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You gave. God blessed. Lives changed.


God took your gifts and grew them into transformed lives.


people served in Christ’s name in 2011 In 2011, Food for the Hungry (FH) celebrated 40 years. Together with you – since 1971 – FH has helped to feed, clothe and bring hope to the poor in more than 25 countries. Pages 4-7


children given hope Last year, we saw God grow your gifts to overcome severe hardships faced by the poor worldwide. Read short stories of how your gifts helped bring relief to children around the world. Pages 8-11


people no longer hungry 4.3 million people suffered through a food crisis in Kenya in 2011. See how we responded. Learn how our leaders are helping find solutions. Pages 12-15


used to overcome povert y We believe in being financially transparent. Read a detailed account of how your money is used at Food for the Hungry. Page 16-17


Letter from the President How does Food for the Hungry’s work change lives? I get this question a lot, and the answer to it is expansive and multi-layered. But at the most basic level, FH supports and educates the poor to know their value based on Christ’s love – and this changes everything. Once the poor learn they have value, they experience greater confidence to use and develop their talents. And they learn skills to overcome the cruelties dealt by poverty.

you Gave

You and others gave $89,042,546

god Blessed

God used your gifts to bless the poor

lives Changed 2,573,654 lives were changed 4

Last year, FH worked to provide lasting solutions to problems like dirty water, poor sanitation, food shortages, malnutrition, HIV/AIDS, inadequate housing and poor education in 3,017 communities around the world. At the same time, 26 communities graduated from FH programs, as they were trained to carry on their own development. The poor are overcoming poverty. No longer subjected to dependence on outsiders, they now have the skills and resources to change their environment. And as a result, their reality is being transformed for the better. This year, FH celebrated 40 years. And I celebrated 20 years with FH. Each year is exciting for me to see how God is bringing donors, beneficiaries, staff, churches and government leaders together to complete great works. We all benefit from these accomplishments. We all change by experiencing a deeper understanding of His love. In the following pages, you’ll see how many lives experienced change in 2011. Thank you for partnering with us – these lives wouldn’t have been changed without you. May the Lord richly bless you in this coming year.

David Evans Food for the Hungry U.S. President

How your gifts are used* Use of Resources

Commodities distributed

11% 8%




Programs.....................................81% Fund Raising................................11% Administrative.............................8%

Medical Supplies......................60% Seeds/Food/Other...................40%

accountabilit y

Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability

Intelligent Philanthropy

Charity Navigator

FH is a charter member of ECFA, following its strict accounting standards.

Intelligent Philanthropy recognized FH for financial transparency.

Charity Navigator gave a four-star rating to Food for the Hungry.

*You and others gave $89,042,546 in 2011. Food for the Hungry’s audited financial statement is available upon request by calling 800-248-6431 or emailing hunger@fh.org. You may also view complete audited reports on fh.org.


You gave. God blessed. Lives changed. 2,580,272

children treated for intestinal worms

These children can now absorb essential nutrients from food. (number above refers to direct and indirect beneficiaries) [Read story on page 11]


benefited from clean water These people have clean water for better health and farming.


gained better access to adequate food Children and parents are able to access stable food supplies. [Read story on page 12]


2011 Annual Report Food for the Hungry


children and youth received an education Children are developing skills to overcome poverty. [Read story on page 11]


benefited from construction projects Latrines, irrigation, roads and wells are all helping communities prosper.


trained in HIV/AIDS care and prevention People living with HIV/AIDs found support groups to stay healthy. 7

You gave and 825,000 survivors received help When you gave in 2011, you equipped our Emergency Response Unit (ERU) to bring critical physical assistance and Christ’s love to disaster survivors worldwide.

Japan tsunami

20,000 people helped On March 11, 2011, a devastating tsunami brought on by a 9.0-magnitude earthquake off of Japan’s northeastern coast killed more than 15,000 people and left 590,000 homeless. Through partnerships with Japanese churches and organizations, Food for the Hungry supported the distribution of food, blankets and other essential supplies to disaster survivors. Churches were organized to help clean up debris. Many devastated survivors learned about Christ’s love and compassion during these relief efforts. As extended relief work, FH continues to train pastors on providing trauma care to survivors.

Horn of Africa food crisis

683,000 people helped (Kenyan, Ethiopian and displaced Somalis) In June of 2011, after two years of scarce rains, crop failure and death of livestock, more than 13 million people living in the Horn of Africa faced a critical food crisis. Food for the Hungry set up supplemental feeding stations to distribute food to 80 percent of the Marsabit district in Kenya. FH also worked to improve access to clean water and supported livestock programs. Work continues today with these recovering communities.


Nicaragua • 9,000 children helped • OCT. 2011 – tropical storm Matthew flooding • 10,000 people displaced • Response: food, hygiene kits

Philippines • 700 families helped • JUN. – SEPT. 2011 – tropical storm flooding • 200,000 people forced to flee their homes • Response: food, hygiene kits, mats and blankets


Additional responses • JAN. - Philippines fire – food, water, tents and sleeping mats • FEB. - Bolivia floods – food • MAR. - Mozambique refugee crisis – constructed cooking facility • MAR. - Ethiopia violence against Christians – food, shelter, medical treatment • MAR. - Myanmar earthquake – food, water, health training • SEPT. - Uganda mudslides – distributed blankets • SEPT. - Rwanda heavy rains – helping rebuild homes • OCT. - Turkey earthquake – food, clothing, blankets, tents and non-food items

825,000 people 165,000 families


• 64,000 people helped • AUG. 2010 – DEC. 2011 – monsoon flooding • 1,750 people died, 20 million displaced • Response: hygiene kits, shelter materials, blankets, water purification supplies and eight primary schools rehabilitated

...Received critical food and non-food items to survive floods and earthquakes in 2011. 9

You gave and transformed the lives of 346,880 children All around the world, children found hope in 2011 through Food for the Hungry programs. FH worked with 3,017 communities to address all areas that affect a child’s life.

Ethiopia Liuel Niguse, age 14, and his two siblings are orphans. After Liuel’s parents died, the children were divided up among relatives. The children came together again when Liuel’s elder brother struggled to provide food and housing. Since all children were under the age of 18, FH enrolled each child into a FH program that helps orphans. The program provided the children with FH staff supervision, housing, rent, food, uniforms, school materials and other miscellaneous items. In 2011, all of the children were able to attend school and live together. “FH has changed our lives a lot. Previously we lived separately, but now we are living and eating together. All of us attend school properly,” said Liuel. “Life is very difficult without parents. We were hopeless. But God sent us FH. FH is our family! We believe God will not let us break up again.” Liuel Niguse Ethiopia


34 88 Children helped

2011 Annual Report

Laxmy Rani, age 5, started preschool in 2011. She comes from a Koda village in Bangladesh. Her people, the Koda, are one of 45 different ethnic groups living in Bangladesh with their own culture and language. Many Koda children drop out of school because the primary schools teach in Bangla language. In 2011, FH opened a preschool teaching Koda culture and the Bangla language. This will enable children to feel confident about their culture and have the skills to learn in primary school. FH also worked with mothers and fathers in savings and learning groups to teach them about business and other income generation activities.

Laxmy Rani Bangladesh

Laxmy’s father says he is excited about his daughter’s future, “She can be highlyeducated, and she can work to help others in our society. We want to see this school continue, so it can help all our children develop in education.”

Peru Kevin Gonzales Ochovano, age 12, started feeling healthy in 2011 while living in Peru. After years of suffering from worms, both his grades and energy level were low. FH staff taught Kevin’s mother and other mothers how to prevent children from having worms by boiling water, proper hand-washing methods and wearing sandals. Kevin’s mom taught him to do these things. Kevin also received deworming medication. “The next day after taking the anti-parasite tablets, the worms left,” says Kevin. “Later, I felt better and I had more energy. Now, I wash my hands when I come in from playing, before eating, and after using the bathroom, and I always wear my sandals because the worms are in the dirt on the ground. My appetite is better. I don’t feel Kevin Gonzales Ochovano Peru

sleepy in school and my grades are better. All of this happened because I’m free of worms.”


Food for the Hungry

46 80

Bangl adesh

You gave. god blessed. Lives Changed. in kenya

Food for the Hungry has served in the arid, rugged regions of northern Kenya since 1976. As droughts have occurred more frequently in this region in recent years, FH began a concerted effort to help communities become more drought resilient. People were helped to increase crop yields, diversify income sources and build better water infrastructure. In 2011, Kenya faced the worst drought in 60 years. Along with four other countries, Kenya experienced a twoyear drought that brought a food crisis for 4.3 million Kenyans. The crisis could have devastated livelihoods in northern Kenya. However, with the resiliency built into these communities through partnership with FH, more than $2.2 million in sales were recorded in eight markets in the area. Even in crisis, families were able to make income to support their families. For the most at-risk families unable to purchase enough food in these trying times, FH partnered with other organizations to create food distribution centers.

4.3 million

Kenyans faced a food crisis 12

$2.2 million in sales made by FH beneficiaries during crisis

587,000 helped through FH programs

Praise for what God can do Lord Paul Boateng The United Kingdom’s Lord Paul Boateng of Akyem and Wembley says during his 30-year political journey, whether involved in liberation movements with the South African Council of Churches during the 1980s or as the United Kingdom’s first black Cabinet Minister in May 2002, he’s seen, “Our Lord produce the most incredible outcomes from the most desperate of situations.” Appointed to the House of Lords on July 1, 2010, Lord Boateng has pursued a lifetime interest in faith, in politics and development. When serving as British High Commissioner to South Africa from 2005 to 2009, Lord Boateng met Food for the Hungry Board Co-Chair Ken Wathome during an event. In 2009, Lord Boateng joined Food for the Hungry as a board member. With an interest in empowering indigenous African producers to own the intellectual property of their products, he says being a legislator, attorney, businessperson and philanthropist, “contributes to my ability to work with and alongside fellow board members at Food for the Hungry, as well as staff in the field and staff working in the U.S. It’s what one tries to bring to a board like FH. You bring all the different aspects of your life.” In addressing the overwhelming struggles of the poor, Lord Boateng has hope. “At the end of the day and beginning, what we do is inspired and what we are is empowered by His love. That’s what gives me hope and joy in life despite all the challenges and difficulties that our world faces.”

Lord Paul Boateng

“...what we do is inspired and what we are is empowered by His love. That’s what gives me hope and joy in life despite all the challenges...”

He continues, “Life is not easy in this particularly complicated time in our world’s history. But through the power and love of God and through Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross, I think there is nothing we can’t do or nothing we can’t achieve.” 13

Meet our Board Ken Wathome Ken Wathome is a strong force in the international business world. With his flagship business in real estate development, management, and selling/letting that he carries out through two self-owned companies, NW Realite and Property One in Nairobi, Kenya – he is a man with great influence. Wathome believes that it is his duty to serve God by empowering the poor. Coming from a part of the world that faces many challenges, he has a special interest in providing education and business opportunities to disenfranchised people. Currently, Ken serves as Food for the Hungry (FH) Board Co-Chair with a focus on helping build leadership that will in turn mobilize resources to enable FH to meet its mission among the poor and disenfranchised.

Ken Wathome FH Board Co-Chair

Dr. L arry Jones Dr. Larry Jones is the Director of Program Development and Evaluation at University of Wisconsin’s Cooperative Extension – an organization that applies university research and scholarship to issues facing Wisconsin communities. Larry began working with FH in the early 1980s, after FH founder Dr. Larry Ward visited Wheaton College in Wheaton, Ill. Larry served with FH in Thailand, Bangladesh, Somalia, Kenya and Ghana. Serving as Co-Chair, Larry is focused on using biblical worldview for transformational development. He also has a passion for the entrepreneurial spirit FH uses to customize programs for the specific needs of impoverished communities. 14

Dr. Larry Jones FH Board Co-Chair

non-voting member

Marty Martin Chief Operating Officer Global Executive Officer Strategic Services

Luis Noda Global Executive Officer Field Operations

Lord Paul Boateng Attorney Member of British Parliament London, U.K.

Ted Corwin President Designmaster Furniture, Inc. Hickory, NC

non-voting member

non-voting member

non-voting member

Francoise Andre Former social consultant Humanitarian Paudex, Switzerland

Gary Edmonds President and founder Breakthrough Partners Everette, WA

Shelle Ensio Engineer and founder Westminster Christian Academy Tucson, AZ

Keith Wright International President Chair of Global Executive Office

Peter Mogan Attorney and partner Access Law Group Vancouver, Canada

Dr. Jeanie Dassow, M.D. Physician and professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology University of Tennessee Lookout Mountain, TN

what does the LORD require of you? To act justly, to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God. - Micah 6:8


Food for the Hungry

David Evans U.S. President Global Executive Officer

2011 Annual Report

Board members


Financials Consolidated Statement of activities

Year Ended September 30, 2011 Temporarily Permanently Unrestricted Restricted Restricted Total

Support and Revenue Contributions: Cash contributions from non-U.S. National Organizations $ 20,375 $ 2,878,667 $ Cash contributions from other governments - 4,857,338 Other cash contributions 4,198,352 24,235,355 U.S. government grants 30,981,911 - Investment income 8,674 (10,202) Change in value of trusts and annuities (49,129) - Other income 416,343 - Noncash support and revenue: Contributed services - 66,919 Donated freight - - USAID commodities donated for distribution 4,315,955 - Other donated commodities 17,121,988 - Total Support and Revenue 57,014,469 32,028,077

- $ 2,899,042 - 4,857,338 - 28,433,707 - 30,981,911 - (1,528) - (49,129) - 416,343 - 66,919 - - - 4,315,955 - 17,121,988 - 89,042,546

Reclassifications Net Assets released from restrictions: Administrative allocations 7,352,461 (7,352,461) - - Child sponsorship 7,532,073 (7,532,073) - - International Hunger Corps staff support 2,418,527 (2,418,527) - - Child Vocational Scholarships granted 60,624 (60,624) - - Relief efforts and other projects 14,445,188 (14,445,188) - - Total Reclassifications 31,808,873 (31,808,873) - - Expenses Program ministries: Grants to other organizations 7,117,212 - - 7,117,212 Direct relief and development projects 70,660,335 - - 70,660,335 77,777,547 - - 77,777,547 Supporting services: Fundraising 8,731,985 - - 8,731,985 General and administrative 6,284,347 - - 6,284,347 15,016,332 - - 15,016,332 Total Expenses 92,793,879 - - 92,793,879 Change in Net Assets (3,970,537) 219,204 - (3,751,333) Net Assets, Beginning of Year 7,177,899 7,085,321 500,000 14,763,220 Net Assets, End of Year $ 3,207,362 $ 7,304,525 $ 500,000 $ 11,011,887 Complete audited financial statements are available on request.


Where we work

L atin America 1 Guatemala 2 Nicaragua 3 Haiti 4 Dominican Republic 5 Peru 6 Bolivia



7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14

South Sudan Ethiopia Uganda Kenya Rwanda Burundi DRC Mozambique


15 16 17 18

Bangladesh Cambodia Philippines Indonesia

*Countries without religious freedom are not listed for the protection of those who are currently serving in those fields.

2011 Annual Report

Ways to connect with Food for the Hungry In 2011, FH launched three new programs to help connect partners to serve the poor.

Food for the Hungry

FH Legacy fhlegacy.org Impact your family and the poor worldwide through your legacy arrangements. FH’s Legacy Giving staff will work with you to find a plan to keep expanding God’s Kingdom work throughout years to come.

FH World Sports fhworldsports.org FH World Sports is a movement of athletes driven to end extreme poverty through fundraising efforts. Visit our website to find out how you can get involved and raise funds for your favorite FH cause.

Women of Action fh.org/fct Sponsor a woman in Bangladesh so she can learn about finance, reading, health and other skills. Women are becoming empowered to better care for their families and become influential leaders. Learn more on our website.




To walk with churches, leaders and families in overcoming all forms of human poverty by living in healthy relationship with God and His creation.

God called and we responded until physical and spiritual hungers ended worldwide.

1224 E. Washington Street Phoenix, AZ 85034 800-248-6437 | fh.org


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Food for the Hungry 2011 Annual Report  

Annual Report for fiscal year 2011

Food for the Hungry 2011 Annual Report  

Annual Report for fiscal year 2011

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