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Documenta Documenta! Collaboration Project The process of production, distribution and exhibition of a work of art as a process with different mediums, always add the increasing diverse of archive spaces. Digital device also creates variant of medium and alternative media which are no longer bounded. “Documenta Documenta!” is a collaborative project of collecting documentary process, conducted by community/institution/organization with various chosen mediums. This project is not only aiming to explore the transition; movement, media and art, but also providing the exhibition space of crossed-disciplines archives/documents. This project is initiated as a response of the major theme of Festival Film Dokumenter 2013; No Bond No Boundaries, by taking three angles which will be highlighted; Media, Art and Movement. The Form of Space and Content; Bibliotique The information exhibit from collecting documentary process so far has been done by several different mediums. The provision of space for information in this respond is in the form of; Film Restoration Menu of several film documents or video that can be accessed by the visitors, are presented separately from the festival program menu. Digital Story Telling/ Web Documentary A web documentary, interactive documentary or multimedia documentary is a documentary production that differs from the more traditional forms—video, audio, photographic—by applying a full complement of multimedia tools. The interactive multimedia capability of the Internet provides documentarians with a unique medium to create non-linear productions that combine photography, text, audio, video, animation and infographics. Works of art Installation Not just displaying, but how to give information from another different medium, which means media remains on its function in conveying the message. Literature Textual media as one of the message and information carriers literally. Food Product Presentation of food product in this collaborative work is a part of informing the product from people in Pati as their effort to manage the area of Kendeng Mountains. Exebhition 1 – 9 PM December 10th – 14th 2013 The lobby of Societet, Taman Budaya Yogyakarta Discussion/Social Ecology in Cross Media Public space of interaction which will discuss about social ecology in cross media. Social ecology in broader context with adjustment and influence from the presence of increasingly plural forms of media. Spaces of public interaction which will discuss the social ecology in cross media. Social ecology in a broader context is with an adjustment and influence from the presence of multiform in media. Discussion 3 – 6 pm December 13th 2013 Amphitheater, Taman Budaya Yogyakarta Documenta Documenta! Collaboration Project Launching 6 – 7 pm December 10th 2013 The lobby of Societet, Taman Budaya Yogyakarta Initiated by : Forum Film Dokumenter | Etnohistori | Taring Padi | SURVIVE! Garage | Omah Kendeng | Envicture | Supported by : Combine Resource Institution


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