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The car starts with one swift push of a button and in no time, we were speeding around the track. It’s quite a thrill and you feel totally confident with the help of your instructor. Pietro told us when to brake, and where to steer when coming out of corners. If you are concentrating too hard and forget to shift, he’ll tell you what to do, and if you are approaching a bend too fast, don’t worry, he has a brake on his side of the car and will brake for you if you don’t get the job done. When we came to the straightaways, we could really let her rip and Dave even managed to shift right up to 6th gear. I felt foolish afterwards when Dave asked me if I got into 6th and I replied “I forgot there were 6 gears and I stopped shifting at 5!” Oh well, it still felt fast to me.

taking the media tour, so we only got a taste, but two laps was still awesome and enough to give us the chance to go around once to feel it out and use the second lap to have some fun. I can’t imagine how fast we’d be going if we had another three laps to find our comfort zone. After we finished the drive, the adrenaline was pumping high. It had almost the same feeling you get after a skydive or flying a stunt plane. It may not feel as terrifying as the other two beforehand, but driving a ferrari gives the same rush afterwards. You’re definitely on a high. It’s one of those moments that is a once-in-a-lifetime experience and it’s something that makes you feel all giddy inside.

Our party of five bloggers taking part in Blogville took turns on the track while cheering each other on. We were


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Art cities blogville ebook