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12 p.m. Gelato #1 at Gianni The perfect way to reward your epic climb is by having

nocciola, crema, chocolate, coconut or, if you’re looking

a gelato at Gianni. For me personally, it’s not the best

for something light and fresh, strawberry and lemon

gelato in the city but still is pretty epic compared to the


gelato I’ve tasted elsewhere in the world. You can choose from flavours like ricotta, mascarpone , cocoa, pistachio,

Cost: For as little as €2 you get your choice of two scoops.

12:30 P.m. Museum of History of Bologna My next stop is just a few minutes walk to the brand

Top Tip: Make use of the excellent free English Audio

new Museum of the History of Bologna housed in the

Guide which guides you through the museum. The

beautiful Palazzo Pepoli. The museum condenses the

museum also has a very nice café that does a decent lunch

city’s rich history into just a few hours, enabling visitors to retrace Bologna’s amazing historical, cultural, artistic

menu plus offers free wifi. Cost: €5

and scientific heritage.

2 p.m. EATALY I love a place that is filled with books and smells of great coffee. When you add the smell of delicious Italian food to that equation, you have quite an unbeatable combo. Unwittingly, I walked into Eataly, a chain of Italian gourmet restaurants that lies in the midst of the chaos of Mercato di Mezzo. They have an excellent wine bar and restaurant upstairs, but if you’re looking for a quick but tasty bite, pop into the deli downstairs. I grabbed a delicious sandwich with potatoes, pesto and beans dressed with some olive oil. Simple but so damn tasty, it’s like tasting Italy in one bite. Cost: €2.80

3 p.m. Palazzo Archiginnasio My next stop is probably one of the most important historic buildings in Bologna—the Archiginnasio, home once upon a time to the oldest university of Western Europe (1088)—the University of Bologna, which today functions as a library.

to allow dissection of the human body. It’s quite morbid and fascinating at the same time to sit on the benches of the theatre, gazing up at the skinless humans of Enrico Lelli overlooking the dissecting table.

The main draw of Archiginnasio, though, is its Teatro Anatomico. Dating from 1637, this was the first university

Cost: €2.80


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