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It’s here that you’ll see the show stoppers. All the Formula One winning Ferraris are on display from 1999, Ferraris from the movies, Ferrari concept cars, videos, race simulators, engine sounds…you name it, the mueseum has got it. The Ferrari Museum in Maranello is one of the most popular attractions in the area. It’s very crowded and you’ll have to be very patient to take photographs free from people, but it’s pretty amazing to see all these cars on display in one place. If you’re a race fan and love fast cars, this experience is definitely for you. Take an entire day

the shuttle to the next and you’re done! You’ll certainly

to make it all about Ferrari. Start at the track in the

have gotten your fill of cars and go home completely

morning, head back to Modena for one museum, catch

satisfied that you now know everything about Ferrari.

For more information on the Ferrari Experience check out the links below: Autodromo di Modena - For information on track race experiences. Enzo Ferrari Museum – Birthplace and office of Enzo Ferrari and Vintage Ferraris on display for €13. Ferrari Museus Maranello – All the Ferrari cars on display that you can think of for €13. You can get a package deal to both museums for €22. Emilia Romagna Tourism - For more information on this area of Italy. Blogville Emilia Romagna - Follow Travel Bloggers as they explore the Emilia Romagna Region of Italy.


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