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Why Email Hosting Is Essential for Smart Business – Exchange Hosted Encryption _____________________________________________________________________________________

By John - Many businesses do not want to spend their precious time and energy on setting up an internal messaging infrastructure. Managing such infrastructure can be costly too. So, many businesses opt for the smart way, that is, email hosting. By opting for such services, you can save your business from increased risk of virus infection, increased costs, and regular software or hardware problems. Following are some points that will elaborate on why it is a smart choice for businesses to opt for email hosting services: Secure Access to Webmail- If you buy hosting for email then you can expect a dedicated server to provide secured webmail access to all your employees in the organization. Such services usually have state-of-the-art data centres that are handled by professionals round the clock. 128-bit encryption is the industry standard for mail servers. This encryption is active as long as the webmail session is on. Learn More About Exchange Hosted Encryption

Huge Storage Space- When you sign up for email hosting services having dedicated servers, you will get a huge amount of space for storage along with each mailbox. The amount of storage space offered by such services may vary from numbers in gigabytes or mega bytes. All these storage spaces are enough for storing thousands of mails in your mailbox.

Anytime Access from Any Place- By opting for smart email hosting solutions, you can virtually access all your emails, no matter where you are or which device or web browser you are using. Most such hosting services having dedicated servers fully supported mobile devices like Windows Mobile and iPhones.

Secure POP and IMAP Access- Access to desktop email clients through POP or IMAP also becomes secure with email hosting solutions, making it a smart choice among most businesses. You can rest assured about the security and privacy of your emails, user names, and passwords as the entire email traffic is encrypted. So, when the email client sends user details for verification to the mail server, no information can get leaked due to encryption. No Hardware or Setup Costs- You can actually save a lot for money by opting for email hosting services. You do not have to spend extra money of dealing with software and hardware problems on a daily basis. You will not even have to purchase a separate email sever for your business. You also don't have to set up Microsoft Exchange as our experts will do it for you.

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