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THE SOL eMAGAZINE The SOL eMAGAZINE is produced by the SOL consortium. All articles are written by the SOL partners. The responsibility for all content and statements made lies with the authors. The eMagazine does not represent the opinion of the European Communities. The project „SOL – Save our Lives“ in the Central Europe Program is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).

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The aim of the SOL situational assessment car-

present the data needed to assess the road

Welcome to the third issue of the SOL project

ried out within the project was to compile and

safety situation in the SOL pilot communities.

eMagazine. During the first year of the project

The SOL pilot communities are:

to collect information on the range of diffe-

• Styria / Austria

rent issues which are necessary to help each

• Liberec / Czech Republic

community understand the full scale of its

With these data we would like to inform about the

• Györ / Hungary

road safety situation.

development of the local road safety strategy and

• East Lombardy, Brescia and Mantova / Italy

The assessment led to the identification of

to identify the main issues; to ensure that the local

• Warmia and Mazury / Poland

priority issues for actions and serves as a

Action Plans will be targeted and achievable and fi-

• Žilina, Prešov / Slovakia

baseline for monitoring and evaluating the

nally become the baseline for future monitoring and

• Maribor, Tolmin, Kočevje / Slovenia

impact of the SOL project and the SOL inter-

assessment of the interventions in the community.

Four parts compose the assessment: road

ventions in the communities.

In the current issue of the eMagazine, you can also

safety assessment, institutional capacity

The situational assessment will be an aid in

learn more about our Czech partner, HBH Projekt,

assessment, stakeholder analysis, public

developing or strengthening the community’s

an engineering company with broad range of expe-

knowledge and opinion survey. The SOL si-

strategic approach to road safety and the

rience in development of transport infrastructure,

tuational assessment was carried out with

management of plans and strategies focused

and the Pilot Area of Liberec, located in the north of

the use of the web application, which can

on achieving the results.

the Czech Republic on the border to Germany and

be found under the address: www.its.waw.

Find more informations here:


pl/sol. The toolkit placed on the website in-

Enjoy reading

cludes 4 separate “tools” developed in order


Alberto Milotti Project Manager SOL

all project partners carried on a transnational road safety assessment.

S e p t e m b e r 2 0 1 1 ISSUE No. 03

Picture: Universität Tübingen


As a major highlight of the SOL activities on this fair, a presen-


From the 10th - 13th of May, more than 51.000

Munich. The International Transport and Logis-

trade visitors from 134 countries have discov-

tics Fair has not only presented an impressive

ered the world’s largest trade fair for logistics,

international scope with an increased number

mobility, IT and supply chain management in

of exhibitors from all over the world.

The halls were amazingly well frequented and

SOL leaflets in German, English and Italian were

one could feel the recovery and the picking up

distributed and the visitors were informed about

of the business in the logistics sector. Many im-

the project and the topics of road safety.

tation of the project to all inter-

portant players from the logistics sector were

A movie of the United Nations about the Global

ested partners has been made in

present and, of course, the SOL Team couldn’t

Plan for the Decade of Action for Road Safety

a working group session.

miss this event. For the SOL project it was a

2011-2020 was presented on the SOL stand

unique experience to meet international cus-

and raised the awareness for road safety issues

tomers and partners from the field of transport

on the fair. The movie highlights that every day

and logistics for a fruitful exchange and promo-

3.500 people are dying on the road and many

tion to raise the awareness in the field of road

more are injured or remain disabled.

safety in the Central Europe region.

As a major highlight of the SOL activities on this

An international team on the SOL stand wel-

fair, a presentation of the project to all interested

comed a broad panel of visitors in Italian, Span-

partners has been made in a working group ses-

ish, French, German and English. More than 500


NEW C A M PA I G N E X P O S E S T H E H I D DEN DANGERS ON TH E R OA D S W H I C H K I L L S 3 , 0 0 0 EVERYDAY On 11 May 2011, at the launch of the Decade

and injuries on the roads. STEVE - a quirky,

of Action for Road Safety, the Global Road

lively and poignant animation was developed

Safety Partnership (GRSP) and YOURS - Youth

through discussions at the First Regional

for Road Safety have initiated an innovative

Youth Assembly for Road Safety in Oman in

campaign to build awareness and end death

February 2011.

Deaths due to road accident casualties is the

healthy - perhaps a bread-winner, a husband,

number one killer of youths between 15 and 29

a mother, a daughter or a son. The economic

years old. “It was clear the way we have been

burden of the global carnage on the roads is a

communicating our message on road safety

staggering $ 500 billion worldwide.

wasn’t reaching the people most affected by this

Every year more than 50 million people are in-

YOURS – Youth for Road Safety is the first

disaster,” said Nellie Ghusayni, progamme officer

jured by road crashes, many of those disabled

global youth led nongovernmental orga-

at YOURS. “We need to go where people, espe-

permanently. Almost half of those who die in road

nization acting to make the world’s roads

cially the young people, were getting their infor-

traffic crashes are vulnerable road users - pe-

safe for young people. YOURS operates

mation and tailor the format of the messages so

destrians, cyclists or motorcyclists. The goal of

on three pillars: advocating for youth and

it’s appealing to them. A fresh take on the subject

the UN Decade of Action for Road Safety is to sta-

using video seems to be the best way to capture

bilize and then reduce the number of lives lost.

road safety on the global level, inspiring,

their interest and get the youth involved.” Under

The Global Road Safety Partnership works to

the creative direction of Mark Woodward from

prevent road crash death and injury in low- and

Airspace Studios, STEVE was born. The anima-

middle-income countries by working to imple-

tion video project aims to give the viewers a dif-

ment effective solutions in partnership with

ferent perspective on road safety by focusing on

business, government and civil society organi-

the hidden danger on the roads.

zations. A hosted project of the International

“Just over 100 years ago mankind introduced

Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent So-

a new form of transport to the world, and with

cieties, based in Geneva, Switzerland, GRSP’s

every car comes enough energy to kill,” says

vision is a world free of road-crash death and

Andrew Pearce, Chief Executive of GRSP. “But


connecting, and uniting youth around the world, and developing capacities of young people to become road safety advocates and implement road safety projects

humans cannot sense this energy until it’s too

THE S O LSTEVE W EcanB Sshed I T Ean important late. We hope

light for everyone and energize people to take action. Everyone can make a valuable contribution in helping to solve this man-made disaster.” Roads, human’s greatest conduits for progress and communication, are also the stages for great human tragedy. Someone dies on the road every 30 seconds bringing the annual number of deaths to approximately 1,3 million – or ten aircraft crashes every day. The people dying are likely to be young and previously perfectly


S e p t e m b e r 2 0 1 1 ISSUE No. 03

Picture: HBH Projekt

T H E S OL PROJECT PARTNERS: HBH PROJEKT s r.o. HBH projekt s r.o. is a stable and credible com-

design, structural engineering, road safety,

pany with the tradition dating back to 1991. In

traffic engineering, environmental engineering

the field of motorway projects development

and landscaping) in any stage of the project

HBH ranks among the three leading companies

development as well as construction supervi-

in the Czech Republic. HBH delivers engineer-

sion during its implementation in the Czech

ing and consulting services (road and bridge

Republic, Slovakia and abroad.

safety action. Between 2005–

Representative of HBH undersigned the European

their creators, but first of all useful servants of the

2010 the region has re­duced

Road Safety Charter (ERSCH) in May 2008 as a

public. HBH structures (roads, bridges) have been

first ever design and engineering company in Eu-

many times awarded as a structure of the year.

rope. The HBH mission: We are aware the results

HBH also pursue opportunities for international

our activities will be visible both in settlements

cooperations not only in big infrastructure projects

and in the natural landscape for long-lasting doz-

including PPP (Public Private Partnership) projects.

ens of years. We take this privilege serious and

SOL is an important example of such a coopera-

responsibly prepare ourselves for our role in the

tion. Within the SOL partnership HBH is the only

development of the greatest projects that are built

infrastructure oriented partner. Previous HBH

within the present era.

measures as the short road safety inspection and

HBH always defends reasonable, cost effective

the children campaign “Step by step on the way to

and elegant solutions. We think that new roads

school” have been evaluated as the CE best prac-

and bridges would not be costly monuments of

tices and will be further tested in the pilot region.

The region of Liberec is the Czech leader in regional road

its road death number by more than 59 % from 52 fatalities to 21.


THE S O L P I L OT A R E A S : T H E R E G I O N OF LIBEREC The Liberec Region is located in the north of

habitants. Boarder Mountains Jizerske Hory and

the Czech Republic on the border to Germany

Krkonose partly influence the road network. The

and Poland. It is an area with a rich history and

capitol Liberec is connected to Prague and also

a wealth of natural, cultural, and historic land-

to the rest of the country as well as to Europe by

marks. The region consists of four districts with

a four lane motorway, which makes the region

a total area of 3,163 km2 and has 434.000 in-

easily accessable from the Prague airport.

The region of Liberec belongs to the regions with

more participate actively in this work.

the highest interest on road safety and sustain-

The region is well known for its leading role

able mobility in the Czech Republic. The region

in Road Safety and the partnership of the SOL

approved its own road safety program in 2003 as

project with the pilot area of Liberec will also

a very first in the country. This program is annu-

maintain and improve its leading role in the

ally evaluated and updated. In 2008 the region of

future. First set of workshops on situational as-

Liberec signed the European Road Safety Charta.

sessment took place in each of 4 regional dis-

Even if the Czech Republic didn’t reached the

tricts in May 2011. Two of them were visited also

target to halve the number of fatalities between

with GRSP expert Mr. Chris Lines.The following

2001 and 2010, the region of Liberec reduced

main activities will be piloted in Liberec region:

it to 18 fatalities in 2010 compared to 37 in

• Implementation of the “short” road safety in-

2001. The leading role in Road Safety belongs


to the regional Department for Transport. Head

• Implementation of a safe journey to school

of the department Mrs. Jakesova is also chairing

programme as a part of children road safety

the Regional Road Safety Council. Beside sev-


eral members from the Regional Department for

• Road Safety public education campaigns on

Transport, also other experts from rescue servic-

speed, safe routes to school and sustainable

es, red cross, infrastructure, education and many


Picture: HBH Projekt

Picture: HBH Projekt

THE P I L OT A R E A S O F T H E P R O J E C T SOL The project SOL shall help to prevent road crashes, deaths and injuries in the Central Europe Space (CEUS). In 12 pilot areas of the 7 countries Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Slovenia, Italy and Austria targeted strategies will be developed implementing effective programmes to build a transnational road safety network. Find detailed informations to all pilot areas on

teh website of SOL: THE PILOT AREAS OF SOL:


• Poland: Olsztyn, Barczewo, Nidzica • Czech Republic: Region of Liberec



• Slovakia: City of Prešov and Region of Prešov ‑ Selfgovernment County • Hungary: City of Gyor • Slovenia: Tolmin, Kočevje and Maribor





The SOL Countries

• Italy: Province of Brescia and Mantua


S e p t e m b e r 2 0 1 1 ISSUE No. 03

S O L – A C O MPREHENSIVE ROAD SAFETY STRATEGY F O R C E N T R AL EUROPE The main goal of the project is to promote

el shift from the private car to public transport.

sustainable mobility and increase awareness

SOL unites some of the most competent RS or-

for safety issues as well as contributing to the

ganizations from CEUS and worldwide, among

achievement of higher quality of living condi-

them the Global Road Safety Patnership (GRPS).


The multi-sector partners from eight countries

The approach of SOL sees Road-Safety within

of CEUS have jointly developed a strategy that

the context of sustainable mobility, i.e. to make

supports the region in catching up with highest

walking and cycling safe and to promote a mod-

EU standards in Road Safety.

1 2 P R O J E C T PARTNERS FROM 8 COUNTRIES OF C E N T R A L E UROPE A.L.O.T. Agency of East Lombardy for Transport and Logistics (Italy)

University of Zilina (Slovakia)

Austria Mobility Research FGM-AMOR (Austria)

Global Road Safety Partnership Hungary (Hungary)

Province of Styria – Traffic Department (Austria)

KTI Institute for Transport Sciences (Hungary)

University of Tuebingen, Institute of Geography (Germany)

Automobile Association of Slovenia (Slovenia)

HBH Projekt spol. s r.o. (Czech Republic)

ZAS – The Association of the Driving Schools in the Slovak Republic (Slovakia)

ITS Motor Transport Institute (Poland)

WORD Olsztyn organization (Poland)

Imprint: Texts: Alberto Milotti, A.L.O.T.; Dagmara Jankowska, ITS; Patricia Hammer, University of Tübingen; Jaroslav Heinrich, HBH Projekt spol. s r.o.; Volker Hoffmann, FGM-AMOR Design by FGM-AMOR

The project „SOL – Save our Lives“ in the Central Europe Program is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).



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