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The Samsung Galaxy S3 Is Likely To Boasts A Quad-Core Processor - Samsung Galaxy S5 Schutzhulle _____________________________________________________________________________________ By Russell - For the past two years we have seen numerous additions to Samsung's Galaxy line-up, and this year we will be treated to the Samsung Galaxy S3. Filling the shoes of the wildly successful Galaxy S2 is no mean feat, but knowing Samsung we are sure to be treated to some next generation smartphone tech.In this article I will look at the rumours which are currently circulating about what we can expect from the device.Two years ago, a 1 GHz single-core processor was seen as the holy grail of processing power thanks to phones like the HTC Desire and original Samsung Galaxy S.

Learn More About Samsung Galaxy S5 Schutzhulle A year later, dual-core processors were introduced, as seen in the Galaxy S2 and quickly became the norm in many manufacturers' releases. The Samsung Galaxy S3 is likely to be the first mainstream

smartphone release to pack a quad-core processor. Because the processor is essential to the performance of many aspects of the phone, expect to see the benefits throughout the hardware (such as touchscreen responsiveness) and software (loading times of apps and the speed of the interface). It is expected that each core of the processor will be clocked at 1.2 GHz although it is entirely possible that upto 1.5GHz may be included.Until recently, the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S reined supreme when it came to the resolution of their touchscreen thanks to the retina display.

Samsung already has the hi res technology so we are guaranteed to see this transferred to the Galaxy S3 along with a possible increase in screen size over its predecessor. It is also widely expected that the Galaxy S3 will keep the S-AMOLED capacitive touchscreen of both predecessors, which are well-known for their wide viewing angles, brightness (even when outdoors) and colour rendering.

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Samsung galaxy s5 schutzhulle  
Samsung galaxy s5 schutzhulle