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We are glad to invite you to Sørvad Football Golf course. Enjoy the nature and get lots of fresh air in a new and exciting way. Football Golf is a fun and active game for everyone no matter age or skills. We offer relaxed and calm surroundings that encourage you to slow down and put the everyday pace on a rest. Time to enjoy each others company and to have some fun and memorable experiences together is the essence of the game. That also can be a great way to work on your team building. To help employees find out more about each other, build the connection and credibility. That could be the best investment in your employees you have ever made. We as a family of the five understand how important the ability to work closely together as a team is while solving a problem. That is exactly what a Football Golf game can offer. It brings out positive communication, shows the leaders in the team and much more. It is possible to connect work and pleasure in this shelter of nature. We offer you meeting rooms and conference halls, where you can hold your business deals and at the same moment you are finished with it, you are only one step from having a relaxed time with your colleagues.

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Eva and Flemming


Here you can sign up for a game at Sørvad Football Golf . All you need to do is just write down your name and get ready to have some fun.


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