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FGCU COMPLETE Office of Continuing Education 10501 FGCU Boulevard South Fort Myers, Florida 33965-6565

B.A. in Integrated Studies B.A. in Interdisciplinary Entrepreneurship Studies B.S. in Resort and Hospitality Management

Earn your Bachelor’s degree while maintaining your lifestyle! } Have some college credit? } Interested in completing your Bachelor’s degree? } Are work or family responsibilities preventing you from attending college full-time?


An innovative degree-completion program that is scheduled to begin enrollment in late 2018 with a start in Spring 2019, FGCU Complete offers students who have previously earned college credits the chance to work toward a Bachelor’s degree in one of three programs:

} Bachelor of Arts in Integrated

Studies: This degree combines courses across programs to produce diverse learning and a better understanding of the interrelationships between academic subjects.

} Bachelor of Arts in Interdisciplinary

Entrepreneurship Studies: Like the integrated studies program, this entrepreneurship degree offered through the Institute for Entrepreneurship also crosses academic disciplines.

} Bachelor of Science in Resort and

Hospitality Management: This curriculum focuses on the essential leadership skills needed to manage the complex operations of resort, private club, restaurant, and other dynamic hospitality properties.


FGCU Complete students do the same coursework as traditional FGCU students working toward the same degrees, but at times and locations more convenient for those who don’t have the flexibility of full-time students. The program is ideal for candidates who work full-time or are otherwise unable to attend traditional university classes and events due to other obligations.

To apply as a degree-seeking student, go to: apply.fgcu.edu and create an Eagle Account, then complete the online application.


Students fulfill degree requirements by taking a combination of on-campus, in-community and online classes, depending on their program. FGCU Complete students are fullfledged Eagles who enjoy the same privileges as all full-time students, and have the option (after consultation with an academic advisor) of taking some classes on campus with traditional students. Advisors also work with FGCU Complete students on an academic timeline for graduation, depending on the student’s situation (credits already earned, course-load capability, grades, etc.).


FGCU Complete students must meet the same admission standards as all transfer students seeking to earn a degree:

} At least 30 transferable credit hours } 2.5 minimum GPA } At least one 3-credit English composition

course and one college-level math course with a grade of at least C in both } High-school or college completion of the foreign-language requirement Transfer credit is determined by the Office of Undergraduate Admissions by evaluating students’ transcripts. Not transferable: technical, vocational, physical-education, remedial courses, or courses in which a grade below D-minus was received. Students who don’t meet all admission criteria are encouraged to enroll as nondegree-seeking students before immersing themselves in a degree-seeking program.

To apply as a non-degree-seeking student for up to 15 credit hours, create a Future Eagle Account at the same web address and select “Non-Degree” on the online application

(NOTE: Paper applications may be required to meet enrollment deadlines).

There is a one-time, non-refundable application fee of $30. Students receive decisions on their application within a couple weeks, and those admitted as degree-seeking students will be directed to register for orientation.


Tuition is the same as FGCU’s regular in-state fees: $204 per credit or $612 per 3-credit class. Students can apply to the university’s Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships for funding assistance, and are encouraged to fill out the FAFSA (fafsa.gov) and FGCU Foundation Scholarship (fgcu. edu/scholarships) applications to maximize funding opportunities. Students who believe they are eligible as military veterans for any of the educationalbenefit programs administered by the Veterans Administration should call (239) 590-7914.

TO LEARN MORE For more information about the FGCU Complete program, or inquiries about specific degrees offered in the program, contact:

Office of Continuing Education (239) 745-4700 fgcucomplete@fgcu.edu fgcu.edu/ced




facebook.com/ @FGCUced FGCUContinuingEducation

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FGCU Complete Brochure  

FGCU Complete is a degree completion program that will allow those who have one year and a half worth of credits to continue their education...

FGCU Complete Brochure  

FGCU Complete is a degree completion program that will allow those who have one year and a half worth of credits to continue their education...

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