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La Vita è Bella a Bologna

by kirsten alana aviatorsandacamera.com


unlight filters through achromatic curtains that blow ever so slightly in a breeze all but undetectable save for the movement of the fabric. It’s warm and I think that is why I’ve woken up but it’s not too warm. And I’m not freezing like I was back in England, wrapped in no less than four layers at a time.

bubble and it’s a good lesson for me, a chance to actually savor a place and not check it off an itinerary handed to me by a client. I think for a fleeting moment how I could get used to being on vacation and then I realize I’ve



at stillness. It’s yet another part of me that I hope will grow and change for the better

Danté stirs beside me and the smile that lights up his face almost makes me cry. He is happier here than I have seen him since Paris. Still himself, yet different.

in this new season of my life; being in love. We’re in an apartment in Bologna, in an older part of the city not far from




I hear movement in the common area outside our door and I want to know what time it is but instead I enjoy laying beside my love, while being in Italy. I don’t know how many times in my lifetime I will have the chance to do so. Eventually we both get up and face the day, not dawdling because we don’t want to face the day but due to the fact that we’re on what feels like vacation, even though I will have to write about our experience later. For Danté’s sake I never want to rush him in a way that would spoil the

It’s perhaps the heart of what is the Emilia Romagna



a country I’ve been to several times and still don’t fully understand. Every time I return I find myself loving it more though, and for that reason more than any other I had to bring Danté. It’s also his first extended visit in the country that he owes so much of his heritage to, his name, the recipes and techniques his father taught him in the kitchen, maybe even his handsome face I am falling for more every day….


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