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INTRODUCTION SunBlaster Lighting provides innovative lighting solutions for a wide variety of applications and requirements within the horticultural industry. SunBlaster Lighting has been designing, manufacturing and supplying Horticultural lighting for over a decade. SunBlasters quest to provide the highest quality lighting at the best possible price without sacrificing quality never ends. Over the years SunBlaster has introduced a variety of innovative lighting products to the garden industry, T5HO lighting fixtures, and CFL self-ballasted lamps are great examples of our commitment to providing growers with the best possible lighting for their growing needs. Our recent addition of the NanoTech T5 reflector promises to change the way growers use T5 lighting forever. When consumers purchase a SunBlaster product, they can rest assured that they are buying a product that has been thoroughly researched, engineered and proven in real world applications. Because of this, SunBlaster has become a name that is known and trusted among both hobby and commercial growers alike across North America and Europe. The addition of Sunblaster Horticultural lighting to your product line will insure that you capture at least a piece of the exploding market within the garden industry , as consumer demand to harvest their own food, vegetables and herbs at home continues to grow at unprecedented levels. SunBlaster gives them the freedom to produce their own food, 365 days per year. We look forward to assisting you in any way possible, and to further expand on how SunBlaster Lighting can benefit you, and your company.



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Primary Customers    

Nurseries & Greenhouses Commercial Gardeners Hobby Gardeners Home Owners

Secondary Customers  Display lighting  Retail Stores  Micro green production in restaurants  Healthy warehouse & office lighting Why buy SunBlaster Products? High Quality CSA certified High CRI Long life No wiring required Easy installation Link multiple units together Energy Efficient - rebates available Large selection of replacement lamps. More questions?

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As seen in The Indoor Gardener

As seen in Garden & Greenhouse


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Creative uses for Sunblaster The Kitchen Cultivator

Grow healthy food at home


Creative uses for Sunblaster T5HO The Commercial Cultivator

Fresh herbs and micro greens for restaurants


More creative uses for Sunblaster Some say there’s an art to horticultural lighting, at SunBlaster Lighting, we couldn’t agree more.

Horticulture as a fine art, for sure.

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More great stuff! Create your own fresh herb garden like the chef’s at Bogners in Penticton British Columbia.

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SunBlaster Display

In store set-up at local retailer - SunBlaster Display Stands

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SunBlaster Display

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SunBlaster Display

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The Art & Science of SunBlaster Horticultural Lighting  

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