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modena at a glance What started as thriving Roman colony is now the home of two of the world’s greatest car manufactures—Ferrari and Maserati. Modena, which rose to medieval prominence with the help of d’Este nobles from Ferrara, is also the birthplace of legendary opera singer Luciano Pavarotti. And if that wasn’t enough, the city’s famous aged balsamic is loved the world over; this is where U.S. President Barack Obama gets his supply from. But Modena has even more to offer the curious visitor. The city is one of the most desirable historic destinations in Emilia Romagna. Among the highlights are Modena’s magnificent Duomo, which features large reliefs on its main façade by 12th-century sculptor Wiligelmus, and the Palazzo dei Musei—the city’s best museum and gallery. Inside the museum’s Galleria Estense, you’ll be able to see the works of Ferrarese and Emilian artists, such as Reni, Bernini and the Carracci family.

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2. the Duomo in Modena, UNESCO Site Photo by

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3. A visit to a Traditional Balsamic Vinegar Producer Photo by

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