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[ Volume One ] September Issue

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About us Bare is a magazine publication based in Australia that explores body positivity and self confidence through the means of fashion. As the title suggests, Bare looks beneath the surface and redefines the expectations of beauty and individuality. The magazine aims to focus on empowering young women through their fashion and embracing their identities as real and not posed. It presents a refreshing alternative for women looking for more than what’s on trend, and offers a new perspective on self-image.



“ A woman is the most sexiest person when she is comfortable in her own clothes. - Vera Wang 5


Comfort is the new chiqué! [ WRITTEN BY MARIA EVANGELISTA ]

The clothes we choose to wear and the amount of makeup we decide to apply is a form of self-expression.

Comfortable styling and clothing are taking over the world.

Shirley Wang from The Wall Street Journal conducted

Women all around are caring less about what others think

a research on how people can boost their confidence

and caring more about what makes them happy.

through the outside stereotypical dress code. Based on her findings with the help of PHD Harvard educators,

Society has a common perspective that women, like

Wang states “individuals who wear sweatpants often

myself, only feel confident when were glammed up and

have less to prove compared to a person draped in

put together. Although that can be true, what bothers

high end clothing.” She then continues by saying “It’s

me the most is that there is another side of confidence

important to note that most confident people won’t care

women feel that society fails to acknowledge. And it is

about what they wear in public whether it be designer or


not, they usually downplay their appearances and keep it neutral.” It’s not always about the material worth that

Women feel confident through wearing comfortable

boosts women’s confidence. But it is about how women

clothing and embracing their natural appearances. From

can find their confidence elsewhere through embracing

wearing sweatpants and hoodies to having messy hair

their natural appearances and being anchored in that to

and being bare. This confidence often comes from women

boost their confidence.

not conforming to society’s expectations and then being socially accepted knowing that they haven’t put any effort

Wang also notes that women

but instead embraced who they are. Society accepting

embarking the outside boundaries of societal norms

their bold and fearless choice only increases a women

“are more likely to think outside the box and are

confidence and an “it’s an okay thing to do” perspective

freethinkers”. Therefore, confidence not only comes

becomes a norm in their minds, hence why more and

from the acceptance of one’s self, but it also comes

more women are jumping on the train towards being

from the feeling of being independent. Nothing is more

confident through a comfortable and natural appearance.

empowering than a woman who can think for herself and

who are confident in

take on leadership roles independently rather than being In my opinion for a woman to bare her natural state to

a damsel in distress. Independency itself is an attractive

society without any enhancements or cover-ups is an

trait to have, but women can choose to have a positive

empowering action. It sends a message to everyone that

mind set and choose to be different.

it doesn’t matter how they look, whether others accept them or not this is who they are and this where they feel

Now, it is important to remember that comfort is okay. It

most comfortable. It is often hard for anyone, not just

is okay for all women to feel confident and empowered

women, to do this because we are our hardest critics

through a comfortable pair of sweats. It is okay to

and often try and please everyone in fear of being judged,

have days where make up and tight fitting clothing are

rather than thinking about ourselves and what we feel

dismissed. For it is to the qualities like being fearless,

most comfortable with.

independent and accepting that is what helps drive the confidence within. 7


“ Embrace messy hair and sweatpants.

- Unknown 9



To me, clothes are forms of self- expression. There are hints about who you are in what you wear. - Marc Jacobs



What I put on my face and body is a form of Self-expression -L



Love the canvas and the Masterpiece [ WRITTEN BY LEAH TAVITA ]

“Women are proving that embracing their natural appearance and choosing comfort over glam can also boost their confidence.”

Wearing cute clothes and applying make up makes us

This allows us to distinguish between where we see

feel good. We feel confident and empowered. The clothes

ourselves amongst others. Through this development

we choose to wear and the amount of makeup we decide

our self confidence and self esteem increase. If one does

to apply is a form of self-expression.

not experience this self growth Sika argues in her article that ,“Women’s personal identity are affected by fashion

We should feel empowered through the fabrics that are

trends therefore a search for self-esteem, self confidence

on our bodies and the cosmetics that are applied on our

and self-acceptance are done”. Fashion and makeup are


powerful tools.

Clothes and makeup however do not define us, we are

It is one of many forms of communication used among us

not worthless or unattractive with or without it. We like

women. We express our individual styles by sharing them

to look good because it makes us feel good, we do it for

among eachother. We as beautiful strong feline creatures

ourselves. Varyanne Sika, a feminist writer and researcher,

unfortunately feel the need to compete with one another.

mentions in her article ‘How Fashion and dress shapes women’s identities” that “All women, should be able to do

Just as Sika mentions we should discourage the cliché

what they want and be whomever they choose to be”.

that ‘Women are their own worst enemies’, we must unite and support each other, a great example of this are

There’s this misconception shared throughout society

Beauty bloggers. They experiment, explore and create

that women wear a certain amount of makeup or dress

expressive looks that communicate a feeling or presence

to impress for the sole purpose of seeking the attention

of a persona they feel comfortable enough presenting to

of others. Some may find it vain or narcissistic to love

the world.

yourself and to love what you wear, whereas others find it refreshing and empowering. We showcase an image we

We feel empowered through fashion and makeup due to

feel comfortable displaying to others, our character and

the sense of control we receive from within us as we get

personal identity.

to chose how to portray ourselves to the public. Some find this deceiving others see it as refreshing.

We may feel pressured from this idea of perfection advertised and encouraged throughout magazines

We should feel empowered through wearing dressy

and television; however we remind ourselves that we

clothes and applications of makeup as we can create,

wear what we want and how we want, Why? Because it

experiment and express different styles and enhance

makes us feel empowered it allows us to break down the

features of ourselves that we should already love. The

expectations founded by society and allows us to focus

overall process is a self discovery, once you learn to love

on our individuality.

yourself your one step closer in loving others.



Just because I know I look good does not mean that I am vain.



There is nothing wrong in loving yourself.





The Art of Lingerie [ WRITTEN BY FARIHA HABIB ]

“Never underestimate the power of good lingerie on a bad day.”

Sensual, glamorous, a secret, quirky, comfort. All

And you know, that’s what lingerie does. It ignites a fire

synonymous with lingerie. Why? Because lingerie has

in you and you feel alive.

the power to transform a woman and boost their self confidence on many different levels. It is proven if a

Now, lingerie is often perceived as something sexual, and

woman associates positive connotations with an item

not at all empowering. Some argue that ‘pretty’ lingerie

of clothing, it has a powerful impact on what attributes

should only be reserved if it’s going to be shown off.

they take on and how they carry themselves.

Not necessarily. Like any item of clothing, lingerie can be and should be worn as a self expression to promote

And it all begins with lingerie.

confidence and minimise self doubt. For something that is not seen, it allows a woman to strengthen herself and

For centuries, undergarments were considered a taboo

become her own ruler.

to see and talk about. It was centred upon creating a

‘likeable’ and ‘desirable’ figure in order to fit into societal

A woman is beautiful when she becomes comfortable in

norms. Fast forward, it has now evolved into something

her own skin. She embodies art, with galaxies growing

more rooted within the woman herself. Lingerie has

inside of her. At first it is only for a passing moment

become a secret power tool for women to be comfortable

where she’s not picking out her flaws or looking at

in their own skin. Other people may not see it, but it does

her reflection without regard. But as time passes, the

not matter because it’s about what lingerie makes you

moments seem to grow and she begins to understand


herself and holds herself with respect, because she believes she looks absolutely stunning in her underwear.

A young woman with a constellation of freckles across her face, slips into soft lace lingerie and sits in her chair as

That is the power of lingerie.

if it’s her throne. She feels untouchable. Another looks at her reflection through the fogged up mirror and admires

Don’t be fooled by the habit of just wearing underwear.

the way her deep pink underwear pops against her bronze

Take a moment and appreciate what you’re actually

skin. She loves it. A few blocks away, if you walk down the

wearing and allow that to transform your perception of

sidewalk with the yellow orchids, you’ll catch a glance of

yourself to reach new bounds.

a woman through her apartment window. You can’t hear the music she’s dancing to or her off-key singing, but you

After all, it’s what’s underneath that counts.

are captivated by the sight of her falling in love with life. She’s happy.



i am fierce



i evolve in my lingerie 27


And four years later you’re dancing around in your underwear, with a pint of milk in your hand.

The windows are open wide, the neighbours are still awake, and they are watching you.

They are watching you fall in love with being alive. MORSUS ENGEL 29

30 30



Bare Magazine  

Bare is a magazine publication based in Australia that explores body positivity and self-confidence through the means of fashion. As the tit...

Bare Magazine  

Bare is a magazine publication based in Australia that explores body positivity and self-confidence through the means of fashion. As the tit...