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One True God


n the six years that we’ve been in Taiwan, we’ve formed many relationships. Most of them are with non-Christians. Some have heard the gospel and others haven’t even heard the name of Jesus. I want to share with you about two men who we are privileged to call our friends. Mr. Deng is the bus driver for the Chinese kindergarten that our kids attend. Initially I would talk to him in passing, using the best Hakka I could since I didn’t know much at the time. My initial impression of him was something like “I bet he’d be a fun grandpa!” He had that sweet and fun personality that I remember my Grandpa Kaare having. He became one of the people that I would pray for daily as I walked or drove through our town. A few years after meeting him I heard from a friend at church that his wife and brother were Christians who attended Isaak, Kristina, Joey, Noelle, and Andrew Larsen our church. Wow! I couldn’t believe that it took me that long to make the came to faith in Jesus. He’s become part of a small group and now we see him not connection. Here was a man who had only at the school, but every Sunday at church. He’s now filled with a new joy, one that connections to the church, but thought comes only from Christ. it was unnecessary. He wasn’t openly Mr. Yeh is not at that point. Please pray for him and for his family. Pray that they opposed to the gospel, he just thought all would believe in the one true Savior. Pray for his wife that her faith would stand firm religions led to peace. and that she would be able to share it with her children, husband, and mother-in-law. Mr. Yeh is a neighbor and good friend Pray for the many people – both here and where you are – who have similar stories. of ours. He helps us out all the time, takes Some openly reject the Gospel and will disown their family members who believe. our kids horseback riding, helps Isaak Others live as Mr. Deng once did and Mr. Yeh still does… opposing the gospel, not in with his Chinese homework, then whisks anger, but with a smile. May they all come to believe in the one true God. our kids off to Kung Fu. He also supplies us with the best coffee! Mr. Yeh is not a Kristina Larsen serves with her husband Andrew and their children as missionaries with LBIM in Taiwan. Lutheran Brethren Christian. His wife became a Christian a couple of years ago and was recently baptized. Mr. Yeh is another man who has BRINGING THE GOOD NEWS TO UNREACHED PEOPLE not yet come to faith. He does not openly oppose Christianity, explaining that all roads lead to peace. The Church of the Lutheran Brethren sent its first These two men are so similar in many missionaries tomissionary Taiwan into1951. Since First LBIM Taiwan: 1951the arrival of ways. They are also like many other nonChristians here in Taiwan and all over the our first missionary family, several churches have Church Statistics: 15 congregations, 12 pastors, world. They have both heard the gospel. been planted and a seminary begun in cooperation 1,626 avg Sunday attendance They both know about Jesus and what he with three other Lutheran missions and four National has done for them. They are not, however, Schools: Seminary Churches. We1 have a growing work and presence at the same point of faith. the Hakka people. Church Planting Praise the Lord, last year Mr. Deng among Missionary Involvement:

International Mission



Originally from mainland China, the Hakka migrated to Taiwan early 11 in the 18th century. There are more than three million Hakka people in Taiwan

Revelation: The end of the story is just the beginning  
Revelation: The end of the story is just the beginning  

Whether we think of The Great Tribulation or our own personal or family tribulations, the Word of God offers hope. This hope is related spec...