm Network to receive a Healthy Lawyer’s vending machine and adopt a school to place a vending machine in the school.

eceive the Health Brief R newsletter and share with

Healthy Lawyers healthy lifestyles for legal professionals

everyone in your law office.

H ost or lead a cooking demo in your office or legal department.


To ensure grass root mobilization of Adventist lawyers and legal professionals, the support of each conference, union and North American Division is needed. Here is what we need:

Advertisement Placement of a Healthy Lawyer Advertisement in all conference and union magazines inviting all legal professionals to join the network and become an Advocate of Change. HL needs plant based cooking demonstrators to give demonstrations in their area. HL will charge law firms and legal organizations a minimum of $300. The demonstrator will receive a minimum of $200 per demonstration which is approximately 2.5 hours of work. HL will create the advertisement. We just need the placement.

Church General Counsel Invitation HL requests that the General Counsel for the North American Division or General Conference send an invite to all “outside counsel” law firms who do ANY and all work for any SDA organization through the churches insurance carrier or otherwise, to attend. The request should be sent as an invitation to join the General Counsel at the event so that they understand that they are being summoned to attend. Just as Wal-Mart increased diversity in the legal professional by requiring it’s outside counsel to become more diverse, our legal department should take the lead in improving the health of the legal community by requiring/encouraging outside counsel to attend and sponsor the The 10 Laws of Health conference. Why is the Special invitation essential? In 2007, while I was a partner at the Law firm of Kutak Rock LLP one of my partners was assigned as the lawyer on our Arizona Conference real estate litigation matter involving a boundary dispute at Camp Yavapines. I only learned of his representation when I was witnessing to him on Friday afternoon about the Sabbath and abstaining from alcohol. Regretfully, my partner was an alcoholic representing our church. It was my understanding that he did a good job, but it broke my heart that he was working for us on a legal matter and was suffering as a result of breaking the laws of health. Shortly there after I was diagnosed with a brain tumor and resigned. We must reach this community!

Physicians HL will also need additional physicians who utilize The 10 Laws in their practice and live on a plant based diet. We anticipate that law firms around the country may seek to utilize HL physicians to host seminars in their offices. Therefore, we need an army of physicians ready to fulfill this mission. As part of the HL online Network, SDA physicians will be invited to also join the network and create a profile as a HL resident physician available to speak. HL only requests 10% of any speaking fee obtained through the network to be donated to the Healthy School Project to continue the inner city work. We will need a special advertisement placed in the Union and Conference magazines requesting physicians to join the network and participate in the program. FHG will create the advertisement for placement in the publications.


Hospital/Health Center Conference Room Donation Healthy Lawyers will also need to partner with the Adventist Health System to utilize their physicians, but also to host seminars for legal associations and law firms in the immediate areas of the hospital or health center. We also seek monetary sponsorship for the 10 Laws of Health Conference from the hospitals to grow the events in more locations.

Special Invitation to SDA C.E.O’s and General Counsel If conference, union or division leaders have personal relationships with any SDA CEOs of companies that utilize outside law firms, or with any General Counsel of any corporation, we ask that a phone call be made to these individuals requesting that they support the program by attending, or sponsoring or requesting their outside counsel to attend and sponsor. All SDA owned corporations that utilize lawyers directly or through a liability insurance carrier should request that their lawyers learn the 10 Laws of Health so that they can give the best legal services to the organization.

Please support this mighty work! Founder: Jo Saint-George, Esq. Co-Founder: Steven Saint-George, Certified SEM/IT FHG Media Enterprise (For His Glory Media Enterprises) 23460 N. 19th Ave., Ste. 110 Phoenix, Arizona 85027 Office: (480) 626-1814 Direct for Jo: (602) 326-8663 Direct for Steve: (602) 226-5169

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