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Hybrid Documentary

Wed, December 11th 2013 | 18.30 | Seminar Room Taman Budaya Yogyakarta The challenge in documentary is how to serve reality. The need of serving reality makes documentary has a certain principle in presenting the reality again. The critic is pretty clear; to make the artistic creation would not be too far away from the reality proportion. At this point, the filmmaker is confronted by ethics, before and after production. The lack of effort from the filmmaker in processing the story telling style perhaps is because the effort from the filmmaker whose trapped in the process of fulfilling certain principles. Many Indonesian documenters are trapped in the need of showing their works in balance, similar to journalistic method, but they are not giving a critical discourse in what the camera has recorded. Through this “Dokumenter Hibrida� program, FFD wants to present a new discourse in the structural experiment and the documentary method. Dokumenter Hibrida is integrating the principles from different disciplines. This documentary is potentially disrupting the documentary formula which is already established. The next question is; how far this documentary is enabled in presenting the reality? Speakers : Moderator :

Yosef Anggi Noen (Director of Reality So?) Ismail Basbeth (Director of 400 WORDS) Franciscus Apriwan

Note: After this discussion, the session will be continued with the screening of a movie entitled Mother, a film by Vorakorn Ruetaivanichkul.

Festival Film Dokumenter 2013

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FFD 2013 Program Book