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Sacha Childs-Clarke


Animal Project

Brief: Spend a week researching an animal, then visually represent something found in the next week.

Outcome: Web pop-up that multiplies faster than you can get rid of it. Coded by John Jenkins.

Tell someone something

Brief: Find an interesting way to send a message.

Outcome: A Pair of Shoes with “Dont Worry Be Happy� on the soul to spread a cheerful message to people on a bad day.

Turn that noun upsidedown



Research a topic of personal interest and visually represent something found.

A set of stickers that visually represent every phoneme in English. These stickers can then be used to make characters that suit reflect their names.

ISTD, Flatland

Brief: Make a new edition of the novella Flatland by Edwin A. Abbot.

Outcome: A book that opens up, down, left and right with individual typographic styles to convey the levels of hierarchy in the story. This is a current project and this is not the final outcome

Curriculum Vitae Education: Wilmington Grammar School for Boys A levels Fine Art

Tesco Plc

Graphic Products 2001-2009

Customer assistant. 2009-present

University of the Arts London, Chelsea College of Art & Design

Cinram Artworking

ABC Lveel 3 Award in Communication Drawing 2009-2010


Assisting the graphic designer, design for print and the internet. 2010


ABC Level 3 Award in Visual Thinking


Work experience: Barnabus fund

University of the Arts London, London College of Communication FDA Design for Graphic Communication 2010-present

Working on dvd cover layout and Photoshop. 2008

Warner Brothers UK HQ Assistance in the in-house copy shop. 2008

Tea Creative Poster design and layout using Photoshop. Working with a free-lance illustrator 2008

01322 380 730 077 9952 1234


Address: 4 St Mary’s road, Greenhithe, Kent, DA9 9AS

Skills & Inerests Competant in Adobe Illustrator, InDesign and ProDesktop CAD. Basic abilities in Adobe Photoshop and Flash. I can’t help but look at typography and letterforms. I gather a lot of inspiration from Bauhaus design and try to reflect the same simplicity in my own work. I love to develope intriguing concepts.

ppd portfolio  

Here is my graphic design portfolio

ppd portfolio  

Here is my graphic design portfolio