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Day 1 - 9:30 A.M. Caffe Terzi

I like to start a good holiday with a good cup of coffee.

Cost €1.50

For the best cup of coffee in Bologna, try Caffè Terzi

Note: There is a cover charge of €2 for sitting down, so

(via Oberdan 10/D; 39-051-236-470; where

you’ll be better off drinking at the counter.

owner Manuel Terzi concocts the perfect cappuccino con

After your coffee ditch the map. Like any classic Italian

cioccolatto with shavings of dark chocolate into a lovely not too frothy cappuccino that really is the stuff of dreams.

city, the whole joy of a visit to Bologna is getting lost and losing track of time and space.

10:30 A.M. via emilia and the due torri Sooner or later you will find yourself on Via Emilia which is an excellent reference point to any adventure in Bologna. At 2,200-years-old, this original roman road connects Rimini with Piacenza. A grand boulevard, flanked by historic colonades and a string of designerwear shops, at its crown lies the spectacular 318 feet tall Torre degli Asinelli, the symbol of Bologna and the perfect point to start your adventure. When you look at these awe inspiring towers, remember these twin towers were kinda like the Manhattan of their age. They marked the gateway to the city. The towers were symbols of prestige to their owners. The higher the tower, the more prestigious the family was. To the point where they started groaning under the weight of gravity and started leaning. At one point they were 100 of these towers, so you can imagine how breathtaking the city skyline must have been. Now only 20 of these towers exist. It’s a 498 step climb to the top of Torre degli Asinelli, but once you’ve made it to the top, you are rewarded with stunning views of Bologna and the surrounding countryside. Cost €3


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