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By Clinton - Hernia affects a lot of people, men and women alike, of various ages and in some cases it can be a very painful illness, such as the case of an incisional ventral hernia. Hernia occurs with the protrusion of an organ into the cavity that was normally supposed to contain it. Most commonly, that cavity is the abdomen, making abdominal hernias the most frequent ones. But there are several types of hernia and depending on them, the doctors usually suggest one treatment or another. For instance, if the hernia is of pretty large sizes or in a position difficult to access, then open surgery is the best course of action, while for most of the other cases, a laparoscopic hernia repair is advisable. Learn More About Femoral Hernia Whatever the case, hernia repair is a very complex procedure and in the unfortunate event you suffer from such an illness, you would want to make sure you get the best possible surgeon, so that everything goes smooth and no further complications arise, because hernias are known to be recurrent.

The approach of a laparoscopic hernia repair is somewhat newer, although it has been around for years and many improvements have been made during this time, with the aim of making this technique as safe and as less invasive as possible. However, many surgeons still believe that the traditional method of open surgery is still preferable, especially when it comes to incisional hernias, such as a ventral hernia. This type of hernia is one of the most difficult one to treat and repair, it involves great pain and has a high recurrence rate, making it a very frustrating illness. The advantages and disadvantages of open surgery have long been discussed in the medical forums and so have the ones of alternative treatments, such as the laparoscopic hernia repair approach.

The highest advantage of the open surgery, whether for a ventral hernia, or any other type for that matter, is the high visibility of the surgical field. If there are any complications or developments inside the cavity, then they will be quickly and accurately seen by the surgeons and dealt with consequently. However, the trauma suffered by the patient is a lot bigger, considering that the abdomen has already suffered a surgical incision, because ventral hernias are usually the effect of an improperly healed surgery. Therefore, in order to reinforce the wall, the incision has to be quite large, which means higher risk of infection, excessive bleeding and other complications. Another disadvantage of the open repair approach is that the patient will have to go through a longer and more painful recovery process, requiring a more comprehensive post operative care.

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Femoral hernia  

A femoral hernia occurs when an internal part of the body pushes through a weakness in the muscle or surrounding tissue wall.