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Fast Car Driving Instruction We watched a video of the course where our instructor Pietro talked us through what we’d be doing, where we’d be braking and where we’d be able to let the car go full throttle. We then got ourselves geared up with helmets and an intercom, so that we could hear and speak to Pietro, strapped ourselves into the driver’s seat and had final instructions before speeding off around the track.

We were driving the Ferrari F430, which cannot be driven on the road. This baby is made for speed. If you’re worried at all about shifting gears, don’t be. This car has no clutch and the 6-speed gear shift is a feather shifter on the steering wheel. All you have to do is listen to the rev of the engine to decide when to shift. It’s quite easy actually. You just have to listen to Pietro’s instructions and everything will be fine.

See the Video of Just How Easy it is!


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