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Centralize Your Diversity Out-side Counsel Communications & Engagement Join The Minority Counselor Online Diversity Engagement Network

SIMPLE ENGAGEMENT & UTILIZATION TOOLS! Minority and women lawyers are the knowledge leaders of their communities armed with a JD, and often a MBA or LLM, a license to practice law and a wealth of legal experience. Despite these credentials, these lawyers are often under utilized by our nation’s corporate and government legal departments as well as consumers within their own communities due in part to a lack of an online search portal where these lawyers can be found. To solve this problem, FHG Media Enterprises –, a woman and minority owned new media technology company, has developed five online minority and women lawyer directories that feature, state of the art lawyer profiles and include legal news and information by minority and women lawyers located at and its four sister websites,,, and (collectively the “5 Minority Counselor Websites” as seen below). Through these existing websites your corporate law department can enhance their engagement and utilization of minority and women lawyers. To search for these lawyers is free to any end user. Read on to learn more.

SUBSCRIPTION BENEFITS AT A GLANCE At no cost, when your law department joins the network, the department receives the following private diversity promotion & communication tools. These tools allow you to engage with outside counsel on diversity programs and receive practice area news and information from diverse lawyers. Read on to get the details!

SUBSCRIPTION BENEFITS SUMMARY Law Department Diversity Network Subscription:

Price 0.00

 Online Law Department Profile – on all 5 websites, which includes the following Google indexed & searchable tools that allow your diversity committee to promote its diversity programs externally and privately to designated out-side counsel through the following:

Diversity Program Promotional Tools  Video Player & Web TV Channel  Blog – to post blogs about diversity related issues  Podcasts – you can post audio messages

 Events Micro-page – to post sponsored diversity events  Photo Album – to post photos from sponsored diversity events  Publications Page – to post sponsored diversity publications

Diversity Recruitment & Communication Tools - for outside counsel  Private Voice messaging  Forum creation – create legal issues forums for your private network or practice groups  Group or practice area club creation – invite outside counsel to join your practice area groups

private diversity e-mail  video chat tool that can be used for preliminary interviews  Instant messaging – chat  Invite others into your professional network

 Law Department Diversity News Publishing on the 5 Minority Counselor sites  Unlimited License to use TrakIt Pro FREE –diversity spend tracker at  Professional Profiles for all your legal departments lawyers of color & women that can be hidden from the public and only viewable by lawyers within the network  Practice Area Forums – you can create private forums for law department practice groups to discuss legal issues and post comments – all private and secure  Free law practice webinars hosted by minority and women lawyers within the network – provide seminar topics & FHG will locate minority and women lawyers in the network to host a free seminar – or the law department can post videos required to be viewed outside counsel  Receipt of Free practice specific and diversity related news letters  Ask a Diversity Lawyer –you can use the “Ask A Diverse Lawyer” Q&A tool to get free legal researched answers to legal questions

To subscribed – call (480)626-1814 or send an e-mail to:

BEST IN CLASS SEARCH TOOLS We Help Your Law Department Locate Diverse Lawyers Truly successful law department diversity efforts result in the engagement of diverse lawyers in business development opportunities. Business development engagement efforts, however, can only succeed when diverse lawyers can be quickly found by in-house counsel. Hence, comprehensive minority and women lawyer search tools are essential to the success of any engagement program. The 5 Minority Counselor websites provide comprehensive search features that allows your law department to search a national database of diverse lawyers. Share the database with your outside counsel so that their diverse lawyers can be included. FHG also has plans to launch “The Women Lawyers Network� to provide the same functionality with an emphasis on women lawyers.

National Search Capability Unlike your lawyer profiles law firm websites, a diverse lawyer’s profile on the Minority Counselor sites can be searched by categories like: ethnicity, law school, undergraduate school, practice area, language and more. Corporate law departments cannot search your organizations lawyer directory based on the diversity the law departments are looking for.

Note: Additional search criteria can be requested to be added to the search features.

Engagement begins when your diverse lawyer search ends!

With this national diversity database, organizations will gain business intelligence regarding the most sought after diverse lawyers in the legal industry. The 5 Minority Counselor sites provide tracking tools that allows your organization to truly measure the success of its diversity efforts.

PROFILE YOUR LAW DEPARTMENT’S DIVERSITY PROGRAMS & INITIATIVES The Minority Counselor Law Department Diversity Network is an online diversity communication portal on all 5 Minority Counselor websites that gives you easy to use external diversity promotion and communication tools that can simplify the management of your out-side counsel diversity efforts and compliance requirements. Each legal department receives a semi-customizable law department diversity profile (the “Law Department Profile”) on all 5 websites, where you can feature your law department’s diversity programs, events, initiatives and diverse lawyers - all in one centralized location. Both a public and private profile can be created to maintain better control over public and private diversity information. These exclusive lawyer only portals for women and minority lawyers cannot be accessed by anyone outside the legal community and law departments can designate information uploaded in the system as private diversity related communications and promotion that can only be viewed by created groups within the network. On your profile you can post the following–

• • •

Events – diversity related or practice area events Reports or publications – diversity related or practice area specific Videos, blogs and podcasts


Thomas Garcia Chair, Diversity Committee

The law department private profile can connect with other legal departments to share best practices and communicate referrals.

ENHANCE YOUR DIVERSITY COMMUNICATIONS & MONITORING The Law Department Profile (the “Profile”) comes with over 12 social media tools that leverage the internet to centralized your law department’s diversity external and internal communications as well as provides mechanisms for enhanced diversity compliance monitoring of our your outside counsel constituents. Unlike most social networks, the Minority Counselor Network is a lawyer only network that profiles women and minority lawyers, as well diversity profiles for law firms, and legal departments of corporations, government agencies, law schools, bar associations and public interest organizations Currently, there is no other online national and soon to be international directory of women and minority lawyers on the internet that also allows you to track and .

Law Department Profile Features

Tom Horne Chair, Diversity Committee

Homepage: The Law Department Profile homepage can be designed as you see fit. You can easily insert the organization’s diversity brand and images as well as nav bar links back to the organizations website. No special coding required. The profile control dashboard operates like MS Word.

Outside Counsel Diversity Monitoring Features include:

Show Your Commitment To Legal Diversity Through Your Profile

 Search diversity events sponsored or hosted by outside counsel  Track the actual number of minority and women lawyers in a law firm  Search and review outside counsel blogs, podcasts and video to review practice area content  Track law department sponsored event attendees and more……

WE MAKE DIVERSITY PROMOTIONS EASY Organization Diversity Profile Photo Album – Your organization can post photos of diversity related events on the Photo page. Photos enlarge when the user clicks on the image. Photos can be linked into an organization’s newsletter or press release.

Tom Horne Chair, Diversity Committee

Publications – post organization diversity brochures and newsletters that can be downloaded

Photos Page

Blog – diversity blogs are searchable and index to highlight your diverse lawyers.

Publications Page Sample Blog

Publications – The organization can post downloadable newsletters, magazines or any publication. Downloads open in PDF or Word.

Blogs: Create your organization’s own diversity blog. Blogs are indexed on Google and searchable. Also, you can create a practice area blog for your diverse lawyers to become published authors.

LET VIDEO TELL YOUR DIVERSITY STORY According to a recent report titled “Socialnomics”, more people around the world perform searches on YouTube for videos, than all searches on Google. That means, video is king in the internet world and law departments that promote their diversity efforts must keep up with that trend. The organization’s Diversity Profile provides a video player and Web TV channel that communicates to the younger generation of lawyers that your organization not only understands cultural diversity but also technology diversity. When you post a video to your profile, the video also displays in the video library where users can search videos by title, topic and author. What better way to maintain the organization’s diversity history than to have a video library. Also, only legal professional’s in the network can only leave a comment about the video. Videos can be shared within the network or e-mailed. Your organization can also track the number of views, ratings and identify those within the network that have watched the video.

LET VIDEO TELL YOUR DIVERSITY STORY According to a recent report titled “Socialnomics”, more people around the world perform searches on YouTube for videos, than all searches on Google. That means, video is king in the internet world and law departments that promote their diversity efforts must keep up with that trend. The organization’s Diversity Profile provides a video player and Web TV channel that communicates to the younger generation of lawyers that your organization not only understands cultural diversity but also technology diversity. When you post a video to your profile, the video also displays in the video library where users can search videos by title, topic and author. What better way to maintain the organization’s diversity history than to have a video library. Also, only legal professional’s in the network can only leave a comment about the video. Videos can be shared within the network or e-mailed. Your organization can also track the number of views, ratings and identify those within the network that have watched the video.

PROMOTE YOUR DIVERSITY EVENTS NATIONALLY Events Page Benefits Through the national “Events Page” you can list your sponsored events in a national events database where you can: 1. Create a customizable event electronic flyer that publishes as a micro web page on the Minority Counselor sites; 2. Track the number of expected attendees in the Event Attendee list; 3. Search the database for other events so you can plan your event strategically.

Sample Event Micro-page Once an event is posted, the micro-page can be e-mailed to any distribution list. The “Add Event” tool on a subscribers Dashboard comes with MS Word like features to create or paste great designs.


Your Law Department can manage all of the networking tools offered through the Profile from the easy to use Dashboard. Most important, the Law Department can create “practice groups” under the “add an organization feature” and invite the departments diverse outside counsel who practice in specific areas into the group. Once your diverse outside counsel joins the group, your legal department can keep them informed of the departments diversity related activities, recruitment opportunities and community outreach and more.

With the “add an organization” feature, the legal department can also invite and connect with other professional organizations like the ABA, National Hispanic Bar Association or legal trade organizations as well as public interest organizations that focus on diversity in the legal profession or civil rights issues.

ADVANCED COMMUNICATION TOOLS Connect with diverse counsel through the private member only best in class communication tools to start the engagement process. You can use the video chat tool to perform preliminary interviews or meetings with outside counsel. Both parties must have a web cam which is automatically activated when the vide chat tool is launched. You can leave e-mail, and voice messages. There are no LinkedIn type limitations on who you can communicate with and how often. Our technology provides a closed communication portal.

Video Chat

Instant Messaging

Record a Voice Message You can also leave a private voice message for a member.

Private E-mail

PROMOTE YOUR LAW DEPARTMENT DIVERSITY NEWS We Tell Your Diversity Story If your Law Departments has already developed news worthy diversity recruitment, retention and engagement programs, yet, these accomplishments either go unnoticed or mainstream legal news outlets provide limited media coverage? Now your Law Department can tell its diversity story 24/7/365 through the Minority Counselor online legal news and information portals that are dedicated to promoting your law department’s diversity, legal news as well as reporting on your minority and women lawyer accomplishments and speaking engagements. You send us your diversity press releases or stories regarding your law department diversity events, programs, initiatives, or recent diversity hires, and we will publish your story on our 5 Minority Counselor websites within the same day. Don’t wait for diversity magazines to publish, we can publish within 24 hours.

Sample Story

ENGAGE WITH & RECRUIT OTHER LEGAL PROFESSIONALS On each of the 5 Minority Counselor sites, are specialty pages where the profiles of minority and women judges, law professors, law students, in-house counsel and government lawyers can also be searched. Each group has its own lawyer directory and legal news with the featured lawyer sections that provide business intelligence that can be used for recruitment and business development purposes. These sub-directories offer best in class tools to track the best of the best in almost every sector of the legal community.

Video Conference Recruitment

Streamline your diversity recruitment efforts and get ahead of the curve by utilizing the Minority Counselor video chat feature, where you can start a video interview of minority and women lawyers nation-wide through your Law Department Profile.

When you perform a profile search of minority and women lawyers, you can see their online status and request a video conference at any time. Video chat can be done right from your computer. Video cam required.

Advanced Diversity Recruitment Tools At Your Finger Tips!

IN-HOUSE EXECUTIVE PAGES It is estimated that there are thousands of in-house counsel of color in our nation’s Fortune 500 and 1,000 law departments and thousands more women lawyers. However, only a small fraction of them are identifiable or visible in the legal industry and to their respective minority and women communities. To solve this problem, FHG has developed the In-House Counsel Executive Pages which is a searchable directory of the professional profiles of in-house counsel of color within each of the 5 Minority Counselor sites. Through the directory, you can search for other diverse in-house counsel to share best practices and community outreach. Inhouse counsel contact information is hidden and entire profiles can be hidden from public view and only displayed to those within the network to provide outside counsel business intelligence about your legal department to assist in effective engagement.

Subscribe! FREE Job Posting Subscribe and get:  Free job postings  In-House Counsel feature story  Publicize new hires  Blog about company community service to our nation’s diverse communities.  In-House Counsel profiles can be private and hidden from public view & only seen by outside counsel members.

A Win–Win Subscription! Community organizations are looking for your diverse in-house counsel lawyers as speakers, moderates and panelist for community events, fundraisers and educational programs. Profile your diverse lawyers to enhance your corporate community engagement and further enhance your corporate community image.

Diverse communities will win and your corporation will win!

DIVERSITY E-NEWSLETTER ENGAGEMENT TOOLS Centralized Diversity Practice Area Newsletters Keep You Informed FHG will produce practice area and subject matter e-newsletters where you can obtain practice specific blog, video, and podcast posts by minority and women lawyers that provide: new case law summaries, regulation summaries and commentary, strategy and more. Below is a sample newsletter titled the Minority Counselor Financial Services Legal – EZ. The e- newsletter will be distributed to law departments of federal and private financial services organizations like the FDIC, SEC, and banks. If your organization is a federally regulated financial institution governed by Section 342 of the Dodd Frank Act, which requires “to the maximum extent possible” the engagement and utilization of women and minority and women lawyers, the Financial Services Legal-Ez will enhance your diversity engagement efforts.

Request A Practice Area Newsletter! We want to hear from you. Tell us the type of practice area newsletter you value and would read and we will assemble a newsletter for you’re your law department.

SIMPLIFIED DIVERSITY SPEND REPORTING “Diversity Spend” is the new buzz word that demonstrates a law departments true comment to diversity. The saying, “where your treasure is, so is your heart” has never rang so true as for the demonstration of the promotion of diverse lawyers. However, diversity spend is not just measured by how much a legal department spends with a minority or woman owned law firm, which is easy to track. Diversity spend with diverse lawyers within majority firms must also be tracked as it can be the true basis for the retention of diverse lawyers within law firms. FHG has developed TrakIt Pro – to provide the granular level diversity spend tracking. But – it is not just a bean counter. Trakit Pro is a web based software application that allows you to generate diversity spend reports in minutes, while also engaging with your diverse lawyers through the FHG social media lawyer profiles. With a few clicks of a mouse, legal departments can pull reports based on ethnic groups, gender, practice area, geography and watch practice area videos, blogs and podcasts published by diverse lawyers. Unlike other billing tools, TrakIt Pro gets you beyond the numbers and connects the numbers with the faces of your diverse lawyers.

A TRACKING TOOL THAT PROMOTES ENGAGEMENT WITH DIVERSE OUTSIDE COUNSEL Tracking diverse spend is just the first step in your diversity engagement program. Engagement and retention is the end goal.

Request a Demo!

Unlike other software applications that simply capture diversity spend numbers, TrakIt Pro gets you beyond bean counting and provides practical tools for engagement, which is essential to successful diversity efforts. Too many large law departments may only have a few lawyers who send work to diverse outside counsel. Why? Diverse lawyers may not be known entities to the rest of your law department. Solution, TrakIt Pro integrates the social media profiles of diverse outside counsel so that every lawyer in your department can “know” the professional backgrounds of their panel diverse outside counsel. Wherever the lawyers name appears in TrakIt Pro, their profile can pop up. TrakIt Pro will also keep your law department informed about local and national diversity events and programs for outreach purposes. Request a demo.

Law Firm Demographics TrakIt Pro also contains a law firm’s demographic profile that reports on the firm’s entire lawyer population, including the total number of lawyers, equity partners, diverse suppliers and more. All of your reporting can be done through TrakIt Pro. TrakIt Pro can also be customized to provide more reports and additional search fields.

FHG ADDITIONAL SERVICES VIDEO PRODUCTION SERVICES To help organizations market and brand their diversity events, programs, initiatives and diverse members, FHG will produce the following branded web TV shows that highlight your organization’s diversity efforts in creative talk show formats.

We Turn Legal Events & Print Content Into Brand Building Video Marketing Opportunities You select the event and FHG will video tape the program under one of the following three FHG web TV shows that will allow you to highlight your diverse lawyers, scholarship programs, recruitment programs and community service. Included in the production is your organization's sponsor recognition at the beginning and the end and an interview of one of your organization’s diverse lawyers at the event. At The Bar – This FHG production captures video footage of bar events to highlight the awardees, speakers and special guests. We can also interview your organizations in-house counsel to highlight the organization’s diverse lawyers. Sponsor a segment or become the exclusive sponsor. The Business Law Review - This web TV show is targeted to feature in-house counsel and a diverse lawyer in a round table discussion on hot legal issues. This production is best for CLE programs. FHG will video tape the CLE and capture a post seminar interview of your in-house lawyer and designated outside counsel in a discussion on the CLE topic that will become the featured episode. The Advocates Report - This web TV show will highlight minority and women government and public interest lawyers. This show is an opportunity for sponsors to highlight government clients and supported pro bono program leaders. Tell us the event where a government client or public interest lawyer is speaking and we will video tape the seminar and capture a post seminar interview with your organization's diverse lawyer. *All posted videos can be designated private and exclusive for certain uses in the network, or public.

These web TV shows will be featured on all 5 Minority Counselor websites and included in our publications distributed to outside counsel, the legal community and minority and women community organizations.

Sponsor these web TV productions and you will be able to: • Include the videos in your newsletters • Post them on your organization website • E-mail the video internally • Track the number of views • Distribute to the organizations consumer base • Include a link to the video in other publications

TURN PRINT INTO VIDEOS Create Your Own Private Label Diversity Show, Or Use Video Pictorials To Tell Your Story Turn Legal Articles Into Talk Shows Annually your legal department’s minority and women lawyers may be publishing articles on hot legal topics that may not get read, despite being published in a high profile type legal magazines, journals or organization newsletter. Why not turn your diverse lawyer’s articles into a branded “Diversity Talk Show” that can be tracked for viewership. Here’s how it works - You send us the article and we will send out a videographer and producer who will interview the lawyer about the issues addressed in the article in a question and answer format. The interview will be shot in one of three formats: 1.



Reality Show –this interview format captures your diverse lawyer in their office environment revealing the “behind the scenes life of the lawyer” as an intro into the interview on the article subject. Dateline News - interview format captures the diverse lawyer in a talking head type interview where the lawyer is interviewed by a FHG reporter remotely with a split screen discussion about the article; or Roundtable– interview format captures the diverse lawyer in an “at the desk” interview roundtable discussion with a FHG show host and two other lawyers talking about the key issues addressed in the lawyer’s article. The lawyer will select the other two participants who can be clients or community leaders.

Each article and lawyer interview will be an episode that can become part of your organization’s branded show that consists of several episodes. Each article that is converted into a video that becomes an episode of the organization’s private labeled talk show.

A Video Pictorial Tells A Thousand Words If an event is not big enough to video tape but you want to take photos to share, FHG can convert your photos into a branded video pictorial that can be shared and tracked for the number of views. Click the below image to view an example.

Through video your consumer base will able to SEE that your organization supports diversity rather than just read about it. (Click image to view video)

PILOT WEB TV SHOWS Click images to view videos

The Advocates Report (now called “At The Bar”)

In-house Counsel Spotlight

Key Government Lawyer Trailblazer Award Speech

Celebrity Interview at Bar Event

Celebrity Keynote Speech

At The Bar History Lesson

DIVERSITY MESSAGING Your Diversity Messaging Is Critical In Achieving Your Diversity Goals Most diversity websites or marketing materials contain a laundry list of diversity programs and awards received; but fails to convey a message that communicates the organization’s “diversity persona”. If your diversity communications are flat with outdated imaging, no messaging or nothing that engages your targeted end users, then you need a “Diversity Messaging MAKEOVER”. Diversity initiatives that strive to provide the best in class engagement and utilization of minority and women lawyers must communicate a genuine commitment to those efforts. Diversity Messaging is critical to establishing authentic and meaningful engagement with minority and women legal communities. Your messaging must convey not only your knowledge of the need for increased utilization of minority and women lawyers but also convey a sustainable plan for the organizations increased utilization minority and women lawyers.

With over 16 years of technology development and implementation experience, FHG has a team that understands the legal diversity landscape and can develop messaging that is consistent with the latest trends while conveying the organizations institutional commitment to diversity. Diversity is not a “to do”, Diversity is a “persona”.

See sample messaging & design development below.

*Proposed messaging for a prospective client creative. ALFDP is not a current client.

MULTIMEDIA PRICING Multi- Event Special Sponsor 5 At The Bar segments and save $250per sponsorship for a $1,250 total savings.

Become A Sponsor Now! To place your order – call (480)626-1814 or send an e-mail to: All pricing includes, travel cost, on site video shoot and post production final cut video for display.

Video Production & Distribution Services

Prices Per Event or Production

At The Bar - 1 Branded Segment (fee covers video production, travel, editing & final publishing)


At The Bar – Exclusive Sponsor


Private Label Branded Organization Show 3 episodes (videoed at one location)


Video Pictorial –


E-Newsletter Design & Lay-Out That Embeds Video For Distribution


Design & Develop Organization Diversity Web TV Channel On 5 Minority Counselor Websites – one time fee


Organization video Profile on 5 Minority Counselor Websites -1 year subscription (


Video Upload Fee to You Tube

$5 per upload

ADDITIONAL SERVICES Creative Services Diversity Messaging Development E-Newsletter creation & distribution monthly E-Magazine creation, updates & distribution

$1,500 $700 per month Request a quote

Law department diversity network (final)  

Law Department Diversity Network and diversity spend tracking application to increase legal department utilization of women and minority law...

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