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Update Emergency Response Philippines – 2013-11-14

Update Emergency Response Philippines Documento atualizado a 14/11/2013, pela Jesuiten Mission (Alemanha), Coordenador da Campanha “Emergência Filipinas“ na Rede Xavier – Rede Europeia de ONGD Jesuítas.

Update Emergency Response Philippines – 2013-11-14 Generell information referring to UN: 9.4 million people affected more than 600,000 displaced (about 100,00 children under the age of 5 and 60,000 pregnant or nursing women) still no certain number of deaths The biggest challenge at the moment is still to reach the affected areas and the hygienic situation because of temperatures above 30 degree, no water and death bodies in the streets.

Information referring to SLB ( and

SLB formed a Special Force to respond on the typhoon: Task Force Bangon Pilipinas The activities of the Task Force Bangon Pilipinas: 1. Volunteers SLB asks for donations and volunteers from the Philippines Volunteers collect items and pack the emergency packages for the families affected. 2. Goods, Hygiene Kit and family packs At the compound of the University Ateneo de Manila goods are collected to pack them. SLB is asking for Water, food, medicine, canned goods, clothes, sanitary items‌ To avoid epidemics hygiene articles are most important. The graph below shows the content of a Hygiene Kit packed by volunteers and distributed to those affected

Update Emergency Response Philippines – 2013-11-14

By the 13th of November 1,758 family packs were packed (we still don´t have information about what one pack contents) On the 14th of November 1,400 family packs shall be distributed in Isabel, Leyte

3. Culion Parish, Palawan One oft he parishes affected is the Culion Parish. Below you find the information about families affected and damage provoked by the typhoon.

Update Emergency Response Philippines – 2013-11-14 4. Further plans SLB plans to deploy Solar Panels to Tacloban in partnership with Solar Solutions to bring back electricity.

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