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The SOL eMAGAZINE is produced by the SOL consortium. All articles are written by the SOL partners. The responsibility for all contents and statements made lies with the authors. The eMagazine does not repre-


sent the opinion of the European Communities. The project „SOL – Save our Lives“ in the Central Europe Program is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).

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The establishment of a transnational coopera-

The SOL Network is a powerful tool to spread

Welcome to the ninth issue of the SOL project

tion network in the frame of SOL is of primary

know-how on road safety and good practices

eMagazine. In this issue we would like to put our

importance for the continuation and spreading

and the model tool assessed through SOL may

attention on an important activity carried on du-

of project achievements and its transnational

guide followers on implementing comparable

ring the whole length of the project lifetime: all the

approach within the Central European area.

networks in other regions.

partners worked to create and support a transnational multi-sector network that will be realized

The model tool that was developed to build up

Among the various benefits:

and implemented for permanent cooperation on

cooperation for mutual learning in various regi-

• Sharing innovative solutions, lessons learned,

Road Safety within the Central European area.

ons aims at creating a sustainable transnational

good and bad practices; therefore mutual sup-

road safety network that stakeholders across

port is guaranteed

We will then focus on two of the public education

the Central European Space can benefit from.

• Constantly updated knowledge through high

campaigns within SOL, in Poland and the Czech

The cooperation aims to support mutual learning

level capacities and expert knowledge

Republic. One article about the polish campaign

through knowledge transfer, by exchanging good

• Exchange of knowledge

focused on children in Nidzica. The second article

practice and experiences, as well as bringing

• Build together strategies to establish priorities

is about the education campaign on buses in the

policy-makers, researchers, experts and private

for action

Liberec Region. You can also learn more about the

organizations from transnational to local level

• Find new interested actors and contacts

European Road Safety Conference on data and

together, to exchange their respective experi-

• Awareness raising that there exists a group of

knowledge-based Policy-making that will be held in

ences and strategies in the field of road safety.

stakeholders that is sharing the same perspective

Athens on November 22nd and 23th within the EU

Cooperation for mutual learning is an approach

and goals

co-funded project Dacota.

supported by the European Commission’s Policy

• Identify funding possibilities and lobby for action.

Enjoy reading

Orientations to 2020.

If you want to join the Network, please contact us!

Alberto Milotti Project Manager SOL

N ov e m b e r 2 0 1 2 ISSUE No. 09


T H E P UBLIC EDUCATION CAMPAIGNS OF SOL In the past months the SOL public education

paigns to raise awareness and improve road

campaigns have been run in Austria, the Czech

user behaviour in the communities has been

Republic, Hungary, Italy, Poland, Slovakia and

succeeded in all regions. The specific foci of the

The ambitious goal of these

Slovenia and will contunue in some of these

campaigns in the communities were indentified

campaigns to raise awareness

countries. The ambitious goal of these cam-

per situational assessment by the SOL partners.

In Austria the campaign TAKE CARE OF YOUR‑

WITHOUT INJURY was launched for the target

SELF (“Schaut’s auf euch”) took part in voca-

groups pedestrians and users of public transport

tional schools of Styria. The risk group of young

(see detailed article on p. 3). In September the

drivers between 15 and 20 had the possibility

public education campaign of Hungary took part.

to record a song (Rap) about drinking and driv-

The focus was placed on increasing the theoreti-

ing together with professional musicians in a

cal and technical knowledge of cycling children.

workshop. The result was remarkable due to

School classes with pupils between 10 and 14

the self-reflection and the problem recognition

were trained theoretical and technical in cycling.

of the young participants. A movie was made

In Poland the campaign took part in 3 com-

about the process history of the workshop and

munities. Here the focus was placed on raising

attracted a lot of attention on the Cities for Mo‑

awareness on safe participation of citizens in

bility Conference in Stuttgart. In the Czech Re-

road traffic (more detailed on page 4). In Italy

public the campaign STEP BY STEP IN TRAFFIC

2 campaigns were organised. The PEDESTRIAN

and improve road user behaviour in the communities has been succeeded in all regions. The specific foci of the campaigns in the communities were indenti‑ fied per situational assessment by the SOL partners.


MONTH (Il mese del Pedone) and ROAD TRANS‑

AMZS installed the SOL FAMILY HOUR from May

PORT ALWAYS SAFER (L’autotrasporto sempre

to October in 3 communities. The organizer fol‑

più sicuro) took place in the summer months.

lowed people through the different stages in

The first campaign seeks to raise public aware-

their lives, listened to their needs, offered help

ness on road safety, sustainable mobility and

and ensured a higher level of road safety. Chil-

public transport. It targets to primary schools in

dren and their caregivers were involved in order

the Province of Brescia with the aim of provid-

to increase road safety on Slovenian roads.

ing road safety education to pupils aged from 6

In Slovakia the campaign was dedicated to young

to 11 years old (see eMagazine No.8 and http://

drivers and took part in schools. Pupils teachers

and driving instructors were informed about

One of pilot activities organised

The second Italian campaign included a train-

Road Safety in their community and trained in

by HBH Project in collaboration

ing for truck drivers. In Slovenia the partner from

the personal responsibility on the roads.

with Liberec Regional Authority in the pilot Liberec Region was


a traffic & educational compe‑ tition for children for the Libe‑ rec Regional Governor’s Cup called “Step by step in traffic

One of pilot activities organised by HBH

a traffic & educational competition for chil-

Project in collaboration with Liberec Region-

dren for the Liberec Regional Governor’s Cup

al Authority in the pilot Liberec Region was

called “Step by step in traffic without injury”.

The aim of the competition was

operated on common routes in the Liberec Re-

• to teach children perceive other road users´

gion for one month. We were also impressed by

risky behaviour which can result in dangerous

ideas of Zdeněk Valenta and Zlata Nádvorníková

situations and to look for possibilities to affect

who dealt with hot subjects.

this behaviour,

Zlata focused on vandalism in traffic which

• to make children realise that they can affect

threatens the lives of all road users. Zdeněk

traffic safety as safety on roads is not the respon-

warns about handling with mobile phones while

sibility of few organisations but everyone can par-

driving. We will cooperate with these authors

ticipate in decreasing the number of accidents.

within our further activities.

The children were asked to pay attention to

Evaluation of the competition and opening of

risky behaviour in traffic and to draft visual

pedestrians´ safety campaign took place in

form of traffic safety campaign warning of such

presence of pupils, teachers, media, Liberec


region vice - governor and HBH representa-

Nursery children and pupils from primary

tives on 5th September. Eight buses operat-

schools in Česká Lípa, Liberec, Jilemnice and

ing in the Liberec Region were decorated by

Turnov, age 4 – 15, took part in the competition.

the children´s pictures; within one month they

There could only be one winner but many in-

transferred 32,200 passengers on 16 different

teresting ideas. The most expressive one came

lines of their daily service. Winners and their

from Hana Čapková, age 6, (fig. 1): “Look! Both

class-mates were given SOL promoting items

ways!”. The picture was transferred to adhesive

and rewards of the Liberec Region governor.

without injury”.

Picture: HBH Projekt

Picture: HBH Projekt

foil and fixed to bus sides (fig. 2). The busses


N ov e m b e r 2 0 1 2 ISSUE No. 09

Photo: WORD Olsztyn


Picture:WORD Olsztyn


The official opening of the Traffic Town took

was created thanks to the SOL project realized

place in the School Complex no. 3 in Nidzica

in Poland by the Voivodeship Traffic Centre-

at 1 p.m. on September 16. The Traffic Town

Regional Traffic Safety Centre in Olsztyn.

Testing grounds for children

and tasks concerning the proper use of the Traffic

The newly created traffic town is not only a

Town, complete with numerous additional prizes,

place where the youngest residents of the town

were prepared for them. Demonstrations organized

can improve their knowledge of traffic regula-

by the National Fire Service, featuring a simulated

tions. It also provides an opportunity for young

explosion of a damaged car, were very popular.

cyclists to learn basic traffic signs and the re-

Presentations concerning first aid, being indispen-

lated regulations - all through fun. The first of-

sable for every road user, were also organized.

ficial ride was taken by the mayor of Nidzica and

European project

the representatives of the Voivodeship Traffic

The Traffic Centre in Olsztyn is the only unit in

Centre-Regional Traffic Safety Centre in Olsztyn.

Poland responsible for the pilot implementation

Attractions for the youngest

of strategies and action plans aimed at improv-

The opening of the Traffic Town was not the only

ing traffic safety, designed for selected local

attraction for the residents of Nidzica. The organ-

communities in the region of Warmia and Mas-

izers prepared a recreational area for the youngest

uria. These pilot actions are being implemented

participants in the form of trampolines and inflat-

in Olsztyn, Nidzica and Barczewo. There are 12

able castles. Older guests were also taken into

partners engaged in the SOL project in Central

consideration. Traffic safety knowledge contests



that is aimed at all who work in the road and

Road Safety Conference on Data and Knowl-

vehicle safety community bringing together

edge-based Road Safety Policy-making will be

policy-makers, their advisors, road safety re-

a forum where current road safety research will

searchers, experts and others involved in road

be presented. It will be a high-level conference

safety policy-making.

The focus is on recent developments on Euro-

• Measuring Drivers Behaviour

pean level but it is expected that the conference

• Improving Our Understanding of Crashes

will be of interest to road safety practitioners in

• Measuring, Assessing and Improving Vehicle

low and middle income countries that are developing their road safety policies. The conference will be opened by a series of high-level speakers and over two days of presentations, discussion and interaction delegates will be able to par-

• Future Knowledge-based Decision Making for Europe • Further details of the sessions can be found in the conference programme.

ticipate in the latest developments in evidence

Special poster opportunity:

based road safety policy-making.

Delegates are invited to submit a poster show-

The Sessions titles are:

ing recent work in evidence-based road safety

• Future Road Safety Challenges in Europe

policy-making. The work could be recent re-

• The Road Safety Management Processes in

search, new evidence based policies or other


Photo: istock

work that relates to the scope of the conference.

• Consolidated Road Safety Data and Knowledge for Policy-Making • Country

Photo: HBH Projekt


Developments and Performance


It can apply to any country whether it is an EU Member State or not. Delegates with accepted posters will qualify for a reduction in the conference registration fee.

THE P I L OT A R E A S O F T H E P R O J E C T SOL The project SOL shall help to prevent road


crashes, deaths and injuries in the Central Europe

• Poland: Olsztyn, Barczewo, Nidzica

Space (CEUS). In 12 pilot areas of the 7 countries

• Czech Republic: Region of Liberec

Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Slo-

• Slovakia: City of Prešov and Region of Prešov

venia, Italy and Austria targeted strategies will be

‑ Selfgovernment County

developed implementing effective programmes to

• Hungary: City of Gyor

build a transnational road safety network. Find

• Slovenia: Tolmin, Kočevje and Maribor

detailed informations to all pilot areas on the

• Italy: Province of Brescia and Mantua

website of SOL:

• Austria: Province of Styria








The SOL Countries


N ov e m b e r 2 0 1 2 ISSUE No. 09

S O L – A C O MPREHENSIVE ROAD SAFETY STRATEGY F O R C E N T R AL EUROPE The main goal of the project is to promote

shift from the private car to public transport.

sustainable mobility and increase awareness

SOL unites some of the most competent RS or-

for safety issues as well as contributing to the

ganisations from CEUS and worldwide, among

achievement of higher quality of living condi-

them the Global Road Safety Patnership (GRPS).


The multi-sector partners from eight countries

The approach of SOL sees Road-Safety within

of CEUS have jointly developed a strategy that

the context of sustainable mobility, i.e. to make

supports the region in catching up with highest

walking and cycling safe and to promote a modal

EU standards in Road Safety.

1 2 P R O J E C T PARTNERS FROM 8 COUNTRIES OF C E N T R A L E UROPE A.L.O.T. Agency of East Lombardy for Transport and Logistics (Italy)

University of Zilina (Slovakia)

Austrian Mobility Research FGM-AMOR (Austria)

Global Road Safety Partnership Hungary (Hungary)

Province of Styria – Traffic Department (Austria)

KTI Institute for Transport Sciences (Hungary)

University of Tuebingen, Institute of Geography (Germany)

Automobile Association of Slovenia (Slovenia)

HBH Projekt spol. s r.o. (Czech Republic)

ZAS – The Association of the Driving Schools in the Slovak Republic (Slovakia)

ITS Motor Transport Institute (Poland)

WORD Olsztyn organization (Poland)

Imprint: Texts: Alberto Milotti, A.L.O.T. (p.1 and Foreword); Volker Hoffmann, FGM-AMOR (p.2), Jaroslav Heinrich HBH Projekt (p.3), Wojciech Jóźwik, Compress (p.4) All other articles collected by FGM-AMOR Design by FGM-AMOR

The project „SOL – Save our Lives“ in the Central Europe Program is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).


SOL eMagazine No.9  

The SOL eMAGAZINE is a online Road Safety magazine for the european project "SOL - Save our LIVES " edited by the SOL consortium. The projec...

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