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Screening Information

Screening Rules 1. All films screened at the festival are free of charges and opened for public. We use free eticketing system. 2. The gate will be opened 15 minutes before screening until 10 minutes after the film started. Otherwise, the gate will be closed. 3. The audience must keep their communication devices in 'silent' mode or turn it off. 4. The audience are prohibited to take pictures using any kind of camera inside the cinema. 5. The audience are prohibited to bring any food and beverages into the cinema. Film Rating Code PG : Parental Guidance suggested. 15+ :For audience above 15 years old. Audiences below 15 years old must be accompanied by adult/parents. 21+ : For audience above 21 years old. Showing legal identity card is required.

e-Tickets Arrangement 1. Tickets can be booked through two ways: a. Direct booking at every screening venue (Taman Budaya) b. Online booking. 2. Tickets only used as (a) requirement to enter the cinema, not to determine the seat number. 3. The audience must confirm their tickets at the cinema's gate by mentioning the names on the booking tickets. The organizer has full rights to cancel all tickets if the audiences didn't confirm their attendances until the screening time begins. 4. Festival's organizer will provide extra tickets (limited) to all visitors which can be obtained at the screening venue. Online tickets booking 1. Ticket booking will be started in two days before screening (related film). So please check the screening’s schedule before you book the tickets. 2. Log on to or scan the QR-code that you can find in the back cover. 3. Find the films you want to watch, then click on 'register'. 4. Fill all the required informations correctly (if there's any column to fill passwords but you don't want to sign up eventbrite account, then you could ignore it), then choose 'complete registration'. Done!

Festival Film Dokumenter 2013

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