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Adding value post-Brexit


function of this year’s NSA Sheep Event will reconciling views and bringing people together in order to prepare for a new political future. Phil Stocker, NSA chief executive, says: “The UK sheep industry is wonderfully varied and diverse, with large-, medium- and smallscale commercial flocks, pedigree breeders, full-time and part-time producers. We produce nutritious food and sustainable fibre, all largely from grass and at the same time as providing a highly valued countryside which supports wildlife and many characters which make this life richer.”

New markets Mr Stocker predicts everyone at the event will be asking what our future holds – better or worse? “It may be down to us. We have work to do maintaining and building new markets and trade. Our farm support system will change and come under pressure, but if we get it right it could be simpler and more UK-suited. “Red tape is probably why many farmers voted to leave and, while I do not think for a minute we will sweep regulations away, maybe the


The theme of this year’s event is ‘adding value’.

Event information n When: Wednesday, July 27, 2016 n Where: Three Counties Showground, Malvern, Worcestershire, WR13 6NW n Tickets: Free entry for NSA members, non-NSA members: £15 each n Dogs: Only assistance dogs and dogs entered for the sheepdog sale are permitted on the showground


The terminal sire which: • • • •

chance is there to reduce them. Politicians will need to be reminded of their promises and we will need to be vocal and on the front foot. Agriculture and food did not feature much before the referendum, but it provides 3.5 million jobs and accounts for 7 per cent of the national economy.” The theme of NSA Sheep 2016 is ‘adding value’, which Mr Stocker says could not be more relevant following the Brexit decision. “We should be careful not to talk down the opportunity of farm

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payments, but I am not alone in thinking we should be preparing for the worst post-2020 and, either way, clearly justifying the rationale for payments. Adding value to everything we do will become more and more important and, for most, it will be about small improvements in all quarters. “Investing wisely will continue to help in the future. So too will testing and monitoring, understanding what you need to invest in and analysing its effect on your profitability.”

Come and see us at Stand 17. See the sheep and find out... “Why Beltex?” from the breeders

Beltex Sheep Society I Tel/Fax: 015395 67973 I I Lane Farmhouse, Crooklands, Milnthorpe, Cumbria, LA7 7NH

JULY 15 2016 | 111


Share farming is giving Ewan Cumming a chance to get on the farming ladder. Ange

Passion for sheep industr leads to share farm oppor


wan Cumming’s family have long been involved in agriculture and he was always determined to forge a career in the industry for himself. He says: “My parents had a small sheep flock and my father worked as a herdsman. Since I left school and college I have worked with pigs on self-employed contracts, but my passion is sheep and this is where I see my long-term future.” Mr Cumming, 23, bought his first sheep, five Poll Dorsets, in 2008, building up to 60 ewes by 2015. As he has no land of his own they were kept on short-term grass lets around Denton, Norfolk, where the family live. Last year, Mr Cumming was chosen as a National Sheep Association (NSA) Next Generation Ambassador.

Systems “It was so beneficial and worthwhile. I learned so much about farming, not just about sheep, but also things such as where best to invest your time. I met so many people who were running different systems and it makes you realise how diverse UK farming is.” Since then Mr Cumming has joined the NSA Eastern Region committee, becoming vice-chairman, and he also set up a Next Generation group in the area. “There are quite a lot of young sheep farmers in East Anglia but they can be spread out, so the aim is to get them together for regular meetings and discussions.” Another major development for Mr Cumming was entering into a share farming agreement last year.

A 2015 NSA Next Generation Ambassador, Ewan Cumming is working to gain equity in a sheep business.

“At the time I felt I was not progressing as I wanted with my flock. I was running a fairly intensive system, trying to get Dorsets to lamb three times in two years and struggling to find good summer grazing. I knew I needed to improve the flock’s genetics but could not really afford expensive rams, so was not sure where I should go next.” Mr Cumming was approached by local businessman and farmer Adrian Hipwell. Having already set up and sold an agricultural software


15th Annual Production Sale at Jct 36 Rural Auction Centre, Kendal in conjunction with Mitchells BANK HOLIDAY MONDAY 29th AUGUST 2016 11am 11th Annual Production Sale at Ruthin 15th September 2016, 1pm Come and see us at the NSA event, Malvern 27th July - Stand 34 All visitors welcome Top Quality Texel, Beltex x Texel, Beltex x Charollias Shearling Rams For sale privately directly from the farm. Contact Paul Slater on 07775 661736 - Whiteley Hey Flock 112 | JULY 15 2016

company, Mr Hipwell was thinking of starting a sheep enterprise. After initial discussions, Mr Cumming suggested they go into a share farming agreement.

Tenancy “Adrian has the tenancy on a 120acre arable farm. He is keen to support young people and local agriculture but does not want to be hands-on, so he was very supportive of the idea. We decided to go ahead and I sold my Dorsets.”

Last October, 200 Lleyn females, 100 draft ewes, 100 ewe lambs and two rams were bought from Richard Evans, East Harling, along with two New Zealand Suffolks from Robyn Hulme, Ellesmere, and a Charollais ram from Jonathan and Carroll Barber, Wymondham. Mr Hipwell bought the sheep and Mr Cumming is providing the equipment, such as electric fencing, transport and labour. He gets expenses to cover fuel and


AUCTIONS Gargrave Road, Skipton, North Yorkshire BD23 1UD Livestock Auctioneers & Valuers Come & Visit us on Stand 36 5 Major Seasonal Sales of 5,000-10,000 Mule Gimmer Lambs Fortnightly Sales of 8,000-14,000 Store Lambs Regular Sales of Breeding Ewes & Rams

Tel: 01756 792375

ela Calvert reports.

try rtunity EWAN Cumming says there are four key points to making share farming work. These are: n Trust between parties is essential n Set realistic budgets and expectations n There are no set rules to share farming n Set up an agreement to suit your own situation



Mr Cumming plans to expand his flock to 500-head in five years, while producing quality breeding sheep.

machinery costs but is not taking a wage at the moment and will be paid in ewe lambs. Mr Cumming will get any which are not needed as replacements to maintain numbers in the original flock. In this way he will build up equity in the business until it becomes 50:50 and will then start to share the costs.

Time Mr Cumming says: “At the moment, managing this flock does not take much more time than it did with the Dorsets, so I can still work elsewhere. But as numbers increase I will need to take some money out of the business as I will have to cut down on the pig work.” Mr Hipwell retains the money for stock sold, but if any surplus is made over the budget, Mr Cumming will get a cash bonus. The aim is to build up to 500 ewes in five years. “We want to grow at a gradual pace, focusing on producing quality sheep with good structure and

We want to grow at a gradual pace, focusing on producing quality sheep with good structure and conformation EWAN CUMMING conformation, good feet and mouths; animals which thrive on a low-input system producing lambs to finish off grass with no creep. I am not interested in the cosmetic aspects.” A background in the pig industry has ensured Mr Cumming is well aware of the benefits of performance recording. He says: “I am used to collecting data and want to apply some of what I have learned from pigs to sheep, although it is slightly different as pigs are in a controlled environment and sheep are not. “At the moment I am just recording in-house until we decide which way to go with the flock – whether it be down the breed society route or otherwise.” The aim is to add value to the flock by producing commercial

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JULY 15 2016 | 113 3771 CICS Wynnstay Advert w95 x h135.indd 1

09/06/2016 11:23

NSA SHEEP EVENT 2016 People are realising the value of having sheep on their land in terms of putting organic matter back and tackling black-grass EWAN CUMMING females to sell as breeding stock, and selling as many fat prime lambs as possible direct to consumers. “This is quite an affluent area, so there is a market for boxed lamb. We are also going to set up a click and collect service via a website. The rest will go to a local abattoir or market,” Mr Cumming says. “I have good access to winter grazing, particularly in the Waverley Valley, which is unploughable, and on dairy farms and cover crops. It is more difficult in summer when rents are pricey. “If the business continues to progress as we hope, we will start to use some of Adrian’s land which we will put down to grass, starting with a six-acre piece. But it will be rented from him by the share farming partnership. “This should give us good quality grass which we can push hard and rotationally graze in summer.” The plan is to lamb outside from the third week in March to the third week in April, but this year the land set aside for lambing was too wet. Mr Cumming says: “Fortunately,

FIND OUT MORE EWAN Cumming will speak about farming without any direct support in the seminar: ‘Basic Payment Scheme: Adding value or undermining our industry?’

Sheep are split into three groups, grazing in Waverley Valley, which is unploughable, and on dairy farms.

I still had the rented shed I used for the Dorsets, so we were able to lamb inside. It was not ideal but lambing went reasonably well. About 85 per cent of the ewe lambs we put to the tup were in-lamb and we finished with a lambing percentage of 150 per cent.”

Grazing Sheep graze in three groups: a batch of 100 and two lots of 50, which take Mr Cumming about an hour-and-a-half to get round. “We just bought a mobile handling system which is making life easier. Before it was just me, some hurdles and a trailer, although my parents would help. “Otherwise, I do all the manual

Livestock Identification Made Easy

work. I take care of animal health and movement paperwork, and Adrian deals with the accounts and the rest of the administration. “We have a meeting every couple of months and we are happy with how things are going at the moment. There is no set way of sharing farming, but my advice is to keep it simple, with realistic expectations and budget. “It may not work out but you have to be prepared to take the risk, make decisions and get on with it, giving it your best effort. “We drew up a gentleman’s agreement without a solicitor, but there has to be trust between parties. I dreamed of having my own farm. In reality, this is never going to happen but this has really given me a leg up without me having to take out loans, giving me

a real chance to build up equity in a profitable business. “I think there are great opportunities out there for share farming, particularly in the sheep sector in East Anglia. People are realising the value of having sheep on their land in terms of putting organic matter back and tackling black-grass and not everyone wants to work with big contractors. “Knock on doors – the worst anyone can say is no. If you are polite and genuine and do not oversell yourself or commit to what you cannot do, I have found people usually open up and are willing to work with you.” NSA AMBASSADORS For more information on all 12 of this year’s NSA Next Generation Ambassadors, see pages 116-117.

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Preparation is vital, says Young Shepherd winner rNSA competition

a ‘great experience’

FOR Euan Orr, winner of the NSA Young Shepherd of the Year national final in 2014, preparation for the competition is everything. Mr Orr, 20, from West Lothian, won the award when he was 18 after qualifying at NSA Scotsheep. He says: “It is a good idea to talk to people who have already taken part in the competition, think about what the judges might ask you in the flock health and management section and read up on those things.”

Mr Orr, who helps out on his family’s beef and sheep farm, says the competition provided him with a great experience. “The NSA Young Shepherd of the Year competition was a good chance to improve my skills and use them in a competition.” Seven tasks await the 18 young hopefuls who qualified at regional heats. These tasks include sorting finishing lambs, sheep shearing, sheep handling and ATV handling. There is a £2,000 prize fund up for grabs for this year’s winner.

Euan Orr won NSA Young Shepherd of the Year at the 2014 event.

Ticket competition winners AS part of our ticket competition giveaway, 10 Farmers Guardian readers have each won a pair of tickets to the NSA Sheep Event 2016. The winners are: Nadeem Akhtar, Essex; Philip BrittainCartlidge, Derbyshire; Sean Carpenter, Worcestershire;

Robert Goss, Bedfordshire; Philip Ireland, Lancashire; Dominic Klinkenberg, West Sussex; Michael Plumbley, Isle of Wight; Bronwen Tango, Monmouthshire; Paul Timms, Oxfordshire; and Nicholas Williams, Wiltshire. Tickets were posted to the winners earlier this week.

Degree After winning the 2014 competition, Mr Orr, who is going into his second year of an applied animal science degree at SRUC, went on to compete in the young shepherd competition world final in France. He finished third in the junior section, although he admits nerves did slightly get the better of him. “I got a bit nervous during the ATV handling, and felt this is where I lost some ground. It is important to try and keep nerves in check.”

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11.15am & 2.15pm Protect your payments: Keeping on top of sheep identification, reporting and recording rules Noon & 3pm Great grass: The role of over-seeding in grassland management 12.15pm Basic Payment Scheme: Adding value or undermining our industry? 1.15pm Adding value: Maximising the market place 2.30pm Adding value: Maximising output by optimising flock health

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The NSA Next Generation programme, launched in 2012, will have its own dedicate event. With part of this an ambassador group made up of 12 individuals, we meet

Meet sheep farming’s new amba Jacob Antony, 22, Glamorgan.

Jacob took control of his father’s sheep in 2013, driving the business forward and expanding from 800 Lleyn cross Texels to nearer 1,000. He has implemented changes to make the flock more efficient, including lambing half the flock outside. He is also keen to ensure performance data is collected and lambs are finished off grass. Jacob says: “There is a massive opportunity for farmers to engage with the public as there is currently an increase in interest in how food is produced. We can take advantage of this to benefit our industry.” Ellen Helliwell, 22, Gloucestershire.

With her parents running a traditional hill farm in the Peak District, Ellen’s current role as a stockman on a mixed lowland farm in the Cotswolds with a popular farm park is a contrast to her background. Ellen is involved in all the nutrition, health and management decisions of the flocks, which include 400 commercial Lleyns and New Zealand Romneys and 150 sheep from 12 rare breeds, all while working alongside hundreds of visitors. Ellen’s long-term aim is to have her own tenancy. Hannah Jackson, 23, Cumbria.

Having started from scratch with no farming background, Hannah has carved a career as a contract shepherd on a number of farms, while also running a flock of pedigree Hampshire Downs and 60 North Country Mules.

Left to right: Robert Spink, Ellen Helliwell, Jamie Laurie, Alex Olphert, James Wright, Hannah Jackson, Fred Love (front), Dan Pritchard (back), Tom Richards (front), Oliver Matthews (back), Jacob Antony, Michael Ritch.

Hannah says: “I definitely want more sheep, but I never want to forget the journey I had and how I got here. It is important to share this with other people.”

successful, as the home-bred tups last far longer. We have started using Shetlands as I am a firm believer in small, efficient ewes producing more output per acre.”

Jamie Laurie, 22, Dumfries and Galloway.

Fred Love, 23, Nottinghamshire.

Becoming partner with his parents on their tenanted farm has led to Jamie making many changes to the 1,400-strong flock, mainly South Country Cheviot, Easy Care and decreasingly Highlander ewes. Jamie would like to move to more of a closed flock and is already breeding Bluefaced Leicesters. He would also like to use more Shetland ewes. He says: “Introducing the Bluefaced Leicesters has proved

Living in a traditionally arable area, Fred has learned to benefit from this and intends to fit sheep into other local farmers’ rotations. Starting as a first-generation sheep farmer just four years ago, Fred has made quick progress and already runs 600 Lleyn ewes, alongside a shearing round taking in 20,000 sheep. He says: “I want to be a role model and show it is not impossible to start from nowhere and build up.”

Oliver Matthews, 27 Somerset.

Taking over from his grandparents, Olly has increased sheep numbers from five to 550 in the last five years, and is even considering phasing out the 70 suckler cows to increase flock numbers further. Olly is keen to learn about business analysis and costs of production to better benchmark the performance of his early and later lambing flocks. He is also keen to look at grazing options for his Mules, Suffolk cross Mules and Texel Mules. Although he is already finishing his Charollais and Texel cross lambs, selling them deadweight, Olly has ambitions to do this more efficiently in the future.

Come and see us at the NSA SHEEP EVENT 2016

116 | JULY 15 2016

Alex Olphert, 23, Hampshire.

Robert Spink, 24, Norfolk/Suffolk border.

Alongside helping his neighbours with contracting, harvest work and a shearing run of 10,000-head, Alex runs 1,750 Texel cross Beulah Aberdale ewes on his family farm, with most lambs finished off roots in the run-up to Christmas. His system uses a lot of rented land, winter keep and conservation grazing, meaning sheep and electric fences must be moved most days. He wants the flock to increase by another 250-head in the next five years, aiming to be EID recorded to collect data and drive production.

Unusually for a farmer based in the east of England, Robert believes sheep give him just as much opportunity as crops and arable farming. He has already turned poorer parts of the family farm over to sheep and, by also taking on more local grazing, aims to increase Mule numbers from 120 ewes to 400,

He runs 250 New Zealand Romneys and 150 Welsh Mountain cross Texels, and is keen to reach 1,000 low-input Romney ewes by 2018, hopefully gaining a tenancy to ensure a more secure base. James believes exploiting the diversity of systems and ensuring a more even year-round supply would be a step forward, while also moving away from relying on subsidies.

while also increasing sales of homebred Texel Mules for breeding. James Wright, 23, West Sussex.

As a first generation farmer and agricultural sales rep, James is getting used to juggling responsibilities and ensuring there is always someone around to manage the sheep if he is not there.













With a farm shop and specialist product in the form of salt marsh lamb, Dan’s focus lies heavily on the importance of promotions and protected brands. Last year he and his family sold 600 of the lambs from their 1,000-ewe flock privately, and they plan to increase this number. The family has common rights to graze 1,618 hectares (4,000 acres) on the Llanrhidian salt marsh, as well as the 100ha (250-acre) farm. Dan says: “The tide book is our bible. We get one every Christmas and plan everything around it.”

Farmers Guardian, alongside NSA, gives media training to the ambassadors as part of the 12-month scheme, to provide good role models for the industry.


Dan Pritchard, 30, Swansea.

The footage, which will be shown in the new NSA Next Generation area, will show the group explaining why sheep farming is a great sector for young people to work in.



WITH help from Farmers Guardian, visitors to NSA Sheep 2016 will be able to see the NSA Next Generation Ambassadors premiering their skills on TV.



NSA Next Generation Ambassadors become TV stars


ed area at this year’s them here.



Tom Richards, 22, Shropshire.

Tom started as assistant shepherd on the 1,000-head pure-Lleyn flock of Stuart and Helen Morris, who are set to welcome visitors on this year’s NSA Sheep 2016 farm tour. He is excited to improve the flock in terms of breeding animals and prime lambs reared. The current target is to sell at least 20 quality, performance recorded tups a year, with 30 being the next step. Michael Ritch, 24, Aberdeenshire.

Store lambs had always been bought-in for finishing on grass and turnips, but when Michael returned to the family beef and arable farm three years ago, he established an outdoor lambing, low input flock. He is keen to increase numbers and improve grazing management. Michael believes young people with a lot of ambition have a bright future, as long as they focus on efficiency and keeping production costs low.

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NSA SHEEP EVENT 2016 Exhibitors and stand numbers 193 3in1 Advantage Feeders UK 201 ABP UK 147 Addington Fund 214 AG Polytunnels 60 Agrident 124 Agrihealth 206 Agrii 171 AgriLloyd 130 Agrimin 148 AHDB Beef and Lamb 48 Allflex Europe (UK) 241 Alpha Feeds 164a Animal and Plant Health Agency 29 Animal Breeding Europe 114 Animax 67 AP Supplies 159 Asda 218 Bagshaws 81 Ball of Madley 109 Bank Farm Lleyns 70 Barclays 173 Barkers Animal Health

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166 Bayer 136 BCF Technology 17 Beltex Sheep Society 50 Bentham and District Farmers’ Auction Mart  28 Beulah Speckled Face Sheep Society 202 Bibby Agriculture  153 Bimeda 42 Blackface Sheep Breeders’ Association 25 Bleu du Maine Sheep Society 91 Blue Texel Sheep Society 27 Bluefaced Leicester Sheep Breeders’ Association 113 Bonanza Calf Nutrition 88 Border Leicester Sheep Society 111 Border Software  18 Brecknock Hill Cheviot Sheep Society 107 British Berrichon Sheep Society 85 British Charollais Sheep Society 2 British Gotland Sheep Society 104 British Rouge Sheep Society 10 British Vendeen Sheep Society 128 British Wool Marketing Board  232 Bryce Suma Post Drivers 80 Caisley Eartag 103 Cambridge Sheep Society 95 Castle Sculptures


Castlemilk Moorit Sheep Society 36 CCM Auctions 156 Ceva Animal Health 158 Chanelle Animal Health 105 Charmoise Hill Sheep Society 9 Cheviot Sheep Society 66 Chilvers Country Supplies 57 Clinwil Nutrition Services 98 Clun Forest  190 Cotswold Seeds 198 Countrywide Farmers 176 Cox Agri/Ritchey 155 Cross Compliance Solutions 72 Crystalyx 13 Dalesbred Sheep Breeders’ Association 68 Dallas Keith 220 David Ritchie (Implements) 164 Defra 38 Denis Brinicombe Group 145 DM Handling Systems 52 Dorset Down Sheep Breeders’ Association 101 Dorset Horn and Poll Dorset Sheep Breeders’ Association 162 Dunbia 1 Easy Care Sheep Society 244 Easy Petrol Post Driver 100 EasyRams 177 Elanco Animal Health 188 Ellipse Fabrications 110 Essie Suffolks  152 Euro Quality Lambs

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Animal Nutritionists & Veterinary Suppliers 118| JULY 15 2016

168 Farming Community Network 69 Farmdata 165 Farmers Fresh 49 Farmers Guardian  200 Farmers Weekly 112 Farmgene 58 Fecpak G2 180 Fencing and Landscaping 169 Field Farm Tours  46 ForFarmers 239 GD Troth 224 George Mudge and Co 150 Germinal GB 121 GLW Feeds 93 Hampshire Down Sheep Breeders’ Association 184 Hampton Steel  217 Hanco Agricultural 24 Harrison and Hetherington 39 Hawes Farmers Auction Mart Co 231 Healthy Hooves 5 Hebridean Sheep Society 129 Hedgehog Equipment 44A Herdwick Sheep Breeders Association 163 Herefordshire and Ludlow College 56 Hexham and Northern Marts 21 High Country Romneys 142 Humane Slaughter Association 226 Huntsmoor Park Farm 161 Hybu Cig Cymru- Meat Promotion Wales  204 IAE




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207 ID and SB James, Country Supplies  219 Ifor Williams Trailers 132 Innovative Farmers 47 Innovis 31 Jacob Sheep Society 138 Jakoti Handshears 186 JDS Supplies (Midlands) 236 JFC Manufacturing 71 JG Animal Health 197 John Deere 209 Kawasaki Motors UK 32 Kerry Hill Flock Book Society 238 Kiwikit 179 Kwazar UK 228 Landy Pressure Washers Sponsor Livestock Auctioneers Association  3 Llanwenog Sheep Society 94 Lleyn Sheep Society 199 LM Bateman 45 Logic MH 99 & 106 Logie Durno Sheep 242 Lyndhurst and Devonairs Australian Kelpies 183 M. and M. Timber 12 Masham Sheep Breeders Association  83 Massey Feeds 108 May Hill Lamb Producers 123 Mayo Animal Health 237 McCartneys 230 McGregor Polytunnels 185 McVeigh Parker 87 Meatlinc Sheep 44 Mitchells Auction Company 227 Modulamb 225 Mole Valley Farmers 229 Moreda Riviere Trefilerías 149 Moredun Foundation 151 MSD Animal Health 141 National Association of Agricultural Contractors 41 National Farmers’ Union 223 National Polytunnels 178 National Sheep Assoication 164b Natural England  135 Natural Fibre Company 19 Nelson South Wales Mountain 61A Nettex (A division of Rumenco) 215 Norbrook Laboratories 30 Norfolk Horn Breeders Group 23 North Country Cheviot Sheep Society 37 North of England Mule Sheep Association 54 North West Auctions 196 Northern Polytunnels

167 NSF Agriculture 118 Oliver Seeds 125 Organic Sheepskins 122 Orlden 78 Osmonds 234 Outback Outfitters 15 Oxford Down Sheep Breeders’ Association 174 P. and D. Engineering (Bredon) 34 Paul G. Slater 22 Penrith and District Farmers’ Mart 33 Performance Lleyns 221 Pharmweigh 194 Polaris Britain  143 Premium Sheep and Goat Health Scheme 187 ProFencer 26 Progressive Breeders 182 Protech Machinery 82 Provita Animal Health 243 Proway 73 Pyon Products 120 QuickTag 146 Royal Agricultural Benevolent Institution 192 Rancher 189 Rappa Fencing  16 Rare Breeds Survival Trust (Combined Flock Book) 133 Reg Marshall 6 Romney Sheep Breeders’ Society 55 Rough Fell Sheep Breeders’ Association 96 Roussin Sheep Society 63 Roxan Developments 61 Rumenco 164c Rural Payments Agency 8 Ryeland Flock Book Society 160 SAI Global Assurance Service 102 Savernake Suffolks  139 Sustainable Control of Parasites in Sheep 43 Scotch Mule Association 191 Scotpen 212 Seafield Pedigrees  53 Select Nutrition 74 Sell My Livestock 127 Shearwell 62 Sheep Improved Genetics 77 Shepherd Agri 137 Shepherds Ice Cream 97 Shropshire Sheep Breeders’ Association 84 Sinclair McGill 126 Slightly Sheepish 131 Soil Association Certification 20 Southdown Sheep Society

144 Sterimatic Worldwide 116 Stockmax Shavings 216 Stow Ag 64 Strathclyde Nutrition  86 Suffolk Sheep Society 140 Sum-It Computer Systems 175 Suzuki 51 Swaledale Sheep Breeders’ Association 76 Symtag 210 Teagle Machinery 11 Teeswater Sheep Breeders’ Association 40 Tenant Farmers Association 203 Tenbury Farm Supplies 92 Texel Sheep Society 59 TGM Software Solutions 170 T.H. Jenkinson 115 Royal Three Counties Agricultural Society 65 Tithebarn 181 Tornado Wire 222 Trewhella Brothers  75 Trident Feeds 117 Trouw Nutrition GB 195 Volac

208 Wairere UK (New Zealand Romneys) 211 Wales and Border Liquid Feeds 7 Welsh Mountain Badger Face Sheep Society  35 Welsh Mule Sheep Breeders’ Association 240 Welsh Shearing Equipment  89 Wensleydale Longwool Sheep Breeders’ Association 213 Wessex Animal Health 79 Westflight  233 Whyle House Lamb 14 Wiltshire Horn Sheep Society Sponsor Woodhead Bros 154 Woodland Trust 134 Wool Room 172 Woolly Roadshow 235 Wox Agri Services 205 Wynnstay Group 119 XLVets UK 45A Yamaha 157 Zoetis Animal Health 90 Zwartbles Sheep Association

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120 | JULY 15 2016

NSA Sheep Event 2016 special  
NSA Sheep Event 2016 special