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Fast Cars – Get Your Adrenaline Fix with Ferrari by dave bouskill & debra corbeil


hen visiting Emilia Romagna, you can’t help but get excited over cars. Known as the land of motors, this Italian province takes fast cars seriously. How can you not when such iconic manufacturers like Enzo Ferrari and Ferruccio Lamborgini were born and raised here? Our first Italian fast car experience took place near the town of Modena, the birthplace of Mr. Enzo Ferrari. Here you can have the ultimate Ferrari experience, exploring two museums and having the chance to take one for a spin on the track at Autodromo di Modena. Isn’t everyone’s fantasy to get in a race car just once in their lives? We’ve missed a couple of opportunities in the past to drive on a track, so we were so excited to finally get behind the wheel. Anyone can drive a Ferrari, as long as they have a drivers license and some extra cash. Driving experiences at Autodromo di Modena start at €350 but to have the “Ferrari Red Experience” it’s €650. The



Experience five


around the track with an instructor. If you are a car lover, you’ll find the price worth every penny. It you’re not, well, you’re still going to love it. What a rush!


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