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CGP Field Trip June, 2011

Field Trip to FFI CGP Sites FFI CGP team took a field trip to the project sites located in Tibetan communities on Qinghai-Tibet Plateau in June, 2011. Through this trip, we observed one of the most visible changes with CGP local partners was improvement of their capacity of project management and abilities to analyze problems and design action plans. Local communities actively participated in meetings and discussions to analyze problems and design feasible action plans to solve rangeland and livelihood problems within the communities. This change will be a guarantee for local herders to cope with the various changes of the rangeland and the influx of modern economy. Inside this issue: 1. Trip Objectives 2. Outputs of Visits 3. Talks with Rari Community 4. Visits to Yushu Partners 5. Meeting Other Partners 6. Route on the Plateau Trip Objectives: ●

● ●

To monitor the activities of CGP sties and to evaluate the completed activities; To have a dialogue with partners on their future plan, seeking potential cooperation; To collect data from CGP sites; To visit some potential partners;

Outputs of Visits: 1. 2. 3. FFI CGP by the Jinsha Viver


Baseline survey data collected from Rari community and development of the 4thannual plan for Rari community; Baseline survey data collected from Jiasong community and development of the 4thannual plan for the community; Baseline survey data collected from Maozhuang community and development of the 4thannual plan for the community; A plan for setting up a cooperative in Marong community and baseline survey data collected from the community;

Talks with Rari Community

CGP Field Trip June, 2011

CGP team paid a visit to Rari community, Ganzi Prefecture. A series of meetings were held with our local partners. The visit to Rari community resulted in development of an action plan with 9 proposed activities. The 9 Proposed activities at the meeting: 1. To set up a market chain in Rari community; 2. To establish a vegetable plantation base(greenhouse) 3. To train veterinarians 4. To improve the quality of livestock 5. To preserve cultural relics 6. To produce traditional Tibetan garments 7. To organize a training in motor bikes repairing 8. To start a toufu-making workshop 9. To control the damage of picas through traditional method

CGP team meets with partners of Rari community.

Visits to Yushu Partners

Yushu is second leg of our field trip. The road to Yushu is bumpy, winding, and sometimes dangerous. We finally arrived at Yushu at night, receiving hospitality from our partners. We stayed overnight in a tent, legacy of the devastating earthquake just over one year ago. We discussed with our partners, and came up with a series of proposed activities. Overnight in a tent

1. A training (awareness-raising) on grassland ecosystem and laws on grassland. 2. Awareness-raising workshop on conservation of Nyegya Wetland and rational utilization of herbs on the grassland 3. To find and designate a local of Yushu to coordinate local activities 4. To organize a training in winter forage storage skills 5. To promote joint-herding animal husbandry 6. To organize trainings for veterinarians 7. To set up Charong Community Service Center, where livestock products and handicrafts are made and sold 8. To organize trainings in Cooperative Management for herders 9. A workshop on traditional grazing in Yushu grazing 10. To organize a handicrafts market survey with the cooperative members 11. To organize trainings in handcraftsmanship 12. To set up a food distribution station(center) 13. To design bags, for caterpillar fungus collectors, carrying conservation slogans 14. Conservation of Nyegyal Wetland-phase two.

Wish a bright and colorful tomorrow of Yushu

CGP team discusses with Yushu partners.

CGP Field Trip June, 2011

“One green leaf” project site-a local school

Visits to handicrafts workshops

Meeting Other Partners

CGP team talks to partners of Jiasong community.

FFI CGP field trip route

A brochure-Trip to CGP Sites-June,2011  

A field trip to Community Grassland Project sites in Tibetan communities.

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